Next iPhone will be unveiled on September 9


Earlier today, Apple finally sent out official invitations to a special event it’s holding on September 9th. The invite said very little, and didn’t give any of the usual clues we might try to find in a cryptic Apple invitations. “9.9.2014” and “Wish we could say more” is the extent of the message. That, and part of the iconic Apple logo in the background.

Many pundits looking in to things far too deeply would suggest that “say” could mean Siri’s getting a major update. But, I really don’t think that is the case. This is Apple doing its best to keep a secret. Something it’s finding extremely difficult in recent years following the success of renowned Apple-leakster Mark Gurman, and the hundreds of prototype and dummy leaks that have been published over recent months.

Of course, we’re expecting Apple’s next iPhone to be announced in – perhaps – two different sizes. And recent reports from well-renowned tech journalists have stated we’re to expect some form of wearable device too. Whether it’s called the iPhone 6 or something else entirely, it’ll certainly be available on T-Mobile. With an announcement taking place on September 9th, and using previous years’ patterns, we can expect it to go on sale about 10 days late on Friday, September 19th.


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  • taron19119

    Dear t-mobile BAND 12 GIVE ME BAND 12 This phone comes out in q4

    • Alex Zapata

      You’ll have to hope that Apple was smart enough to include it :-/

      • taron19119

        This is not an apple issue this is a T-mobile issue Apple going to sale millions of iPhones so this won’t hurt apple because this is a T-mobile only issue

        • Alex Zapata

          Because Apple uses the same SKU for TMO/ATT/VZW it most definitely is an Apple issue (the Verizon ones being an interesting case due to low-level software). I have a hunch that Apple will do it because both ATT and TMO will be using band 12. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

  • Mario Soria

    Wouldn’t T-Mobile be the one to make it a point to Apple to add band 12?

    • Mario Soria

      If not I’m going to have to go for the Moto X +1 hopefully that will have it?? Who knows?? I don’t know why it’s a big secret for T-Mobile not to tell their customers when the band 12 supporting phones will be out. They just want to keep selling what ever they have not caring if your device is future proof.

      • taron19119

        They said q4 2014

  • krym73

    Note 4 will be released announced Sept.4 you fool. Crushing all competition.

  • Foster chambers

    I’m surprised no ones even mentioned this but 9 9 upside down just happens to be 2 sixs. Hmmmmmmmmmm

    • Andrew

      Finally, someone else who is also great at thinking creatively! :)

    • g2a5b0e

      I hate to break it to you, but a nine in most standard fonts looks like a six upside down.

    • Cam Bunton

      And two sixes makes 12!! Must mean that band 12 support is coming! Yippee!!


      9.9 is the date. That is all. People will look for anything they can in an invite that’s just an invite. But still, if Apple launches two iPhone 6’s, people will still claim the invitation pointed to it. Despite the face that Apple regularly announces new products on a Tuesday and releases it the Friday of the week following.

  • coop5454

    Anyone notice the apple is oversized?

  • Dark enV

    Been waiting a while for the announcement date to be official. Almost there, please have band 12!!!! Also please let the standard storage to be 32GB instead of 16GB. 16GB just doesn’t cut it anymore

    • Anonymouse

      I’d like to believe Band 12 will appear at least on North American version for a few good reasons: #1. T-mobile and Apple has agreed to work closely (just look at the free test drive), #2. Apple needs to increase sales. Supporting Band 12 allows them to also sell units to the small carriers who would be very pleased to finally sell the iconic phone. #3. AT&T has agreed to support Band 12 as well. Though learning from history re: AWS support, this may just be a dream.

      • Dark enV

        Reason #1 is why I’ve been fairly confident that it will have band 12, it just makes sense, your other reasons seem very likely as well

    • Goat

      I feel confident that it will!

    • josephsinger

      You don’t *have* to get a 16GB if 32GB or 64GB is offered.

      • Dark enV

        Oh I know, I’m rocking a 32GB 5S right now, but if they make 32GB the standard then I can get it for $100 cheaper than what I paid for my 5S or I could go up to a 64GB. 16GB just won’t cut it anymore in today’s tech world, everything is getting bigger and with premium android devices like the HTC One M8 and LG G3 getting 32GB plus expandable storage up to an additional 128GB and they’re both cheaper than the iPhone it iust makes logical sense for Apple to do a minimum of 32GB for their flagship device

        • Nurdface Gamerhandz

          I use less than 10 GB on my 5S. iCloud drive in the iOS 8 beta and free music streaming really cut down on my storage needs.

        • Dark enV

          I’m running iOS 8 Beta 5 and I have all the cloud storage stuff and it helps yes but iCloud Drive, even as cheap as it is, still costs money and requires internet to function as well as music streaming, these options are great but the average person doesn’t know how to set a lot of this stuff up as ridiculous as that is in todays world. I work with a lot of people and their devices and the biggest complaint I get from all of them that are iPhone users is the lack of internal storage because they don’t want to rely on using their data plan for cloud storage and music streaming. Verizon and AT&T users have limited data, Sprint data is horrible and T-Mobile’s isn’t always available outside of the big cities. I love the great options we have for cloud storage and streaming but I think to help a lot of the users as well as compete with all these android devices with more storage and cheaper prices is to try to match them.

  • mjs64

    Had an iPhone, went with a Note 2…Note 4 is coming soon.

    • OX

      Samsung is having there event September 6 i think i do no its a couple days before apple has theirs

      • taron19119

        September 3 is Samsung event

  • Mike

    The only thing I’m interested in is the software release for uma calling. This will help with crappy reception on the TMO network.

  • KingCobra

    Hoping for Band 12 as well. We’ll find out in a couple weeks

  • shamatuu

    Why is this on a T-mobile unofficial page? We have real tech sites that posted this already.

    • josephsinger

      You’re absolutely right. And your observation added a lot. Thanks! That was very helpful. Tmonews really needs a topic cop. Maybe you’re the right person to apply for the position.

  • david

    So we have the note 4 announcement, the iPhone 6 announcement, the Moto X+1 announcement, new Moto G announcement, Moto 360 announcement, and possibly the nexus 6 + Android L announcement. Really exciting month.

  • josephsinger

    I guess they’re fortunate that it’s 9.9.2014 as that will be the right way to do it for either the US or Europe since for Europe they do 9 September 2014 rather than in the US where we would do September 9, 2014 or the new preferred ‘Internet’ way 2014-09-09 (RFC 3339)