Major fire at T-Mobile store in San Gabriel injures two firefighters

Thursday evening, in the 200 block of S. San Gabriel Boulevard, a team of firefighters were called out to deal with a “three-alarm” fire at a T-Mobile store. Flames reportedly reached around 20 feet in the air and spread quickly to nearby gift shop. Aerial video footage shows the roof of the store caving in as the rescue service do their utmost to deal with the blaze.

Firefighters struggled to get to the source of the flames as thick smoked hindered their efforts. Two firefighters were injured. One member of the crew was being treated for smoke inhalation, while another suffered shock from brushing against an electrified fence. Thankfully, both are now in a stable condition in hospital.

As far as we know, no root cause has been discovered for the fire breaking out, but we do know it was a particularly “stubborn” fire which forced the firefighters from working inside the building to having to try dealing with it from outside the premises.

I can’t imagine the shock this news will have been for the T-Mobile staff there, so our thoughts are with them, the firefighters and the staff of the gift shop next door.

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