7-inch Galaxy Tab 3 arriving in stores, available online

photoA couple of days ago, one of our sources informed us that the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3 was on its way to T-Mobile stores.  From the keynote announcement at CES on Wednesday, we also knew without doubt that Tmo would begin selling the device. Now, we’ve heard back from two more insiders with evidence to confirm that units are already making their way to stores. Some have arrived. Firstly, above is the most clear proof that it’s here. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 is in stores and – as expected – the boxes have the T-Mobile logo printed on them, and they indicate that the models being shipped are compatible with T-Mobile’s LTE network.

Although no guaranteed date was given for availability at the announcement, it is now available to buy online. Head on over to the tablets store page on T-Mobile.com and you’ll see you can grab one for $0 down and $13 per month on EIP ($312 in total).  Galaxy Tab 3 features a 7-inch, 600 x 1024 resolution display with a pixel density of 170ppi. So it’s not the sharpest of displays, but it’s adequate. It has 16GB of onboard storage, but can be expanded with the use of a Micro SD card and has a 1.7GHz dual-core processor. It runs Android 4.2. Although specs and performance are obviously different, it’s certainly a lot cheaper than the iPad mini w/Retina also on sale, but it’s nowhere near the value offered by the Nexus 7. As a comparison, the Nexus 7 has a 7-inch 1080p display (323ppi), 32GB internal storage and a quad-core 1.5GHz processor. Cost: $384 in total ($0 down/$16 per month). For me, for the extra $3 per month, it makes a lot more sense to go with the Nexus. But I know there are Samsung fans out there who might feel differently.

From a separate store, the following delivery notice shows Galaxy Tab 3’s on their way to another store.




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  • cktsin

    This thing is an overpriced, underspecced pos. What the hell are T-Mobile thinking? Bring the Note 10.1, or the new pro models.

    • Chad Dalton

      i agree i want the note 10.1, i wouldn’t hesitate buying if they carried it,.

    • g2a5b0e

      I completely agree. This device DOA. Why would anyone buy this over a Nexus 7? They should definitely just wait until the new models unveiled at CES arrive.

      • Bklynman

        One good thing about it,u can get it within 3 to 6 months on Ebay ,Swappa less than half price! LoL!

      • Oliver Jackson

        I’m good.I rather wait for the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

        It got the Nexus 7 2013 beat by a mile

        • g2a5b0e

          I would take the Pro 8.4 over the Nexus 7 as well, but considering the former will more than likely be about double the price of the latter, the Nexus is a considerably better value.

  • Bklynman

    This sounds like a tablet that came out 3 years ago,why would Samsung even buid
    it like this? The only good thing about it,it has SD card slot. You are better off going to Ebay or Swappa,buying one of the older Sammy,for half price,or even Springbroad less than $150. Sometimes less than $100. I am using a use Springboard as I type tis it is pretty good tablet,too bad Tmo over price them when they were selling them,just like they doing with this new Gal Tab. Makes u wonder why.

    • donnybee

      Too bad your tablet doesn’t do autocorrect though ;)

      • Bklynman

        LoL,I agree with you. It the same with my phone too! LoL!

    • It came out almost a year ago, was announced at CES 2013.

  • mingkee

    I’d go this route instead of it.
    Get a Galaxy Hotspot and your choice of tablet.

    • That won’t get you the free data for life you get if you buy the tablet from TMO.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    My work location changed from one side of the street to across and T-Mobile LTE and HSPA took a dump. I get 1 bar of hspa to no bars now. Speeds went from around 20 Mbps to almost edge. Which sucks. Can I call T-Mobile with the issue? Get a Cell Fi or whatever it’s called.

    • Trevnerdio

      Yes, you can.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        Should I call the customer service or technical support?

        • Trevnerdio

          Customer service first, because I don’t think you can go straight to technical support.

    • You can but it won’t do much good I called customer service multiple times over a ~2 year period trying to get at least consistent EDGE service in some dead zones near where I live (suburban Los Angeles) and it never got better.

  • Brian Hurd

    TMO comes up with a great tablet plan but unfortunately the only Android tablets they have are 2 years old excepting the Nexus 7 2013.
    No 8″
    No 10″ other than a 2 year old Samsung. They must’ve bought the inventory out….
    Come on TMO, get with it! There are those of us who were customers before Apple came on your scene.

  • Joshua Austin

    I’m glad they finally got another Samsung tablet, but why did they decide to only offer the 7in model? I wonder if the Note 2014 Edition tablet will make its way to T-Mobile, before it’s outdated…

  • Deibid

    $300+ for this?!!? In Dec, the Wifi versions were going for $149 and I even bought one as a present for someone for $129 on tiger. Paying double just to have cellular data is nuts! Just get a wifi tablet and tether to your plan…everyone gets at least 2.5 GB tethering for free on simple choice (unless on the 500 MB plan)

    • Generally I agree with you that it’s ridiculous that the mere addition of a cellular modem can add $200 to the price of a tablet.

      Of course one mitigating factor here is that T-Mobile includes free data (not much but something) for life for any tablet you buy from them. Then again when you are talking about a year old tablet that wasn’t much of an upgrade over the 2 years ago model the “for life” is realistically not more than a year or two at the most.

      • Bklynman

        They give u free data,from any Tmo tablet for free,u don’t have to buy it from Tmo. I get the free data,and the $10.00 off my hotspot plan. They do it automatic without calling them or going to astore to get it. Buy used Tmo tablet from Ebay,Swappa,a store that sells used devices,you get it. At least that what they did for me.

  • Warden

    My bf’s cousin has one and likes it, cuz it resembles her GS4. I wouldn’t really get it but i guess tmobile knows a few people will buy it

  • Does the text messaging works on this ? I have seen online they have $7 texting plan.

  • melanie

    I know this has nothing to do but does anyone know if tmobile’s phones work with att lte? In my area in los Angeles ELA 323 area zip 90022 tmobile service is spotty I already complained to T-Mobile alot they always tell me in my area their computer shows service is supposed to be fine so I just give up I got a brand new xperia Z and LG g2 so I want to unlock them n either use em on att go phone or AIO since att works alot better here I know because my friends on att get better service but not sure if the tmobile xperia z and tmobile version of the LG g2 have atts 3G and lte bands does anyone know if they do? Because it would suck if we’re to only get edge.

    • Melissa Cardenas

      Wrong section to ask this haha but its ok,I’m also in the same situation as u live in LA and cancelled tmobile due to service being crappy and I have my tmobile LG g2 brand new and my mom’s tmobile galaxy s4 and sisters purple xperia Z. And I mean our phones are like new I was at target the other day and saw att lte go phone micro sims for 10 bucks. I bought one tomorrow ima go with this guy in east la that has a cellphone shop and unlocks phones for 15 bucks hopefully all 3 phones have att 3G and Lte bands I’ll let u know tomorrow I mean I already have the att SIm I just need to unlock them but hopefully they do I know tmobile phones have alot of bands for hspa and Lte hopefully they include atts 3G and LTE.

    • tmo fan

      well if you look at the spectrum t-mobile bought from verizon, it covers a very large part of california. so the coverage is about to greatly improve in 2014. waiting sucks but they are working on improving coverage.

  • I prefer the latest technology, it makes me see things more easily than