The iPhone 5s/5c Has Arrived On T-Mobile, And You’ll Never Guess The Most Popular 5c Pre-Order Color

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Today is the day and perhaps one of the biggest launches in recent T-Mobile history as the company finally finds itself off the sidelines with a new Apple iPhone launch. To say that T-Mobile is excited about this launch would be a mild understatement, and you can tell exactly that from the Bloomberg interview with T-Mobile CMO Mike Sievert. According to Sievert, pre-orders for the iPhone 5c are “going fine” and while they won’t give numbers, they are definitely pleased so far. As for the hottest color of the iPhone 5c pre-orders, it’s pink. Surprise, surprise you all love Pink.

In the full interview, it’s clear from Sievert’s excitement that T-Mobile is thrilled to be off the sidelines for an iPhone launch and believe their “very transparent” way of doing business is winning customers over in droves. Customers can “celebrate choice” on T-Mobile and avoid the “other carriers [from] charging you twice” thanks to T-Mobile’s no contract, no subsidy approach to the market. T-Mobile’s new way of doing business is clearly moving the company in the right direction as it lost 2.2 million subscribers a year go and outpaced the competition in growth last financial quarter.

T-Mobile hopes that with an “industry that is stupid, broken and arrogant” customers will recognize that doing business with T-Mobile and “on their terms” will help them recognize that T-Mobile is the right place to pick up the brand new iPhones.

T-Mobile will offer iPhone 5s starting at an introductory price of $99 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $22.91* for the 16GB model, and iPhone 5c will start at an introductory price of $0 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $22* for the 16GB model.

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  • Willie D

    Pink? Really? Maybe I’m color blind (hint-Im not) but that “pink” looks salmon or coral kinda orange to me and is ugly. The worst color they made. Blue and white, then green then yellow in order of best to worst.

    • taron19119

      yeah that’s definitely not pink its more of an orange color where did they get pink from

    • LC

      Yeah, it really isn’t a great color…it really is in-between color that I personally don’t think really worked out. Pre-orders are clearly saying otherwise, but it just isn’t for me. If I did a 5C, I would do either the blue or green.

    • Singleweird

      it was our most popular seller.

  • Stan

    Pink ? LOL. Says a lot about apple fans. :)))

    • JBLmobileG1

      The sad thing is, is that it’s a salmon pick, or as I like to callIit … a pepto bismo pink.

  • Encino Stan

    Well, they didn’t offer magenta.

  • Joe

    Anyone who got 5s from Tmo store checked if it comes unlocked?

    • taron19119

      It’s not

    • KingCobra

      It’s only unlocked if you get it from the Apple Store

  • Adrayven

    Ordered my iPhone 5s 64gb grey.. wasn’t going to, but my 16gb i5 kept running out of space so figured might as well. Ordered at my local store, delivery is expected on Oct 1st.. Sold my old i5 for $400, covered my remaining EIP.

    Reps told me that stores are getting priority over online because of the shortage issues.

    • LC

      At least you can know that the 64gb units won’t be sold in store, so that won’t really affect you at all.

      • Adrayven

        Only 2 stores out of the my area (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, etc) had any iPhones on hand.. everyone else was left w/o ANY phones, so the store manager told me.. Guess a lot of miffed reps.

        EDIT: and if you order, they told me they are waving the shipping because of the shortage today.

        • LC

          Yup, that’s true for ground shipping, but for anything faster than that the customer will still be paying for the shipping charge.

          That would be incredibly frustrating to not have any phones at all, but Apple is playing their game unfortunately. I think it’s strange because they’re all about creating a great customer experience. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

        • awatt

          This is just regular economics (Supply & Demand). Shortages create higher demands for the product.

        • LC

          Oh sure, I completely understand that. I just think it’s funny that Apple would on one hand say they’re all about the customer and creating the best customer experiencing possible while on the other hand allowing the launch to happen without adequate inventory across the board.

    • You can stream everything you purchased from the cloud now, so I went with a 16GB. Movies, music, TV shows, you name it. But if you don’t have any purchases, or plan to purchase…the 64GB is the way to go.

