T-Mobile’s latest marketing stunt – genius or just plain childish?

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Yesterday, T-Mobile announced that it would launching another marketing campaign against AT&T from today. Major newspapers would see print advertisements from Magenta commenting on how “nice” its competitor is. Along with it, came a “fake” press release with made up comments from AT&T’s chief and comments from Legere.

“Call it an awakening,” said Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO of AT&T Mobility, “but I felt it was time to really stir things up and put the customer first for a change.  And by “customer” I’m referring to our former customers who switch to T-Mobile, because our current customers don’t really qualify.”  De la Vega said that the new T-Mobile switching offer was custom designed to entice its millions of contract customers to go ahead and give T-Mobile a try. “If for any reason you don’t love T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network, which is now faster than ours[i], we’ll actually pay you up to $450 to come back to AT&T, I kid you not.”

Legere then goes on to compare AT&T to Darth Vader, mentioning the scene in Return of the Jedi when he takes off his mask and you see that he’s human after-all, even if he is a little on the less-attractive side.

As you no doubt gathered, this entire marketing campaign is centered around the idea that AT&T will give T-Mobile customers up to $450 to switch over to “Big Blue”. Magenta has been putting its own spin on it since CES, stating that it just offers a very easy way for AT&T customers to leave, try out T-Mobile, and then take up their old carrier’s offer and switch back again, if they’re not happy.

Now, I was perfectly okay with the comments and jokes made during the announcement. Legere has a point. It’s a risk-free way of trying out another carrier (specifically T-Mobile). I don’t even mind that’s it’s been turned in to a marketing opportunity. But I’m not entirely convinced it’s the best move ever made by Tmo’s executives. It just seems that step too far. And – honestly – it’s not even the advertisement. It’s the fake press release that kind of pushed me over the edge.

Don’t get me wrong. I love T-Mobile’s Uncarrier spirit. A change to the way carriers do business in the States was long overdue. I even enjoy the fact that Legere doesn’t act all corporate, using business jargon no one understands, and doesn’t even censor his own language during press announcements. It’s cool. I like that. But I’m not sure Tmo’s done enough yet to warrant its most recent move. It’s almost an un-earned right to be cocky.

I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks so either. Among a few blog posts on the matter, Peter Cohen of iMore (a big fan of T-Mobile) states his belief that there needs to be more action on the coverage side before Tmo can go around with a childish swagger like it rules the school playground. Chris Welch of The Verge states that it “reads like something straight out of The Onion“. In fact, it caused something of a squabble between Nilay Patel (one of The Verge’s chiefs) and John Legere. Dan Seifert was “unfollowed” by Legere after his comments on Twitter. Pretty sure Legere’s not a huge The Verge fan, and that’s okay. I can see where he’s coming from, even if he could have handled it in a more CEO-like way.

But then who are we kidding. The fact that he does things in an Un-CEO fashion is part of what makes him so appealing to the outside world. When’s the last time any carrier CEO was even remotely close to being covered in the press as many times as Legere is?

There were more instances of backlash after this fake press release, but you get the picture.

And here’s the genius part. It got noticed. Does it matter how it’s done? It’s getting a reaction, and in advertisement and marketing, that’s the only thing that really matters. All press is good press, as they say. The more people jump on the back of it, and comment on it, the more ground it makes and the more people hear about it. Ever wondered why some TV ads are so intensely irritating? It’s because they’re the ones you’re going to remember. And in almost every occasion, it’s almost always deliberately irritating. But I’m not sure I get that impression this time around.

T-Mobile has been a little too cocky, perhaps too playful. The press release pictures AT&T as Darth Vader, and pictures one of the most iconic scenes in cinema history. Except it feels a lot more like a Tom and Jerry cartoon. At least it does to me.

What do you guys think? Is the fake press release and marketing campaign just a bit of fun? Or is it a step too far for a company we all know has a some way to go before being seen as a real threat to the big two?


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  • jury_rigger

    It’s lame

  • TheVorlon

    Everything Legere says sounds childish.

    Good features for customers, but bad messaging.

    • ccnet005

      I keep getting the feeling that we’re about to get screwed over by Tmo.

    • josephsinger

      Who really cares how “childish” it is. It’s getting results. Maybe being all Ma Bell stuffy isn’t always the answer.

