Confirmed: Lines 6-10 under new Family Plan terms available from $10 per line


10 days ago, T-Mobile upped the maximum number of lines a customer could have on their Simple Choice Family Plan. Instead of the old 5-line limit, customer would be able to add up to 10 lines depending on credit status. The first 6 lines would be available to many customers, and lines 3-6 on the lowest Simple Choice plan would only cost $10 each to add to an account. Then, lines 7 through 10 would cost $20 each and would be available to customers with good credit status, and long-serving T-Mo subscribers. Seemingly, 10 days is a long time in the tech world and T-Mo has decided to cut the price of those additional lines in half.

In its announcement today that it would be offering extra data for customers signing up to tablet plans, T-Mo also announced that it would be increasing the maximum line limit to 10 lines.

Under the not-so-old plan from 10 days ago, if you took the lowest Simple Choice plan which currently offers 2.5GB of data until 2016, you’d pay $200 per month for 10 lines. Under the new plan, launching tomorrow, you’ll be able to get 10 lines on the low plan for just $160. That’s $80 for the first two lines, then $80 total for the next 8 lines. An internal communication to T-Mobile staff reads as follows:

“Yesterday we kicked off the week with an announcement about how we are quadrupling data on Simple Starter plans. Not only is it exciting news for single line customers looking for a no-frills wireless experience, it showed our competition what unbelievable value in wireless looks like. Today we are announcing two ways we are keeping family and business plans simple and affordable for every line to get more out of wireless:

1. Beginning August 27, 6-10 add-a-lines will be reduced from $20 to $10 per line, per month. That means that lines 3-10 are all just $10 per line MRC! Simple!

2. Starting September 3, a new promotional $10 per line data feature will launch giving each line 4.5GB of 4G LTE data on a Data StrongTM network! Affordable!

How We Keep Family Plans Simple

While other carriers keep customers guessing how much data the whole family is going to use, we, in true Un-carrier fashion, have lowered the add-a-line pricing and offered even more affordable data! With low cost add-a-lines, individual 4G LTE data buckets, and no domestic overages, T-Mobile makes wireless shopping simple and your monthly bill predictable. Here’s how!

Low Cost Add-a-Lines

Back on August 16, we took our family plans from good to great by expanding from a 5 line limit to up to 10. On August 27, we are taking family plans from great to unbelievable by lowering the cost of 6-10 add-a-lines from $20 to $10 per line MRC on Simple Choice! That means lines 3-10 are all just $10 per line per month! That’s simple!

Classic Family Plans will also see a decrease in the MRC of the add-a-line on 6-10 line Family Plans. The per line price for these accounts will drop from $30 to $20 per line per month! Everyone can join in on the savings!”

Of course, this deal doesn’t take in to account the EIP payments on mobiles and tablets you might also have running. Depending on devices, those could soon see your monthly commitments rocket upwards. But as a standalone plan, $160 for that many lines with that much data is awesome.

Update: T-Mobile’s official spiel on the matter doesn’t break it down as specifically.

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  • Michael Tran


  • MervinJ7

    That’s fantastic news!

  • Zacamandapio

    Holly Molly Guacamole

  • Dark enV

    Wait so for $10 more you go from 2.5GB to 4.5GB?

    • Ben

      That’s what it sounds like – and it makes sense as well for both customers and T-Mobile. T-Mo wants higher ARPU, not many people would pay another $10 for 500MB more data (2.5 GB to 3GB), but make it an additional 2 GB and it becomes a much more compelling offer for the customer to get it.

      • Dark enV

        I’m just confused because some are saying it’s 4.5GB for the base plan (what 1GB usually costs) either way is this just a promotional thing or are they keeping this pricing?

        • Chris

          The 10 lines is definitely getting kept. Not sure about the data pricing though.

  • alex

    10 lines 25gb $160 take that Sprint !

