T-Mo customers receiving their LG G3’s already [pics]

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It wasn’t long ago that T-Mobile opened up pre-orders for its customers, and just 10 days late, the carrier has already started shipping out devices to eager buyers. Device were being sent out yesterday, and several of our readers informed us that today, they started getting delivery notices letting them know that they’d get their brand new phones before tonight. And true enough, devices are arriving on doorsteps.

The T-Mo branded device officially launches on July 16th, around about the same time as Verizon and Sprint will be launching, and could be one of this year’s best phones.

Of course, we’re still waiting to see what Samsung does with its Galaxy Note series this year and there have been rumors of an Xperia Z3 being announced within the next few months, as well as the highly anticipated iPhone 6.

If you’re undecided on whether or not to pony up and purchase G3, check out our full written review. Personally I think it’s a fantastic device, but, there are very few bad devices left on the market. Even mid-range phones are decent now.

Let us know if you ordered one, or if you’re still planning on it.

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  • Jaime

    Got mine today!!

    • Meep

      Don’t step on them ;)

      • WD

        Don’t you mean “Thems?”

  • Morton H

    Every time i tried to order mines online I received a damn website ordering not available try again later…smh

  • jbworldwide1

    My JUMP is in 2 more days and I’m going back and forth over whether to get the G3 or stick with my Nexus 5. Does these things come with ear buds?

    • sushimane

      I doubt it its pretty rare to see any phone buying from a carrier to come with some. Minus Samsung until u actually buy phone from cellphone maker unlocked. From videos on YouTube people that actually bought it from a unlocked website it comes with a bunch of stuff ear buds extra battery and stand.

      • jbworldwide1

        I’m hearing that Sprint’s G3 comes with them.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      The unboxing video I watched a bit ago did not include them, so no :(

      I am in the same boat. It’s going ot come down to whether they are selling the wireless charging back, or if I have to get the flip case. I don’t like flip cases, and I don’t want to give up using my Tylt Vu stand, so that will be the clincher.

    • No! :/

    • MvP77

      Tmobile never includes earbuds.

    • skittle

      I got earbuds with my Galaxy S4 . (7 months ago) on JUMP the tmobile retail I go to says to only turn in the phone so I end up with extras.

      • skittle

        I guess I better hold on to the earbuds if I JUMP to an LG G3 :)

  • JayMo86

    It’s sucks that for some reason pre orders are only available for new customers…. Upgrades customers never get any love

    • StarMenace

      I was able to pre-order and am not a new customer. It even gave me the option for $0 down and monthly payments but elected to pay in full. I got the email today saying that it shipped and I’ll get mine tomorrow.

      • PK

        did you elect for ground shipping? when did you order it? its telling me it wont ship until the 16th(the day it comes out in stores). am i too late to get it early??

        • PK

          someone shed some light! im torn between ordering it now, or waiitng until the 16th!

    • Ditto with StarMenace. I even JUMPed to the G3 from the G2 without any problems.

    • Bowen9284

      I had no problems upgrading. Mine will be here Monday.

    • I use my JUMP to upgrade to the LG G3!

  • Jm384

    So in some reviews they claim the phone lags going from an app to home.. Is that true? And what’s the big deal with the phone missing band 12? Thanks. Upgrading from old s4 not sure if G3 or m8

    • chris125

      The store model lagged pretty bad. Like touchwiz lasg between screens and in app drawer. Played with one in sgfore since Verizon doesn’t have them yet. Walked away unimpressed

  • Bryck

    Does anyone know of T-Mobile stores carry the otterbox cases for the lg g3?

  • Guest

    I was notified my (silk white) LG G3 would be delivered Monday! 7/14/14

  • I was notified my (silk white) LG G3 would be delivered Monday! 7/14

    • Francisco llanos

      When did you place the order?

  • james

    Got mine yesterday!

    • Chris

      How’s the screen?

      • chris125

        Screen is nice, bit not really noticeable compared to current 1080p devices. Idk if it was the store model, but there was noticeable lag swiping between screens and also in the app drawer

        • Chris

          Have the G2 and after the Kitkat update even with animations home screen swiping, I don’t really see any lag.

          Hopefully it’s just the store model.

          As that would really suck to go from smooth G2 experience, to laggy G3. lol

  • james

    It’s really good, it’s kinda like going from a 22″ Dell flat monitor to a 30″ Dell flat monitor, letters are a little smaller but more defined, plus you get more screen real estate to see everything, colors not as punchy as my galaxy s5 but it still good.
    because the bezel is so thin all way around the phone, you could almost forget that it’s a phone.

  • Naruto44

    T-Mobile will bring the LG G Watch…

  • Francisco llanos

    Does anybody know if they ordered today or yesterday and will receive monday or tuesday?

    • PK

      i really want to know this as well!!

    • reptar978

      I ordered mine Friday afternoon and its being delivered on the 16th.

  • noc007

    Would have been nice if they did this with the Note3 instead of receiving it a day or two after I could have picked one up from the store. Hopefully the trend continues and this wasn’t a mistake.

    • Cam Bunton

      I think this could have been a reaction to AT&T’s late release date confirmation.

  • flexluis84 .

    I placed my order last week, and i got emailed today that my order was canceled. but did not give me a reason.so i called in tmobile and a rep said they are one back order for a month or two. ?!? that is why.

  • Clarkkent113

    I just hope they’ll be in stock at the nearest store on Tuesday.

    • David Firebaugh

      Denton Texas store hasn’t got theirs yet. I think they said it would be Friday.

      • Clarkkent113

        I was actually able to pick mine up today at a T-Mobile store here in South Florida. I went pretty early though, who knows if they’ll still be in stock for the evening crowd. Awesome phone btw.

  • josetheonly1

    Im gonna have to pass on this one. I think that owning an s4 now im good. Its probably worth the wait and see what the note 4 and the iphone 6 has to offer.

    • David Firebaugh

      It’s a much better phone then the S4 or S5 if you have not held it in your hands you really have no idea. I think they hit a home run with it.

      • josetheonly1

        You are right. They did hit a home run.Trust and believe the lg g3 is tempting and it’s an awsome phone. My buddy at work just got his recently. I don’t think the note 4 is gonna be all that great. They’ll just make the s5 bigger slap an S-pen and call it a note 4. I just wanna wait and see what apple has up their sleeves.

  • john

    Anyone know if I have to buy a case in order to use the wireless charging?

  • Wil

    Just signed for mine, about to open up the package!

  • yankeesusa

    Does anyone know if this works with a qi charger after trying it physically? There are many people who say it does work and others say it doesn’t but no one has actually tried it. Thanks

    • Wil

      I’m curious as well.

  • Wil

    Does anyone have suggestions on cases for this one?


    • Ben

      Spigen… Slim Armor.. eBay. About 20 bucks…

    • David Firebaugh

      I have the Tech 21 and it fits the phone very much better than the note 3 tech 21 did.

  • The full page ads make this site almost unusable. Such a shame

    • David Firebaugh

      It happens to me too sometimes. I just back out and go back to the page again. Also I have found it depends what browser I’m using.

  • David Firebaugh

    I decided to trade in my Note 3 on the lg G3 and honestly I’m really liking this phone. No regrets at all.