  • JB

    I love the guy and his attitude! However he’s becoming like that little Tea Cup Yorkie that runs and nips at the heels of the Great Dane that you’re about to take out for a walk… He might want to reel back a bit before this turns around and bites him and turn customers off.

    • trife


      He’s walking that fine line between being entertaining yet respected, and being a sideshow to laugh at.

  • Deadeye37

    I’m not a fan of this round of marketing. While I found it entertaining, the newspaper image looked like an ad for AT&T instead of T-mobile at first glance. The fake comments kind of shines a good light on AT&T being “nice”. Kind of a mixed message for those not in the know.

    My other concern is when your competitor starts making fake quotes that supposedly came from you, you open the doors to litigation. I don’t want to see some petty lawsuit to come of this.

    T-mobile should keep bashing AT&T, but lets do it without confusing everyone and opening the door for the competition to be able to lash back effectively.

    BTW, I totally agree that T-mobile really needs to expand & improve their network outside of major cities before they can really call themselves the king of the hill. But they are doing a really good job climbing to the top!

  • S. Ali

    You can judge Legere by the response of its competitors, not the craziness of his message:

    1.) ATT: adds a no-contract option, started throwing money at customers to stay/switch ($450 + 100), introduced ATT “NEXT”, and plans to turn Cricket (merged with AIO) into a brand new no-contract MVNO. Growth down 29% from last quarter.

    2.) Sprint: launches No-Contract (Sprint As You Go), OneUp (now defunct) and then Framily plans. Slashes iPhone prices on Virgin Mobile and reduces MVNO rates. Wants to buy T-Mobile. Bleeding customers, struggling to complete LTE network,

    3.) Verizon: launches a new low cost $45 plan, reduced prepaid rates from $80 to $60, started selling low-cost devices (Moto G) and launched “EDGE” program.

    This is all within the last SIX MONTHS. Think about the next six.

    • Roger Sales

      Sprint’s new direction is about attracting new customers and not just giving current customers a reason to stay. One Up basically made it easier for current customers to upgrade, which made them kill it in favor of framily which benefits them two ways – it gives people an incentive to add more Sprint lines and 2) it does away with unlimited data as a given because their network is at this point far too overloaded)

      • S. Ali

        The biggest problem with Sprint’s Framily plan is that they want YOU to do the work to attract customers in exchange for a lower rate. Instead of simply offering a lower rates (like T-Mobile), you have to play Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) games like Amway or Avon. Its like those mobile games that want you to “Share on Facebook” for 1000 coins. Amateur business.

        • Roger Sales

          I’m not saying I personally like it because 1GB is far from enough for me or my family, but for some people it could be a good deal. especially since you can change the data allotment per line to unlimited if you need that. There are some areas of the US where Sprint offers semi-decent service and T-Mobile coverage isn’t as great, and if I lived in one of those areas I would consider it. However, I live in the NYC metro and the opposite is true(Sprint is a true nightmare for their customers here and I have no idea why.)

    • Roger Sales

      AT&T’s 45$ plan to me is really misleading though. Yeah you get more coverage, but there are so many things they hide about the plan or things they make unclear in general. I’m under the impression it only applies to people who want to sign up for NEXT? I mean if its a better option for consumers then good – but at least make all the details surrounding it as clear as T-Mobile would if you want to attract their customers.

    • archerian

      You do realize that the reason Legere picks on ATT is because he can’t get near VzW – they added nearly twice the number of postpaid subscribers as T-mobile did last quarter, adding to their already huge base.

      • Trevnerdio

        Solely because of coverage. You think Verizon could, or would want to, touch T-Mobile when it comes to price?

        • archerian

          Solely because of coverage? The whole concept of wireless communication is to have access to cell phone service without being wired, so yeah, Coverage is the primary driver for wireless services.

          The fact that Verizon can beat T-mobile in additions AND charge a premium means they can have the cake and eat it too… Why would a public company want to decrease prices when it has increased demand with the pricing they currently offer, even if its higher than the competition? So no, VzW wouldn’t want to “touch” T-mobile’s prices as it goes against the primary logic of their business.

