iPhone 6 and 6 Plus go on sale today

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Just in case you somehow forgot, T-Mobile started selling the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in stores and online this morning. And after the eventful pre-order systems meltdown, let’s hope the actual launch is going a little more smoothly.

Prices start from $649 for the iPhone 6, with 16, 64 and 128 GB storage models available. The iPhone 6 Plus is $100 more, thanks to its much larger, higher resolution display. Both are available on EIP, and how much you pay up front is dependent on which category you go far. Both 16GB models are available for $0 down. 64GB and 128GB need a minimum $100 and $200 down payment respectively.

We’re not sure what stock levels are like everywhere, but we’ve heard reports from readers of low (or non-existent) iPhone 6 Plus stock in stores. For a full rundown on the two new devices, catch up on our takeaway from the Apple event last week. And if you weren’t sure why you should be picking T-Mobile, check Mike Sievert’s blog on why his company is best.

We’ll have a post up with our first impressions of the iPhone 6 Plus soon. But in the mean time, let us know if you’re planning to pick one up, or if you were unable to due to stock levels. Use the comments, or sound off on Twitter: @PhoneDog_Cam

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  • ProudPapa

    Might want to check your numbers…. They come in 16, 64, and 128 GB… It’s 64 GB and 128 GB, not 32 GB and 64 GB, with a minumum of $100 and $200 down payment respectively…

    • deeoh1084

      LOL, I was just about to say the same thing too

    • ProudPapa

      Looks like it’s fixed now. :)

    • Dakota

      Wishful thinking. Users all think 32gb should have been the basic model but Apple wanted to maximize profits and decided to make the up sell more attractive. 5S users are finding out they’re having to delete stuff to install iOS 8

      • ProudPapa

        Huh? I was referring to the article when it was first published, which the author has since corrected. I’m not sure how an argument about what size Apple should have made the base model has anything to do with my original comment.

  • Shawn Flanagan

    Waited in line outside my T-mobile store in Maplewood, MN this morning and got my iPhone. They opened at 8am and only had 10 iPhone 6’s, all space grey, all 128gb. I was #4 in line and there were quite a few people behind me, so I’m guessing they are sold out now.

    • stacie

      My tmobile only had 10 in stock too.. All space gray, but 64gb.

    • Tony Fuentes-Bagalini

      ugh, I got the text saying I would get it today and now this morning my order shows canceled… I wonder if all stores are opening early.

    • Dakota

      Apple creates a frenzy every year so they maximize publicity. With a year of planning between devices, it always seems strange theres a shortage

      • donnybee

        Demand keeps growing. No other device launch suffers from this level of anticipation. While I agree part of it is supply and demand, I also think they are unable to keep up with the demand that’s already there. They were producing hundreds of thousands of iPhones per day.

  • john bones

    I don’t think any store got a 6+


    • taron19119

      Yeah but just the iPhone 6+ 16gb

  • Adrayven

    Pre-ordered on 12th early at store at opening.. Received TXT on Wednesday I would get it on Friday, received email I’d get it on Friday, got TXT Thursday my package would be sent overnight,

    STILL no tracking number.. and getting different answers from reps.. One told me all 12th pre-orders would be filled for friday delivery, per communication.. Another told me to ignore my txt and email as they were erroneous! OMG.. and several others just admitted they had no clue..

    Now. I just got a TXT message to check my t-mobile account.. but nothings changed.. pfffff ..

    • Adrayven

      Honestly.. Its not that I could be on backorder, it’s not that.. it’s the inconsistent, often conflicting messages they give. Very frustrating.. All I want to know is, does someone need to be home to receive it. really.. thats all..

      • Noe

        go to ups. use your phone # without dashes as the reference # and put no zip code. and yes someone has to sign uless u have UPS My Choice.

    • Agreed.

    • J

      Go to UPS.com and under Track by reference enter in your cell phone number that it was ordered under. You will get a tracking number. This is what I did.

    • Get_at_Me

      Not uncommon to be without tracking info on a next day air shipment. I wouldnt worry.

  • SEBA

    Tired of that Apple drama

  • SirMakoto

    called almost all the corporate stores in my local brooklyn, ny area, but all of them said they only have the 128gb in stock, which i think it’s silly. i’ll probably be better off ordering directly from apple.