    • Delusion_FTL

      For contrast, Sprint’s 20 GB shared data pool and 10 lines of byod is 250 a month. That is the lowest possible cost per line plan you can get on sprint. (25 dollars per line x10)

    • calvin200

      Looked into the plan. What does “a dedicated bucket of data” mean?

    • monkeybutts

      Sprint does 100 for 10 lines, those 10 lines all have to be brand new customers though.

      At least T-mobile allows it for everyone.

  • kev2684

    i’m liking this price war. too bad T-Mo’s network is still inferior to the big 2. we need the 600mHz auction to happen quick so the twin bells will be forced to join in the fun as well!

    • xmiro

      700Mhz is first, and they’re buying more of it. It’s already live in DC

      • Chris

        Honestly over where I live 1700 mHz penetrates our building well that I still get 12mbps inside. And about 35 – 70 mbps outside depending on user density.

        • Hiro

          In Seattle, some buildings I have issues (1-2 bars at work… 20-30 Mbps), and other buildings, no problem (3-5 bars at home… 50-90 Mbps)

  • Hiro

    Does anyone know if T-Mobile got the breakup fee from Sprint? I thought it was only applicable if the DOJ/Government stopped it, not if they called it off, however I just read an article that says T-Mobile will be putting the Sprint breakup fee to good use?

    • crescentmage

      There was never an official acquisition offer made by Sprint, so there was never a breakup fee.

      • Hiro

        That’s what I thought, but the article threw me off a bit.

    • bob90210

      Unfortunately, John Legere has already spent all the breakup money on hookers and blow.

  • Hiro

    And, if I’m understanding this right, the base plan gives you 4.5 GB data, or the +$10 gives you 4.5 GB data?

    • George

      You have to pay an extra $10 to get the 4.5, base gives you 2.5gigs with the new promotional plan.

      • Hiro

        So $50 gives you 2.5GB, $60 gives you 4.5GB?

  • hanfeedback

    So it looks like on my 2 lines plan I can go from 1GB each line to 4.5GB each line for $10 a line. Is that correct?

  • eneka

    How about simple choice business plan? Do our lines go down to $10 from $20 too?

  • steveb944

    So it seems if you want to pay $10 for data you get 4.5 GB.

    For users like me that have recently signed up for the 4 for $100 we’re getting 2.5 GB for free. Theoretically if we wanted to pay $10/line extra we’d get 4.5 GB on that respective line.

    What may make me call in is that my 5th line I ‘think’ I’m paying $10 data for data since it’s more than the 4 offer, so it seems it should now be upped to 4.5 GB. But it all depends if you can mix and match offers.

    I’ll wait for my next bill to come in to see what I have now because with a mix of changes I’ve made our account is a mess as is.

  • neospade44

    So, are lines 6 and on still subject to ones credit class?

    • monkeybutts

      I want to know that too, one of my friends wasn’t able to get 6 lines cause of credit last week, you know that $10 extra is a huge risk.

      • idisestablish

        I think it’s the $900 credit line that comes with the extra line, not the $10 per month with no contract that is the risk. Obviously.

        • neospade44

          BS! We’re bringing our own device for line 6+. Yeah they’re definitely at risk of losing a massive $10 per line with us! /s

        • idisestablish

          Then you can have as many lines as you want without a credit check and with no credit line.

  • UMA_Fan

    I do think all this might be an over reaction to Sprint.

    Sprint has been copying tmobiles social networking by posting pictures of customers switching but the stores still look empty as can be.

    • Romdude

      Yup, same in my area, Sprint’s store looks closed and they only have one or two workers at any given time.

