New Moto X now available to pre-order from Motorola


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Just beating Apple by a whisker, Motorola has just made its Moto X available for pre-order, and it’s available in T-Mobile flavor right from the off. That said, as an early warning, I’ve been getting “internal server errors” on all browsers when trying to access the Moto Maker page on both the US and UK site. Seems Motorola is less prepared for the pre-order traffic than T-Mo was for the iPhone 6. (Update – It’s working, but slow).

New for this year, Moto X buyers will be able to buy the device with wooden or leather backs from day 1 and won’t need to wait for the more premium materials to arrive at a later date. They do cost a little more, but early reviews would suggest they’re more than worth the outlay, if you want something unique. Prices start from $499. Choosing leather or wood will set you back $25 more, and going 32GB instead of 16GB will cost $50.

As we mentioned in a previous post, it would appear that the Moto X is compatible with band 12 A-block frequencies, which is great news for T-Mobile fans looking for future-proof devices.

  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
  • UMTS/HSPA+ (850, 900, 1700 (AWS), 19002100 MHz)
  • CDMA (850/1900 MHz)
  • 4G LTE (0204, 05, 12, 17, 25, 26, 41)

Let us know how you guys get on if you order. They’re available to purchase from the Moto Maker page.

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  • iambryan

    Way over priced. No Microsd = total fail. Also max 32gb? Way to blow it again

    • Brandon

      All you people that are saying “way over priced” “expensive” etc… realize that this is at least $100 cheaper than almost any phone off contract, right? Only nexus or low end devices are “cheap”. The Note 3 is $700 off contract and I believe that’s right around the price for the iPhone 6/+ so what are you expecting a $200 phone with the best specs currently available?

      • redman12

        I wouldn’t call Nexus 5 cheap. The reason why it’s cheap is because Google subsidize their phone.

        • Brandon

          That’s what I meant, it cheap compared to the other phones, not cheap in quality.

  • pboggini

    Are they going to support WiFi calling? If not, how do we get this to happen? Cam, do you know who to hassle at T-Mobile to get this rolling?

    • JamesG

      Only devices sold by Tmobile support it at this time. It wont be a thing until its baked into Android

      • pboggini

        I get that. So the question is, how do we get it baked in? To me, the best “person” to ask this would be someone at T-Mobile since they’d have a lot more clout than any of us mortals.

        • JamesG

          It wont be unless Tmobile sells it directly or its put into Android by Google

        • pboggini

          Of course. My question is more on how us mortals can get this to happen. WiFi calling is a huge win for T-Mobile. I would think they’d want to lobby to get the appropriate files in place so that people who buy this phone and maybe even the nexus phones could just add a .apk.

        • JamesG

          They can want to all they want but its up to Motorola to have a partnership

        • Brandon

          You can’t do it, end of story. Many devs over at XDA have been trying to figure it out since the S4 (or earlier phones, that’s the first phone I had on T-Mobile) and haven’t been successful. It seems to be a closely guarded T-Mobile secret.

        • fechhelm

          Correct me if I’m wrong but with the new hangouts / hangouts dialer can’t any phone do wifi calling.

        • MastarPete

          T-Mobile is trying to offer the ability to roam your voice calls on or off of the T-Mobile network and on or off a WiFi network without dropping your call. While also improving on the ability to make and receive calls to your mobile number, especially in low cell signal areas where broadband internet is available via wifi.

          If you are in a weak signal area a Hangouts call will drop the instant your data connection switches off of wifi. If you don’t mind having to re-dial then by all means, use hangouts.

          However its the ability to receive calls to your mobile number from anyone that is the biggest feature. There are plenty of real world cases where being reachable by anyone that knows your mobile number is important.
          The only other alternative that would come close would be if you’ve tied your number to Google Voice.

          If you’ve already made the switch to 100% VoIP and only use your phone for data then obviously T-Mobile’s Wifi calling doesn’t even apply.

        • Brandon

          Yea but that’s just basic VOIP, you could have done that before with Google Voice IIRC. What I meant was the T-Mobile specific wifi calling that’s baked into the stock ROMs.

        • redman12

          Basically what needs to happen is what T-Mobile did with Apple. T-Mobile partnered with Apple to support Wi-Fi calling.

          T-Mobile needs to partner with Google to support Wi-Fi calling.

        • pboggini

          Thanks for saying it better than I did:-). Yes, exactly. At the very least, do it for nexus devices but then work with companies like Motorola who deliver “pure Android”.