        • Trevnerdio

          Not debating that. VZW is the undisputed winner. But no one can argue that what they charge their customers is highway robbery. People are forced to pay not slightly more for better coverage, but monumentally more for better coverage…just cuz they can and get away with it.

        • 21stNow

          It’s not just more coverage that Verizon Wireless customers pay more for. Many of the VZW stores also have a tech service center in them. AT&T doesn’t have as many service centers as VZW does. Sprint seems to have service centers in some of their stores, too. I’ve never seen a service center in a T-Mobile store, though.

        • Trevnerdio

          This is why everyone should just be nerds like us ;)

        • archerian

          never knew VzW had tech service centers in their stores .. I should go inside one and have a look at the one near me… The people inside are all suited up and formal, with a strict business feel to everything..

        • 21stNow

          Please note that I didn’t say all stores, though all of the corporate stores that are near me that I can think of have one.

          The service area isn’t obvious if you are on the sales floor in some stores, especially the older ones. It is usually in the back or in a side area of the store. Some of the older stores have their tech areas in the space where they used to do car phone installation in the 90’s.

        • donnybee

          Not really just because they can, but also because people will pay it. Their customers, as with any company, choose prices in the end with their money. If they didn’t like it, they could leave. I hate their prices, so I’m not with them. But by that same account, someone else doesn’t think they’re getting robbed blind and are happy with their bill so they keep paying it. They’ve obviously got at least 3 other options, but they choose to stay.

      • S. Ali

        The hell are you talk about Verizon added 1.7M, T-Mobile added 1.6M last quarter (4.4M for the year).

        • archerian

          1.6 million net branded additions in a quarter? T-mobile has never done that, not in 2013. Get your facts straight.

        • S. Ali

          Dude, Legere made the announcement early at CES. Get with it. In fact, the final numbers will be higher when they do the official earnings call.

        • archerian

          Try again, it was 869,000 postpaid net additions.. 1.6M new customers means Gosmart, Brightspot, Solavei, Pctel, MetroPCS, free 200MB tablet customers who buy new SIMs … VzW 1.7M are high margin postpaid contract customers

        • S. Ali

          T-Mobile prepaid and pospaid are the same thing. They don’t have contracts anymore so that distinction is just semantics. Margins are the same (in fact they are higher in some regards – lower liabilities, no inventory risk). This isn’t 2003 anymore, the valuation models have changed so you can’t look at the data the same. T-mobile customers are paying full price for devices while Verizon is stuck subsidizing inventory. Verizon doesn’t have many MVNOs (no LTE) so of course they aren’t going to have many prepaid additions. Use some sense when you look at the numbers, its not black and white.

        • archerian

          You must be smoking some real good stuff if you think prepaid and postpaid for T-mobile are the same. Even better stuff if you think the margins are the same. You do realize that postpaid and no contracts are separate things right? Facts are in black and white, so check the ARPU for prepaid and postpaid from T-mobile’s annual reports. Additionally, T-mobile reports new additions, not net adds – so this count doesn’t include any customer who left T-mobile. And I’m pretty sure they count prepaid activations as a new activation regardless of how long it remains active. So its Legere who’s playing with numbers.

          The fact is that postpaid customers are more valuable is a well know fact – the margin T-mobile makes from an MVNO is much lesser than branded. So you can’t blame VzW for having too many postpaid and lesser prepaid customers – its the better place to be in the US market.

          Whether its 2003 or 2014, the simple fact remains that postpaid (and contract) customers are more lucrative is a given, even today. If T-mobile wants to change that, its well and good, but Uncarrier will fizzle out and might result in a million or two net adds for T-mobile. VzW can easily recoup that loss. Coverage is king, and unless T-mobile can do something about it, everything else will be a temporary phase.

        • philyew

          Not sure why you would claim TM doesn’t report net additions. The preliminary Q4 statement clearly states net additions. The Q3 results stated net additions. I’m not going to trawl back through previous results statements to see if it was ever different.

          If you can find somewhere it was, let us know please.

        • archerian

          I was referring just to the Q4 2013 numbers which haven’t been finalized – I have heard reports that several postpaid customers who have cancelled have been “moved” to prepaid. How and why that is done is not known, maybe it’s done for 90 days or so they can port their number out, but how sure are we that this is or isn’t not counted as a net loss? I don’t really think we should start counting prepaid adds until a month or few of usage. I also have a few SIMs I got via the free SIM sale which I have activated for the free 200MB data in case I ever need it while traveling – does that count as a new addition too? I think its not really the same as a new postpaid contract customer.

