T-Mo flavor Moto X finally gets Android 4.4.4

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Although T-Mobile never officially carried the 2013 model Moto X, Motorola did sell a “T-Mobile” edition through its Moto Maker site. And I’m sure at least a handful of you, TmoNews readers eventually picked one up. I’m also fairly certain – like me – you thought the T-Mobile friendly¬†4.4.4 update would never arrive. Good news! It’s here.

Android 4.4.4 for the T-Mo flavored Moto X is available to download over-the-air from this morning. If you’ve not yet received a notification prompting you to install, head on over to your settings and check for updates manually. You should find it there.

If you do download it, let us know how big the file is and what else is included in the update. I don’t find any new information on the Moto X support pages.

Via: Android Police

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  • gramps28

    No update for me yet. Checked twice before and after a reboot.

  • eYe

    Current version doing just fine for me, I don’t think I even know which one it is, 4.4.3? What a difference from old days of flashing new ROM everyday. Very impressed with this phone.

  • Mindtrouble

    I’m sure part of the update will be the Smart Network Switch. I think they are making as many phones as possible Wifi Calling Capable to fall inline with Uncarrier 7.0 initiatives.

  • gramps28

    Uncarrier 7.0 is a joke. Only branded Tmobile phones will have wifi calling. Tmobile already took the Nexus 5 of the upgrade page since it won’t support wifi calling.Just like before and the only reason it announced wifi calling 7.0 was to coincide with the new iPhone line and OS that now supports it.

    • skittle

      I always thought one of the joys of Nexus was not to have carrier branded software. Seems like everyone knew that was part of it. But this is one thing everyone sees the benifit of.

      • Ky

        It’s about time that Google bake Wifi Calling into the Android cake just as Apple has done with iOS8.

        • Steve

          Use wifi-calling using Google Hangouts app and the new Hangouts Dialer app and the wifi calling is “baked into” Android now. Download both and have free US and Canada calls and reduced international calling rates. Just because it’s not advertised does not mean the feature is not present.

  • Oms

    I’m still waiting for theupdate for my Note 2. Every other network’s Note 2 already runs on KitKat.

    • SEBA

      Omg, note 2 still runs on Jelly Bean? Thank god I upgraded to note 3 and tomorrow to note 4. Samsung is really brutal when it comes to updates, not only on phones but TVs too.

      • Oms

        Yes, still on Jelly Bean.

        • Marcelo_L

          And every time anyone asks, all you get is silence……it’s ridiculous.

  • monkeybutts

    Unlocked* flavor.

  • Medion

    Still no update here. If anyone does get the update, would you please click the “release notes” and post for us? We already got most of the advertised changes in 4.4.3 (pausing while video recording, new dialer, etc.). Android 4.4.4 only has one change over 4.4.3, and that’s an SSL security bug fix. So I’m wondering if there’s anything Motorola-specific in this release.

  • VoR

    IT’s about 16MB

  • RonJeezy

    Galaxy S5 still floating on 4.4.2 kit kat… -_-

    • Marcelo_L

      At least you have KitKat……GNote 2 folks ( who’re more than capable of running 4.4) haven’t gotten their update.

  • NYCHu

    Anyone know if the Unlocked Moto X version supports T-Mo wi-fi calling, or is that feature only available in phones T-Mo carries?

    • pboggini

      It does not. Only T-Mobile branded phones where they actually push the image are covered. The “Pure Android” devices including the MotoX and Nexus devices don’t have the UMA support needed.

  • Justin Merithew

    I really hope T-Mobile starts carrying branded Motorola devices. I absolutely love their phones, and the ability to buy them unlocked is nice, but I just can’t give up WiFi calling. I have pretty poor service at home, so it’s not something I could live without.

  • BillSmitty

    I assume this is for the XT1053 version? No update on my Moto X showing and phone said I was up to date when I tried to download manually. No biggie, I hope to dump this crap phone soon anyway.

    • Baz

      Why do you say it’s crap? I thought it was the best phone O’ve owned thus far. Just curious about your opinion.

      • BillSmitty

        Size is perfect but almost everything else for me is ah. Wifi signal stinks, keyboard is sensitive as heck, gps signal stinks almost tossed out car window, email client doesn’t provide link unless it’s gmail, signal isn’t great but that could be TMO, no wifi call but I knew that going in, widgets are weak, laggy. There’s more but those are the main ones I can think of. Trust me, I wanted to really like this phone, but other than the perfect size and good screen, it really has been a disappointment for me. Oh, and a tad ticked right after I bought the phone, google sold Moto to Lenovo…rubbed me the wrong way…yeah, I’m kinda picky, but when u have to pay full price for a phone u tend to b that way. I should just go back to my Sensation, but the Moto would only bring me about $50 if I sold from what I’ve seen. Oh we’ll, my options are shrinking as done with Moto and now Apple after the 5 not getting wifi calling.

  • Rick

    Tmobile LG G3 STILL running 4.4.2

  • randian

    No update showing here either.

  • Baz

    No update for me. Still stuck on 4.4.3

    Glad to see them continue supporting their phone…unlike some others (Cough*HTC*Cough).

    • Medion

      What’s wrong with HTC? All Android 4.4.4 has over 4.4.3 is an updated OpenSSL version. HTC rule this into their 4.4.3 update. So there was no need for 4.4.4 on their devices.

      • Baz

        Prior flagship devices were left for dead shortly after release. Support was extremely limited. And their recent flagships will not get the same level of support as Moto or Nexus brands.

  • zx6guy

    No update here. Still on 4.4.3.

    • zx6guy

      Still nothing. Is this even real?

      • zx6guy

        Finally today. No material changes and doesn’t feel any different.

  • Marcelo_L

    And STILL, the Galaxy Note 2 hasn’t gotten 4.4 yet? Waiting and waiting after other carriers have their 4.4 for the GNote 2….geeze, TMo.

  • justinglen

    Like many of you, I kept checking for the update to no avail. Then I needed to factory reset my phone today to solve another, unrelated problem. I checked for the 4.4.4 update before doing the factory restore and got nothing. As soon as my phone booted up after restore though, I was prompted to install the 4.4.4 update. Coincidence perhaps?

    Release notes link on the update screen pointed here:

  • gramps28

    Just got my notification today.

  • JMF_mobile

    My update finally arrived yesterday but I haven’t really noticed a change from 4.4.3 yet.