    • taron19119

      No t-mobile stores sale the iPhone 64 or 128 just the 16gb

      • moss

        Incorrect. Some stores only have 128gb, and 64gb models for launch day

        • taron19119

          No your incorrect t-mobile sales the base version so they can do 0 down

        • JoZer

          I also called a T-Mobile store here in Los Angeles and was told they only had the 128gb iPhone 6

        • chardog

          He is correct.. Some only got the 128gb

    • guest two

      Any of them a iPhone 6 + by any chance?

      • SirMakoto

        nope, not a single store has the 6+ nor the 16gb 6. there was 1 store that had a couple of 64gb 6, but that’s about it for launch day, very disappointing.

        • chardog

          This was a snafu.. Stores were supposed to get other devices in NYC and apparently they were held or stock didn’t arrive in time for distribution…

  • Matt Mars

    Just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas on this: What are the chances one of the T-Mo “Authorized Retailer”‘s would have any in stock?

    There is one right down the street from my office and they don’t open for another half-hour, no line formed or anything. Not sure if any of you has tried going to one of these on a release date before, thanks!

    • Enrico Abel Delos Santos

      I can confirm this. Tmobile kiosk at my mall had 10 units available but sold out once the people in the Apple store line found out.

      • Matt Mars

        Thanks! I guess it’s worth a 1 minute trip down the street then!

        • Enrico Abel Delos Santos

          Good luck!

  • donnybee

    On a side note, I was just looking through the articles and noticed that the articles related to the iPhone launch have the most community feedback I’ve ever seen on articles here! Can’t wait to see how many iPhones T-Mobile ends up selling this launch weekend!

    Everyone should be getting an opportunity to track their iPhone order now that it’s launch day, for those that pre-ordered. Apparently, you aren’t supposed to be able to track it before launch day haha

    • Dakota

      It will be interesting to see their iPhone sales compared to ATT and Verizon. I dont think people even consider sprint anymore

  • Enrico Abel Delos Santos

    Checked my UPS reference I finally got thru. It says a label has been created. Anyone know what this might mean? Could it be my iPhone is shipped but UPS system is delayed?

    • Daniel

      I got the same thing. Preordered iPhone 6+ 16gb at 9am on 9/12. Online it still says back ordered, but on ups it says label created. I don’t know what to believe.

      • Enrico Abel Delos Santos

        In the UPS app mine says Order Processed Ready for UPS. It says processed 09/18 5am hopefully it’s out for delivery today.

  • got mines this morning at a local Tmo store.. trying to find the wifi calling option

    • anon

      Settings -> Phone -> Wi-Fi Calls

      • yessir found it.. lol thanks.. WOW !! on my first floor in the center of my house where I had NO service , now I can make calls and it is super clean and clear !!! Awesome.. using it with the new tmo router

        • Sikander

          How do you get the router?

        • my local tmo store.. they had it and just took a copy of the box numbers and said they would input it when the system opens up

        • Chris

          Have a pic of the size? I have GS5 but was thinking of trying out 6+

      • got it.. never had service on the first floor of my house.. using tmo’s router I now can make a call and its clear.. AWESOME

  • Fred

    No iphone 6 plus stock in Huntsville Alabama

  • Brandon

    Only my way walking to work this morning I saw about 10 iDiots waiting out front of the T-Mobile store, then about 10 more waiting out front of the Verizon store and about 20 waiting out in front of the AT&T store. My friend and I both work in NYC and she said she was walking by one of the Apple stores and it was mobbed with hundreds of people. It’s pretty ridiculous that these people are willing to waste hours or days of their lives waiting for a stupid phone that they could just get in a few days without waiting for hours.

    • Peter Blood

      There’s a book written about it: Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

    • I don’t enjoy waiting in line but you know what if that’s what they enjoy and like the Experience and sharing with 0thers, then no harm no foul. Personally I like to pre-0rder all my devices and have them delivered, I’m not a fan of Huge crowds.

