Personal Cellspot deposit being waived for ordered placed before Sept. 24th?

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Although the Personal Cellspot Wi-Fi routers became available to customers last week, they can’t be sold in stores until September 24th due to some system issue. This lead to many customers having to pace an order for delivery instead. But, seemingly as a gesture of goodwill, T-Mobile has been waiving the $25 deposit required from postpaid customers to get the free router.

Now, as far as we know, T-Mobile has never officially announced that deposits aren’t being taken, but we’ve heard from several customers who haven’t had to pay a cent up front. A chat between one reader and T-Mobile on Twitter reveals as such:

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.56.54

Another customer sent us confirmation for his order, below:


So if you haven’t placed an order for your Personal Cellspot yet, it might be worth getting it in before Wednesday. From that day, they will be taking deposits from customers who order them. If you’re prepaid or non-credit check customer, the same $99 purchase fee still applies. That hasn’t changed.

If T-Mobile has officially announced it, and we’ve somehow missed that, we’ll blame the iPhone’s launch craziness for it. Also, send us a link, or let us know your buying experience.

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  • Michael Tran

    My rep said he’d waive it but if i don’t have a qualified wifi calling device on my plan by then, that they will charge the deposit.

    • Cam Bunton

      Will you take the limited-time JUMP enrollment program offer?

      • Michael Tran

        What’s the offer? When I ordered the iPhone 6 in store they forced me to take the jump but I went online to remove the feature.

        • Cam Bunton

          Ah, no worries. If you’ve already getting a device, doesn’t matter. They opened a window so existing customers without Wi-Fi calling handsets could enroll in JUMP and upgrade to a new phone that was capable. (Presuming they’d paid 50% of the full price)

        • Michael Tran

          Is there any advantage to that program? I like to upgrade but I don’t usually like turning my devices in. Most times I’ll have two phones to rotate between.

        • John Johnson

          That’s what I do as well.

          For me, Jump! is basically only “Crap, I bought the wrong device” insurance. If I don’t like it 6 months later (and I mean I really hate the thing) I can just walk into the store and get something else – no questions asked.

        • Paul

          I’m the same as you; I prefer to keep my device and not trade it. JUMP requires you to trade it in. I see that a lot of Nexus 5 owners were able to get the cell-spot so it shouldn’t be an issue. I think the rep was trying to get you to upgrade.

        • ancho84

          When you remove it, (jump) do they refund you?

        • Michael Tran

          I took it off the minute I got home. Doesn’t appear I got charged.

  • joe

    Mine went to back order on 9/22

    • DaveTexan

      Mine went to back order, too….I ordered on 9/17 early morning. Not sure why :(

      • Jsun

        Same here. I ordered mine on launch day and got an email confirmation with estimate delivery for 9/26. When i checked t-mobile’s portal this morning to see if it shipped, i get a back order on 9/22. Sucks but oh well!

        • JBLmobileG1

          Same here. I guess as long as we get them at some point we can’t really complain. After all, they are free for just being a T-Mobile customer. Will be nice to have a good router to take advantage of Wifi calling and text.. and if I ever move at least I know I’ll be covered and receive service no matter what. :)

        • Jsun

          update: I recieved a text from ups this afternoon stating my tracking number from TMOBILE LDC UPGRADE is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Check UPS’ website, you guys might have yours delivered early too, despite what tmo’s portal says. I suspect iPhone’s release is causing all the mix up.

        • JBLmobileG1

          How can you check if there is no tracking number? Or maybe there is and I am not looking in the right place.

        • ancho84

          If you are registered with a UPS my choice account, any shipment schedule to your address can trigger an email notification if u set it up.

        • Mjsun

          When you’re at the UPS tacking website go to
          track by reference
          then put your tmobile phone number in the SHIPMENT REFERENCE
          Hope this helps you, but like ancho84 says, registering with UPS my choice will give a notice to u once it triggers something to your address. That’s how I got my text.

        • ancho84

          I got the same notice from ups my choice. I thought it was the iPhone I ordered, since I was told I would get it Monday, but nothing yet. You think they might come together in same package? Both were ordered on same day.