        • philyew

          I was responding specifically to your suggestion that TM was not using net adds. The press release supporting their preliminary Q4 results clearly states that they are. They also distinguish between phone and broadband additions in the post paid market.

          “Branded postpaid net customer additions of 869,000 include phone net additions of 800,000 and mobile broadband net additions of 69,000.”

          I really can’t say anything about the transition of some customers from post to pre-paid, but I doubt it will make a significant difference.

    • takiat

      I agree 100% with all of your points. What I don’t get is all the others on here who are complaining about how the message is being delivered. WHO CARES!!!! What Legere is doing is working, we are all benefiting from his message. All the carriers are lowering their overpriced garbage. It just goes to show you that no matter what you do there will always be morons out there who are not happy with anything. Keep it up John and Tmobile. Even the morons benefit even if they don’t realize it.

  • It’s become Popular to Hate on T-Mobile
    again. I’m okay with what they’re doing. A smaller company trying to
    fight Huge Fierce Competition. I don’t believe they’d be where they’re
    at Now if they hadn’t. I say Keep it up!

    • philyew

      When was it not popular to hate on TM? Even when any reasonable person might be applauding the moves they were making, there were always plenty of people claiming it was more important what they weren’t doing in the least populated areas than what they were doing in the places where the majority of the population live and work. More people were hung up on Legere’s personal behavior than the behavior of the corporation he represents.

      • Trevnerdio

        I’m a diehard fan of T-Mobile, but don’t forget…post- and pre-AT&T buyout attempt, T-Mobile was a black hole of bad customer service, stagnant pricing, and poor coverage. They were not making any waves and everybody found them to be a laughing stock.

        And look where they are now.

        • philyew

          I agree. I just think that the habit of bad mouthing the company that peaked during that period never really ended, because some folks have always found a reason to hate.

  • Paul

    Things to keep in mind about this whole (come try our network, and then go back to AT&T if you want) ad:
    – Trade-in of their old phone; So you won’t have your AT&T phone to fall back on.
    – purchase of a new T-Mobile phone; meaning you can’t leave until the phone is paid in it’s entirety.
    – and porting of their phone number to T-Mobile are required to qualify.

    • Roger Sales

      except T-Mobile phones are 100% Compatible with AT&T’s network and vice-versa.

      • donnybee

        Except you’re wrong.

        Yes, they can use voice and texts. However, the bands are different with spectrum. Data will work, but not at 100% compatibility as it did from it’s original carrier. Example: when I brought my iPhone 4S to T-Mobile, it was stuck on EDGE speeds until T-Mobile re-farmed. The same goes the other way. Nobody can expect the same experience when they take a T-Mobile phone to AT&T. Same tech, but different bands of spectrum.

        • superdry

          There are t-mobile phones that are quad-band HSPA (850, 1700, 1900 and 2100) so you at least get HSPA support if you bring it to AT&T. I don’t know about LTE. Just gotta dig around phone specs to see what it supports.

          Nowadays, a good amount of AT&T phone support LTE on 1700mhz (AWS) – so if you live in a t-mobile LTE market and bring an unlocked AT&T phone you can get LTE. HSPA is another matter unless you live in a refarmed area or do some hackery.

        • TylerCameron

          You mean pentaband :p

        • superdry

          Some might be pentaband while others according to specs (either from t-mobile, manufacturer, gsmarena or other sites one can use) are quad-band. Unless, for some bizarre reason 900mhz is never listed even if a phone supports it.

        • Trevnerdio

          More modern phones are different. May only get HSPA+ 21, but at least you get that and LTE.

        • TylerCameron

          Actually, the same does NOT go the other way.
          ALL T-Mobile phones since, like.. 2010 or 2011 are pentaband. HSPA.

      • Paul

        As is in the responses to your post, they aren’t all 100% compatible. Some are, and you bring up a good point. I’d have to go look at AT&T’s promo, but you likely have to turn in your phone for a bulk of the credit amount they are offering.
        When you switch to T-Mobile, from another carrier, you have to turn in your phone as part of the promo.

