T-Mobile’s new promo videos: Uncarrier 4.0, faster networks and a wrap-up on 2013

During last night’s press event, T-Mobile played a selection of promotional videos. Each designed to highlight a key element of the Uncarrier movement.

“Welcome to Contract Freedom”

The video that announces the exciting new move by Tmo. The one everyone is talking about. It uses dramatic music, bold fonts and real-person tweets all complaining about their carriers and being unable to escape.

How fast is fast? T-Mobile will show you

Another of T-Mobile’s promotional videos showcases the Wideband LTE network speeds in action. This 20+20 network is going live now, first kicking off in Dallas, and making its way across other key metro areas over the next few months.

A lot can happen in a year! Check out T-Mobile’s 2013

2013 was T-Mobile’s big turnaround year. They became the fastest growing network in the US. Not just its subscriber base grew, but so did its LTE coverage. Going from 0-273 markets in less than a calendar year is phenomenal.

For once, we agree with AT&T — Faster is Better

What’s a T-Mobile press event without a dig at AT&T? “Big Blue” made bold claims about its network being the fastest in the States. Those claims – apparently – doesn’t hold true anymore.

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  • woohooo North Dallas .. about 20 minutes from me so yeah .. i will expect Wideband LTE soon here in downtown Dallas and Arlington area.

    • miggity

      North Dallas 40mhz

    • Paul

      I’ve gotten as fast as 110Mbps in Plano, and can get 50-60Mbps around Geroge Bush. It’s pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

      • Jay Holm

        I can’t wait for those speeds to come to New Haven & Waterbury Ct!!!

        • Paul

          Can’t wait for the whole US to have those speeds…one day.

  • donnybee

    I wish we could see some of these on tv. I understand the whole viral movement and it helps a BUNCH with cutting costs, but these promotional videos are much better than ads T-Mobile is used to. I wish there was some way they could take advantage of it. Even maybe during Hulu commercial breaks, or on YouTube ads. Those are very good avenues for ads that would be much less expensive and more targetable than tv ads. Let’s get the word out! T-Mobile will be king!

  • Enoch Cheng

    I love everything about John Legere. Go get um.

    • Jay Holm

      I especially like how he refers
      to the wireless industry as “arrogant”. It is so, so long overdue for all these changes!!!

  • Ordon

    So no new mobile broadband plans for PCs, hotspots and USB modems? I’m using Verizon right now and was thinking of switching to T-Mobile but their mobile broadband plans aren’t that different.

    • Name

      Ya, was hoping to see some new prepaid non-Android/iPad only mobile broadband services.

    • me

      Was hoping to see some WWAN deals too. Too bad.

    • jamal

      Same here. I’m using AT&T for mobile broadband. I was hoping for T-Mobile to shake things up in the mobile broadband for PCs market.

  • Jay Holm

    So are there are new Tmo people who left ATT or Vzn in the past 24hrs?

    • Mike

      Got 2 of my friends to switch. 1 from sprint and 1 from verizon :)

      • Jay Holm

        ATT & Vzn control way, way too much ofthe U.S. market, I want to see more of their customers head over to T-Mobile!!! Even out the competition.

      • sushimane88

        Did they do friend referral? Both u guys can get 50 dollars. I just learn about it.

    • Adam12

      I switched to VZ for network reliability after being with TMO for over 7 years, just got fed up with all the drop calls and drops while streaming radio when driving. 10Mbps to 30Mbps is all I need for video streaming, know it’s rare for drop calls and streaming. Not jumping on TMO but they need to fix their network, you can buy a filet mignon for the price of a cheese burger.

    • FD128

      Just left a store where 5 business lines switched from VZ. all traded in iPhone 4s (s). They walked out with three iPhone 5s and two Galaxy S4. It was easy and painless. Just took a while for the trade ins to be verified and wiped clean. No complaints and the customer will easily save over $2500 this year. Their biggest PLUS — they go to the UK, Australia and China for business every quarter. No more roaming fees! As they walked out, they promised “an avalanche of referrals”. Go T-Mo!