Legere talks Sprint’s new CEO and iPhone “trickery” in CNET interview

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Over at CNET, Roger Cheng sat down with T-Mo’s chief to chat a number of topics including Sprint’s new CEO and the iPhone launch. It was a fairly informal chat, but Legere’s thoughts on Sprint’s current position remains: It’s bleeding customers, and we’re going to overtake it as #3 soon.

Sprint’s challenge – as we all know – is getting its new network up and running, but until it does, customers are leaving for greener pastures. That said, John Legere seems to empathize with Sprint’s new chief, identifying the challenge ahead and that he has his “hands full”. Interestingly also saying that Sprint doesn’t need to fail for T-Mobile to succeed, or vice-versa.

One particularly interesting response came when Cheng asked about the rumored merger with Sprint. T-Mobile’s focus throughout this year – merger or no merger – was to continue the momentum of Uncarrier. Rumors didn’t matter, they would have done the same thing regardless. Sprint on the other hand “seemed as if their answer as to how to fix their company was T-Mobile.”

See these responses and others in the embedded video below, or head on over to CNET. If you do, there’s a highly entertaining one-word Q&A between Cheng and Legere that plays immediately after this interview.

Source: CNET

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  • Aurizen

    John sure loves Roger lol, he’s always calling him out

  • turtle6988

    What about the layoffs at T-Mobile a couple of weeks ago?

    • Don’t be an instigator now.

      • turtle6988

        I’m not instigating, it’s fact. He talks about Sprint layoffs in the interview but does not talk about T-Mobile layoffs that happened within the last month in engineering.

        • whatwhatinthebutt

          imma let you finish but one thing…14 people is probably less than 1% of what they employ

        • turtle6988

          That’s just where I am they were layoffs across the country in engineering. Mostly in Markets with both a T-Mobile network and a MetroPCS network

        • der hurr-durr

          links, actual numbers…things that can be verified as *fact* would be really useful here – otherwise you sound like you just got fired and are pissed about it.

        • turtle6988

          I still have my job but some very good people here lost there job including managers who knew how to treat employees. Do you really think that is something advertised. CWA knows about them, so maybe you can contact them for verification.

        • turtle6988

          Go to T-Mobile Workers United on facebook, they mention it there

        • Steve Rice

          T-Mobile United also is happy to ban anyone who gives further facts or doesn’t agree with their tactics of leaving information out of their posts… so I dont rely on them for an unbiased source.

        • turtle6988

          Believe what you want, I’m just stating fact.2 managers I have great respect for and 4 out of 5 techs I respect lost there jobs here.
          doesn’t matter it’s to late now just stating Legere has laid off people recently.

    • markw

      Legere has laid off nearly 9,000 since becoming CEO. A year or so ago I could call customer service and get an American rep in a U.S. city on the line in 2 or 3 minutes. Now its usually more than 15 to 20 minutes to be connected to a rep in the Philippines ( making .45 cents per hour with No benefits ) that doesnt have a clue what I’m talking about much less how to fix it. Great job Legere.

      • KingCobra

        I find it to be the opposite since Legere took over. In the Humm days I would get a foreign rep 90% of the time. I’ve called TMo about 4 times this year and it was always a quick connection to a US representative. That’s probably one of the big reasons they reclaimed JD Power’s award this year.

        • Paul

          Same here, I seem to have never had an issue, even in the days of Humm, and have received reps that speak clear English and understand what I’m saying. Of course, that’s just my experience.

        • HeatFan786

          I have gotten people in Boulder, Albuquerque, etc.

      • Guest 2014

        I believe it has to do on the time of day you call. Most likely if it’s after hours and/or the weekend, you’ll get an offshore call center.

      • Chris Siegell

        I’m glad your so fond of the American CS Reps. I think they are the worst. The American CS reps act like they are getting paid (low), always show a lack of care, and won’t help you with any credits unless your are Melvin Beli ready to prove your case. I’ve always found at AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile that the Philippines CS is top notch, very helpful, and always have helped with credits, etc. American CS is usually only helpful if you happen to be talking to a very nice supervisor or if your speaking to the retention department. Although, my experience has always been good speaking with USA tech support.

        • T-Mobile Cares

          Chris, we are sorry if your experience with our reps has not been to the level of your expectations. We are the number 1 rated customer care and tech support in the industry as rated by J.D. Power. Although you may not have been given credits for an issue you felt was worthy, we are forced to determine those circumstance that warrant credits and then act accordingly. We are more than generous with our customers when circumstances demand action. We do again apologize and hope we can turn your feelings around. Thank you for ask of our customers.