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    This is hysterical. Legere is a genius!

    We really need to get around this idea that T-Mobile is inferior. T-Mobile MORE than covers the needs of most people. Most people live in urban areas, so they won’t mind while T-Mobile expands its rural presence. T-Mobile OUGHT to be ballsy and make noise!

    I don’t like the tone of this article. It sends the message that even the author(s) at TMonews don’t even believe in T-Mobile’s ability to amaze.

    We need to believe in T-Mo to keep it great, and make it even greater! T-Mobile is a worthy, capable, well-equipped competitor. No uneasiness here! I invite Death Star and Big Red customers to try our network.

    • Jared

      I agree. I think the author should stick to informing the readers of T-Mobile news while keeping his opinions to himself and let us, the readers, stick to commenting how the news makes us feel.

      • krym73

        Exactly, why try to kill the good vibes TMO has build when it is at its peak.On some party pooper ishh…As a T mobile employee I have noticed alot of incorrect information being posted since David left, Cam’s great but I believe TMONEWS would be better of being handled by someone whom lives in the U.S

  • hanfeedback

    Not what I would have done but I like Tmobile, they provide excellent service where I live and I respect what they are trying to accomplish. This is the reason I am moving from ATT (Which also works great here) to Tmobile in the next week or so.

  • steveb944

    I agree, it’s pretty childish to release a fake press release. And are those fake quotes?

    And I also don’t like the new ads calling AT&T nice. The marketing needs to refocus on pushing what we can gloat about: fastest LTE, no contracts, International text and data, and finally the ETF pay off.

  • GinaDee

    I’m a fan of Legere. Great guy.

    I think this specific marketing tactic is a little lame though. Kids eat it up I’m sure ;-) It’s only funny the first couple of times then it gets old.

    I told Legere on Twitter that I love his plans but I want him to accelerate the LTE build out in areas currently not served.

    • archerian

      I’d rather have better indoor coverage in existing areas, including the non LTE zones before expansion of LTE to other areas

      • superg05

        there already doing that block a 700mz……

    • bob

      How about 3g coverage on a drive from say st louis to chicago, or chicago to Indianapolis…that’d be a good start..

    • Dakota

      His arrogance is eventually gonna bite him. Smoke and mirrors. Improve your network. Focus on Tmobile.. Not “changing the industry” which can easily match every single thing you’ve done. Didn’t AT&T just announce its lowest churn rate. Legere acts like a bully.

      • Spanky

        Agreed 100%. I wouldn’t say Legere acts like a bully (you can’t really be a bully when you’re no. 4), more like a fratboy. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, his obsession with AT&T is bordering on unhealthy.

    • TmoJohnstownCustomer

      I agree. Unfortunately, this is more bark than bite in much of the country. In the cities, Tmo is awesome. However, most of the country is still churning along on EDGE. This last week, AT&T rolled out LTE in my area where T-Mo is still running EDGE despite having an abundance of unused AWS spectrum here. I am not “trolling” by any means: I am a big fan of Tmo. Unfortunately, they are losing customers in my area due to only having 2G: I know many people who want to switch to TMO but will not give up 4G so they continue to pay the duopoly. I just wish we could get a new LTE timeline since it seems like network expansion/improvement has been swept away this year with emphasis placed on DT unloading the company

      • philyew

        The problem for customers like you is that, for every customer they lose outside the cities and suburbs, they are gaining two or more inside the cities and suburbs where they are concentrating their investment and activity.

        That is likely to continue indefinitely because there are over 180 million potential new customers in the larger markets, and less than half that number in the rest of the country.

        Legere keeps asking for ideas of what to do next in Uncarrier, and at some point he won’t be able to keep coming up with new ideas without addressing the issue of coverage outside the top markets. Until then, however, it’s likely they will continue to work on optimizing their investments where the largest potential returns are to be found. Makes financial sense, even if, unfortunately, it sucks for people like you.

