Windows Phone 8.1 update for T-Mobile Lumia 925 lands (at last!)

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Last night, Microsoft and T-Mobile began the long-awaited rollout of Windows Phone 8.1 to its Lumia 925-toting customers. The newly released software also supports T-Mobile and GoGo’s inflight Wi-Fi texting. The details can be found on the Lumia 925 support page.

Beginning October 28, the Lumia 925 received a  software update to Windows Phone 8.1 / Software version 3051.50009.1439.0017. This update provides features and improvements”

Rumors started circling yesterday that we’d see an update soon, but it took a long while for the software itself to materialize, despite the updated support page showing it as being released. A couple of readers got in touch with us to confirm that they were able to download an install Windows Phone 8.1 to their Nokia Lumia 925s.

If you try to update but your Lumia throws up an error message about needing more space, T-Mo has posted a step-by-step guide on how to figure out the issue, and solve it.

As always, let us know how your install goes, and how you like the updated software.

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  • Ryan

    Update came in two install packages ave went smoothly on my 925. Wi-Fi calling b now works with 8.1. It had not worked on the Dev Preview with 8.1.

    This was a looong time coming. Glad they finally pushed it out.

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    Need the Lumia 830 to come to T-Mobile! Support for Lumia updates please!

    • hieuman

      Before the 830 comes, they need to drop the price on that piece by about a $100 before it’s a viable option for me. No way could I pay a premium on a device when its specs are matched by a Moto G 2014, which at $180, is over $100 less than the 830 is projected to be.

  • Mike

    My brother sent me an email out of excitement. His update is currently installing. It makes me laugh that he is that excited.

  • Whiskers

    Just updated mine , had to download it twice before it installed though .
    i like it a lot better than before now and the OS seems to runs much smoother. ,all i want now is the HTC One M8 for windows and i’ll be set.
    Come on T-Mobile release November 8th like AT&T is !

    • jsun

      Or beat them to it.

      • bigsexy

        Can’t beat them to it, Verizon exclusivity likely ends November 7th, which is why AT&T is releasing on the 8th.

    • anthony

      It’s being released on tmo on November 9th

  • Ordeith

    Well, you beat Verizon at least. Thanks for not turning another phone into an 810, T-Mobile.

  • Mike Palomba

    I read that the 521 was getting the 8.1 update too. Is that true? I’m thing to update an relatives 521 but the update isn’t coming up

  • notyourbusiness

    Yep. Updated my 925 last evening. It was already running 8.1 via the developer preview, so now I’ve got Cyan on it as well.

  • TechHog

    T-Mobile isn’t an uncarrier at all when it comes to updates. They’re the worst of the big 4. :/

    • g2a5b0e

      As much as I want to disagree, it’s completely true. They were the best a few years ago. I’m not sure what happened.

      • TechHog

        It really sucks. *looks over at my kitkat-less Note 2* Hopefully I’ll bypass that nonsense by getting the Nexus 6… whenever T-Mobile finally puts that up for preorder. :/

        • g2a5b0e

          I hear ya on that. I got tired of waiting for it on the Note 2, especially considering that the other 3 have had it since summer. I was going to buy a Note 4 anyway, but that was just an added bonus. I still don’t know how T-Mobile has managed to drop the ball on that for so long. The Note 2 is still a very capable phone.

        • Mike Palomba

          Why don’t you guys just root it and install a kitkat rom on it?

        • TechHog

          Because I shouldn’t have to, I don’t have a back-up phone if I mess up and brick it, and Note 2 ROMs often have issues with the S-Pen.

        • g2a5b0e

          I feel the same way as TechHog. I’ve tinkered around with rooting & flashing ROMs in the past, but only with my old phone after I buy a new one. I feel pretty comfortable with doing it, but I really no desire to. I just don’t feel like I should have to. I’m not one of those folks who cares about always having the latest version of Android, but T-Mobile has really dropped the ball with the Note 2. I could try to install Kit-Kat on it now, but what would be the point? I already have the Note 4.

    • I think much of delay is due to Wi-Fi Calling which T-Mobile kept sending back to Microsoft Mobile (Nokia) to fix. Finally Microsoft Mobile had firmware that supports Wi-Fi calling thus release the update. I think WiFi calling is still not used by other carriers so I think it was not priority for MS Mobile while other major carriers released it without that Wi-Fi calling because their network does not support it. It took almost a year for BlackBerry Bold 9900 to get a update.

      Most carriers started releasing the update in summer around July so it took about 3 months from that. So I think it is improvement from BB to Lumia 925.
      I don’t know if that is going to be the case with Lumia Denim which should be release to carrier in two weeks from rumors.

      Since the iPhone 6 iOS8 has feature promoting the Wi-Fi calling and that AT&T is working to get that feature in by 2015 might prompt MS Mobile to make it higher priority and maybe release the update that works with T-Mobile’s goal of all phones they sell are able to use Wi-Fi calling. I think that was recent uncarrier event is about.

      I was kind of getting mad but MS made it simple to use the new OS via Developer Preview which is mostly stable builds of the OS. I installed it in April so I am quite happy about that compare to Andriod (unlike Apple which has control over OS updates). The firmware would be nice to have quicker but happy T-Mobile made sure it works with Wi-Fi calling.

      I was beginning to think T-Mobile would skip it and test both Cyan and Denim together and release then like a German carrier said in the news.

  • David

    Wifi calling finally works again! I’m so pleased!

  • Alex Zapata

    Got the update yesterday afternoon. Getting used to all the new features. So far I’ll quite pleased. MMS now works with WiFi calling!!!!!

  • Warden

    I love WP but I can’t deal with the fact that even now most aps that I use are not available. And I can’t stand Android’s LAG (Why do I have to wait like 10 seconds on my GS5 for the camera to load and 3 seconds after I shoot to shoot once more) and random reboots. So, I’m saving money and moving back to Apple. I’ll come back to Windows when things are looking brighter.