      • dtam

        that’s pretty much the point he was making. I’m not an apple guy but I admit it’s a nice product. That’s still no reason to camp out for 3 days just so that you can say “first!”. that’s the difference between being an iDiot/iSheep and just being fans of the product

        • Android_God

          Who cares, it’s doesn’t affect you in any way and frankly it’s none of your business how people spend THEIR time.

        • dtam

          now who’s taking things personally?

        • laurnzo

          And what makes you think it doesn’t affect anyone. Some of those people called out to sit in the stupid line for a phone and now their place of work is probably short staffed etc. I know I may be going too far but it does/could affect production/services etc which can also affect the economy and so on and so forth. Just my 2 cents. Ha!

        • Android_God

          STILL NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS! Who the phuck made you the world’s hall monitor? F off with that $hit. You do realize WHEN YOU take time off that someone has to take your place, right? AND IT AINT NONE OF MY DAMN BUSINESS.

        • donnybee

          The new trend is to hate Apple and its fans. It’s pretty lame and old now.

          People like it. Get over it. You aren’t above them just because you refer to them as iDiots and iSheep. In fact, following the herd of Apple haters isn’t original either. You have your preference to pre-order, others have theirs to wait in line..or maybe they couldn’t pre-order. Maybe the fact that this is the most anticipated device of the year causes everyone to need to be “first” so they can actually get one. Other devices on the market don’t suffer from this level of anticipation and therefore have enough stock to usually meet initial demand.

        • dtam

          like I said, it’s a nice product. I just think the select few that are lining up for 3 days are iDiots. if you can take 3 days off or work or school, you probably had enough time to preorder.


      • Brandon

        If people love standing in lines and wasting their day more power to them, doesn’t affect me one bit. I just find it silly, these are probably also the people that complained later on that they didn’t get anything done today because it took them hours to get their phone.

    • Android_God

      It’s interesting that you are taking a phone this personally.

      • Brandon

        I’m not, I just find it funny that all these people line up outside of the retail stores and wait for hours for a new phone (that about 90% of them don’t really need to upgrade) when they could simply order it online and have it in a few day and go about their lives. I really want the new Moto X, but would I wait outside of T-Mobile (even though they don’t sell it but you get the point) for hours/days before they open just so I can say I got it before everyone else? Hell no I wouldn’t.

        • donnybee

          You don’t know the circumstances for a device with such high demand though. Firstly, preorders were a wreck. Secondly, preorder stock is separate from store stock, so preorders may be backordered but the store would have some in stock. Third, store stock is going to move quickly, so you need to wait in line in order to be in a position to actually get it.

          So for anticipated launches, and certainly the most anticipated device launch of the year, there is a reason for the ‘madness’. The Android devices just aren’t faced with this kind of desire, so it’s a different story.

        • Brandon

          Did you ever think that this is because Apple manipulates how many devices are available to pretty much make sure this happens all the time and make it look like people want their devices in droves and that they can’t keep up with the “insane” demand? It’s a marketing technique, you always see “iPhone [model] pre-orders sold out in seconds/minutes/hours! Stores are empty!” yet they never tell you the actual quantity? For all we know each carrier store could only have 10 iPhones when 50 people want then (yea the number is low but you get what I’m saying). This never happens with Android phones because there’s no sense of “OMG I have to have this as soon as it launches or I won’t get one and my life will end!!” (they’re almost always in stock no matter the demand). If it does happen to be out of stock, we go back in a few days later when they replenish their supply.

        • Android_God

          “that about 90% of them don’t really need to upgrade” What business is this of yours? Who cares? So now APPLE USERS are now the target of Android nerdrage?

        • They are called iBabies!

  • Irfan

    Apple played with its fans , same phone with big size if any one buying this iphone 6 it could be a big mistake , 8mp camera in 2014 its a biggest joke ever .and what else , same as it is , NFC locked to apple pay ….better to buy next year iphone 6s …save money live better “walmart

    • eazy75217

      aww man you can do better can’t you? You’re right though so keep it going! Everyone on the forum upvote this guy because he is speaking the truth

    • donnybee

      Megapixels mean almost nothing. Bigger picture doesn’t mean better picture. Most photographers’ choice for mobile photography is and has been the iPhone. The optics and quality of pixels are unparalleled.

