T-Mo HTC One (M8) to get Eye Experience update by tomorrow


Last week, developer and unlocked versions of the HTC One (M8) received a software update adding an interesting new camera functions. And this week, T-Mobile models should start to receive the update too.

Mo Versi, HTC’s Vice President of Product Management took to Twitter to announce that the T-Mo model will receive the update “by tomorrow”, October 21st. The software’s been given the all-clear and could be on your phones within 24 hours from now. The Eye Experience update includes the following features:

  • Face Tracking: Track up to 4 faces during a video chat, and ensure that they stay within the camera’s angle of view.
  • Split Capture: Record the action in front of you and yourself at the same time. Or, record the action first and then record a commentary.
  • Face Fusion: Using 2 photos such as your selfie and a photo of your favorite celebrity, try merging your looks together.
  • Voice Selfie: Take a picture or video selfie by just saying “Say Cheese” or “Action”.
  • Live Makeup: Smoothen your skin before taking your selfie.
  • Photo Booth: Take 4 selfies and merge them into a single picture

If you have an HTC One (M8), check your settings for an update tomorrow and let us know if it shows up.

Source: @moversi

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  • Whiskers

    Cam , any word on the release date of the M8 for windows phone yet ?

    • droidcando

      Yeah, I’ve been waiting for that as well. Not for me, but it’d be perfect for my dad.

      • dudeo

        I want M8 for Windows too!! This or the Lumia 830….what is the hold up?

  • Roger Sales

    It just kills me that a great device maker like HTC didn’t make their phones voLTE capable.

    • PaulRivers

      I’m more irked by their lack of band 2 lte support. Even the Samsung Galaxy s4 has it.

      Would you have a source saying that it definitely doesn’t support volte? I’ve heard mixed ideas about whether any phone that supports lte can support volte, that it just needs to be turned on (if it has lte hardware).

      • Roger Sales

        the M7 does not have band 2, the M8 does.

    • Jerry Rich

      should have bought a Samsung.

  • Jared Wolfe

    Its live now! I’m downloading it now. 255.63MB File.

  • Matthew McKnight

    Ok a bit late to the game here but I have my M8 coming tomorrow, should I have gotten the LG G3? I HATE Samsung and am not an Apple fan so those are out. Opinions please

    • StarMenace

      Depends, why did you order the M8 over the G3 to begin with?

      The M8 has better build quality, front facing speakers and better front facing camera.
      The G3 has a better screen, better rear camera, and removable battery.

      Just decide which is more important to you.

      • Matthew McKnight

        I had been looking at both for quite some time and I do like my previous HTC product so I went with HTC. I didn’t realize the rear cam was so bad but that isn’t much of a deal breaker for me. Guess I will try the M8 and if I don’t like that then I will just exchange it for the G3.

    • so where

      I say G3. I love the camera on the M8, build quality out of this world and blazing fast. HOWEVER the M8 has a sterile software/os. Zero multitasking or useful customizations to the skin. G3 on the other hand has more customizations than ya know what ot do with but they are useful too. Plus its fast and good camera. ps i just sold my m8 for the Note 4.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    200mb for just camera stuff?

  • Matthew McKnight

    Luckily for me that there’s a trial period where I can exchange it. I’m beginning to think that the G3 was the way to go, though I do really love HTC products

  • Vulgar Mozart

    Since I downloaded the update yesterday, my 4G icon won’t shut off. When you have wifi on, the 4G should be off but it’s not. I even turned off the mobile data for a bit yesterday but the icon stayed on and I received a text during that time (which I didn’t think came over via wifi…and I have wifi calling disabled). TMO support is telling me to master reset my phone. Any thoughts?

    Also, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is band 2 and my M8 doesn’t pick up the LTE. TMO swears I should and, again, wants me to do a master reset. Any thoughts?

    It appears I have to do a master reset to fix something?

    Oh, TMO said if the reset doesn’t fix the LTE issue I can exchange the M8 for another under warranty as it should pick up the LTE.

    • Raymond Guerrero Jr

      My data hasn’t shut off since the update either; being that I have power saver on and it’s supposed to turn off when the screen is off. Did a master reset fix the problem for you?

      • Vulgar Mozart

        It didn’t fix anything. I told HTC support so I’d like you to do the same, so they know they have a problem to patch.

  • K-I-N-G

    I thought that it was a flaw in my update but I guess we arent getting the “Crop Me In” feature as this post didn’t mention it and I dont have it with my update. That was the feature I was most excited to try out =[ Any idea wether we will ever get it or nah?

  • Mr_kuntri

    Anyone have issues after the EE update? My camera quality has decreased drastically.