T-Mobile to launch Samsung Gear S with bespoke $5 wearable rate plan on Nov. 9


Today, T-Mobile announced that will be offering up the latest smartwatch from Samsung, the Gear S, from November 9th. It will be available on EIP for $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $14.58, or a total retail cost of $349.92. Those who want to pre-register can do so today at T-Mobile.com.

What’s more, T-Mo is making the most of the Gear S’ built-in SIM reader and is introducing a wearable rate plan for customers who already have a post-paid voice plan. For $5 per month, you’ll get unlimited talk, text and data with 500MB of high speed data. You’ll also benefit from unlimited music streaming through supported apps, as well as unlimited data and text internationally.

“Finally, a smartwatch that is the perfect complement for your smartphone – as well as a fully capable stand-in that won’t miss a beat,” said Jason Young, Senior Vice President, Marketing at T-Mobile. “The Gear S is exactly where this industry is headed−more connected, more intuitive, more personal−and more powerful on T-Mobile’s Data Strong network with our new wearable rate plan.”

If you take advantage of the plan, it’ll mean you can go out and leave your phone at home while still being able to get notifications for everything that matters. Or go out and track a running or cycling session without needing to have your smartphone strapped to your arm.

At time of writing, the Gear S landing page isn’t live yet. But, I’ll update the post when I have a direct link to share with you.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • pap0tin07


    Yeaaaaa i get lte wibeband in nyc today in my note 4 thanks……. t mobile finally….i was waiting so bad…

    • Jimkenobi

      what part of the city? I’m not seeing it in Midtown.

      • pap0tin07

        Bronx…. You can check dialing *#0011*

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Screen shot it and send it to cam!

        • Shlomo Boukai

          What should I be looking for? I just see that I’m on band 4.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Awesome hope they have volte on band 12 also

      • Toasted_Cracker

        Wide band isn’t band 12. Its 20×20 LTE. Its still on their usual spectrum.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          I read it wrong lol

  • benben

    One more thing no one needs

    • JamesG

      I agree, but im sure someone else thinks differentlly

      • skywalkr2

        Ask all the people keeping the Moto360 out of stock.

    • 21stNow

      But, some people want it. It’s a cellular service provider, not a grocery store.

  • Tyler Stewart

    I can’t wait to order this and my Note 4!

  • D_Wall__

    I wish Tmobile would get more wearables in stock. Such as the Moto 360.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Google sell those.

      • D_Wall__

        I feel like you should tell me something i dont know. Did you know Best buy does also?

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Tmobile barley sold the old Galaxy Gears. Wearables aren’t that popular yet.

        • Joshua Jones

          I sell them all the time.

        • Paul

          I don’t see them much around.

        • Tmobile

          T-Mobile is going to sell the Moto 360 middle of November. ;)

        • Paul

          Which is cool…but I have only seen one in public on a person’s arm.

    • DLAROC

      I wish Tmobile would get any wearables in stock. Not one Tmobile in central Ohio has the Gear S in stock and they’re not getting it unless you order it. So dumb.

  • Nathan S.

    I think I might hold out till real world usage reports come in. Seems to me that the battery will likely die off pretty quick. But who knows, maybe no.

    • Craig

      Great concept – I have no idea why they crippled this watch by putting in a 300 mAh battery in it. Here’s a review which mentions the meager battery life: http://forum.xda-developers.com/gear-s/general/review-gear-s-2-weeks-phone-t2922413

    • Craig

      The battery life is pretty bad. I posted a link to a review on XDA Developers but it was pulled – I guess links are not allowed. The reviewer seems to really like the watch, however the meager battery life kills it for me.

  • skywalkr2

    Does it have front facing camera, etc? Would be awesome with skype. It would be better than star trek :)

  • JJCommonSense

    Damnit.. I just got the Gear2 Neo on EIP at TMO. guess I’ll have to return it lol

    • Troy

      Same here

      • JJCommonSense

        Do u know if they charge a restocking fee?

  • kev2684

    do you have to have a phone plan to get the $5/month deal?
    $5/mo unlimited talk & text + 500mb with free music streaming sounds good for seniors. you just have to teach them how to use it. for smartphones use $30 prepaid plan with 5gb data.

    • awatt

      Just reading how it’s written ” introducing a wearable rate plan for customers who already have a post-paid voice plan.” It sounds like you have to. This will probably be a feature added to an existing rate plan if I had to guess.

    • Tmobile

      It will be $15 without a voice plan.

  • OZ

    This seems to be the future. Direct threat against dedicated fitness watches like Garmin.

  • Todd Malvano

    Its live now guys

  • turtle6988

    Does anyone have the link for the pre-order?

  • Travatar

    Would be great if we knew if this was multiband or specific to carrier….. ? e.g if you buy from Tmo and then need to switch carrier ( im guessing it takes a micro sim )?
    just not enough details to make an educated decision. But do want to consider purchase.

    • Luke Gray

      Nano sim maybe

  • Jeremy

    So I need a Samsung phone? is this live yet? Thanks

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Would it have a different phone number?

  • Moneyman88

    I don’t see anywhere on the website for preorders.

  • Tmo Rep D

    It will have its own number. You’ll use call forwarding to sync your phone number to the watch.

