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New Moto X now available to pre-order from Motorola


Just beating Apple by a whisker, Motorola has just made its Moto X available for pre-order, and it’s available in T-Mobile flavor right from the off. That said, as an early warning, I’ve been getting “internal server errors” on all browsers when trying to access the Moto Maker page on both the US and UK site. Seems Motorola is less prepared for the pre-order traffic than T-Mo was for the iPhone 6. (Update – It’s working, but slow).

New for this year, Moto X buyers will be able to buy the device with wooden or leather backs from day 1 and won’t need to wait for the more premium materials to arrive at a later date. They do cost a little more, but early reviews would suggest they’re more than worth the outlay, if you want something unique. Prices start from $499. Choosing leather or wood will set you back $25 more, and going 32GB instead of 16GB will cost $50.

As we mentioned in a previous post, it would appear that the Moto X is compatible with band 12 A-block frequencies, which is great news for T-Mobile fans looking for future-proof devices.

Let us know how you guys get on if you order. They’re available to purchase from the Moto Maker page.

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