T-Mo LG G3 gets software update [Post Update: Wi-Fi calling enhancement]

In the late hours of last night/early hours of this morning, T-Mobile delivered a new software update to its LG G3 users. Several readers got in touch to confirm the download. It’s roughly 155MB in size, and it’s not clear exactly what the new software includes except for some minor bug and performance fixes. Build number KVT49L.D8511L0m was made available to all G3 users on T-Mobile. Android version remains 4.4.2 for the update. 

lg g3 update

As of yet, there’s no mention of the software update in T-Mobile’s support pages. So we’ve not been able to read up on any change logs. If you notice anything new in your LG G3’s performance or user interface, be sure to let us know. If you have a G3, the update should have shown up as a notification by now. If not, head in to your settings menu and check for updates manually.

Thanks to everyone who informed us of the changes.

UPDATE – The T-Mobile support document is now live and simply states that “Wi-Fi calling enhancements” were made. 

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  • Matt Pankey

    Be careful if you’ve rooted and customized some things. http://www.reddit.com/r/LGG3/comments/2fzj9t/tmobile_g3_software_update/

  • Bowen9284

    My phone is lagging like crazy and the only app I have been able to open is chrome. Not good.

    Edit – it took a little over an hour for the phone to settle. Seems to be working fine now.

    • Matt Pankey

      Before or after the update?

      • Bowen9284

        After, but after an hour it seems to be working normally.

  • Mine keeps dropping calls, even with service, after this update

  • thatphonefreak

    Downloading now. It sucks it is not a major update because it is crazy this nice of a phone is multiple versions behind. So long as it makes the phone suck less I’ll be mildly satisfied.

    • ??? it’s on 4.4.2.
      I wouldn’t characterize that as “multiple versions behind.”

  • GreatNews

    Mine is stuck by required restart with a download button which doesn’t download it while connected to WiFi!

  • Wayne Peterkin

    I guess that I was the only one to have gained a positive experience from this update…For me the phone does feel faster and I no longer see the lag that I used to. Its moving much more smoothly in the app drawer and on the home screens. It’s finally now moving more smoothly than my GPE Sony Z Ultra.

  • Verizonthunder

    Not sure if I should tell my boyfriend about the update or not?

    • enoch861

      It hasn’t spontaneously combusted anyone’s phone or broken any relationships yet. So I’d say it’s safe to tell him.

      • Verizonthunder

        Viewing some of the other post it’s mixed and he loves the phone

  • Bill

    voLTE is on for LG G3!!!!

    • tmo g3

      Really ? I’ve been waiting for this !! Now hopefully my area upgrades to volte lol.

    • Zach McElroy

      Its had that since it’s release

      • Brad

        VoLTE and HD voice are not the same – when you are on a call does the indicator say 4G or 4G LTE?

        • Christopher Olson

          As far as I knew they didn’t have volte on it. I haven’t seen it on mine and I live in a volte area.

        • Brad

          That’s what I thought too – there’s so much misinformation going on about the difference between VoLTE and HD Voice it drives me crazy.

        • Zach McElroy

          The Indicator says LTE but also says HD Voice, which i always thought was the same. what is the difference?

        • Bryan Pizzuti

          HDVoice is an audio codec, for audio quality. VoLTE is a way to make voice calls go over the LTE network rather than the legacy network. They’re completely different, the only way they’re related is the fact that VoLTE makes use of HD Voice audio quality.

        • Brad

          HD Voice works over 4G HSPA when you’re talking with another T-Mobile customer with a compatible phone. VoLTE uses HD Voice as well but sends the call over the data network as opposed to the traditional voice-switched network. VoLTE allows you to have full LTE data speed while talking on the phone and sets up calls nearly instantly.

    • If VoLTE was enabled with this update it would be a significant announcement. I just updated and don’t seen anything different. And I’m in a VoLTE market.

  • Greg Victor

    my update is stuck on the download prompt. I keep pressing the download button and nothing happens. Really disappointed. Will try to contact t-mobile technical support in a few.

  • tmo reader

    I really hope this fixes the AUX problem that the G3 is having

    • Christopher Olson

      I’m not the only one with this issue? That’s a somewhat relief to know. It’s not that vital since everything is Bluetooth connected but there’s those few times that I want to do something with the aux jack that makes it annoying.

    • Mathew Colburn

      I didn’t realize it was the G3’s issue, I always thought it was just my cars problem. I got both the car and phone right around the same time and noticed if I unplugged the AUX from the car and then plugged it back in it worked fine. Hopefully that little bug goes away.

    • enoch861

      I haven’t checked. Got the update last night though (those are my screenshots :D). That bug has been driving me crazy though! It’s so bad with one of my cables that I just give up. If it doesn’t work the first time, it’s not gonna work at all. So I just give up.

      • V2THE1

        Mine is magically working this morning following the update! I’m so grateful for this!

        • enoch861

          That’s awesome to hear!
          Does it properly differentiate now or did they just completely remove that functionality?

        • V2THE1

          What are you referring to when you say differentiate? Mine just didn’t acknowledge the audio cable when I inserted it.