        • enkay1

          The Moto X has actually broken that rule. FCC Docs say it was certified for CMRS IP Voice a.k.a calling over IP (WiFi).

        • mike

          Don’t forget sprint WiFi calling.

  • Sean

    On a side note, I ordered a Moto 360 today! Looking forward to pairing it with my Galaxy S 5!

  • Fanboy 

    Nobody’s really going to preorder a device like this are they?…… Lol

    Only Apple can pull mass preorders in the MILLIONS.

  • Paul Garrison

    Band 12, so it is possible. The iPhone 6 didn’t have it, so I thought it wasn’t possible.

    • Cam Bunton

      Yep. Note 4 and Xperia Z3 have it too…

      • Paul Garrison

        I know, but thank you anyway.

    • tomarone

      any HTC phones have this new band yet?

  • Alejandro Martinez

    when its gonna be available for T-Mo. Motorola website is only giving for other carrier. When are they gonna be on store or online preorder?

    • Jose Hernandez

      I don’t think T-Mobile will be selling this phone on their stores or online. You might have to just buy the unlocked version from the Moto website at full price.

      • Alejandro Martinez

        they it was gonna be available for T-Mo too. Just that they havent give any release date

        • Jose Hernandez

          I would really hope so, that would be the only way I would be getting one. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open. :)

  • Legione13

    Apparently, *somebody* is ordering this thing; it’s impossible to place an order at this point. Sure, you can build your phone, but good luck actually processing the transaction.

  • S. Ali

    Would not buy, too much for a phone without a removable battery. All the reviews already say its bad. Motorola really screwed up on this one. This would be a GREAT buy at $299.

    • TechnoRealz

      No kidding: $600 spec’d with wood & 32GB for me.
      No Removable battery. No SD Card. Moto will be discounting this to $350 by December!

      • Paul

        No SD Card?? That’s a deal breaker for me.

      • steveb944

        Yeah it’ll drop just like the iPhone because it doesn’t have any of those things. Oh wait….those things are subjective choices.

      • randian

        Possibly. That’s what I bought my Moto X Gen 1 for.

    • skywalkr2

      This got GREAT reviews at Engadget.

      • Alejandro Martinez

        agree!!! the reviews are great!

    • steveb944

      Not everyone cares for removable batteries, I’ve had better experiences with phones that don’t have em.

      You want a top of the line phone for the price of a mid range? Get real.

      • S. Ali

        Are you kidding? This is a mid-range device priced like a high end phone. There is a reason Motorola sold more Moto G’s than this crap. Nobody would be dumb enough to pay this much for last gen tech.

        • Aooga

          What exactly is mid range about this phone? Don’t get me wrong, I would never buy it, but calling it mid range is pretty dumb. It has a the same specs as the S5 and M8. Are those mid range?

        • S. Ali

          Why I say its mid-range:

          Smaller battery
          No Fingerprint scanner
          Not water resistant
          Non-removable battery
          No SD Card slot
          No OIS
          Weak Camera
          No USB 3.0
          No IR blaster
          No Barometer/Temp Sensor

          There are feature here that cheaper phones at half the price have included.

        • Aooga

          Well the iPhone has none of these except the fingerprint scanner. The M8 only has the SD card slot, nothing else. Ok sure, the S5 has all of them, but pretty much all other high end phones don’t. No need to turn this into an argument though. We all have opinions.

        • steveb944

          No, I’m not kidding. The OG X had mid range specs because it didn’t go into the spec war. The reason people have their panties in a bunch is because Moto stepped it up in specs, and is STILL undercutting the competition on price. What flagship device is priced starting at $500? Have a .edu account and it drops another $50? None.

    • g2a5b0e

      So would an S5, M8, or Z2. This phone has essentially the same specs as those devices, so why would anyone think it should cost half the price? It’s only coming 5 months later & it costs less than those devices do now. $499 is a solid deal for this device.

  • Roger Sales

    Band 12, with wifi-calling is always going to be my gold standard for a T-Mobile device, at least at this juncture. Does this even have wifi calling?

    • Paul

      T-Mobile said all devices from the 7.0 event will have WiFi calling.

      • Cam Bunton

        T-Mobile said all devices it sells through it stores will have Wi-Fi calling. Motorola selling through Moto Maker probably won’t have it.

        • VG

          Why is the Nexus 5 still showing up on T-Mobile’s web site. That doesn’t support WiFi Calling, or does it?

        • Loganopolis Jammyjamjamjam Bop

          this and future nexus availibility for tmo seems to be the 60 million dollar question.

