Official T-Mobile Galaxy S5 unboxing [video]

There’s little that needs to be written about this, except to say that Des – T-Mobile’s “product guru” (@askdes on twitter) has unboxed the Samsung Galaxy S5. Seemingly, Magenta’s keen on making sure it gets ahead of its carrier competitors with this device. It announced pre-orders, and will ship them early to the quickest customers to hit the “pre-order” button, and is now the first to officially unbox the devices. It’s a great move on Tmo’s part.

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  • ImSoDallasTexas!!!


  • taron19119

    Can we talk about the to biggest things that we get from this video first no t-mobile branding and its said power by Android

  • nikmcrae

    Watching this was a huge waste of time…

  • JJCommonSense

    Seriously? He spent more time reading the box then showing us the phone….not that I really care about unboxing videos all that much but this was a waste of my time and my unlimited TMobile 4g bandwith! LoL

    • no2apple

      He did well. JJDumbo..

      • JJCommonSense

        Thats your opinion, which means nothing to me. The video sucked.. almost as bad as your attempt insult me.

  • BlackJu

    Does the crap phone he’s using to record this have OIS or the ability to lock white balance? Apparently not.

  • Rami Abdelmajid

    I want T-Mobile All New HTC ONE M8 News! Verizon and AT&T have marketing materials and all kinds of leaks suggesting a simultaneous launch on March 25th and we havent heard anything about T-Mobile yet, and when I call the stores they tell me itll be out in LATE April, ugh please don’t fail me T-Mo.

    • The Realist

      Quit whining, Rami. I know you feel entitled and all but you need to be realistic. Do you even know how negotiations work? This is big fish in a small pond vs small fish in a big pond. Let’s be fair, T-Mo has launched devices before its rivals. At least T-Mobile will get it so wait for it. Unless you’d rather wait for the eternity it took to get your Champagne iPhone 5s.

      • Rami Abdelmajid

        Im well aware of how negotiations work between manufacturers and the cellular providers. Im sure Verizon and AT&T struck a deal with HTC to have those rights, but I can hope T-Mobile did too. Not whining, no need to get uptight and snarky.

        P.S. Lol my champagne iPhone5S? Ive got a Graphite Galaxy Note 3. T-Mobile has been pretty good with launch dates, not debating that, just hoping they continue the trend

    • Sales Rep

      You can call as many stores as you’d like, but T-Mobile hasn’t told us anything about this product launching…we will know about it a few days before it launches when we start getting boxes and merchandise. The only phones that get announced ahead of time are the major releases: Apple and Samsung. We’ll know 2-3 days before it hits shelves; no sooner

      • Rami Abdelmajid

        Thanks for the helpful reply. Well find out soon enough!

      • Matthew

        The HTC one is a major debut….I seriously doubt They will only announce it 2 to 3 days before the on sale date!!

  • Yo momma


  • Yasser

    There is no original headset :)

  • mreveryphone

    Whatever he’s using to record this video makes the phone look like those fake gs4’s with huge top and bottom bezel’s, need to find a best buy to check it out for myself…

    • taron19119

      Hes useing Google glass to record this

  • Jay Holm

    It’s an unboxing video people! Really! Is something like this supposed to be “exciting”?

  • sidekicker89

    Anyone in downtown Cincinnati getting LTE?? there was a LTE sighting there!

    • Chris Fisher

      I had LTE in Monroe, Ohio and it stayed until I passed 275 on 75 South and then back to 4G. So far no LTE downtown for me :( I didn’t even know the Monroe/Middletown area had it until about 1 minute from losing it by driving too far south. I just turned off my wireless at work in downtown Cincinnati and it is 4G with no LTE.

      • sidekicker89

        LTE is there though, they are working on it. Make sure to use Sensorly to mark it on the map. :)

  • Gary Hernandez

    New charging cable… there goes all accessories everyone bought for the previous models. Following apples foot steps.

    • Jason

      You can still use a micro USB with this. The cable looks like the one they provided with the Note 3. I just hope it doesn’t have the issues the Note 3 cables have…

      • Jay Holm

        Hmm, what issues did the Note 3 cables have? I have a friend who has the Note 3, and he didn’t tell me about any problems.

        • Jason

          A lot are just not working. Samsung has acknowledged the issue and will allow customers to receive a replacement cable. It’s not a 100% issue but a good majority have had issues.

  • TBN27

    Looks nice.

  • no2apple

    Thanks but no thanks. Glad I got my Note 3…

  • mmff

    When do we get the BB Z30?

  • rla14

    Does it have Wifi calling? What about visual voicemail?

    • donteatme

      I might be mistaken but I believe every tmobild android phone has those two apps put on them.

      • rla14

        Visual Voicemail, last I checked, was not available for Nexus 5. Wifi calling is not available on Nexus 5 either, but that is expected.

        • JBar

          Wifi calling is not available for the Nexus 5 because it runs AOSP (wifi calling is a feature T-Mobile bakes into android). Also you can have visual voicemail on the Nexus 5. I have it on mine. All you have to do is backup the app in Titanium Backup and when you get your Nexus 5 restore it or just find the apk on xda developers and install it.

  • JBar

    I’m a Sammy fanboy and I say “no thanks”. The second the specs were released for this phone I sold my S4 and I bought a used 32 GB Nexus 5 for $325. Samsung failed with this “upgrade”. It’s a S4 with a finger print sensor and hear monitor. How do you only pack 2GB or RAM into your “flagship” phone when the Note 3 that was released last year has 3 GB of RAM. I will be waiting for the LG G3 or Nexus 6, maybe even as long as the Sammy S6. I am defiintley not wasting my money on this “upgrade”. Ultra HD display, 4 GB RAM, 3 GHZ octo core processor, and 20 MP+ camera. That’s what I am waiting on.

    • donteatme

      I mean, I know its definitely not a big change from the s4, but a ultra HD display? Cmon now, that’s not even popular on TVs yet let alone cellular devices. That won’t happen quickly just like 1080p phones didn’t happen quickly after it came out. 4 GB of ram also seems like too much. Keep in mind the note 3 isn’t THAT old. I think they should’ve put 3 GB in the s5 yes. But unless you want this thing to cost much more these improvements will have to wait a bit.

  • GinaDee

    Hmm. Looks like an S4.

    I was so excited about this device. Samsung let me down. It’s like they didn’t sell enough S4’s and had too many spare units/parts so they decided to redeploy the S4, give it a few more specs and brand it their new flagship device of 2015.

    Remember how they used to rag on Apple for being stale? Well Sammy join the club.

    • donteatme

      Plus the fact that their touchwiz started out looking very close to iOS. I love the company but innovation gets harder and harder to come by I guess. Its probably the reason HTC had their fall a few years ago and apple seems to be (I’m not quite sure though) having a fall in their iPhone sales too, but I guess its good that apple clearly marks their small upgrade phones with an S in the name. I’ve been trying to think of something that could make my note 2 any better besides an update and a faster processor, but it can be hard to think of ideas and not be accused of ripping off another company.

  • eight7four

    Bloat ware.