Tablet freedom pricing EIP breakdown examples revealed

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 23.21.48Yesterday, T-Mobile announced its new Tablet Freedom initiative. 2nd of three new phases in the Un-carrier movement. With the last of the three due to land on Monday, Tablet Freedom and the new $40 Simple Starter plan will be going live from tomorrow, April 12th.

Tablet Freedom combined a discount of tablets down to Wi-Fi only pricing, and offering up to 1.2GB of free data each month until the end of the year. We’ve been sent a pricing sheet that’s been sent around retail staff to be printed out and used in stores to encourage customers to take up the offer.

As you can see, both the iPad Air and iPad mini will be available for $499 and $399 respectively, while the Tab 2 10.1 will set you back $349, Nexus 7 and Tab 3 are $279 and $199 respectively. As for down payments, the table shows examples between $14-$35 and monthly EIP payments ranging from just over $8 to just under $21 depending on which tablet you choose. As mentioned yesterday, you can also get $20 off the 3GB and 5GB mobile internet plans.


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  • Chad D

    Sucks I just bought a Nexus 7 for the old price, guess I should try to get a loyalty credit.

  • David Thoren

    I’ve been thinking about buying a Nexus 7 WiFi model for a long time… if I can get this version for the same price, I finally have a decent reason to pick one up.

    • Paul

      It’s $269 directly from Google.

      • David Thoren

        For the 16gb version. Was planning on the 32gb which is $269.

        • Paul

          I just checked and you are right, I’ve changed my posting.

  • alex777

    Great price on nexus 7 but im just gonna tether to my 16gb one.Dont really need extra gbs or separate internet connection. What happened to day 3 uncarrier, did i miss it?

    • Nurdface Gamerhandz

      happening on Monday, they’re letting the hype from S5 die down first.

  • ccccc

    I looked on their website and i don’t see the older ipad mini nor the Tab 2 10.1. can someone post the links to those two devices? all i see are the new ipads and nexus 7 :(

    • Jabbathewocket

      neither are sold online anymore as they are just moving old stock most of which is in the retail stores.. though you can likely call and get it from corp as well.

      • ccccc

        thanks, would you happen to have that corp number? or is it the same as 1-800-T-MOBILE (800-866-2453)

        • Jabbathewocket

          That should work basically any telephone contact should work or could transfer you to someone who can help at the very least..

          But I would be careful buying a Galaxy Tab 2/Tab 3 just atm as the refreshed line from Samsung is waiting in the wings.. who knows we may actually see a larger size android tablet from Tmo soon!

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    I wish they’d add a Win 8.1 Pro tab to the lineup. Hell even a Surface 2 would be nice.

    • enoch861


  • floundahead

    I will be picking up a 32GB iPad mini retina display tomorrow to replace my 16GB iPad mini retina display that is always running low on space. I can easily get $300+ on eBay for my “old” iPad mini. The $130 discount for an LTE enabled iPad is a great deal (think re-sale value). Plus I get 1.2GB of free data on it for the rest of the year. It’s a no-brainer for me. I already have 5 lines on T-mobile. For me, this is like getting an extra 1.2 GB of data for nothing.

    • Austin

      They don’t carry 32/64 GB iPad in store. I tried today.

      • floundahead

        I called today also. By “picking up” I really meant acquiring. I called my local store and they don’t stock anything above the 16GB model. I will do it online. Thanks.


    Is there any way to get a 64GB cellular iPad Air with the new pricing?

    • Bud

      yes, but you have to call in.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Wish there was a LG G Pad available with sim

  • Nomond

    Is this only for iPad 16 gig or for 32 or 64 as well? I mean the price drop to it’s wireless counterpart of course.

  • Ben

    Do you have to keep the data plan for the length of the EIP in order to get the discounted purchase price?

    • dkbnyc


      • T – mobile sales rep

        No once you start eip that’s the price it’s just a credit line has nothing to do with the plan you can Change the data amount any time were just offering a 1.2 gigs of data free if attached to a voice line

  • Jon

    Can I use the tablet SIM cards in WiFi hotspot?

    • David Icke

      yes, if they are the same size.

  • kekel1123

    I have an Ipad Mini with retina display with 4G/LTE? Can I switch to this plan? This plan looks cheaper than what I am paying.

  • Tmobilefan

    Just picked up the iPAD Air 16GB Cellular+Wifi from Tmobile store in Torrance, CA, for $0 payment with 1GB free data and $20.79 per month. Just had to pay the tax upfront. Love the deal. The store does not carry 32GB or 64GB.

    • tech916

      Got mine as well. Not an Apple Fan but for email and web browsing it works. F’ it. For $20 bucks a month and no finance charge you cant go wrong.

  • Eric

    just tried to get a nexus 7. They wanted a $100 deposit plus they said I had to put 200 down and could only spread out the last 80 on the monthly payment plan.

    • T – mobile Rep

      In the end still wifi only price and you get the deposit back after a year

      • Eric

        I can justify having to pay a deposit on a phone and a tablet.

        • Eric


        • Ben

          T-Mobile can’t justify giving that much credit to someone who is such a risk.

    • Jobo

      Marketing games. T-Mobile acts like they’re changing things but in reality it’s not much different than before.

    • Tinger12

      I just got a Nexus 7 from Tmo. They had none in stock in Vegas so I had them overnight it. I could have done an EIP with zero down. Sounds like a credit qualification issue to me. I received it today and am very happy with it. Paid $307 delivered overnight (Nexus 7/taxes/shipping). Waived the $10 sim card rip-off as I already had a sim card for it. Just waiting for my cover/case.

  • georgethefourth

    I ordered the 32 GB iPad Air in-store. The $20.79 monthly installment is the same as the 16 GB model, the only difference being $99 down. Also had to pay tax up front of $54, $10 SIM, and $6.99 ground shipping. The associate said regulatory fees add up to approximately $3/month for the data line in WA state, with free 1 GB data through end of this year as an add-on to my voice plan. Beginning 2015, the 1 GB data plan goes up to $10 (voice credit still applies); the plan can be cancelled, but the EIP balance becomes due immediately. Shipping could be free if purchased online. A credit check with SSN was required.

  • Sal Monella

    If you look at this article on the front page, you can see the inside of the newly remodeled stores. The problem with this new clean look is, they have no chairs for customers. People were complaining how hot it was, and there was no where to sit. I agree. Poor customer service move by not providing chairs. Not a great way to make a sale when customers are agitated.

  • D

    Does the pricing have an expiration date? Do you think it will apply to the new tablets that come out this year as well?