Major fire at T-Mobile store in San Gabriel injures two firefighters

Thursday evening, in the 200 block of S. San Gabriel Boulevard, a team of firefighters were called out to deal with a “three-alarm” fire at a T-Mobile store. Flames reportedly reached around 20 feet in the air and spread quickly to nearby gift shop. Aerial video footage shows the roof of the store caving in as the rescue service do their utmost to deal with the blaze.

Firefighters struggled to get to the source of the flames as thick smoked hindered their efforts. Two firefighters were injured. One member of the crew was being treated for smoke inhalation, while another suffered shock from brushing against an electrified fence. Thankfully, both are now in a stable condition in hospital.

As far as we know, no root cause has been discovered for the fire breaking out, but we do know it was a particularly “stubborn” fire which forced the firefighters from working inside the building to having to try dealing with it from outside the premises.

I can’t imagine the shock this news will have been for the T-Mobile staff there, so our thoughts are with them, the firefighters and the staff of the gift shop next door.

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  • Michael Sam

    Oh the humanity. Really hope no one was hurt. Have to admit though, kinda odd news item. But then again, many staff members probably read this blog, so it does have some relevance. That said, I hope you follow up and update us with what the cause or source of this fire was now that you reported it.

    #sangabrielstrong #t-mobilestrong #therooftheroof

  • Willie D

    Hot lithium batteries could have triggered this, and contributed to the blaze as well.

    • FILA

      from a crapple device prob

      • monkeybutts

        Samsung more likely unless it was 3rd party charger for apple.

  • Fr0stTr0n

    They musta had some hot deals!

  • sushimane

    Ahhh cellphone…. And the money

  • Nathan S.

    I am going to guess that they had an overloaded power strip or a phone with a bad battery left charging or something like that. Perhaps it was just an employee smoking in the back.

  • Jeffrey Wang

    Warmest sympathies and thanks out to the firefighters, but what does this have to do with T-Mobile as a whole? “Oh no, John Legere was in this store” would be the only reason I see fit to add something like this.

  • thepanttherlady

    Glad it was after hours and the store wasn’t full.

  • ShermCraig

    AT&T is behind this.

  • KazarX

    If i were an employee working there at the time and find out there was a fire id grab a phone that i’ve always wanted for myself before it burns away :O (jk hehehe)


  • Brian

    Hope everyone is safe and that the only losses are material ones. The store can be rebuilt but it’s the staff that makes a store and the brave firefighters that always put their lives on the line to keep those workers safe.

  • eneka

    Wow I smelled smoke earlier and wondered if there was a wild fire or something. This was the last place i’d expect to find out about the fire lol

  • HangmanSwingset

    Never thought AT&T would turn to arson…

  • mobee

    I used to work at this store before 2013

  • Martin Martinez

    Wow I live close by there and I didn’t even know hope everyone ok and thanks to the firefighters for putting it out

  • Hmmm here’s the address of the att store:

    AT&T San Gabriel: – 501 S. San Gabriel Blvd.

    Not sure how far away, but yup!

  • Omar Boyer

    I was in that area yesterday it was pretty bad..

  • anarkust

    Wasn’t there a fire at another California

    T-Mobile store that was reported on this site within the last 18 months?