        • Jsun

          A few months ago I ordered two ipad’s, each a day apart and two separate delivery dates. For some reason they both came the same time and at the earliest date. Maybe they’d group yours together but with all the orders they are receiving lately you may have a delay, but lets hope not. :)

  • Tusker

    I ordered mine on 18th. And I didn’t have to pay anything. I have one Xperia z1s and Note 3. Borh are WiFi calling enabled. My colleague also ordered. He was also not charged. But he doesn’t have any WiFi calling enabled phone. Move us already shipped. I would get it by tomorrow.

  • Ameilius

    Mine is out for delivery today – I ordered early a.m. on the 17th – No deposit, no charge for ground shipping, which only took 3 days – contact me for specifics

    • same user: i have a Nexus 5, I was just seeing everyone else post what phones they had if that made any difference in getting your order

      • did you order the CellSpot WiFi router or the LTE Signal booster?

        • cellspot

        • If only the Nexus 5 supported WiFi calling. I hope Google is looking at this for Android version L. But for a free router worth $200? It’s a no brainer.

        • its TMO who has to make the app – once TMO makes a market app thats pretty much universal, and the phones capable – should be seemless. luckily where ive moved, TMO tower is literally in sight – i get strong service anywhere in my home – but as for the router, I plan on feeling all like this:

          haha – Thanks tmo!

  • Adrayven

    No deposit, free ground shipping.. Using iPhone 5s, upgrading to 6 Plus and the both deliver today! Very happy. :)

  • fanatik47

    I ordered the morning it went live at a store and didn’t have to pay anything. It is scheduled to be delivered today along with my iPhone 6 plus. :)

    • Cam Bunton


    • John Johnson

      Same here minus the iPhone.

      Can’t wait to get home and set it up. Was very pleasantly surprised they were waiving the deposit and standard shipping.

      • KingofPing

        Just got mine set-up. There were some issues (The 5ghz network kept dropping and for whatever reason so did the wired connection)

        …but after a few minutes it all seemed to settle down and it’s working great. Better distance than I have had with any previous router.

        Can’t beat that for free. ;-)

  • Edgar Gomez

    Also if you have a signal booster you will have to turns yours in first. They will send you the shipping label free of charge also.

    • Jibin Dani

      The representative I spoke to told me to keep mine just to ensure coverage.. Idk if I want to keep both the signal booster and the cellspot on at the same time since the signal booster may interfere with the 5ghz channel of the router.. Since the window unit and coverage unit use 5ghz to communicate to each other I believe.

      • Vic

        It shouldn’t. T-Mobile doesn’t operate on the unlicensed 5GHz spectrum used by routers.

        • Jibin Dani

          Yes I know, but I’m pretty sure the celfi window unit and base unit communicate to each other using a 5ghz channel.

        • Jibin Dani

          Yes I know, but I believe that the window unit and coverage unit communicate to each other using 5ghz.

      • Mike

        Was told that TMO would offer 1 of the soulitions but not both. CelFI would have to be returned before wifi router could be ordered. Makes sense. I was offered the opportunity to keep the CelFI but would have to purchase the wifi router for 99 bucks. Can’t get two free solutions at the same time. Only regret thAt I’ll miss out on the no deposit wifi router.

    • jdrtech

      yep all good, deposit shipping, thank you guys for the info!!

  • Kevin Olson

    I can’t seem to order this online?

    • Customer care can order them for you – online I’m only seeing the $99 option.

      • Kevin Olson

        Thanks! Got one on the way

  • quist

    My deposit was waived as well. The rep said it’s possible I could be charged $25 after the 24th but was doubtful that would happen

    Great deal all around. Even if you don’t have reception issues at home, its worth the router upgrade for its own sake

    I don’t know when I’m going to get it though. I ordered it on Thursday and it says it’s backordered

  • Verizonthunder

    I ordered one at the T-Mobile store and did not cost me anything to have it shipped to me

  • gododob

    I ordered 2 at zero cost. The store didn’t have it in the inventory system so couldn’t give it to me.

  • JiGSaW525

    I ordered one for me and one for my parents (last Thursday over the phone) ….no cost with either. I have a Nexus 5 and 4, but holding out for Google to baked this option in.

    Should be arriving tomorrow!