        • Paul

          The Nexus 5 was out before the announcement of WiFi Calling across devices. However, it seems that if the device doesn’t offer it then it won’t be sold in T-Mobile stores. We will have to wait and see when the Nexus 6 comes out.

        • skittle

          But, will the Nexus 6 device be available through T-Mobile stores? I hope so.

        • Paul

          Touche. This leads to the great NExus question, because you can usually get the device through T-Mobile stores, will WiFi Calling be on the Nexus?

        • Paul

          Hey @Cam Bunton, 9to5google just said that “T-Mobile working to get its CellSpot Wifi handoff/calling working on next generation ‘Nexus 6′.”
          Things are looking up for WFi Calling on the Nexus.

    • jimmiekain

      Only the T-Mobile branded phones will have WiFi calling. So if it’s just an unlocked phone it won’t. I’m trying to figure that out too.

  • D_Wall__

    how do i Jump?

    • Brandon

      Sadly, you can’t. I asked this question when the first generation came and since they don’t sell it in the store you can’t use jump. I’m about to cancel mine since it will be useless with the X.

    • Dean Smith

      find any cliff

  • Personguy

    Pure Edition doesn’t have band 12 (XT1097). Sadly the Sprint variant is what has Band 12.

    • NexusPhan

      You are correct. This article is flat out wrong.

    • VG

      Do you have a Motorola source for the specs on this phone? I can’t find anything on Motorola’s web site, and I don’t trust 3rd party web sites until after the phone has actually been released.

      • NexusPhan

        I called Motorola. Was told the “pure edition” is XT1095 which does not have Band 12. They were unable to tell me what the deal was with the XT1092 (the only model to support Band 12). I’d guess that’s for Sprint only.

        • enkay1

          That doesn’t make sense. Why would XT1092 include AWS HSPA then? I don’t think anyone else in the US uses AWS for HSPA except T-Mobile.

        • NexusPhan

          I know. I’m incredibly ticked off. It makes zero sense. Maybe other international markets use it? That model does have all the Sprint spark LTE bands and Sprint will be using band 12 in the future. So they get a future proof device but not T-Mobile

        • enkay1

          They released an international model – XT1093/94. There are only one or two providers in South America that use AWS for HSPA service. All other AWS HSPA operators in the US are either dead or affiliated with T-Mobile (i wireless). LTE bands for XT1092 are only for the US as well. (T-Mobile/CCA: 02, 04, 12, AT&T: 05, 17, Sprint/CCA: 25, 26, 41)

        • NexusPhan

          Makes even less sense now. All I know is what the moto rep told me… I’ll wait until people get them before I make any moves.

    • Alex Hutchins

      If this is true, it is a dumb move. The pure edition even comes with a T-Mobile SIM, but they didn’t put band 12 in it?

    • randian

      Why would the Sprint version have band 12 but not the TMO version? That’s nuts.

    • enkay1

      Where did you hear the Pure Edition is XT1097?

      Sprint has no reason to release a phone with AWS HSPA on it unless XT1092 isn’t for Sprint but is a shared model/Pure Edition for T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular.

    • Alex Hutchins

      Now I’m learning that Sprint won’t be carrying the new Moto X, making this even more confusing.

  • dcdttu

    I have called Motorola twice. T-Mobile’s model number for the Moto X is XT1095. This is also the model number for the Pure version.

    This model doesn’t come with Band 12 LTE from what I understand.

    Only Sprint’s model does. Model XT1092.

    Why does Sprint’s have it?

  • nana

    will it have wifi calling

    • Justin Merithew

      It sounds like it’s a T-Mobile branded device, and not a GSM unlocked model with T-Mobile’s bands like last time around, so my guess would be yes. But you may want to see if Des has an answer on Twitter.

    • enkay1

      Not sure. It was certified for it according to FCC documents but because T-Mobile isn’t selling it direct, I can’t be certain.

    • Dan Arbuckle

      Per a tweek from Moto – answering that specific qusteion, that was asked of T-Mobile by a user – this phone will not have WiFi Calling. But that seems very odd given the new TMo focus on WiFi and all smartphones being able to do so. Hopefully the person from Moto was wrong.

  • i think i might bite on this just because of the Moto Maker .. stats look good too but I really want to personalize a phone.

  • Ordeith

    People should read “When Google met Wikileaks” and learn a little about Eric Schmidt before deciding to tether their life to Google.

  • anton

    Does Moto x second generation tmobile wifi calling feature.