Legere talks Sprint’s new CEO and iPhone “trickery” in CNET interview

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Over at CNET, Roger Cheng sat down with T-Mo’s chief to chat a number of topics including Sprint’s new CEO and the iPhone launch. It was a fairly informal chat, but Legere’s thoughts on Sprint’s current position remains: It’s bleeding customers, and we’re going to overtake it as #3 soon.

Sprint’s challenge – as we all know – is getting its new network up and running, but until it does, customers are leaving for greener pastures. That said, John Legere seems to empathize with Sprint’s new chief, identifying the challenge ahead and that he has his “hands full”. Interestingly also saying that Sprint doesn’t need to fail for T-Mobile to succeed, or vice-versa.

One particularly interesting response came when Cheng asked about the rumored merger with Sprint. T-Mobile’s focus throughout this year – merger or no merger – was to continue the momentum of Uncarrier. Rumors didn’t matter, they would have done the same thing regardless. Sprint on the other hand “seemed as if their answer as to how to fix their company was T-Mobile.”

See these responses and others in the embedded video below, or head on over to CNET. If you do, there’s a highly entertaining one-word Q&A between Cheng and Legere that plays immediately after this interview.

Source: CNET

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