SONY Xperia Z1S now on sale from, in stores from 22nd

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 13.17.32

Sony announced its T-Mobile exclusive, the Xperia Z1S at CES in Las Vegas last week, and not it’s available to order from T-Mobile’s online store. It’s $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $22, making a total retail price of $528. It’ll be available in retail stores from January 22.

Feature-wise, you’re looking at a waterproof device with a 5-inch, 1920×1080 resolution display. It’s powered by a quad-core 2.2GHz processor, a 3,000mAh battery and sports a 20.7MP camera. It also has a Micro SD card slot for expanding storage and since  it’s a T-Mobile device, it also comes with Wi-Fi calling as standard.

To order, head on over to the product page on

Will any of you be snagging one?

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  • sushimane

    i would so snag one but i just got done paying off my phone for the second time and i like to relaxing paying 74 dollars a month. i like the fact the z1s is waterproof,and the 20.7 mp i love how the z1 form factor glass front and back but it make it classy almost like a iphone. maybe a future phone after my nexus 5 would ever stop working.

  • carlos

    Color choices? Initially it looks like none, man I really would love a white one.

    • JonofPDX

      You might get it–Z and Z1 both launched with White, Black and Purple. But since T-Mobile only carries the Black Z now, I don’t know if it’s worth waiting. I know the guy at the T-Mobile store said they almost never sold the White and rarely sold the purple.

      • carlos

        Yeah, I guess its the Z1 c6903 unlocked in White for me then. I will miss the extra memory, and wifi calling. But I’ll gain the aluminum built frame, quicker updates directly from Sony, and of course in my color choice. Congrats to all of those who purchase this beast, its a great phone.

        • JonofPDX

          Both great looking phones :)

        • javixfone

          You are ok with “4G” right? The z1 doesn’t have 4G LTE that’s why I ended up going for my Z Ultra lte cuz that one had it. I was going to pre order the z1s but im with att and have to wait till the phone actually comes out to take advantage of the “get out of jail free card” :/ sucks cuz I wanted to buy PS4 and get the $100 visa card

        • thepanttherlady

          My Z1 has LTE

        • carlos

          Correction the international z1 C6903 DOES have 4g lte, I say this cause my sister n law has it and I can confirm that it works w/ tmo lte.

  • KingofPing

    Would love to see a GPe version of this baby.

  • Bryan

    Are there any reviews for this phone ? How is the camera vs the note3/iphone

    • JonofPDX

      No real reviews yet as it was just revealed at CES but lots of hands on impressions videos/write-ups. But those are all first impressions.

      That being said, the phone is ALMOST identical to the Z1 which has been extensively reviewed. Only differences are that the Z1s has a couple more camera modes, a re-positioned headphone jack and (at the request of T-Mobile) plastic sides rather than aluminum (I guess T-Mobile was concerned about LTE reception with the aluminum).

      • carlos

        Dont forget they (Sony) doubled the internal memory to 32gb from 16 gb. This would help those who like to download a lot of games, music,or movies. Its a good move by them to this for the Z1s.

        • JonofPDX

          What @carlos said. I completely spaced the 16gb extra memory but that’s a big deal for people that don’t already own a larger micro sd that they’re planning on slotting in.

          As for the camera, I don’t have any first hand knowledge as mine won’t come until tomorrow but based on research the Z1s is rocking a 20.7mp camera vs the 13mp in the Note 3 and 8mp in the 5s. And beyond straight megapixels, the Sony seems to have more shooting modes and better interface and dependability, including some cool unique features.

          HOWEVER–I read several places state that the post processing that the camera software does can put a lot of noise in darker sections of the picture. By contrast, I’ve always found Samsung’s phones to have pretty good noise reduction. YMMV.

        • Chimphappyhour

          Unfortunately, every side by side I’ve done or most bloggers have done show that those extra MP’s that Sony packs into their cellphone cameras don’t amount to anything. Too bad too because I really wanted to get the Z1 but that camera just couldn’t stand up to the Note 2 I had. I’m not expecting this camera to do much better and probably do worse than my Note 3. :(

  • Would this by chance ever come in white?

    • JonofPDX

      Maybe–Z1 and Z were released in White, Purple and Black. But as it isn’t launching with those options I don’t think you’ll see a different color for a few months at the earliest.

      And of course, there’s no guarantee it will ever launch with the other colors as T-Mobile now only carries the black Z on their website.