      • Irfan

        why Apple can’t better Pixel + more pixel

        Its apple

        Sorry i think u never experience more pixel pictures ever

        • donnybee

          I used to own a GS4. I can tell you that I’ve experienced it, and it’s nice if you ever have to blow the picture up. Outside of blowing the picture up, more pixels won’t do anything. A friend of mine had a DSLR camera with 8MP that they used until it literally died because the optics on that thing were so great that the pictures still turned out fantastic! Obviously, a phone will have a hard time going against the optics on a full-featured camera, but the point is quality of picture is all that matters. Megapixels are part of that, but only a small part. Aperture, lenses, pixel size and density – these are things that actually affect the quality of a picture. These are things Apple focuses on and why their cameras still rank highly with photographers and the mainstream alike.

        • Irfan

          Good to know ..thanks

        • Android_God

          You get better pixel now, apple!

  • cassoftroy

    Tracking by reference worked for me today. I used my phone number as the reference and entered US as the country. I did not enter the zip code. UPS says it will be delivered by 3pm today.

    • Rob

      How did you put your number, which format? Did you include anything else with it?

      • Cenner

        Same here…I typed XXXXXXXXXX (no dashes or country number).

  • Android_God

    Congrats to those that scored an iPhone today. Ignore these mentally defective Android fans who constantly need to talk mess about Apple. They give those of us who use Android a bad reputation.

    • Cenner


      …and it starts with Samsung. Half of their commercials are spent knocking iPhones, rather than touting their own phones. smh =)

    • donnybee

      The new sheep are the ones following the “Hate Apple” crowd. It’s nothing original. I just shake my head when they open their mouth.

      And people keep clamoring over the iPhone.. Somewhere that makes them mad. For what reason? I have no clue. They just want to feel above the masses.

  • Dakota

    I know it may vary a bit by location but how much in fees do you pay on the $60 plan. When I was on Tmobile, it added 20% to my bill while with Straight Talk, there are no crazy fees – only 1.62 tax. I guess prepaid must be governed by different requirements… Theres no 911 or recovery fees etc. If you can pay for the device up front, its cheaper since you get 3gb of ATT LTE for $45

  • eazy75217

    I cancelled my preorder yesterday because I never received any from tmobile as far as confirmation of any type. I woke this morning and walked in to the store at 7:30am. I was the first one in line and was in and out with my iphone 6

  • heatblaze2010

    how long does it take for you to use jump after cancellation?

    • eazy75217

      go in store they will try to help you out. I didn’t use jump on my preorder but they helped in store with my cancellation processes

  • eazy75217

    Someone told me that T-Mobile got screwed over with the 6+ they only received 2500 from Apple

  • Ali Raja

    Did anyone who pre-ordered iPhone6 via T-Mobile are receiving their devices today? I got a text message and an email confirming my delivery for Friday 9/19. However, there is no tracking info and even T-Mobile Customer reps don’t know if its going to be delivered today.. They definitely screwed up the process…

    • raj

      go to UPS.com put your phone #(XXX)XXXXXXX in the reference sectionand zip code and it will come up.

    • Guest

      I got mine just now. Go to ups website and click tracking, then track by reference. Type in the mobile # with out dashes that you upgraded and then add your zip code and it should pull up. Also log into your mytmobile..

      • Ali Raja

        I did try track with Ref# on UPS. Nothing showing up there…

      • Cenner

        Did UPS tracking status remain at “A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status will be updated.”??

      • laurnzo

        Its doesn’t work for everyone but if you got the txt about receiving it on Friday, it should be out for delivery. Had the same issue but mine just got delivered.

    • Shocktart

      Still waiting for mine, I got the text and the email saying delivery today. It just. Says preordered on tmo, UPS search by phone number says label generated.

      • Cenner

        Same issue here. UPS site only says “A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status will be updated.” =

        • laurnzo

          Did you get a text saying it will be delivered on friday 9/19?

        • Cenner

          Yes…received it on Wednesday, same day my card was charged.