  • disqus_fpAYFXkBTz

    I don’t know about stores having priority over online: I was actually able to order online before 12:00am PST and both models (space gray 32GB and gold 16GB) have already shipped.

    • thirty5thrifters

      Really? I ordered before then as well (gold 32gb) and it says backordered. My estimated delivery date is the same still though.

      • disqus_fpAYFXkBTz

        yeah, the t-mobile order status page says ‘shipped’ and I have UPS tracking numbers (although they don’t work yet, as is usually the case un the first few hours after items are shipped). Specifically for the gold one, the estimated delivery date is 09/27 (I chose regular ground shipping for that one).

    • gurureoul

      I think you’re right about there not being any priority for stores over online. I ordered my phones from a local t-mobile store in Baltimore (which apparently got completely shafted because no store received any 5s according to the one I went to). I also was the first person in that store. The grey 5s is still “Pending Shipping” with no tracking number and the gold one is now backordered. So in the Eastern timezone, the first one ordering in that particular store, and I still have to wait. Of course, I’ll not ever go to a T-mobile store again to purchase a phone – not because I have to wait, but because the consistently lied to me and others about having the phone in stock and then lied to me about when I’d get the phones. I would have completely understood if they were up front about everything and what was going on – that’s Apple’s poor supply – but there’s no excuse for lying to me.

  • Pink is for all the tweens hounding mom and dad for a phone…

  • tomarone

    The photo does not show pink it shows some kind of orange

  • CJ

    Can you get the 32gb in stores in Chicago

    • LC

      No. Stores will only carry 16gb in both models.

      • CJ

        Yeah that is what I figured, I ordered it but do not want to wait until October lol!

        • LC

          I don’t blame you, but I’ve always found that the phone will usually arrive at least a few days ahead of the original expected date.

        • John

          In Brooklyn we have the 32gb 5C and 5S.

  • When I went to get mine this morning, they only 30 in stock for space gray for the 5S, and 100 in stock with 3 of the colors for the 5C. I went for the 5S anyway though, and didn’t want the space gray at first. But after looking it over, just got it since I was already there. The ‘gold and silver’ took priority for ‘online’ orders, which is why they didn’t have any in store is what I was told.

  • Steven Bloomfield

    Only gray at the store near me in Jax, FL. Got it for my son and ordered a silver one for myself. Moving to the new pricing was so much cheaper that even with JUMP and $44/month payments for 2 iPhones I’m paying about what I was paying before (4 lines).

    • Gray and silver? What? I didn’t know those were available on the 5c

      • RedGeminiPA

        They’re 5s colors.

      • Steven Bloomfield

        Sorry, I forgot to specify 5S.

  • Walter White

    That’s not pink blind bats!!!!

  • Fish

    that iphone sure looks a lot like a nokia 520…

    hmm…*strokes beard*

    • RedGeminiPA

      And Nokia’s current designs look an awful lot like earlier iPods…

      • BallaOnnaBudget

        Of course cause I make calls with that iPod click wheel all the time.

    • the2000guy

      At least nokia 520 doesn’t look cheap as the iphone 5C

  • aantoine87

    majin buu pink? guess the iphone is really mostly bought by woman

  • Kenan Jackson

    I ordered a 32gb, gray online at 3 this afternoon EST. Chose Saturday shipping and all looks good for delivery tomorrow.

    • the2000guy

      Why you didn’t ordered the gold one? Honestly, that black/gray combination looks better than my black/slate 5

      • Kenan Jackson

        Simply because I’m not a fan of white faced phones, nor gold. It’s going in a case anyhow.

  • samsung4lyfe

    Surprise surprise naaaaat. Pink is obvi the best selling color cuz iphones are for girls #SGN2

    • MisterBlue

      And men buy the SG Note to compensate. No surprise there either.

      • tho

        So you’re saying that it (SG Note) is a superior phone?

        • MisterBlue

          It’s a bigger and longer phone.

