Android 4.4.4 update available for T-Mobile Galaxy S4

galaxy s4

Along with its Uncarrier 7.0 announcement, T-Mobile has decided that today will be the day of software updates. LG G3 got an incremental software update earlier this morning, and now the Samsung Galaxy S4 has also seen some software love.

Starting today, September 10, Samsung Galaxy S4 users will be able to update their phones to run on the latest version of Android. Version 4.4.4 is available to download now. Build M919UVUFNH7 can be downloaded over the air directly to your phone, or using the Samsung Kies PC software with your device hooked up to your computer.

To download you need to have an unrooted device, 50% or higher battery life and at least 403MB of space on your phone’s storage. If you have a Galaxy S4, go download now and let us know how you like the changes.

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  • Mikael B

    And the Note 2 is still on 4.3 smh

  • Get_at_Me

    Where’s the Note 3 love?

  • Mr Slack

    Note 2 lol, the Note 4 is about to come out it will prob be stuck on 4.3 unless you root it. Think its time to JUMP! buddy

  • Nathan S.

    Note 2 please!

  • robert

    The s5 just got a tiny update for volte support

    • MMakoto

      yup, 29.13mb, and we’re still on 4.4.2

  • Jose Hernandez

    It would be nice if we got the update for the Note 3. Sprint already got it, T-Mobile should work on this as one of the pain points for Uncarrier. Updates should not take this long. I will probably trade my Note 3 for the nexus 6/X when that comes out.

    • krym73

      Lol t mobile note 3 has new s5 features like download boostet, kids mode, and other tweaks here and there, where the Sprint note 3 or even at&t or Verizon, still don’t… so what are you referring to?

      • Jose Hernandez

        I’m talking about the topic of discussion, that the note 3 has yet to receive the Android 4.4.4 update that the s4 is getting. Did you even read before you replied?

        • RedGeminiPA

          The only thing the average Android uses knows how to read is a spec sheet, but barely.

  • NOYB

    On T-mobile’s support page for S4, it states “wi-fi calling enhancements”. Too bad VoLTE is not included in the update.

  • jhoff

    What about the S3???

    • John

      Upgrade to the S4 or S5 if you want the update.

    • RedGeminiPA

      If you want the most recent OS updates on a 3 year old cellphone, buy an iPhone. Otherwise, get used to Android’s pathetic updating system.

  • Micah Putman

    Hey can someone try to see if UMA is working now? I wounder if it is part of the “wi-fi calling enhancements” As in you connect to WiFi calling and your call is not drop as you leave the wifi area and is switch to cell tower. I notice that was part of Apple’s announcement yesterday and I am hoping t-mobile got it working for there android phones too.

    • miko9090

      UMA is hardware based technology. Wifi calling is entirely software based.

      • Micah Putman

        Ok so the question is still will WiFi calling transfer between WiFi and cellular like the new Iphones will?

        • clay

          I believe the iPhone WiFi calling cellular handoff feature will support handoff to VoLTE only.

  • MarcusDW

    Sooooo the Note 2 is right behind it right? Im tired my my phone saying that it is up to date. X-O

  • bton

    There is S5 update today, not 4.4.4. It says WIFI calling enhancement

  • pug_ster

    Guess my Samsung Galaxy S3 will be stuck on 4.3 while AT&T, Sprint already got 4.4… Oh well.

    • rick909

      it isn’t bad to be “stuck” on 4.3. You wouldn’t really see a difference in 4.4

  • besweeet

    Is it possible to update a CF-AutoRoot-rooted GS4 that’s still on 4.2.2? All that was done to it was removing some stock APKs.

    • pseudoswede

      I was on CF-AutoRoot’ed 4.4.2. The update removed root (naturally). I re-ran CF-AutoRoot, and everything is fine again.

      • besweeet

        Did you update via Kies? OTA errors out right at the start of course.

        Now I’m wondering if it would be better to start Android from scratch, since going from 4.2.2 to 4.4.4 would be pretty big I think.

        • pseudoswede

          Yes, I used Kies.

        • besweeet

          I just did the update via Kies and all seems fine (getting 5/5 bars of LTE instead of the usual 1 or 2 out of the old 4 bars), after spending hours manually backing up things.

  • Dj64

    Absolutely ridiculous to update s4 but not s5. Samsung is completely backwards… Maybe tmo is waiting to announce the s5 update at uncarrier 7.0 There is an update but afterwards phone is still on 4.4.2

    • krym73

      Might be that the s5 came originally with the contents the s4 is being updated to… don’t be so quick to bash on company without fully understanding what’s going on.

      • Dj64

        And you should learn how to read. My s5 is still on 4.4.2 AFTER the small update.

        • crochety one

          Well, that’s irony.

  • John Park

    Installed the update last night, but I don’t see any changes, other than build #. The skin UI remains the same. I was hoping for a different layout ala GALAXY 5 and better battery life.