    • D_Wall__

      I was worried they wouldnt let me order one if i had the nexus 5, No wifi calling.. I may jump to the Note 4 soon..

      • Roboito

        Yeah it looks like they aren’t taking into account what phone you have on your account. Just getting the router out to whoever is looking for it…

    • TechnoRealz

      Are you & your parents on separate accounts? I thought it was 1 per shared account?

      • JiGSaW525

        Separate accounts, I am an authorized user (parents just like to have things work without understanding the mechanics) :)

        You’re right though 1 per account (rep confirmed with me)

  • Dark enV

    I have 7 people on my plan and we have a celfi signal booster on the account so we’ll have to pay $99 for each router we want

    • Dan

      My sister has a signal booster on our account and they initially said I already had a booster/router category device for free but then they transferred me to an account specialist without really pressing for it(I was fine paying). Got the router for no deposit, free shipping. Maybe you could try again if you really don’t want to pay.

  • Sybexi

    Ordered min on saterday with no cost. Was worried that I would have to upgrade to a new phone because if my Nexus 5. They didn’t even mention needing a phone with native wifi calling.

    • Pezplayer

      You still won’t be able to make calls over WiFi unless it is through Hangouts. Nexus devices do not support WiFi calling through T-Mobile.

      With that being said I’m in the same boat and ordered one anyways. An 802.11ac router for free? YES, PLEASE!

      • Sybexi

        That was my rational exactly.

  • Dark enV

    Can someone provide a link to order it online? I’m not seeing it

  • mofoliar

    i got a cel-fi signal booster,didnt really need a wifi router..

  • mimatoss

    I called Tmo Call Center in Spanish (TAMPA) and ordered my cell spot with no cost, arriving next Oct 1.

  • Mine is marked to arrive on the 29th. No charges!

  • Sonic

    Ordered mine. Arriving Oct 1 – No deposit, no cost. Regular customer care (611) couldn’t help me. They had to transfer me to tech support. Once transferred, quickly ordered

    • eagle

      Having problems ordering through the regular customer care, she is saying it is not available until Sep. 24. Going to have her transfer me to tech support and hopefully it works like it did for you.

  • Bryant Del Rosario

    Im getting mine on Wednesday this week. Ordered Last Thursday last week.

  • Amanda Johnson

    I don’t know when I’m going to get it though. I ordered it on Thursday and it says it’s backordered

  • GoKnights

    I can confirm with my order!

  • Jamaican16

    I can confirm that both the router and booster are deposit free

  • Chad Dalton

    i got mine ordered, should be here by Sept 30th. Wonder what it’ll do for my needs…i get good signal upstairs, but not so much down stairs in the office.

    • JamesG

      It doesn’t increase your tmobile signal. It prioritizes wifi calling over other bandwidth

      • Chad Dalton

        ah ok thanks!

  • JBLmobileG1

    Hhmmm, I ordered mine last Wednesday evening, on the 17th. It said estimated delivery would be on 9/26. When I went online, it is now saying it’s backordered and there is no estimated delivery date. :/

    • imrf

      Same here. And the idiots have ground shipping on mine.

      • trife

        Dude, it’s FREE.

        Relax. You’ll be okay.

    • Vic

      Probably sold out of initial inventory. I ordered mine in the afternoon that day and just got it today.

  • hanfeedback

    Ordered mine just a little while ago, seems like they are back ordered, estimated date is Oct 1st at this point, not a huge deal.

  • sticksabuser

    I can confirm this. Ordered mine over the phone last wednesday, no deposit. The CS rep said this will be the case for all orders before the 24th.

    Also I expect to receive mine today.

  • D_Wall__

    Called got my ordered, Free, Free Shipping, I also have a Nexus 5 ! Awesome job Tmo

  • Voltaic

    I just bought a high end router. Will this work as a secondary router? Also, I have a Nexus 5; how do you get the wifi calling app? Cheers.

    • Aooga

      Yes it’ll work as a secondary router. You can’t get wifi calling on a Nexus.

      • Voltaic

        Thanks for the information. Disappointing you can’t use WiFi on a Nexus 5 :(

  • johnediii

    On the way. $0

  • JR

    No deposit even mentioned. $0 overnight.