        • laurnzo

          Then you will get your iPhone today with or without tracking or updates from your account. If you look up, I posted my status from UPS, Email and My T-Mobile account though i already received my iPhone 6 Plus. I’m just waiting for my girl to get home before i open it. She will kill me if i open it without her here..lol

        • Cenner

          Haha! You have one of those girlfriends too huh!

          I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get my phone today. Still no status update on UPS though.

          Thanks for the info.

        • Shocktart

          I called UPS my iPhone won’t be delivered until Monday. The label being printed and no other info means UPS does not have possession of the phone yet.

    • laurnzo

      I just got home and iPhone 6 Plus 64GB/Gold was sitting in front of my door. T-Mobile account still has it as backorder and I received an email this morning saying estimated delivery for the 25th..LOL

      • Lmrvrgs

        id call tmobile and say you never got it. they should have had someone sign for it.

  • Pat

    This morning at a corporate store, no iPhones in stock when it opened at 8am. Told they would receive tomorrow – what a bummer – a big blowout!

  • laurnzo

    Just left the store next to me and they only have iPhone 6 16GB and 128GB. Rep said they have about 15 each in stock. Only one customer in the store..LOL

  • john bones

    Does anyone have any idea when the stores will get any 6+ ?

  • philliprodri

    i have my card pending charge jump cusotmer overnight shipping order 9/13 with only a text saynoig ill recieve shipping infor today? anyone got ideas or in same boat

  • laurnzo

    Just for laughs.. I just received my iPhone 6 Plus 64GB/Gold.. This is copy and paste from UPS and T-Mobile email and account today. This is ridiculous on all levels.

    Alexandria, VA, United States

    09/19/2014 8:01 A.M. Out For Delivery

    09/19/2014 6:35 A.M. Arrival Scan Chantilly, VA, United States

    09/19/2014 6:04 A.M.Departure Scan

    09/19/20145:36 A.M. Arrival Scan Louisville, KY, United States

    09/19/20144:17 A.M.Departure Scan

    09/19/201412:37 A.M.Origin Scan United States

    T-mobile Email Received at 7:23AM 9/19/2014

    09/18/2014 5:08 A.M.Your current order status is: Backordered

    For your most current order information, including up to date tracking of your order, check your Order Status on MyT-Mobile com

    Your order number is: 21*******

    Order date: 09/12/2014

    Carrier and Tracking Number:

    T-Mobile estimated delivery date: 09/25/2014


    T-Mobile Customer Service

    http://my.t-mobile.comOrder Processed: Ready for UPS

    T-Mobile Account – Order Status:

    Order number : 21*******

    Order status : Pre-Order

    Order details

    Shipping information

    Order history

    BackOrder 09/17/2014 at 03:17:09 AM

    Delivery method

    UPS Ground

  • laurnzo

    Anyone in NOVA looking for an iPhone 6 16GB or 128GB, go to T-Mobile store off Duke St in Alexandria. They have about 30 stock combined.

  • shysox

    Anyone in Chicago get the 6 plus?

  • PD

    6+ is pretty much sold out on east coast

  • Android_God

    As an Android user since the original G1 I apologize for some of the defects that are posting here. Apparently some Android fans don’t have the ability to NOT VIEW an article about Apple on a site that ISN’T about Android only. SHOCKING that TMO News would cover OTHER OS’s! SHOCKING that you MIGHT have to put aside your narcissistic self and NOT BE A TOTAL DOUCHE by slamming Apple and it’s users.

  • Shocktart

    Just got off the phone with UPS, despite Tmo’s emails and texts saying Friday, it will not be delivered until Monday.

    • tomnewtn

      That could change. I had a Monday delivery too, but UPS just emailed awhile ago changing it to tomorrow Saturday.

      • Shocktart

        I had the same same Email when I woke up this morning! Happy Day!

  • CKR

    I’ll post over here too. Anyone with a 6+ see grainy video watching youtube in landscape mode? Was at a tmo store checking out the 6+. I watch a lot of youtube so that is the first thing I looked at. Ran it from safari over their LTE

    • JE_25

      I would try using the youtube app. Also see what happens on wifi. Based on what happens on those two things, you will know what the issue is.

  • jan

    got this ups first attempt made,5 people at home

  • sam

    Stores around me only carry the iphone 6 16gb gold. Waiting on the spacegray. Any tmobile employees know if they typically get shipments in on saturdays?