  • apmon

    I just installed the update, but haven’t noticed much difference so far. Three minor things that have changed are:
    1) The GPS toggle in the quick settings has changed to “Location”. Is that a functional change, or have they just renamed the button?
    2) The password lock screen has a tiny change of styling
    3) It looks like the default APN settings have changed and now the S4 also uses IPv6 as a default for its internet settings. Yay!

    The change log during installation did mention a bunch of the usual other things like “stability improvements” and “performance enhancements”

    But then I haven’t really had any issues with my S4, so don’t really want there to be much change.

    • rick909

      They changed the fonts and the interface speed and appearance a bit. Most of the stuff is security software behind the scenes.

    • ssjchaseutley

      Ive had major MAJOR battery drainage since 4.4.2 so I hope this fixes it ::crosses fingers::

  • bruce

    my note 3 is getting the update

    • B-Mobile

      Just downloaded the update, the information page states: software stability and VoLTE enhancements for the 78MB Note 3 update

  • Mike

    Note 3 just got a 78 Mb update today.

  • Destin

    I just noticed that with the update to the gs4, wifi phone calls now use hd voice when calling another tmobile compatible hd voice phone.

  • Che’ Pressnall

    Has anyone else noticed the time on their lock screen being backwards as well?

    • Stephanie Marin

      hey did you ever fix that?

  • ochogger

    Must have to do with the FREE IN-FLIGHT TEXTING starting next week. OH BOY !!!!!

  • ochogger
  • Erik

    Why hasn’t the note 2 get any updates? All and i mean all of the other carriers updated theirs to kit Kat. T-Mobile is still on jelly bean

    • brian90

      Don’t update to 4.4. You will lose your SD card functionality! It sucks.

      • Marcelo_L

        That’s not the point. That can be addressed, not to mention that it’s been updated on all the other carriers already.

  • Angel

    I don’t get it…Samsung Galaxy s5 still have not updated to 4.4.4 wtf. One of the best smartphone in the game and still on 4.4.2 with “minor’ updates..Oh Samsung when are you going to start releasing updates to every phone not just selected. Ps no wonder android users switch to Apple!

    • Droness92

      lol, stop complaining, S4 ftw.

      P.S. ….no one switches to Apple!

      • RedGeminiPA

        You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • Droness92

          Are you even aware that you’re lost? lol did the Apple Map lead you here?

    • brian90

      The update is not even a big DEAL. It does almost NOTHING. When I had the Galaxy s4, they updated the S2 to 4.3 first! They have reasons. It will come…don’t worry about it. After the install you will see no difference anyway.

    • elyezz

      First Samsung is not Android. Second, if you want instant updates, get a nexus phone or flash a cutom ROM. And finally it’s the opposite, iphone users are switching to android. That’s a fact and you know why.

  • DDD

    Anyone considering upgrading to KitKat should google “kitkat sd card”

    • brian9090

      I have it…kitkat makes the SD card USELESS. I would stick to 4.3.

      • Barebone

        oh. f#$%. thats why I couldn’t write anything to my SD card anymore. I thought my card is bad and about to get a new one. Thanks for the post.

      • SamsungRooter

        If you have root access open up /etc/permissions/platform.xml and find

        And change it to

        Reboot your device and you’ll notice you have your sdcard function back

  • maciejkoziol

    anyone has a problem with youtube videos

    • eduardo

      Yes I am, I can see most but now and then there’s one I can’t see

  • joe

    updated my s4 , Now my 4g LTE signal strenth increased from 1 bar to 3 bar inside my home . thank u T MOBILE, also waiting for the 700 MH BAND ,This will improve the wall penetration

    • brian90

      They can’t give you the 700mh band by software. They have to put a 700mhz radio antenna in the phone. YOu will need a phone to get that band.

  • skittle

    Not cool if you” lose access” to your SD card. What exactly is Google thinking here? Yes, there are fixes but you will have to have root access from what I am reading everywhere.

    • skittle

      Okay, this is not new since its been that way since the 4.4.2 update. Not going to root, been there on previous phone. I know I can remove the card and do a workaround.

      • skittle

        ES File Explorer can access Ext SD. I should have made it clear that I was dealing with Ext SD.

        • brian90

          Es file explorer can see it but do nothing on the sd card.

        • skittle

          Man, I was afraid of that. I wish they had a 32 GB S5. Might just JUMP to LG G3.

        • metan

          im waiting so badly for a 32 gb s5.

  • kesean

    Every time I try to install the update on my s4 it says my phone has been modified can’t update. But I just got this s4

  • kesean

    And them I had finish downloading the update when it finally went through but when it restarted it said update failed.

  • Torry Skurski

    I just did this update this morning and 2 problems I’ve noticed with it. First is, I used Chomp SMS as my default text messaging app, and it no longer works. When I try to send a text message, it fails. I had to switch back to the stock messaging app. Anyone know a fix for that?

    The second thing is my keyboard haptic feedback is gone. I went into keyboard settings and the Vibrate checkbox is unchecked and grayed out. I can’t turn it back on. Anyone else notice these problems or have a fix?

