[Update] MetroPCS CDMA network shutting down in New England and Las Vegas on July 1

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Following T-Mobile and MetroPCS’ merger, the prepaid brand has been slowly shutting down its old CDMA network as well as seeing a new lease of life in other areas, using GSM technology.

Today, the company revealed which markets would be next in the old network shut-down. On July 1st, MetroPCS’ CDMA waves will go dead in New England and Las Vegas. As part of the process, the carrier has emailed customers in the areas asking them to upgrade their devices before June 30, or their phones will just stop working. To make upgrading easier, the company is offering an instant upgrade credit to anyone who brings a qualifying phone in to store to trade in.

If you’re affected and you want to know how to proceed hit this page.

[UPDATE: So the CDMA network might be closing down, but I should have clarified that – instead – customers will be getting upgraded to what is essentially a better, faster network and at very little cost. 

“We are not shuttering service for MetroPCS customers. We ARE moving MetroPCS 3G CDMA customers to a better, faster network and offering them 4G HSPA+/LTE phones– giving them a better experience on a better network at almost no cost to them.”]

Via: PhoneScoop

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