  • Pissed off customer

    Is anyone on the same boat as me?
    I have been a loyal T-Mo customer since 2001. So I call and ask for more lines, talk to customer, and they say sure let me fix it up and transfer you to sales department. Everything is going well and sales department even gives me 4 sims cards for free including shipping. Two days pass and sim cards arrive, I call in and ask to be transferred to sales dept. to open the lines, “Sorry you do not qualify for more lines based on you credit”. YOU IDIOTS RAN my credit 10, 11, 12 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!. Run a new one. “Sorry we are not allowed to do that”. Basically the only way they would be able to run it again is to cancell the service, wait 90 days, and call back to reapply. WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!…..T-MO throw me a bone here…..I am trying to give you more money but you wont let me based on “MY CREDIT”….

    • guy

      not true. i have been with them over a decade and my account shows 10 lines

      • Pissed off customer

        So does mine……5 voice lines and 3 data lines (already have 5 lines and 2 data)…but you still have to call customer care to see if you do in fact qualify for the lines. I want my other 5 lines damn it……..any suggestions?

        • guy

          Have you tried to place the order? It allowed me to add everything to my cart. Showed $160 for all 10 lines

        • Pissed off customer

          I tried. I called customer care to find out why I was not able to add more lines if it was stating on the website I had available lines. Customer care stated it will show but it does not mean I automatically qualify “Based ony my credit” from PAST YEARS I did not qualify. LAME LAME LAME…….I suppose it is different for everyone. I think I was 17 or 18yrs old when I first got a line with T-Mobile. I had no credit in other words. What I don’t understand is how can T-Mobile go by a credit that is so old.

    • I Feel Your Pain

      My wife encountered the same thing about the credit report they ran when she first signed up. She was like, run a new credit check and they refused. We were going to transfer my lines on to hers and they told her the same thing. Therefore, we transferred all her lines on to my account account since I am able to have up to 10 lines.

      • Pissed off customer

        Not a bad idea. I can have the wife open up an account under her name and transfer everything to her account. My only concern is wouldn’t that cancel all my discounts (ex: loyalty discount)?

        • Lulabell

          I am the “wife” of “I feel your pain”. No loyalty discounts apply as they terminated mine when I rolled over to the new services with lower rates from my old plan. When I attempted to add more lines last week, I went as far as to speak to the consumer affairs/termination department and they still indicated that from back then, my line was set up as a 5 max lines. So no more qualifying lines. I started in 2007 with Tmobile with that crappy “Flex Pay” program they had that was like a pre pay service. After they did away with that I was a regular customer and added 1 line at a time until my max 5 lines.

          If you have a work discount as I did , have your spouse add you as a authorize user on her account. I had a work discount and was worried with my spouse’s line I wouldn’t get it since it was “his account”.

          We have 8 total lines now with all our kids (and home phone) and we are saving more with our consolidated lines. Time will tell, its only been a week.

          Btw, my spouse has had Tmobile prior to 2000 and recently, his available voice lines were diaplayed at 10. His immediately displayed to 10 max voice lines but mine never budged from 5 voice lines

          Con: Now the only drawback is I am unable to use Family Where on my phone since I am not the primary account holder.

        • neospade44

          How did your husband add you as an “authorized user” on his account, was this through customer service? And do you still have your work (which probably is a federal or state job) discount applied? Thanks for the info in advance.

    • secretspyagent81

      I am going through this right now….the people at the corporate store in the mall are trying really hard to help me, but they are not having any luck….still waiting to hear a final answer….someone higher up suggested I get a prepaid phone if I want more lines….its kind of ridiculous that they can’t simply run my credit again…….I have been a customer since 2004…..maybe I should send a tweet to John Legere…

  • Ronnie Miller

    Have any of you been able to take advantage of the 500 mins and unlimited text for $0.00? I saw it when you add a line online and click on “More Details”. It says it’s only available in T-Mobile stores. Went to a store, called three other ones, and called 611 with no results. Seems like no one knows what I’m talking about. I even showed them the screenshot.

  • Jeremy Whisler

    The expansion to 10 lines is great… but you can only have 15 lines per social security number (at the highest credit “A” rating)…. crippling your ability to expand a second account to 10 lines. Sad to see this limitation to those with large families.