        • mark

          I would like to see Legere open up the indirect channel to working with larger corporate customers . That is why small business is the back bone of this country.. They have feet on the ground,relationships and have a vested interest in there business to succeed.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Its crazy because T-Mobile has the spectrum to build a national LTE, HSPA, 3G Network they just not doing it lol… At least do it where its economical fees-able like down I-95 and major high ways and interstate between populated areas. Like from Richmond to Durham NC

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Funny and fresh

  • taron19119

    So today on Twitter David who used to run tmonews announce he is now working for t-mobile

    • thepanttherlady

      Yay for David! He told me something awesome was in the works but not what. :)

      • taron19119

        Yeah he’s going to be working for the social media team so next time u hit up t-mobile Twitter/Facebook account it may be David

      • Cam Bunton

        For him, I don’t think it could get more awesome.

        • thepanttherlady

          He’s definitely going to have a climate shock though! Florida to Washington is quite different. LOL

        • Cam Bunton

          Or Florida to Seattle even.. ;-)

    • Dakota

      Another objective ‘journalist’ turning into a flack.

      • Spanky

        Speaking of journalists, I commend Cam for actually questioning this marketing stunt, instead of fellating T-Mobile. Kudos to him for showing some integrity!

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah. Really excited for him! Perfect move for “Mr T-Mobile”.

  • J Cav the Great

    umm this is like two days old.

    • Dion Mac

      He ma not release my comment cause I just went plum off. Shrugs. Viewer lost!

  • josephsinger

    Don’t forget that legère in French means smooth!

    • Venera

      In French, legère means light (weight), small, soft, etc…

  • Dion Mac

    Haven’t posted to TmoNews since the takeover. MEH… WHATEVER!

    What it sounds like to me is the new guy trying to have some balls to talk bad about T-Mobile like David did those few times. I mean you’re quoting other people just to make your rant valid. No sir, it is not.

    I could see if he made the fake whatever actually sound legit, but you could clearly tell that it was not real. It’s comical. It’s clever. Its witty. WTF is the problem? You act like he said T-Mobile has better coverage coast to coast and the speeds are 8000 times faster than att. All he said is it is faster. Ahhh… it is!

    Moral of this post is… get your panties out a bunch, be loyal(you simple __), and watch T-Mobile do big things because they are putting money where their mouth is… 3.4 billion to be exact.

    P.S. I wasn’t sure how I felt about you… now I know!

    • philyew

      Wow! I didn’t realize that this place was a shrine and we all (including the blogger) had to respectfully worship the shining edifice which is T-Mobile.

      You personally abuse someone and demand “loyalty” because they have the temerity to utter an opinion with which you disagree?

      The article was laced with positive comments about TM and Legere himself, if you cared to notice them. Whether you like it or not, Legere’s style and the extension of that which is TM’s marketing strategy do not go down well with everyone – even big fans of what TM is doing as a business.

      This site represents and provides a forum for people who are interested in TM, not for the company itself. Given that Cam’s views reflect at least a part of the community here, they are valid, whether you or I disagree with them or not.

      If the day ever dawns when this site starts publishing nothing but “loyal” pap and is too intimidated to contain commentary like this, then it will be time to move on for me and, I imagine, others.

      • Cam Bunton

        Exactly. T-Mobile already has a means of publishing promotional material, it’s called PR. :-)

      • Dion Mac

        Awww, yall responded to my lil ole comments? How sweet!

        I’ll make this short. I didn’t reread what I said because I know it was clear and concise. I don’t have a problem with the editor feeling some way about TM and speaking on it. I just think for this particular reason was bull pooh! (Well this actually may not be short.

        @Cam Bunton “So I should pay any attention to your opinion, why?” You shouldn’t. #MovingOn

        @philyew:disqus I’ve appreciated some of your comments over the years, so I’ll make this quick… or naw. Shrine? BKY! I have no problems with the editor(as I didn’t with David) letting TM have it on the site, HOWEVER I just didn’t see this as a reason to make an elongated post about it. The only time David did such actions is when TM did something to negatively impact its customers. And the fact that he had to have sources of other blah blahs feeling the same way as to valid what he was saying gave me pause.

        @Cam Bunton “There’s nothing wrong with being loyal, but being loyal without seeing where the carrier can and should improve is important.” Please edit. Suggestion… but being loyal without seeing a clear path to a resolution can be dangerous… or something.

        BUT ILL DO YOU GUYS A SOLID AND NEVER POST HERE AGAIN.Especially when it involves speaking out or “abusing” the editor.