    • Maria

      im having the exact same problem and do not know how to fix it. I am not a techy person. :(

    • metan

      dont use chomp..

      wait till chomp update their software to be compatible

      • Torry Skurski

        I can deal with that. The more annoying thing is the lack of haptic feedback when you are used to it.

      • Kasey Clark

        I used to use Chomp but went to Hangouts for my default messaging app. It’s came a long way and can be used for SMS, MMS, video calling and voice calling all from the same app.

    • metan

      haptic feedback might be grayed out cuz of powersaving settings. check that… mine works, so theres hope for you. Double check power saving

      • Torry Skurski

        Ah! That was it! Thanks!

    • Anthony

      I got that problem with the grayed out as well.

      • Torry Skurski

        See the comment below. The power saving settings on mine were set to not allow haptic feedback. Check that.

  • julia

    Why don’t I get an update?

  • valerie

    Has anyone updated and lost 4g after. How do i get my 4g back?

    • Brad

      you won’t

      • noel

        I got 4g back by going to r mobile and they did a network reset

        • noel


    • jlw

      You have to manually put in your apn settings for 4G to work.

  • tzappa

    updated this morning and now my Gear 2 will not connect to my phone. They are paired, but don’t connect.

  • B$

    KitKat 4.4.4 Completely destroyed my Bluetooth connectivity and YouTube Playback on my S4. This is horrible!

  • Dats

    YouTube vids

  • mike

    My s4 says it’s up to date but it’s running 4.4.2 why won’t it let me update to 4.4.4?

  • notmenoti

    Is there a way to refuse this update? I woke up one morning, and had a message saying T-Mobile was giving me the update, but I don’t want it. I put it on Postpone, but I would like to quit getting reminders about the update. I’m very happy with the way my S4 works as it is.

  • Sigh!

    Outgoing e-mail does not work since the update. Incoming is fine. Have tried all suggestions thus far with no success. Went to T-Mobile and was told by manager (I use the term very loosely) and was told it was not a T-Mobile problem. Was told by Samsung they are not aware of any issues with this. Needless to say I am very frustrated. Anyone have any suggestions other than the not so nice ones currently floating around in my head?

    • James

      I had the same problem, I forced stop And seems to be running again

  • Chuck

    Any one know if Google fixed the write protection problem that was in the 4.4.2? Don’t want to Un root to update and find out that it isn’t fixed and can’t reroot

  • jesus

    Well I notice that YouTube videos seems not work right and I have check my Bluetooth but I did notice my internet got a slower with this update and how do I go back to 4.4.3

  • Jayel

    I updated mine yesterday and noticed that sometimes, my keyboard doesn’t come up and when that happens, at the same time, I can’t use the two buttons at the bottom either. This happens randomly and when it does, I restart my device, only to have it happen again later. Does anyone know what might be causing this problem and/or know a solution to this problem?

  • Deelze

    Since the update I realize my battery dies a lot faster, and my Google now constantly freezes!!! Ugh, why send out an update if it is not compatible with our devices in all ways!!!

    • JayFromBk

      Hi Deelze, i had the same issue with both galaxy s4 and the galaxy note 3 after updating to kitkat. The battery would drain so quickly, even if no apps were running. The solution i found was that after doing the kitkat update, to go to your phone’s settings and do a factory restore. And make sure to back up your phone with the samsung account, located in the setting section before you restore to factory. I know its crazy that you have to do this and shouldnt have to but for some reason the updates dont work well with all the apps, that are already installed on your device. That is why its great to always good to do a factory restore after upgrading to a new android os and reinstalling you apps. Let me know how it works out for you.

  • mcgsp

    Does not read sd card, says there is no card available. Makes phone useless.

    Battery does quicker

    some apps now flicker while using them.

    On a scale of 5 stars, i give it a collasp star.

  • domo

    I do not like the new update. My phone Galazy S4 gets hot within 5 mins of me being on it. My emails keep freezing and loading then stops unfortunately and is very nerve reckoning. Before this update my phone was working just fine!!! Please makes adjustments

  • zach

    I updated and now my phone won’t turn on!

  • born28

    So I saw there was an update from Tmobile so I installed it, now my friggin phone is hot and the screen is blank and i cant get it to turn on wth.

  • servantofjc

    This pisses me off. They give older phones the update 1st and leave the S5 users in the dark.

  • diana

    So what I understand from the comments…. Just leave my s4 as is without updating ? I postponed the update but the little reminder/notification about the update keeps being on my nerves !

    • Moy

      Exactly! it’s soooooo ANNOYING but I don’t wanna update and screw up my phone

  • Anaya Marie

    Well I just updated mine an hour ago and my 4G was working perfectly fine before I updated it now it doesn’t pop up at the top of my screen anymore

  • sonny

    write-protect on android version 4.4.4 (KitKat)

    I am told that this version of android enables the write-protect on the internal storage (not SD card) and that it cannot be disabled? Does anyone know or can verify that?