    • JamesG

      Wtf, I don’t know how some are getting the overnight shipping free. I ordered early morning on the 17th and I still haven’t received my order

  • jeffy

    How can I order it? Also what do I do with my current router?

    • Call tech support, they are the ones doing the orders for it.

    • Jaime Lannister

      I’d keep your current router as a backup.

  • jc

    Correct, no deposit AND UPS Express shipping (overnight) to Hawaii. At least this made up for some of the iPhone 6 debacle they have everyone going through.

    • Craig Foster

      What iPhone debacle?

  • jordany argueta

    Just got mine. I was being asked for the $25 deposit and once I mentioned that I did go to the store but they were unable to order it. I was asked to call CS and order it there, I mentioned to the rep that I heard there was no $25 for orders before Sept. 24th. She did went ahead and made the order for $0 & free shipping w/ estimated delivery on 10-01, now that’s a plus for T-Mobile CS on my book.
    My Vizio router at home is spotty at times so this wifi router gotta cover that for me.

  • Cam Fas

    Placed my order Saturday it’s true it’s waved

  • David c

    Called two days ago. Got it sent to me for free, and no deposit. No out of pocket expenses whatsoever. this is a nobrainer. Great job Tmobile!

  • Nick

    Order 1 early morning today. CS mentioned no deposit for the order and will arrive on 01-OCT. Order details show $0 shipping too.

  • gr8gatzby

    Worked for me. Delivery scheduled for 10/1.

  • Lawrence Hall

    Do i have to do this on the phone. The product wont show on the web. It shows in search and just goes back to a page loaded of cell phones.

    • JamesG


  • Mike

    Work for me also, delivery scheduled for 10/1

  • Andrew

    they waived my fee. though they initially told me it’s $6.99/month.. but after i complained they looked into it and said that was wrong and it was 0/month and said they were waiving the $25 deposit.

  • jimmiekain

    When I go to T-Mobile website to order it I can’t find it on the site. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to call?

    • JamesG


  • YABD

    I am trying to place an order online and I don’t know how to do it. Some help needed

    • Alex Pilaia

      Its over the phone only.. Call 1-800-TMOBILE and they will give it to you for free… :)

      • YABD

        Just ordered. Thxxxx

  • Guest

    Yup.. Just got it for free. Ship 10/1… If you dont have a wifi enabled phone, will this still improve wifi coverage inside/outside of your house?? I have FIOS, so will it improve my Fios WIFI? How exactly does this work and which wifi is it improving??

    • zeiferx

      it will improve your wifi, this router is one of the best out there. you can turn off the wireless on Fios actiontek and use this instead, better hardware all around plus depending what Fios plan you have it might also increase your internet download speeds over wifi since some of Fios router are limited due to their old hardware

  • Alex Pilaia

    Yup.. Just got it for free. Ship 10/1… If you dont have a wifi-calling
    enabled phone, will this still improve wifi coverage inside/outside of
    your house?? I have FIOS, so will it improve my Fios WIFI? How exactly
    does this work and which wifi is it improving??

    • JamesG

      Its just a wifi router, it should improve your wifi network over the standard ones you get from ISPs

    • Goat

      It’ll also broadcast an LTE signal that’s speed is only limited by your home internet package (and obviously how many people are connected,etc.)

  • Bing

    I ordered mine on 9/17. It was free, however it still says it’s “processing”. Nobody seems to be able to give me an update. I’ve called 5x since Thursday.

    • Terrence

      Mine is saying “processing” as well, but just gotta text from ups saying that it will be here tomorrow. Weird

      • Bing

        No text for me today :(

    • Jsun

      Same here, then early this morning my status went from processing to Backordered on 9/22 at 2AM. But this afternoon i recieved a text from UPS: T-mobile ldc upgrade is scheduled for tomorrow. Just hang in there, you might get it soon as well.

      • Kevin Greene

        Mine was the same as yours backordered at the same time… So far no update. :( Cant expect miracles when you get something for free.

        • jsun

          Exactly! But try using UPS’ website to track then use your tmobile phone number as the tracking number or reference. They might have a more updated status on your package than tmobile’s portal. I suspect the release of the iPhone and this being so close that it’s giving tmo a hard time keeping up with order updates.

