T-Mo HTC One (M8) to get Eye Experience update by tomorrow


Last week, developer and unlocked versions of the HTC One (M8) received a software update adding an interesting new camera functions. And this week, T-Mobile models should start to receive the update too.

Mo Versi, HTC’s Vice President of Product Management took to Twitter to announce that the T-Mo model will receive the update “by tomorrow”, October 21st. The software’s been given the all-clear and could be on your phones within 24 hours from now. The Eye Experience update includes the following features:

  • Face Tracking: Track up to 4 faces during a video chat, and ensure that they stay within the camera’s angle of view.
  • Split Capture: Record the action in front of you and yourself at the same time. Or, record the action first and then record a commentary.
  • Face Fusion: Using 2 photos such as your selfie and a photo of your favorite celebrity, try merging your looks together.
  • Voice Selfie: Take a picture or video selfie by just saying “Say Cheese” or “Action”.
  • Live Makeup: Smoothen your skin before taking your selfie.
  • Photo Booth: Take 4 selfies and merge them into a single picture

If you have an HTC One (M8), check your settings for an update tomorrow and let us know if it shows up.

Source: @moversi

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