VoLTE shows up in Dallas? [Update: NYC too]

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 21.09.12

It’s not long ago T-Mobile announced VoLTE was going live in Seattle. Along with that announcement came a few software updates for the Galaxy Note 3, G Flex and Galaxy Light. But Seattle isn’t the only city to get the network update. Just today we were sent an image showing the service being live and kicking in Dallas.

At the moment, when you make a call in a 4G LTE area in any city other than Seattle, you’ll notice the signal status shows a drop from LTE to a lower network technology (usually HSPA/3G). And that’s precisely why the image above is interesting. It’s a Galaxy Note 3 being used to place a call in Dallas, TX. The signal status shows 4G LTE while on the call. It hasn’t kicked down a network.

Now, while this is shown to be working, it’s not been officially announced as live (not at time of typing at least). Add that to all the network news we’ve received of late, and it’s fair to assume that T-Mobile’s network upgrade engineers are working on overdrive at the moment.

If you spot any changes in your area’s network, please get in touch: cam@tmonews.com.

Thanks, Joe.


We’ve also received a screenshot showing the service working in New York City. Thanks, Waizeer.



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  • MistahMan

    VoLTE showed up this AM in NYC..

  • Paul

    Updated the OS and placed a call in Dallas, Blet Line and the Tollway, but was dropped to 4G.
    I’ll keep an eye on it and update if I see it stay on LTE.

    • Joe

      I tested it in downtown Rockwall, which is near the same location the first 20+20MHz LTE towers started to popup last year.

      • Paul

        I’m at Blet Line and North Dllas Tollway.

        I think they are working on the towers in the area as I was having some GPS and signal issues yesterday.

        Believe me, I know where the best 2×20 location is in Plano. I’ve gotten over 120Mbps outside my vet office.

        • KP

          Me too….. Blazing speeds….

    • Steve Hester

      I live just north of the Dallas Metroplex (McKinney TX). Took a trip down to Dallas today and was on conference call all the way there and back and noticed it stayed on LTE most of the call, at first I thought my phone was broken, now I know….

      • Paul

        What part of dallas, out of curiosity? Downtown? North off 75?
        I think they are working on the towers in the area as I was having some GPS and signal issues yesterday.

        • Steve Hester

          Paul, I was on SB 75 about Spring Creek, then East on 635 to 78. That’s when I noticed it.

        • KP

          I don’t see it here sitting in a conference room during a very bad meeting.. :-)

    • KP

      I’m running iOS8 so this isn’t showing for me… I will pay attention when heading out tonight.

  • I guess that it saves battery to turn the LTE radio off during a GSM call, since, unlike CDMA, UMTS allows both voice and data at the same time?

  • Nathan S.

    Nothing new here in Kansas City area, well East of KC in Blue Springs MO that is. still got decent data ping in the 40’s, download in the 30MB’s uploads in the teens.

    • mreveryphone

      Yes sir!

  • mingkee
  • Henry

    Just checked in the L.A area HD voice over LTE is working…I used my note 3 .

    • Fabian Cortez

      HD Voice has been around on T-Mobile’s UMTS network since January of 2013.

      This is about VoLTE. It just so happens that “HD Voice” is displayed on the screen.

      • GinaDee

        He said HD Voice over LTE or VoLTE. Did we not read the same statement?

        • Fabian Cortez

          He edited his post.

  • Benjamin@tmo

    Burlington Washington has it too. HD voice is freakin’ dope on my Note 3

    • Fabian Cortez

      HD Voice has been around on T-Mobile’s UMTS network since January of 2013.

      This is about VoLTE. It just so happens that “HD Voice” is displayed on the screen.

      • Trevnerdio

        I thought that it’s been around longer than that….

      • Benjamin@tmo

        I know the HD voice had been around. I meant VoLTE. When I Swipe to make a call, it says call over VoLTE.

  • xxdrizzyxx

    Tacoma Washington has it too!!! It’s so cool seeing the HD voice thingy

    • superg05

      people are getting it wrong its not the hd voice you need to look at its the lte during a phone call

  • Jordan Sexton

    Same thing in Chicago. Lte all the time baby.