        P.S. @surfsup3:disqus BKY!

        • BlackJu

          OK, thanks.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          You don’t need to leave. Discussions can happen here without people getting hurt and closing shop. Let’s be reasonable here, people.


      • Jared

        I don’t think anyone here felt that this site was or is a shrine. To me, it’s a source of information, just like the five o clock news. And as soon as the news anchors start giving their opinions after a report they give on a story about the cops being called for a domestic dispute, I’ll be letting the network know I’m not watching for their opinions as well. The fact that Cam is being paid to provide this information just indicates all the more that he should remain unbiased HERE.

        • philyew

          I think you are applying standards of journalism which do not apply to the blogoshere. The formal definition of a blog is a “web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.”

          Even in the world of more formal journalistic standards, news outlets will include op-ed sections that give journalists the freedom to opine on current news stories.

          I didn’t have a problem with what Dion said until he wrote “…be loyal(you simple __)…” Now I could be wrong, but it struck me that he had probably written something there that needed censoring before it could be printed. To me, telling the author to “be loyal”, like loyalty was the purpose of the site, at the same time as being abusive was totally uncalled for, and I felt it was necessary to speak out.

          This is a blog, not CNN, Fox nor the NYT. We come here to pick up information and participate in discussions which are driven by information and opinion, and I have no problem with the blogger sharing an opinion as long as he doesn’t allow that opinion to result in him (a) filtering out the information, or (b) misrepresenting its content.

        • thepanttherlady

          No censoring was done. The comment was approved as it was written.

        • philyew

          Fair enough, but why write it in the first place to look like it had been censored?

          Dion had already commented; “He ma not release my comment cause I just went plum off. Shrugs. Viewer lost!”, which set up the expectation that the comment would be moderated, based on what he himself suggested was excessive response.

          Censored or not, for whatever reason, Dion did a good job of misdirection to appear as if he would be/ had been censored.

        • thepanttherlady

          My only guess is maybe for the same reason someone would replace letters with symbols when typing a curse word. And I’m not sure what word in his post triggered it to go into moderation but it did hence his second post.

        • philyew

          Oh well, tempest in a tea kettle, but it does seem to be open season way too often on Cam. It’s not his fault David isn’t here any more, and I’m guessing that David himself is quite happy how it has all turned out…

        • Spanky

          “This is a blog, not CNN, Fox nor the NYT”
          Exactly! Unfortunately, many users feel that this is a “T-Mobile fan site” and have stated as such.

        • philyew

          The starting premise of the blogger (David or Cam) has always been support for TM, but it has never been blindly uncritical support.

          If someone is going to come here to attack TM, then they need to be armed with facts, which are relevant to the topic in hand, otherwise they are naturally going to be treated as trolls by other contributors.

          That said, there are clearly those who are very quick to react negatively to anyone who criticizes TM, no matter how well argued and relevant might be their contribution.

    • trife

      You mad, bro?

    • Cam Bunton

      “Haven’t posted to TmoNews since the takeover.” – So I should pay any attention to your opinion, why? You only jump on to criticize the one time I’m not heaping praise on T-Mobile.

      There’s nothing wrong with being loyal, but being loyal without seeing where the carrier can and should improve is important.

    • $15454173

      Ah, you still need closure since David left left. Funny way to go about it.

  • PsssH!

    Just like Legere said. This industry takes itself to seriously. And now the bloggers and some of the readers are way to uptight about something that is trying to be different. Instead of complaining about this. Why don’t you complain about the NSA, spying on us in the name of terrorist…

  • Kyle Muir

    Troll Mobile :D

  • tech916

    Just got hit with an ETF from TMobile for changing plans …SO F’ck you Tmobile

    • donnybee

      That sucks. Maybe you should have called them instead of coming here to complain. Any contract breach can be reversed within a certain time frame in the wireless market. I’ve done it on almost every carrier lol I bounce around a lot

    • gentleman559

      Call customer care and they will reverse the charges.

    • philyew

      That must be pretty hard to do. I recently went from a legacy contract plan to Simple Choice without migration fees or ETFs. I still have a contract because I had subsidized phones on the old plan, but it didn’t raise any additional charges.

