VoLTE shows up in Dallas? [Update: NYC too]

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 21.09.12

It’s not long ago T-Mobile announced VoLTE was going live in Seattle. Along with that announcement came a few software updates for the Galaxy Note 3, G Flex and Galaxy Light. But Seattle isn’t the only city to get the network update. Just today we were sent an image showing the service being live and kicking in Dallas.

At the moment, when you make a call in a 4G LTE area in any city other than Seattle, you’ll notice the signal status shows a drop from LTE to a lower network technology (usually HSPA/3G). And that’s precisely why the image above is interesting. It’s a Galaxy Note 3 being used to place a call in Dallas, TX. The signal status shows 4G LTE while on the call. It hasn’t kicked down a network.

Now, while this is shown to be working, it’s not been officially announced as live (not at time of typing at least). Add that to all the network news we’ve received of late, and it’s fair to assume that T-Mobile’s network upgrade engineers are working on overdrive at the moment.

If you spot any changes in your area’s network, please get in touch: cam@tmonews.com.

Thanks, Joe.


We’ve also received a screenshot showing the service working in New York City. Thanks, Waizeer.



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