Tim Tebow to star in two T-Mobile Super Bowl ads


Tim Tebow may be most well known for his antics on a football field, playing quarterback for the New York Jets, but after this year’s Super Bowl, we may remember him more for playing a rock star, or bull rider in T-Mobile’s advertising campaign for the biggest American sporting event of the year so far.

How does Tebow fit in with T-Mobile’s approach to the smartphone market? You may ask. The answer: Contracts. Or rather, the lack thereof.


The two thirty-second ads poke fun at the fact that Tebow is currently a free agent, and without contract. This ties in perfectly with T-Mobile’s message of “contracts are evil”. Reportedly, Tebow took on the task as it allowed him to be “self-deprecating” and have a go at something outside his comfort zone. It also allows him to show more of his own personality, the side of him that normally only his family and friends would see.

We haven’t see the ads yet, but, it sounds like its ramping up to be an entertaining and light-hearted campaign. It will almost certainly pull people’s attention away from the fake press release from a couple of days ago.

UPDATE – Videos below:

Via: USA Today

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