GCI and T-Mobile strike LTE roaming deal


GCI Wireless, the Alaska-based carrier has announced that its LTE network has been given a huge extension thanks to a new roaming deal struck with a T-Mobile. The agreement will provide all of GCI Wireless’ customers LTE coverage should they decide to visit any of the other states. No financial details were revealed.

“GCI is committed to meeting the growing technology needs of Alaskans, and now our capabilities of providing top data speeds on a LTE network is extended across the country,” said Paul Landes, GCI senior vice president and general manager of consumer services, in a statement. “Alaskans want access to the LTE network whether they’re at the Alaska State Fair or at CenturyLink Field in Seattle cheering the Seahawks, today, we can provide that.” 

If you’re a GCI subscriber and you fancy a trip to the warmer South East region, you’ll now be able to bring your LTE connection with you.

For those of you T-Mo fans worried that all-of-a-sudden your network’s going to get jammed by all the traffic, don’t worry, the company only has 143,400 wireless lines in service. And even if all of them were roaming on T-Mobile at the same time, it’d make very little difference, if any.

Source: MultiChannel

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  • Willie D

    Is this a mutual deal?

    • Roger Sales

      Generally speaking, roaming deals are mutual. It would be stupid if T-Mobile didn’t ask for the same benefit given that GCI is a tiny company and T-Mobile is almost the #3 provider in the nation.

      Thats what I hope, anyway.

  • Mr_Slurpee

    I lived in Alaska for the summer, and T-Mobile has no service whatsoever where I was. The choices were AT&T or GCI. Fortunately, I was able to get LTE speeds on GCI, without roaming fees. I imagine this deal was at least partially in place already. Just a year prior I had no data access whatsoever.

    • hanfeedback

      I came back from Alaska about a month or so ago, Like you said, GCI and ATT. But I never got LTE on GCI and was still subject to the paltry 10MB roaming for the 8 or so days I was there.

      • Mikey

        I was in Alaska over Labor Day weekend with a Nexus 5. When I did have data it only seemed to be EDGE. And if T-Mobile is signing these LTE roaming deals I hope they up their cap, because my 10MB of data was gone in no time. I’m glad I had another phone on another carrier otherwise I would have been really screwed.

  • hanfeedback

    Is there nothing about Tmobile being able to roam on GCI? It would have been real nice when I was there.

  • Mike

    Go Hawks! HA

    • Erick Espiritu

      Go CHARGERS!

  • Matt

    I’m guessing that T-Mobile customers will be given access to GCI as well?

  • Tigger

    This doesn’t work, GCI does not honor T-Mobile’s deal. I have not been able to make even 1 phone call since I moved here to Wainwright AK