        • Kevin Greene

          Thanks for the tip. It showed me 2 labels were created. A ground on the 18th and a next day on the 22nd. Both say label was created but not yet shipped. So I am assuming that they are tossing the ground label and just sending it next day. I’m hopeful I will have it by the end of the week.

      • ancho84

        Did you get this email today from ups?:

        We previously sent you a delivery alert for the package shown below. This package will not be delivered as originally scheduled. We will provide you with updated delivery information as soon as we can and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

        • Jsun

          I haven’t… Crossing my fingers that I don’t.

        • Jsun

          No email but it never came. Still waiting.

    • Guest

      No text for me :(

  • Marco

    i wonder if they will allow u to place a order for 2, or is it 1 per account?

    • Goat

      Sadly it’s one per account. This also includes a Cel-Fi booster (if you already have one)

      EDIT: I mean you can’t get them both- only 1 device

  • Steven

    Ordered mine today, free ground shipping and free device with no deposit.

  • YABD

    Just placed mine for free few minutes ago. And is coming soon.

    • Ryan

      Could I have a link to the Cellspot? My search on Tmobile seems to keep getting re-directed.

      • YABD

        It is only over the phone and the direct phone number is: 1-800-937-8997. Be patience it took me 45 minutes to talk to the representative.

  • GoKnights

    Ordered on 9/18 ($0 due at checkout), schedule to deliver on 9/23 by UPS next day for free.

    • Rod Phillips

      Did you get the Shipping weight of the device? The reason why i am asking is i am also waiting on my iPhone 6 Plus to be delivered which i chose Over night shipping on, but my Cellspot i have ground shipping on, VIA MyUPS app T-Mobile is sending me a package over night scheduled to be delivered tomorrow the 23rd, Not expecting my router till the 29th, So i was curious . Thanks

  • EmeryE100

    I ordered my by telephone last week and they didn’t charge me the deposit but they wanted to charge me express shipping for either next day or 2 day. I chose the free ground shipping and will not get it until 9/29.

  • Well – i got mine today – hooked it all up – works lovely —- i had no fee what so ever, chose ground shipping too, free — got it in 3 days!

  • Roberto Jaimes

    Completely different but I called my local tmobile store to check if they had the iPhone in inventory so I wouldn’t have to go all the way over there for nothing, they said they couldn’t disclose inventory. Surely enough I arrived and they had nothing I was so utterly pissed. A fucking yes or no answer would of been enough. Fuck tmobile.

  • Richard Darrington

    Mine was free, ordered it last week. Just waiting for it to arrive?

  • Gamapower

    just ordered and they waived everything, including shipping.

  • DNYC

    Just ordered today!!shipping and deposit waived!! Speak only to tech support; customer service is a lost case.

  • Jsandoval

    I was looking at the uncarrier referral program. If you started service Aug. 29th or later use me as a friend referral. We both get $25 Tmo card. Plus if you aren’t unlimited you get unlimited data or if you are you get $10 off your bill. You can google it for more info. Contact me at if you are interested.

  • Steve

    Okay, so I have looked all over the sight, how do you order this dang thing? Maybe a link or something?

    • Erick

      yes my point exactly how do you order this online? or do you have to call it in with csr??

      • Steve

        I called the 611 and was able to order it at no cost.

      • zeiferx

        you cant get it online or in stores yet! at the moment you can only get it by calling customer service.

    • Steve

      I have a call in to TMO right now. Waiting on the call back.

  • Erick

    where do you order this i do not see it on the tmo website, im an exciting customer

    • Jsun

      Dial 611 from your tmobile phone then a representative will take your order.

      • Erick

        Aweome Thnaks will do. That in the morning

  • zeiferx

    well i guess you can confirm that…. after two calls and 45 minutes waiting on each i was able to order the router with no deposit. i was not told that it was waive but it never came up on the order. lets see how the QoS works with this router!