        • T-Mobile Cares

          Ask should be all.

        • Dakota

          I’ve rarely had positive experiences with outsourced reps of any company. They’re often clueless about company policies and unable to think on their feet or be proactive. They stick to a script and dont listen

        • Doble-A

          I second that.

      • randomnerd_number38

        I tried searching online and couldn’t find anything about layoffs under Legere. Only found articles from the dark days of Humm.

        Do you know of any articles I can read about these layoffs? I confess I am a bit dubious in regards to your claim of Legere laying off 9000 people. T-mobile only employs about 38,000 people. Has T-Mobile really reduced their workforce by almost 20% since Legere took the reins?

        • turtle6988

          Engineering had a much of layoffs a couple of weeks ago. We list 5 field techs, 1 field managers, 3 field supervisors and 5 other people

      • Dakota

        Those reps were a big reason why I finally left Tmobile a few years back.

    • Mark

      Within the tech department, we’ve been hiring like crazy. As far as the wait time, there’s a whole lot of new customers. T-mobile is actually trying to get rid of the the outsource customer care agents.

      • turtle6988

        I am in engineering. They laid off 14 people in my market, 5 of them were field techs

  • james

    I always get american reps kansas missouri

  • Rob H.

    I’d like to hear about band 12 LTE deployments. Plus more network expansion(s).

  • archerian

    Sprint offers UL talk text and data for $60 ($50 for iPhone). What’s the catch with those plans? I’m sure at those prices there has to be some fine print, other than the obvious Sprint data network.

    • Mike Palomba

      Other data users get priority over those plans, so they get throttled. And Sprints coverage sucks

      • dtam

        more like…sprints coverage sucks and everyone gets throttled

      • racqueteer

        No, “other data users” don’t get priority over the $50 and $60 unlimited plans.

      • Mike Palomba

        More like all data users lol

    • iOSX

      For the $50 plan the iPhone is unsubsidized AND you have to give back the phone if you want a new one.

      And then there’s the fact that Sprint’s network sucks.

    • racqueteer

      You do not have to lease the iPhone6 to get the $50 plan. You can buy it with payments just like at T-Mo. Leasing is just another option, and one that costs less for the same phone.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Should’ve asked why no band 12

  • guest

    Ask him what tpr stores are??? Corporate stores that became or transitioned to tpr stores. now a dealer runs the employees but inventory is still T-mobile corporate. We lost our jobs with corporate and became the tpr employees. lost health benefits pay went down over 30% lost dealer cost on phones and plan. No more Presidents club or Winners Circle. The stores in St Louis are ran by schmucks from Wireless Vision a company from Detroit. Turn over rate is horrible. All to save Tmobile money and for the CUSTOMER and employees to suffer. Some say we are lucky to have a job but St Louis is now full of young inexperienced kids to take care of T-mobile. Many other cities are becoming tpr or tpri to save money but losing quality. Destroyed what I worked for for almost 10 years

    • Guest

      Where I am, corporate stores are taking over TPRs…

      • Chardog

        Where I am, TPRs are developed from dealer stores, not vice versa. The St Louis situation, if I remember correctly, were “corporate” stores TMO took over in a merger from a smaller company in that area. Was years ago, so my memory is fuzzy, but I do recall that happening (or perhaps that was Cincinnati Bell..)

        • Former TPR Owner

          TPR is TPR. Corporate is Corporate.

          Its very rare for TPR to get a Corporate store.

        • TPRSucks

          I was an RSM for five years for a company that ran TPR stores. One of which we converted from corporate to TPR.

        • Giraffe

          The entire state of Wisconsin, 2010.

  • Guest

    Then go somewhere else?

  • jeffy

    We like to read what Cam has to write, I wonder what you’re doing here even though you don’t like the website. FOH!

    • jeffy

      How about you GTFO of tmonews. We don’t need you! yes David had a completely different way of writing but we all appreciate what cam has to write. Do something better than hating on other peoples work, and change your habits, I mean if there’s nothing good here, why waste time? because you know that you still get news from this website. Haha Dont use and abuse.

  • Leslie

    I’d think a better question then is why do YOU still come here?!?! If you don’t like the articles and content, go find another forum then!

  • Robert

    All way to go Sprint….

  • Billy

    Can you take a CEO who doesn’t wear a suite and tie serious?

    • Jo

      I guess you didn’t take Steve Jobs seriously…