  • JBLmobileG1

    You’d think Las Vegas would have been updated. I am hoping within the next few days to a week I will be seeing the new VoLTE feature. I am still waiting to even receive the update OTA for my Note 3. Can you even get it OTA or does it have to be updated through Kies?

    • Broadway71

      There is an update on Kies. Just dl the program on your laptop and attach your Note 3. The update is available.

  • RLB63

    What I would like to know is when will older phones like the S4 get into VoLTE? I can’t seem to find out if it will ever be offered.

    • maximus1901

      What are you missing by not having it? Slightly faster internet while you’re on the phone?
      That’s the only benefit.
      In Detroit suburbs, neither a nexus 5 nor iPhone 5s can get TMO lte indoors; 3G is 2-3 bars.

      • RLB63

        My understanding is that the call quality is better.

        Also there are times that when I am on the phone the internet doesn’t work as well. Hoping this fixed that

      • kpb321

        LTE should have better bandwidth and lower ping than HSPA+ but it isn’t a huge difference IMO. T-Mobile’s DC HSPA+ is pretty reasonable. There might also be coverage differences as LTE is supposed to work better in weak signal areas and may be at different frequencies.

        Where it will actually be important is when T-Mobile starts deploying LTE in the 700mhz band they got from Verizon and hopefully in the 600mhz band from the upcoming auction. That new coverage doesn’t mean much if you don’t have voice and VoLTE is the best way to make sure you have voice and good data.

  • nickhtown

    Its in houston now

  • GreatNews

    The LG G2 simple doesn’t have this option in the phone of VoLTE???


    also confirmed working in Northern Virginia/Washington DC …:D

    • nycplayboy78

      YASSSSSS!!!!!! NYC and DC…WooHoo :)

  • aask1826

    Chicago has VoLTE

  • budabellyx

    When I got my LG G2 in January, (Dallas Tx Area) when connected to LTE, it had the HD voice logo. Same with my S5 I got last month.

  • SEBA

    It looks that VoLte is coming to us faster then we expected. I bet that’s 1 of the topics during 5.0 announcement.

  • omg_imasian

    I’ve got VoLTE in Houston

    • nickhtown

      I already said that


        Good for you, want a cookie.

    • nickhtown

      U late

  • od312

    I’m getting hd voice in some parts of El Paso, TX.

  • i don’t have a phone that supports it so i’m less thrilled.


    It works in Minneapolis too on my Note 3 after Kies update.

  • nycplayboy78

    Ok you got my hometown of NYC…YASSS…Now for DC :)

  • Limin Li

    I got a carrier update yesterday (June 3rd) I have an Iphone 5s. Drove to DC today and it is still HSPA+ not HD Voice aka VoLTE. Has anyone notice HD Voice available in Baltimore?

    • TMoRetailStorePhoneTech

      I work in a Baltimore area T-Mobile Retail store. I have experienced VoLTE on my note 3 that I updated via Kies and have had VoLTE for a few days now. VoLTE is currently only for Note 3, Galaxy Light and the LG G Flex.

      • Limin Li

        How’s the signal when you are traveling between work and home.

  • David

    I got HD Voice and VoLTE in Orange County/LA County area.

  • kik

    Los Angeles voLTE has been spotted too! Using Note 3

  • Asael Delgado

    I have had HD voice indicator for a long time already, not sure how I would be able to spot indicator for VoLTE in San Diego

  • PHL

    Working in central Orange County, CA as far as I can tell. Forced an update to my Galaxy Light using Kies. There is a “Use VoLTE when available” setting in the phone dialer, but I don’t recall if it was there before the update or not. When the option is disabled, the data indicator switches to 4G once a call connects. When enabled, it stays on 4GLTE. Interestingly, when using VoLTE, calls to 611 show up as “611” in the call log. When VoLTE is disabled, calls to 611 show up as 1-800-937-8997.

    No HD voice indicator for me, though. Might not be connecting with someone that also has HD voice.