  • grod46

    mine was waved also, ordered on the 17th and you sign up for My UPS you can see the tracking number and status before T-Mobile even gives it to you, mines 3.40 lbs, the Status is Ready For UPS and is shipping from T-MOBILE LDC UPGRADE LOUISVILLE, KY, US

  • Steven Murphy

    Dialed 611, said representative, asked for cellspot router, confirmed who and where I am, shipped ground, all free! Fifteen minutes on call

  • nhatters

    I tried but the rep wouldn’t send me one because I don’t have a wi-fi calling capable device. :(

    • newcomer217

      Call back

    • AnthonyRyan89

      Ask for the LTE Signal Booster, my sister called and asked for it. That is free til the 24th also.

  • newcomer217

    10 minutes on hold waiting for a CSR then less than 5 with rep. Zero deposit, zero shipping and zero hassle. Thank you T-Mobile…from the Omnipoint days!!!

  • skittle

    Free ground shipping, no deposit, could not pass it up. It will be interesting if somehow we get included in Tmobile coverage maps ;)

    • skittle

      PS: I know Tmobile says we won’t be sharing our personal WiFi any time soon. Security issues ect.

  • kiiKane

    I’m got Zero deposit and free shipping, she said it was part of a promotion. It was really easy to order, staff were polite, friendly and knowledgeable. Shipping is by usps ground so about a week for me. Hard to complain about that. She said if I’m leave tmo in have to return it or they keep the deposit, I pointed out the deposit was zero and she laughed. They do make you tell them if you move address, but that’s more to do with the boosters which they legally have to keep track of.

  • F123D

    Told the rep I was interested in the personal cellspot but don’t have any phones with wifi calling. She offered the LTE Signal Booster instead. Couple minutes later, order was placed. Total cost, zero.

    • Vic

      Damn, that sucks. What phones are you using?

  • cweyer

    Just got off phone w/ someone in “tech support”. Stated no personal cellspots were in stock, and instead offered me a $55 off code for LTE signal booster (Cel-Fi Duo, $575!) *headdesk*. I get 2 bars of Edge service at home.

  • Bal

    I called in to order the cellspot yesterday and had an interesting time. It took about 30 minutes, and the rep was VERY confused about why I would want one. He insisted on “troubleshooting” my cell coverage in my area. Even then, I was back and forth on hold while he asked his manager for help. In the end, $0 cost… but wow it was a crazy call.

  • twcamc

    Call 611, left phone number and tmobile called back 10 secs after I hung up. talked to rep for 5 minutes, he processed order, I received confirmation text message of order stating that anticipated shipping will be 10/3/2014. All done. No pain, no trouble. All at no cost.

  • Cam Fas

    My ups says it should arrive tomorrow

  • AdamBath

    Just ordered my router, no charges, should be here in 5-7 business days. The representative I got knew exactly what I was ordering and processed it very quickly.

  • UPS just delivered mine, about to set it up. WooWoo

    • JamesG

      I don’t get how people are getting thiers already. I ordered mine right when they opened and ive received nothing! Its still stuck in being processed and it says backordered

  • pramarama

    I’m hoping the wifi on this extends a little further than the one on the box AT&T has given me. At one end of my house, my wifi signal is kind of weak, and that’s where my Chromecast is. Chromecast is not happy when the wifi signal is weak.

    • JamesG

      It will be many times better. The ISP provided routers are crap


    Called twice just now. One said that it will be available tomorrow. Another one said it’s sold out and that the deposit depends per customer. Wasn’t able to order it. Bummer.

  • James Turner

    Ordered mime and was told that it is no deposit at this time but they will put $25 deposit into my account to be paid at a later date from the consumer. Not a big deal since it’s going to be a upgrade from my current router.

    • JamesG

      No they wont. Either you pay the deposit or you dont

      • James Turner

        That’s what I originally ment to convey. I was press for time at the moment of the post. I’ll still pay the deposit, they are just putting a bill of $25 towards the router.

  • Ricky McLaughlin

    I just spoke with a T-Mobile CSR and her system wouldn’t process my order due to still being in contract. She said this is for out-of-contract customers only. Perhaps a tidbit I missed, but has anyone else had this problem?

    • brybry

      talk to a different rep

      • Ricky McLaughlin

        I just spoke with tech support, who is actually the group processing these orders according to a live chat with T-Mobile, and he clarified and verified I do not qualify for this router. Postpaid customers do qualify, unlike what the CSR said, but I am not eligible under my plan (old plan I’ve had for a few years) and would need to change plans in order to qualify.