    • eanfoso

      Why not get a high end mobile that’s unlocked? I’m using right now a Lumia 1520, getting amazing 4G LTE, and I don’t miss any of my old lagdroid apps, I have my music downloader and YouTube downloader, I haven’t tried the torrent downloader but it’s there, what apps do you miss mahn?

      • murdoxin

        I use Waze, Clash of clans, and my favorite morning radio show app to stream. These are either unavailable or behind on WP.

        • Jeremy Hannon

          Since I have not used Waze on other platforms, I don’t know, but I love it on my WP. Now that Waze is owned by Google, though, I don’t expect to see many updates to the WP version.

  • John McIlhinney

    It’s a disgrace that a major US carrier has taken this long to make this update available. The Lumia 925 was one of the first handsets to get the update elsewhere in the world and I’ve had it on my own Lumia 925 for a couple of months here in Australia. From what I read, it’s hard to shake the feeling that US carriers are making a conscious decision to hamper the uptake of Windows Phone.

  • edfranco1

    Finally… I was wondering why it’s taken T-Mobile so looooong to get this update pushed. A message to John L. If you want to improve your company, please have your engineers work harder at getting updates out faster to your already sold devices.

    • Wylthyld Gre

      Is it possible they hold back these big updates so newer phones sell better?

  • Bill Berry

    My number 1 pet peeve with T-Mobile is their inability or steadfast refusal to update their devices. I fail to understand why everybody else got their 8.1 updates out well ahead of T-Mobile. I wanted to buy a 925 but held off until a final decision was made on 8.1. I’m not here to debate WP apps vs. Android & Apple, or a general WP vs Android/Apple. The day someone explains to me why a million apps is their breaking point is the day I’ll reply, look, I use on the top end maybe a 100 apps but day to day, maybe 5 tops!

    • murdoxin

      My breaking point with WP was that the WP version of many apps was often inferior to android/apple. Sure, the app is available, but behind in usability and features. Skype was one glaring example when I used WP.

      • CJ

        Mine was lack of Updates – I hate the HD2 and HD7 and the HTC old Windows version. All great phones but were never updated. That’s why I left to go to Apple. I still miss the Live Tiles

      • notyourbusiness

        Trust me, as someone who has used iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, there is no app for Windows Phone that’s “inferior” to Android. None. Also, I used Skype on my 810 close to two years ago with no issue.

        • murdoxin

          I don’t need to trust you. I used all three as well. It was amazing how much better Skydrive worked on Android and iOS. Thanks for the free storage MS.

        • notyourbusiness

          Touchy on the wording, are we? Well, I still find that iOS and Windows Phone apps run far more smoothly than those on Android, and that’s on an HTC One, not a buggy Samsung device. Also, FYI – “SkyDrive” no longer exists, or at least the name doesn’t.

        • Dick Trickle

          OMG MAH APPS. Are you 12?

    • BlackJu

      WiFi calling and texting is mostly to blame I’m pretty sure. Like you, I can’t relate to the app complaints. I use my phone mostly for photography, productivity and social stuff and I have one game downloaded to pass time. But I understand WP isn’t for everyone and honestly I prefer it stays that way.

    • Todd_the_Hunn

      You do know Verizon hasn’t updated to 8.1 right ? Atleast TMO is half the cost ; )

  • Vishal

    Is the Lumia 810 going to get Windows 8.1 update or has it gone the way of the dodo. Great phone and has served me well for 2 yrs, but now its 2 yrs later and there isn’t even a viable upgrade available for it. I’m begrudgingly considering going back to android rather than get a 635 or some inferior phone.

    • Jeremy Hannon

      Complain to T-Mobile. They have officially stopped supporting the phone and will not be issuing the Windows Phone 8.1 update for it. This is confirmed on the Lumia support site – under Cyan it is listed as not available.

      Your only option is to install through the developer program. It will run 8.1, but without the firmware update as that requires T-Mobile to push/allow it.

    • notyourbusiness

      8.1 via preview for developers runs very well on my old 810. If you want a higher end phone, I’d suggest waiting a few weeks for the HTC One M8 for Windows Phone. Pretty sure it’s confirmed for being released in the middle of November.

  • mpho

    I reserted my Nokia Lumia 925 now I can’t download any application please help

  • Chris Goeing

    I am so happy that the Windows Phone 8.1 update has finally come to the Lumia 925! Currently updating right now and all seems to be going well.

  • Todd_the_Hunn

    Yeah . Finally . I’m digging my Nokia 925 . Can believe I got this off contract for 180 brand new this summer .

  • kevin

    I did update recently with t MOB. Lumia 925, update worked but I have to say, not thrilled. Now in internet explorer you cant open multiple tabs. and does hold history. Also with my BLACK version I could select which app to run in background, this option is now gone. some new updates don’t even work on 925, and cortana is overated. Once enabled, you are always forced to use her for searches. I would pay money to have old BLACK version back. Going to windows store to see if they will swap for new 925 phone with preloaded BLACK version. Also update f—-ed up my music files, still there but added all sort of new BS. talked to T mobile, they said another new update will be out soon, word to wise wait and read reviews before you do update. Also cannot create folders, so much crap keep forgetting. Love windows phone, have been fan a while but this update has been worst.

    • Wererat

      – Multiple tabs: Yes, you can; and you’re not limited to six any more.
      – Cortana: Yea, well, that’s, like, your opinion, man. (Objectively, it’s the same Bing search for plain search purposes; the extras on Cortana are the personal management stuff.)
      – Folders: Yes, you can. I don’t happen to like them, but you can.

  • jeff

    meanwhile from Verizon… they still suck