      It’s hard to think how you could have run into an ETF unless you moved from post paid to pre paid or cancelled a line as part of the change.

      • 21stNow

        I would think that it was possible if he’s been with T-Mobile for less than five years and was unwilling to trade-in the existing phone and buy a new one.

        • philyew

          Wouldn’t that involve a migration fee rather than an ETF?

        • 21stNow

          Yes, I assumed that tech916 misspoke since he/she said “changing plans” as opposed to “changing carriers”.

    • T-Mobile = Cheats

      migration fee , company is a joke. they think they are moving in the right direction. just wait until people realize how lousy the coverage is and the fact there customer service reps are told to do whatever they have to do to make money , they will just add stuff to your account. win at whatever costs, thats the call center way with these jokes

      • john

        Been with T-Mobile for over 10 yrs. never had services added or anything else. My coverage is great and I always get excellent customer service! Too many people like you expect more and get upset when you can’t get you’re own way. Might be spoiled a bit?

      • Shawn

        I like T-mobile but after this weekend I am considering switching. I got my bill in the mail and I had prorated charges because they changes my data plan without asking me so I had to get that removed and then I got charged a extra $60 and the rep said that was because I made a extra payment towards the installment plan and when I asked why would I get penalized for paying something off quicker she said that its how their system is set up. Ive been with T-mobile since June but it just seems like its not worth it anymore. specially with mishaps like this.

  • Arthur

    It’s all very well to say “T-Mobile covers most Americans,” or “who wants to pay for cow covering towers when most people live in urban areas,” but the fact of the matter is: It is NOT enough. Even if you live and work in an urban place, what about those times when you go on vacation, or visit friends or relatives who don’t live in your super fast LTE covered town? Chances are that MOST of us are in that boat! Just the other day, I wasn’t to visit some friends on a farm, and found that even if I were just driving from the SF Bay Area down to LA, there are a TON of sections along US-101 where T-Mobile only has EDGE or even GPRS, and sometimes even No Service, let alone simple HSPA 3G service!

    • philyew

      It is enough for some, not for others. TM will live or die by their Uncarrier philosophy: without contracts, those people who feel like you can move somewhere else to get what they want.

      At the moment, millions of people are coming to TM. It remains to be seen if they will stay, or feel like you and move on again.

      Right now, TM needs to invest in all areas of their network to establish a lasting competitive position. However, given that funds for that are limited, it makes most sense to spend the money where the most customers live and work. After that, expand to the areas that the highest proportion of their existing customers visit for a significant period.

      If they build out low density areas before they make their large markets truly competitive, they will lose far more customers in the long run.

      • dtam

        VOLTE will be the game changer. at that point they can retire the edge network and be completely LTE

        • philyew

          They still have to get devices in the hands of everyone which are capable of using voice over UMTS or VoLTE.

  • Alex Zapata

    As much as I love TMO, I find it a bit childish…..

  • Ha Ha

    tmobile is retarded, bunch of cheats


    I love T-Mobile but the coverage in my new city is spotty as hell.

  • Alan

    “It just seems that step too far”

    Well, they’re 100s of steps beyond that already. What’s one more.

  • Ralph Smith

    Cam, you make it sound like ATT is an unfairly maligned victim. TMO is doing ATT a favor by forcing them to innovate or die.

  • HeadBangToThis

    In the end, its plain to see t-mobiles hole new shift in marketing and the way they do there plans, is epic. It is working. People complaining about lte coverage are cry babies. Even hspa+ is fast enough. I mean if your getting at least that, what else is there to worry about? Coverage is good, lte? maybe not 100% but thats not a huge issue. You can hassle yourself about lte and go with someone else and take a huge one up the….. Look at the monthly spending charts posted recently. Its plain and simple to see. These tactics they are using are working real well. The amount of people i see respond to this stuff is actually surprising. There is nothing to argue about, the companies are competing. big whoop. T-Mobile still offers the better buck for reliable service, spends millions on refarming there network so you can use your shitty iphone or unlocked device with decent speeds. But then you still find the time to complain about these issues and the moves they make. Let it be

    • Charmed79

      Lol cry babies to want service in places there is still gprs. Here is a penny towards your two cents. Now shove it far far up your ass! Thank you!