        No thanks.

        • brybry

          what plan do you have ? The plan on i’m FamilyTIme 700 is more than a few years old. I scored one easy

  • R

    Just called 611 and got mine! The reps were so nice and knew what I was wanting right away.

  • Nurdface Gamerhandz

    Ordered mine on the 17th, no deposit and shipping soonish

  • So I got a celfi LTE unit on the way and called back to see if I could also get the wifi router. No dice. They told me it’s one or the other.

    • Carl

      Same here…currently have the 4G celfi and called a few days ago to swap it out for the LTE version. I now get a faint LTE signal at the house. Currently have an iPhone 6 on order and daughter has a 5C, both can do wifi calling. Wife rocking an iphone 5, no wifi calling. Wondering if I should have just went with the router instead of the celfi.

  • RC2

    Just ordered my Cellspot and it was FREE and PAINLESS. The rep was really nice. Just dial 611 and let them know you would like to order a CellSpot or Signal Booster. They dont even ask questions as to why you need it. I should receive it by Oct. 3. So far I’m loving my transition from AT&T back to T-Mobile.

  • John Mayson

    No luck here. I can’t order until they’re back in stock.

  • Bigboss84

    i order mine today, went to the T-mobile Store. didn’t took no more than 5 min. and i didn’t had to pay anything… ill receive it by Oct 2nd..

  • Berry

    What is the benefit of this over my existing home router? Is wifi calling any different to set up and use on this than any other router? I already have two routers and I would prefer not to add a third. Thanks.

    • brybry

      This would probably replace both of your other routers.
      You’d get priority for wifi calling with this and better range~ unless you’re running something with external antennas similar to this.
      Also are your current routers AC ?

      I guess to sum it up
      Speed(AC)/Range/Wifi Calling priority

      • Berry

        Thanks. So i can use an existing router, it just won’t place priority on voice calls. But if bandwidth is good enough i assume it wouldn’t be an issue. I am ok with range. One of two main routers does have AC. One router is also part of an extended network using other routers and i hate to screw with that one.

        Thanks again for your help. I am not an tmobile customer but may be if i can get the Note 4 from them. I read elsewhere u had to be an existing tmobile customer to preorder the Note 4. That sounded strange, but i will find out today.

  • Jaime Lannister

    Just called 611 and ordered. 100% free and delivery by Oct. 2. On and off the phone in 10 minutes. My current router is only b/g/n so hopefully this is a nice upgrade.

  • Darwinski

    Stopped in a retail store on Saturday. Asked the worker if they had the cellspots in stock. He says yes and retrieves one from the backroom. Router is literally in my hands, but as expected, no way to ring it up in computer. They arrange to have it delivered. Upgraded to overnight shipping for free.. due to arrive tomorrow.

  • Steve

    I got my shipping notice this morning. All fee waived.

  • They sent me the cellspot booster, and didn’t even offer me the wifi router.

  • Ruskastud

    Just ordered a Cellspot. Called 611.$0!

  • ryan d

    i ordered mine yesterday, free shipping also, my girl ordered hers today and same result all free

  • Shreddie88

    Anybody know what the difference is between the 2.4 and 5ghz setting on router?

    • My understanding is that this router can support both bands at the same time. In general, if a connecting device supports 5ghz, you should use that band. 2.4ghz is much more common and can be interfered by microwave and neighbor’s networks while 5ghz is much less deployed and thus wouldn’t have as much interference…

  • ben

    Just called 611 who transferred me to tech support. Tech support said the system couldn’t process my order because I don’t have a wifi calling capable device (I have an iPhone 4S). The agent said their system will only allow orders for customers that are currently on a wifi calling capable phone. I told her that I intend on getting an iPhone 6, but the agent was unable to manually override that. :(

    • ben

      Update. Success! I call back 611 and the friendly customer service agent was able to help me without transferring me to tech support. At first the agent offered the signal booster since I just have the iPhone 4S. I then I told her that I have an iPhone 6 on order and would like the router. So then she changed my phone to the 6 and was able to successfully order the router for me. She was having problem ordering the router, however, so had to get supervisor’s help to complete the order. I think the order was completed successfully, because I did end up with a text with the order number. Positive and happy experience with T-mo (the second time around). I was not charged a deposit for this.