    • illy

      Saturday shipments are very unlikely, especially on release weekend. They’re all mostly during the week.

  • Frank

    My order got cancelled without my knowledge. Had to call support to re-order, and get at the end of the line. Very disappointing.

    • stacie

      That might happen to me..my order has been pending shipping since yesterday morning.. I had to call tmobile because when the girl at the store copied my address down from my id she forgot the apt #.. She said I can wait till I get a tracking number from UPS and call and have it redirected. Or we could cancel but that would put me at 1-6 weeks…ugh!!! so I decided to stick with the ups option

      • Mike Palomba

        If that happened to me and I have to wait 1 to 6 weeks ill go crazy. I already sold my 5s so I’m using my old cracked LG G2 with only half the screen working. First of all, android sucks compared to iOS so its killing me lol. And second its the verizon version so I’m not getting LTE and mms messages are coming late.

  • Mike Palomba

    I just got a call from T-Mobile saying my order was canceled, but when I spoke to an agent they said that it hadn’t been canceled and its preparing for shipment. They already took the funds from my account. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

    • Lmrvrgs

      my account got charged and i got a txt saying it would arrive today and nothing =( im so sad

      • Mike Palomba

        at least yours was shipped lol

    • illy

      My order was canceled but the rep also said the order still said it was pending shipping so who knows..

      • Mike Palomba

        I’ve been checking my order status and it still says processing. Let me know if yours gets canceled

        • stacie

          mine has been pending shipment for 36 hours now

        • Mike Palomba

          Mines been pending for about that too. Hopefully it ships soon. I was hoping it would ship today. It says it should be delivered monday but i doubt it. For the next iPhone release T-Mobile better get themselves together because this is really not right. I haven’t heard of any other carriers having these issues

        • staice

          Yeah I don’t even have a a delivery date… it has just been pending shipping since friday morning… I am hoping I get a tracking number before it gets shipped

        • Mike Palomba

          When you login and check your order status it doesn’t say an expected delivery date?

        • illy

          Yeah it did get cancelled. They claim my payment was declined which is why they cancelled. I called my bank & they said tmobile never made any attempts to charge me. What I don’t understand is why 1. They couldn’t call me to update/verify my payment & 2. Atleast notify me to call them before just canceling it. Their excuse was “just place another order as soon as you can so they can try to deliver it as soon as they can.” I was like wtf. So I tried to reorder but cause it was a jump order I have to wait until it’s reset which will take 24-48 hours. Ugh.

        • Mike Palomba

          Wow thats making me nervous. I just checked mine and it said its still processing but when I got the automated call it said that it was because of payment issues, yet T-Mobile already charged my bank so I’m just hoping its a mistake. Give them a call, they said people with problems that cauSe their order to get canceled can call and get their “spot in line” back

  • Mark Kelly

    I received an email that it would be here today but it never showed.

  • Fred

    Really disappointed with today’s outcome !! I arrive to one of the T-Mobile stores after calling only to finally get there and have them say they didn’t have any iphone 6 left. That they only had 20 in stock ?! Wth ?! 20 ?! And that they wouldn’t get any more in until two weeks. Thought about ordering online but customer service said it best if do my Jump upgrade in store due too all the problems that had been going on with online ordering. #disappointed

    • illy

      Stores can’t help it. They do not request how many iPhones they receive. They just receive whatever the shipment contains. Also, all phones are first come, first serve. There’s no holding any phones. I used to work at the store and asked the manager to hold a phone for me and he couldn’t. Just gonna have to grin and bear it.

  • Guest

    quick question, i got my brother got his iphone 6 16 silver at store today, but now he want to exchange to iphone 6 64gb gold. Can he does that?

    • JE_25

      He can if they have any in stock. T-Mobile will charge you a $50 restock fee.

  • Benj

    quick question, my brother got his iphone 6 16 silver at store
    today, but now he want to exchange to iphone 6 64gb gold. Can he does
    that without the restocking fee?

    • illy

      The restocking fee can only be waived if the device is defective BUT it’d have to be exchanged for the exact same model. Looks like he’s gonna have to cough up $50.