  • Espiridion Orea

    How’s the development on xda for Sony phones? Are there any good ROMs on Sony devices? Serious question. I wanna buy this phone. Another question if the phone is submerged does the warranty get void?

    • tss

      To the submerged question; no the warranty doesn’t void, unless you leave one of the doors open and water gets in. Each door has a water sticker on inside.

      • Espiridion Orea

        Figured much. Thanks for the reply

    • the dude

      id suggest not getting it if you want to root. my xperia z had locked bootloader and c6606 has no roms it was a royal pain to root. wonderful hardware but for someone who is happy with a stock phone.

      • Espiridion Orea

        Bummer wanted to pick one up. Beautiful hardware. Oh well. Still love the nexus 5.

  • best

    Any word if it has locked bootloader?

  • I ordered one. Switched delivery to overnight and in theory it is supposed to arrive tomorrow. :-D

  • emcdonald75

    Does it have an IR (infrared) blaster? I really use that feature on my Galaxy Note 3. Sometimes, i feel the note is too big, so I might downsize.

    • JonofPDX

      It does not–but a couple other Xperia phones do. This is basically a refinement of the Z1 for the US market. Sony’s next international flagship will probably be previewed in the next couple months and that probably WILL have an IR blaster if you want to wait.

      But then, who knows when a version of that phone will hit a US carrier? US is a secondary market for Sony, at least for the moment.

  • Jon

    I have placed my order and I should have it by Friday. I’m excited to get it I’m glad that I didn’t get the Z1 like I originally intended to. And this phone is reasonably priced I chose this over the Note 3. The camera and ip58 sold me on this phone. I’m not fond of Sonys UI I’ll continue to use Nova Launcher.

  • Takayuki Hirata

    I ordered this morning. I wonder where we can get a protective cover for this. I know it is bit different than regular Z1.

  • Hamster

    Still waiting and hoping for the Z1 compact.

    • Sriracha

      ME TOO :(

  • bryck

    Does it support the new 700 MHZ A Block spectrum?

    • fsured

      If you go to www(.)gsmarena(.)com/sony_xperia_z1-5596.php, it lists the C6906 model as having 700 LTE reception. That is supposed to be the North American release model and the one T-Mobile will get. There is a C6906 unlocked gsm model and that one does not support the 700 mhz (Amazon does not list this frequency in the details). That model was released when the phone first went on sale before T-Mobile and Verizon announced the swap. Wikipedia also has the phone listed to pick up LTE bands 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 17 (I’m not sure what band the 700mhz would be in). Going on the information I found it does appear like it would but your best bet is to contact T-Mobile and ask them. They should have the full specs on the phone. Might try asking for someone in Tech support to get someone with more knowledge regarding the hardware and network.

      If they were smart they would have asked Sony to update the hardware since this is a flagship device and would make the phone more desirable for sales. I’m considering using Jump! in 2 months to upgrade my Z to this model. Or the compact if they carry it later on.

      • Hamster

        You’re looking at the Z1, not the Z1S (specs here: ). Neither supports T-Mo’s new A-block 700Mhz, though. LTE band 12 is what’s needed for that.

      • just me

        The band that is useful for T-Mobile customers in the future is band 12. There’s this whole big BS thing with ATT and standards that split the 700mhz spectrum into different band classes. As if frequencies and bands weren’t confusing enough. Friggin ATT. But I digress.

        Phones compatible with band 12 won’t start being more widely available until late this year. There is a single phone that I know about right now that supports it- the US Cellular variant of the Moto X(Motorola XT1055).

    • Hamster

      No. Such phones probably won’t be available until late in the year. It will probably take at least that long for T-Mo to start turning on the new spectrum as well.

      • Jay Holm

        Surely the S5 will have the 700 support!

    • gentleman559

      I read somewhere that it does.

    • Alex Zapata

      The short answer is no. While it does support band 17 (B+C) it needs band 12 (A+B+C). As far as I’m aware there are no devices aside from the Moto X on US cellular that support band 12.

      • bryck

        I thought so, thanks.

  • JonofPDX

    I ordered it this morning–scheduled to ship today and be in my hands some time tomorrow.

    Can’t wait–I actually switched to T-Mobile FOR this phone.

    Heads up if anyone is interested–if you buy a PS4 in the next month and buy this phone THIS WEEK, Sony will send you a $100 mail in rebate.