  • Cam Fas

    Got my fee waved should arrive today at sometime cant wait. My family loves too stream Netflix So I didn’t tell them that it prioritizes my phone calls and texts. We have tons of bandwidth in my house usually around 70 mbps but having a router that gives priority when 5 wifi devices are going at the same time in my home is priceless.

  • Roman Goubin

    Which shipping method do they use, and what’s the shipping weight of the router? I got a shipping notification from UPS for delivery today, but can’t figure out whether this is finally my iPhone pre order or this router?

    • Marco

      most likely the router, the iPhone 6 is on backorder on the website still, and the router is 3.40 pounds

  • gmplr831

    I ordered yesterday evening. Didn’t pay a dime on a “postpaid” account. Looking forward to testing a new AC router with QoS for voice!

  • Carl

    Why can I never find this unit on their web site???

  • D Nice

    I ordered mine two days ago on 9/22/14. Last night I received an confirmation from UPS saying it would be delivered today 9/24/14. We will see.

  • Ryan G-S

    Just called 611 and got one, no charge. Rep said today (24th) is last day of the promotion.

    • Mystery Man

      Thanks for update

    • Aaron C

      I called yesterday (29th) and they waived the fee. I hadn’t even known they were waiving them at the time, so it was a pleasant surprise.

  • taxandspend

    They still can’t sell them in stores, even though today the 24th is the date they’re supposed to be able to. They are unable to process the transaction.

  • Justin Brown

    Was just at their store. Still can’t sell them. Some sort of system issue and unable to process the transaction

  • Paul

    Called yesterday got it today no cost at all

  • VG

    I ordered it on 9/17 at $0 cost with UPS Ground shipping, with expected delivery date of 9/26. I received a couple of texts, but no new information. I checked the UPS web site and used my 10-digit cell number (no dashes or spaces) in the Track By Reference option, and 2 labels came up: one with a Label Created on 9/17 with UPS Ground, and another ones with Label Created on 9/20 with UPS Next Day Air Saver.

    I’m thinking T-Mobile may have upgraded the shipping to get these routers to customers as fast as possible.

  • terrence

    Keep up hope folks. I ordered mine via CSR on 9/18. Told me that it would be delivered on 9/29. I looked yesterday and the order status had been changed to “backordered”. Frustrating but whatever. Yesterday afternoon UPS dropped it off at my house. Received the shipping notification via text today. So, maybe some of you will get lucky like I did and get it several days before expected delivery date even though the status says backordered.

  • AG

    I ordered one on 9/18. My account shows the addition of a new service and the SB flag, but I have not received any order confirmation, delivery expectations or anything.

    Edit// Just called to make sure it was processed correctly, and they said it was showing expected delivery by the end of the day today. I guess the email notification system is lagging behind.

  • AdamBath

    I found out the hard way that if your plan isn’t compatible with the cell spot they will change it and completely screw up your service.

  • james

    love it got this in calls are perfect

  • mingkee

    I received this router and it’s definitely a good one, and it’s definitely an upgrade from RT-N56U:
    The speed is fast.
    The signal is VERY STRONG (both 2.4 and 5GHz).
    If you want a new router, this is a good chance.

  • Joe Bob

    Got the router for free and got free overnight shipping. Note: iPhone users: T-Mobile WIFI shows up a lot faster on this router.

  • Rob Konzelman

    Got mine today. 100% free

  • Matthew T Wagner

    Mine will be here Oct. 6!! Can’t Wait.. Bye Bye Linksys WRT54G #TMobile #Uncarrier

    • jozefd14

      Just an update on the $25 waived deposit… IT IS STILL BEING OFFERED!! (Jan 8. 2015) Plus free shipping… I also have the WRT54GS… couldn’t believe I could only get around 16 Mbps down wireless vs 55-61 Mbps down hard-wire connected to the router…

  • Aaron C

    My Asus RT-N16 running Tomato bit the dust last weekend. This is perfect! Just a side note, they were still waiving the fee as of yesterday (Sept 29th).