T-Mobile HTC One M8 software updated with Extreme Power Saving, M7 gets Sense UI 6


A couple of small software updates to inform you of this morning. Last night, T-Mobile variants of the HTC One, both M7 and M8 received some much desired improvements. M7 was updated with Sense 6, the latest version of HTC’s custom user interface. The M8 – on the other hand – was updated with one of the features most lauded at its launch event: Extreme Power Saving mode.

Extreme Power Saving reduces the phone to its most basic functions: phone calls, texts and email. It also cuts off any background data usage, preserving an insane amount of power. HTC claims you can get an extra few hours use on just 5% battery.

Both phone updates are available over the air. If you haven’t received a notification yet, go in to the settings menu and search for the update manually. It should be there.

As always, let us know how you get on with the updates. And, if you manage to test Extreme Power Saving on the M8, we’d like to hear your experiences with that.


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  • RJKMadison

    I haven’t updated yet, but the prompt says it includes Extreme Power Savings on my M7.

  • brand1399

    Yeah!! Installing it now! Thanks HTC and T-Mobile for getting this update out quick!

  • Dew

    Nice T-mobile and HTC. I have the M7 and didn’t even expect extreme power saving mode. Great add-on as my battery life is just ok. Appreciate the swift implementation too.

  • barker1964

    But does it fix the ringtone volume issue?


      Ring tone volume issue?? Have not seen that on M8 so far and I see a lot of them daily. The volume issue I have is that it is so loud it scares the hell out of me!
      M8 hands down best phone ever!

  • bob90210


  • Mik3Dollasign

    Just saw this and now doing the update!

  • Daniel Duran

    I’m really glad they released this update, I ditched my last HTC One S due to HTC’s lag on updates but I’m glad they’re doing better since the HTC One. The last update messed up the bottom Share button in my gallery, it wouldn’t load the contextual menu, and they removed separate home screen and lock screen wallpapers, glad to see the Share button fixed and the separate wallpapers are back in this update. I just don’t know why that was ever messed with in the first place. Sad to say but the only reason I’m using an HTC One is because it’s a temp phone and I’m really waiting for the LG G3 or Note 4, whichever has the latest Snapdragon, but I’m preferring the G3, per leaks so far.

  • corona10

    Performance mode in the dev options. No new camera options that i’ve seen though. Bug fixes. According to this http://www.htc.com/us/support/htc-one-m8-att/news/ AT&T versions shouldve received photo editing options and duo camera features. I havent read of anyone who’s seem them though.

  • Just installed both updates for my m7 and m8, so Incredibly happy right now. – D

  • Eric Stengrevics

    I’m having a lot of fun with this update. Love it! Good work, HTC.

  • George

    Mine said corrupted file as of yesterday, will try it again this morning.

  • Kendahl Titcomb

    I Love that this phone gets 2 updates in the same time my Sony Xperia Z1s ….which has newer hardware still lacks even KitKat. Glad HTC is learning their lessons from the problematic phone issues of the past but….Come on my “Flagship” phone is behind all the others of the same time frame I’m getting frustrated.

  • drzfr3shboialex

    Also battery and audio improvements on the m8.

  • Romdude

    We were supposed to be last but instead first. Loving my HTC One M7.

    • OZ


    • magmaspawn

      since when are we supposed to be last? LG never came out with anything.

      • Eric Stengrevics

        He means we were supposed to receive the update last out of the four carriers based on the HTC software update page. But we ended up getting it first, which is pretty awesome.

  • mele

    Having some extreme battery drain since update. (M8)

    • an0nim0

      Well of course you are, you’re in “Extreme Battery Draining” mode; you need to enable “Extreme Power Saving” mode, new since update.

    • Romdude

      Enable power saving mode and battery saving mode in location settings.


    The battery on my M7 appears to be draining much faster after the update. I’ve tried rebooting, but that hasn’t made any difference.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      May want to check out AVG Anti-virus & AVG Cleaner. These apps work wonders, they helped my M7 purr like a kitten again.

      • magmaspawn

        hell check out battery guru. that is made by the same team that built the hardware in this phone.

    • Romdude

      Enable power saving mode and check your location settings and put it to battery saving mode. That’s basically what is sucking most of your battery because it resets those settings if you had them.

  • RJKMadison

    Installed yesterday and everything went smooth. Same performance and battery life with new look and feel. It did change the ringtones all around and forced me to select new ones.

    • A Rose is still a Rose

      If You would like to keep your old ringtones and such there is an awesome app called Droidpapers that will allow you to use all the old stock notifications,ringtones, wallpapers, etc. from older versions of UIs and even diff phones. I love it. Found it once they took away the Rose noti.with the Sense 5.5 update.

  • Nick Gonzalez

    I like the new camera UI for the M7. Makes more “Sense” now;)


    Nobody is mentioning that this update also adds the High Performance mode in dev settings on the M8..

  • magmaspawn

    Made my blink and sms look diff. Runs smooth. not so sure about extreme power save feature. I think Im too active to notice what properties it handles. Yes, camera looks nice. I was rocking googles camera for the fun of it but this is better.

  • Jesus90389

    The M7 also got the extreme power saving mode.

  • ACNJR28

    The update is great. I did notice my regular battery life without the power saving features isn’t good as before and I’m not a heavy user. Also when I take screen shots the pictures don’t show up in my gallery..

  • hankfrennig

    after the update my phone completely sucks. I used to love it. I used to read it a bedtime story every night, kiss it, and tuck it in.
    I actually now wish I never JUMP!’d to this phone from my very solid M7.
    here are some things that have been happening over the past few days:
    -overheats regularly (100+ degrees F)
    -simple things (such as opening app drawer, scrolling home pages, etc) lag more than, well, do anything (this is, of course, before it decides to random reboot)
    -camera FC’s more than it takes photos
    -random reboots unrelated to above mentioned lag at least 3 times every 12hours
    -power button unresponsive (forcing me to set screen off to 1minute timeout, very annoying)
    in summation, if I weren’t leaving town tomorrow for vacation (which is the whole reason I got this device- to take great pictures on a mobile handheld) I would head to my nearest T-Mobile store and get something not so frustratingly awful.
    thumbs down, HTC/T-Mobile (whoever’s fault this is…)

  • knightwatchman

    My battery life sucks after the update. Come on, how do I downgrade?