        • enoch861

          The G3 is able to differentiate between cable types: Line Out/AUX and headphone. Usually what happens is mine doesn’t know which mode to pick when you insert a double male input/aux cable. So it constantly switches between AUX/Line Out mode and headphone mode causing stuttery audio while it’s switching between the two modes. Other times you plug it in, it plays audio for a second and then acts as if you didn’t plug anything in. It uses some sort of algorithm that doesn’t seem to work properly at least for Line Out/AUX.
          I haven’t had any issues with 3 button mic headsets though since they have the triple male cable.
          The way to know which mode your phone is in is to look at the status bar, you’ll either see a headphone icon or you’ll see an audio cable icon. The latter means it’s in AUX/Line Out mode.

          It’s an issue that’s been plaguing many G3 owners.

        • V2THE1

          Ah! You have a much deeper understanding of the issue then I do but we definitely share them same issue with the LG G3 headphone jack. They tried to blame it on a compatability issue when I called them but that update seems to fixed the issue of the jack recognizing my Bose headphones. Mine are working perfectly now.

        • enoch861

          I didn’t even attempt calling them because after a quick web search I realized I wasn’t the only one with the issue. And I knew it was a software issue rather than hardware.
          I’m glad it’s working for you though!
          I’ll check it out my drive home this evening in my car and see what happens. Thanks for letting us know!

        • V2THE1

          It’s better because it’s recognizing the connection but the audio is still going in and out man!

        • enoch861

          Ah, that sucks.
          Hopefully it get’s fixed soon. I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet.

        • james

          This seems to be a problem on many phones sony z1s had 4 of them that did this

    • Wait. What the aux issue? I’ve never had any trouble with mine

  • Crazy Ukrainian
  • tmo employee

    could be that the lg was having issues roaming internationally and that was the fix

  • David Firebaugh

    Remember to always turn off the phone several times after an update it seems to help work everything into the right places

  • Micah Putman

    Hey can someone try to see if UMA is working now? As in you connect to WiFi calling and your call is not drop as you leave the wifi area and is switch to cell tower. I notice that was part of Apple’s announcement yesterday and I am hoping t-mobile got it working for there android phones too.

  • Chris Fisher

    Was the camera function on the lock screen (I have Knock On Security set) always there? That’s the one thing I’ve noticed so far.

    • Christopher Olson

      Yea that’s been there since day one.

      • Chris Fisher

        Well alright then :) I have not noticed anything new. I have not tried wi-fi calling since the update.

        • Christopher Olson

          Yea it seems as if it was for that aux issue that everyone was having. I’m sure that has received a lot of complaint in the warranty department.

  • V2THE1

    I’m also seeing that the headphone jack issue has been resolved.

    • Mike

      What was the headphone jack issue? I’m curious because I haven’t been able to pinpoint a couple of things related to the headphone jack on my G3.

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Good, WiFi calling was a little iffy on here at times, calls would go to dead air, incoming or outgoing.

  • MobilegamerfanChicago

    WiFi is soooooo much better!!! Everything is slightly more responsive and fluid. And the whites. I’m noticing cleaner whites. And camera on lock screen. N YouTube opens faster. Keyboard is more accurate.

    • james

      I was having problem with wifi think this help awesome

  • afernandes91

    Heard this update locked the bootloader. Is there any truth to this?

    • james

      If you have a rooted phone people are stuckin boot loop

      • afernandes91

        Yeah I read that, apparently the only fix is the reflash stock

        • Mesha Michael Savio

          I made a backup a while ago of the stock LG ROM, I’m trying to restore it back now but I’m still stuck at the TWRP screen. The phone doesn’t actually boot up…is there any other way to fix this?

        • tony
  • james

    I know that if your phone is rooted dont do it

  • Shane

    I noticed the battery has been draining faster after the new update. Anybody have the same issue?

  • Mesha Michael Savio

    For anyone that is stuck on the TWRP screen after downloading this update, I found the solution over at: http://forums.androidcentral.com/general-help-how/373947-bricked-lg-g2-stuck-twrp-no-download-mode.html
    Scroll down to Weston Madsen’s reply and follow the simple instructions there. It’s a really easy fix!


    Uncarrier 7.0……

  • Can anyone tell me if this will automaticaly update the keyboard? There was a keyboard update a week after I got mine and it made the UE HORRIBLE. I had to downgrade back to the old one. I don’t want to update if it does this.

  • zachary

    Im rooted but i dident have any bootloops, although my build number dident change, but i kno i updated..

    • valentin

      Same here it seems more responsive too, but battery seems to die faster.

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    My battery last longer now. Really.

    • Daniel Anonuevo

      Holy crap. Mine does too!

  • brendanhohoho

    LG’s renaissance continues with the G3, which could be the best Android phone of 2014. The G3’s stunning Quad HD screen, high-quality camera, and sleek design should put it on everyone’s wish list.

  • Ana Beltadze

    I got this update late last night, and this morning its showing nothing more then “T-Mobile” with a white background. I’ve tried turning off the phone and back on but the same thing shows up. Any help?