  • Lmrvrgs

    so sad i didnt come home to an iphone 6 plus despite preordering within the first hour of it being available to preorder. a friend of mine just walked into a tmobile store today in Brooklyn NY and walked out with a 128gb iphone 6. how lame is that for us that preordered the device early and STOOD UP all night refreshing a damn page for 4 hours. ughhh

    • JE_25

      Most T-Mobiles and other companies didn’t even get 6 plus in stock or got maybe 1 or 2. If read around the supply was horrendous for 6 plus, while the regulars 6’s had a healthy supply.

      • stacie

        yeah mine did not.. they only got 10 iphones in. it was just the iphone 6, 64gb, in space grey, that is all they got in stock.

  • N


    Thought your readers might appreciate knowing that the iPhone 5 doesn’t support wifi calling! Nowhere on Apple or T-Mobile site could I find this. Instead I called T-Mobile a few days ago. After some time on hold the rep cam back and apologized that it wasn’t supported.

    Hoping that they had made a mistake, I’m on the phone w Apple Support now speaking with Debbie. She was perplexed but kindly asked to put me on hold. After going on hold a few times she informed me the 5 doesn’t support it. She double checked with her boss to be sure. I informed her I’d just help my father but a 5 on T-Mobile so he could take advantage of the coming wifi calling because he doesn’t have good coverage at his house. She offered to connect me to customer relations. When she got through to them, they were astounded the 5 wouldn’t support wifi calling and put us through to level ii support. I’m writing this while on hold to speak with them.

    Update: Level II customer care lady thought I was talking about continuity (the ability to make calls on Mac or iPad) and had never even heard of wifi calling. I kindly explained to her it’s been around for years and I did it on Tmo pre iPhone. she was totally baffled. I suggested she google it as it was mentioned by name in the keynote and Tmo was even on the slide. She said they weren’t allowed to google at work so I suggested she google after work. After a brief pause she suggested I file a report on the Apple Support site so the correct people would be alerted.


    • S

      do you have a 5 or a 5s? because my 5s works great with wifi calling

    • Guest

      Iphone 5s and below does not support wifi calling.

      • John

        The 5s and the 5C DO support wifi calling with iOS 8 installed. However, the a Iphone 4s and the original iPhone 5 DO NOT support wifi calling even with iOS 8 installed

  • DaygosTommyT

    The store I went to had no 6 plus’s in stock. They only had the 6 in space grey and in 16gb and 128gb…wanted the gold in 64, but got the 128gb space grey instead. I’m actually really happy I got the 128gb, they gave me $232 for my 5 which covered the down payment. Does anyone know that if they were to get the gold in stock, what is the exchange policy? Would I have to only pay the restocking fee? I would feel kinda bad because there really is nothing wrong with this phone, I guess the color is growing on me. Classic black iPhone look.

    • stacie

      my store only had the iphone 6, 64g in space gray and 10 of them. but they were doing free over night shipping..so I ordered the 6plus in white/silver. it already says pending shipment.

    • StankyChikin

      Why would you settle for something that you didn’t want? Why not just wait until what you want is available?

    • Leslie

      They’ll make you pay the restocking fee if you return it within 14 days of purchase. But why not just wait? I couldn’t get my sister the 6 she wanted, I ordered one in store today with a delivery date for Tuesday. I don’t get wasting money like that, but I guess to each their own.

  • James

    Well for me I decided I was not going to get it, then Friday came, an hour into work I decided that I need the iPhone 6 in my life so I called tmobile customer service to make sure I had an upgrade available, I did and was told all I had to do was just get to a store, I asked boss if I could leave early and he allowed me too. I went to one store and the female I spiked to said the whole state was out of iphone 6 so I left and called a store closer to my house, the rep told me that they had some and to come over, when i got there I was informed that they only had the 6 in 16gb gold. So I settled for that for now, I can jump in March so when I can I will upgrade to the 6plus 64gb

  • Bklynman

    How many of you are enjoying your bendable Iphones? LoL!

  • Jorge Ruiz

    Im so mad that after tmobile made me go through hell and back I still have to wait for a month for my iPhone 6 plus.