      • samagon

        are they compensating for bad eyesight? large hands?

        maybe they want to justify the cargo shorts they just bought, or have always been looking for a reason to buy cargo shorts, and this gives them the opportunity to do so.

        then again, maybe they just like looking silly holding an ipad mini sized object next to their head.

    • Dakota

      Yeah I wonder if the Iphone 5C is geared mostly to kids…but for a $100 savings, I dont see why you woudnt go for the top of the line. But the changes and a finger print sensor doesnt make me want this phone or persuade me to switch from a Nexus…but Im curious as to whether Kit Kat brings anything unique. The fact they didnt jump to 5.0 doesnt give me a lot of hope. Im still fine with the GNex although a better camera might cause me to consider it. Sadly the GNex doesnt seem to be worth that much anymore although a few months ago, I was able to sell one on Craigslist for $240 which I thought was a great price…but you just have to find someone who really really really wants that phone. A $350 Nexus 5 (or a 32gb version at a low price that can be used on prepaid) would be enticing. I hear Straight Talk is now offering ATT LTE although not TMobile.

  • Anonymous

    Pink? That reminds me of Kobo offering their new e-reader in black or pink. It seemed weird at the time, but maybe they were onto something…

  • Dakota

    Really dont understand the frenzy except for the Apple limited quantity hyping it even more. The 5C apparently is just the 5 in a color…and with so many people putting iPhones in cases anyway, I dont see the big deal of the colors. But it does seem that whatever Apple does will never disappoint iPHone users…Even though many features are things that are easily available in standard Android or free apps

    • Apple isn’t after the power user or the technical buyer. They don’t compete on specs alone and they don’t want to,,, Apple is after the buyer that wants a simple, integrated, easy to use ecosystem and doesn’t really care about price. In the process, they accidentally became a status symbol… all the masses know is the rich and famous use it and it’s expensive so they want it too. Nothing wrong with that, but the reality it’s not the BEST phone, even if it is best for some people.

  • raysfan1985

    I knew it was pink. Why? Because most of the people left that use iPhones are women and older people , who are both less tech Savy. (No offense to the tech savy ladies out there.

    • the2000guy

      they simply want an attractive phone and also as easy as possible to make calls, text, facebook and nothing more. That’s why most of women buy an iphone, and also because people talk a lot about iphone so that’s another point to select an iphone over the rest, unless you say to some of them who love to take a lot of pictures thenyou mention the Nokia Lumia 1020 has the best camera in a cellphone and then they will think twice to buy the iphone. LOL

  • np6s4x

    pink and blue make sense, not sure about the green or yellow though

  • the2000guy

    All of the iphone 5C look horrible and also cheap, If I want a phone that looks cheap then I would select a samsung galaxy for sure. But the iphone 5C looks way too cheaper than the samsung galaxy

    • 2375casper

      Let me guess your with Cricket and you have a flip phone still

      • Quan Bui

        I’ve been with T-Mobile for over 8 years now and I have quite a nice collection of smartphone… and I would even agree with “the2000guy.” Have you ever seen the iPhone 5c in person? it looks really really cheap, even compared to samsung phones

        • No it doesn’t. It feels fine & looks nice. Stop your trolling bullshit.

    • KingCobra

      You call it cheap looking and then cite the cheaper looking samsung galaxy as an alternative? You should at least mention a quality built handset like the HTC One.

  • doodohimoomoofarts

    hi. iPhones R 4 Dummiez

    • oplix

      ya those dummy lawyers, doctors, etc. Man are those idiots missing out on whatever you are using. Must suck to have an iphone, porsche, and a mansion. /sarcasm

  • Burningguitar

    Finally got the shipping info, our two silver 5s’s left the warehouse in Kentucky and will arrive in Glendale, CA this Friday. We ordered on the day they came out at 10:30 AM, so that’ll be two weeks flat for delivery. Hope this helps anyone still in limbo!

  • jimmysalg

    My HD audio doesnt seem to be working on my 5S and I saw an article that claims that carrier update 15.1 disabled it