  • zozo douce

    does. anyone know if I could use my own SIM card without Getting the 5 dollar plan from T-Mobile? I was thinking of buying it and then when I’m going out I take my sim card out of my phone and use that instead lol

    • Oliver Jackson

      Do you have a micro or nano SIM?

    • Eric

      It probably would be fine as long as you have the same sized sim for your phone and the watch.

  • Gary Hicks

    Now if only I could use this watch with my Nexus 5 but no. I have to have a Samsung phone to use this watch.

    • Chris

      It has its own sim card and acts just like a phone so really I don’t think you have to have a galazy phone; you just need it to run some apps probably or to make the most of it.

  • Myphone007

    Why is it that some reports say gear s will be out tomorrow and yet some say Sunday?? Nothing is ever consistent and really don’t know how these marketing people get paid ant money for frustrating customers. I even called a local tmobile store and asked about noten 4 edge and was told no release date yet. I told him you are wrong as tmobile had a press release for next Friday. Just truly amazing these people are clueless! We suffer as a result since we want the technology.

    • WeaponZero

      Nov 7 = AT&T
      Nov 9 = T-Mobile

      Makes sense?

  • Spencer Henderson

    Did the date get moved, i still don’t see it being available on the website yet?

    • Spencer Henderson

      It’s available now, but only in black right now. No word on the white one at the moment.

    • Randall Lind

      I was told you have to go pick it up in a store. It will run you $10 sim card + tax on watch to walk out of the store. The total price is $350 or 14.95 a month on eip x24. They offer no Insurance so if you lose the watch or some one steals it you are screwed. There a $5 a month service fee cause it is a stand alone device. You can however sync to the phone as well, The no insurance is making me rethink this, The watch is half the price of my Galaxy S5 and nothing is offer as protection,

      • Spencer Henderson

        Just got mine the other day but I did get jump insurance on it so mine is covered. However, I wanted the white one to match my phone but the rep told me they would only be carrying the black one. So I went ahead and got it.

  • DroidDrgn44

    I picked mine up on Sunday and I’m loving it. I have never owned a smart watch before but this one has not disappointed me. If you think its to big, try it on before you bash it!! I’m a guy used to decent sized metal watches, this one is a good size but is so light I don’t even know I’m wearing it. So far I get 2 days with light to moderate usage. the battery back up built into the charging ‘pod’ will give you an extra boost even when your not next to a plug. I use mine as a watch 1st and a ‘smart device’ 2nd so I get a couple notifications an hour instead of every couple minutes, I’m sure this helps the battery last the 2 days. The build quality is good and the screen color and resolution is beautiful to see. The brightness is good enough to use outside with a problem. The watch faces look good and are interchangeable (*free). The UI/Device is responsive with no lag that I see so far.

    Price: @ $350 it is pretty expensive but I don’t mind because the competitors cost 250-300 and so not have GPS or can’t make phone calls. Without a phone most are glorified paper weights :(

    1: No expandable storage – If it did then i would leave my phone at home all the time.
    2: No camera – I never had an old gear with a camera so I don’t know what I’m missing but this may bother others.

    I’m glad I bought it even with the price. It works well and will replace all my regular watches. The best part of this device is that it is not a phone ‘add-on’ like the predecessors and android wear watches. It is a full fledged device that can stand alone without your phone and still be 100% useful :)

  • 2TO8

    Worst thing ever. If you’re on a grandfathered you can’t buy it? Tmobile just lost a sale I’ve been with tmobile 13 years and this is how they reward you.

    • Spencer Henderson

      I’m on a grandfatherd plan and I got it just fine.

      • 2TO8

        Where did you get it? I called customer service and they had no idea what the s watch was and when I went into store they said I had to have a simple choice plan. Which made no sense to me but since customer service had no idea even about the watch and the store said they couldn’t I figured it was true. I’ll try calling customer service now. Thanks alot

        • Spencer Henderson

          I got it in a store in Austin. I think only corporate stores have it. All the licensee stores didn’t have a clue about it.

        • 2TO8

          Okay thanks and is it 15 or 5 for the monthly plan with the grandfathered plans? I went in to a corporate store in NYC and they had it but told me it was only for the simple choice plans.

        • Spencer Henderson

          So its 14.58 on eip for the watch and then $5 if you have a voice plan or 15 if you don’t already have a cell phone with them.

        • Josephbloseph

          Of course, EIP isn’t typically available if you aren’t on a simple choice plan.

        • bob?

          thats not true i bought mine in nyc and ive been with tmobile for 11 years

        • 2TO8

          Yes this was when it originally released. I went into a few stores and I even called tmobiles customer service (no one had any idea about this watch at the time) I actually ended up not getting the watch because of my frustration. Like I said this was told to me by misinformed representatives. Sort of like the whole getting forced topic now.. I’ve been told 2 different stories the 2 times I called..I left it alone this time and will just Call when I get the new bill.

  • SEBA

    What a hack is going on this year? I bought this watch for myself and now my wife wants one. Guess what no Gear S in white, same crap with Note Edge. Do you know if Att version or unlocked international verion would work on Tmobile? I need help with this. Thanks