    Sony is also offering a month of Music Unlimited, 6 movies and TEN PSM games free with the purchase of this phone. Not a bad deal for what will end up being a $429 phone after the rebate–though if you’re willing to wait 6 months you’ll probably be able to find a better deal. But then, that’s true of any new flagship.

    • I wish this deal were retroactive for those of us who purchased a PS4 at launch… Oh well, very excited to get the phone in any case!

    • ENio

      I was having problem placing the order through the website so talked to the T-mobile CSR and was told that nothing will be shipped out until 22nd?

      • JonofPDX

        Hmm–news to me. My conformation email says I have an expected delivery date of 01/14/2014.

        Guess if it doesn’t show up tomorrow I will be calling them and requesting a refund of my $24 next day shipping.

        • Jay Holm

          Enjoy your new phone dude! It’s certainly a well-specced device!

        • JonofPDX

          Thanks :)

        • ENio

          So.. did you get it yet?

        • JonofPDX

          Still at work but UPS says “delivered”. Barring them sending me the wrong phone, I think I’m good.

          Can’t wait to go home and play with my new toy…I mean set up my device :)

    • GinaDee

      What carrier did you switch from?

      • JonofPDX

        Sprint, as I needed a carrier that offered unlimited data and my employer gave me a discount through them.

        T-Mobile matched the discount though, so I am actually getting a little bit of a rate drop. Good times :)

  • Is the rear of this phone glass?

    • JonofPDX

      Yes, tempered glass on front and back like an iPhone 4. Plastic around the sides per T-Mobile’s request (they were worried the aluminum frame of the original Z1 would hurt LTE reception).

      • Awesome. Sony makes some nice devices (hardware) and very understated which I love. Something about rooting for the underdog always makes me proud to own things like this… OK I’m rambling now.

        • JonofPDX

          I get it. And as a Vita owner I know ALL about rooting for the underdog :)

          I also like that it’s not an iPhone or the next Galaxy. Not that those both aren’t great phones but it’s nice to have something a little different that also looks and feels premium.

  • “and not it’s available to order from T-Mobile’s online store.” Spelling mistake Cam ;) But this phone seems pretty sweet, although I’m probably gonna pass on it.

  • Nearmsp

    @ Cam Bunton – you may have missed out something that may be of interest to T-mobile users:
    Sprint quietly kills OneUp early upgrade program

  • JonofPDX

    So as I don’t seem to be the only person who is thinking about ordering this–question:

    Anyone know what “Airtime Value of $10 towards Sidekick service” is? It’s listed in the specs/features and I have no idea what it pertains to. All that comes up when I google it is a data service plan that was discontinued in 2011.

  • Morton H

    I have the LG G2..tmob..what does anyone think this phone or worth switching too the Z1S..? Almost the same specs but I luv the fact that I will have a better cam and a sdcard slot that the powerful G2 is missing..any opinions or suggestions?

    • Myrmidon

      I have the G2 as well, but I won’t be switching. The G2 has a far better display and its camera has optical image stabilization.

      Plus I just don’t think I could ever go without the “Knock On” feature haha.

  • Jon

    Anyone know where I can find a case or accessories for this phone? It’s so new I can’t seem to find anything for it.

    • thepanttherlady
      • Jon

        Thanks ^_^ that wasn’t there when I ordered the phone a few days ago. I feel kind of slow lol I have been searching Amazon, EBay and other sites for the past two days.

        • thepanttherlady

          You’re welcome. :) I just did a Google search right now. I did look at what Ebay has and I must say people need to be very careful in reading the descriptions. They have cases listed as fitting both the Z1S and the Z1 compact…not possible. Also, some listed as for the Z1S clearly have the headphone jack on the top left which is the Z1.

  • Disapointed

    Android police just reported [sorry Cam you’ve been scooped again] That this new Sony device is bootloader locked! So much for this device being my next upgrade. Tmobile just screwed up big time.

    • thepanttherlady

      This shouldn’t have been a surprise as the XZ and XZ1 were the same.

      • Kevin Tan

        o you have zero knowledge on smartphones

        • thepanttherlady

          You found me out!


    • best

      Such a shame…

  • mike larry

    Anybody know what what happen with the sony rebate ? I checked the Sony website last week and it had a link to the rebate form and instruction and today I checked back and could not find anything.

  • mustang8918

    We’ll I went to the store and checked it out. The screen looked great to me and it was thin but it was just way to tall and wide, almost phablet size.

  • rob

    They raised the price to 600$ from 528