New Kyocera Hydro Life coming to T-Mobile?

Just hours after it shared an unknown ZTE device with us – presumed to be ‘Olympia’ – Evleaks has leaked a new Kyocera device. The press image was shared in a tweet that simply stated that the phone was coming some time this year, and can be seen below.


Yet again, it’s a case of ‘we don’t know much’. No publicly available specs have yet been published and it doesn’t look exactly like anything else released by the manufacturer to date. I could liken it to the Verizon Hydro Elite, but the rear design and chromed edges are vastly different to the design of the Kyocera device on VZW’s network.

That said, it has “Sun, Aug 31” written in the on screen clock widget which might suggest that it’ll launch on T-Mobile next month. Perhaps. It’s a long shot, but it’s all we have to go on right this second.

Source: evleaks

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