PSA: T-Mobile/Apple iPhone 5s Inventory, Availability Expected To Be Limited

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A quick public service announcement and word to the wise for T-Mobile customers hoping to snag an iPhone 5s device tomorrow. Reports are coming from across the industry (and across our retail sources) that the iPhone 5s is in short supply and T-Mobile, like the rest of its carrier counterparts will have limited inventory on hand. As it is we’re hearing that only “select” stores will have the devices available tomorrow and even those stores will have short supply.

Now, before you run and tackle T-Mobile for this…it’s clearly an industry-wide issue and we’re hearing the same inventory troubles are popping up at AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. In fact, a brief conversation with AT&T personnel earlier today alerted me that they only expect the space gray color variant with nary a gold iPhone 5s in sight. That’s across part of the South Florida area, not exactly a tiny market.

So, consider this your public service announcement of the day and if you want an iPhone 5s directly from T-Mobile tomorrow…call ahead and make sure they have inventory on hand. If they do, arrive early or be like me and order from the comfort of own home at 3:01am. Who needs sleep?

P.S. I don’t hear the same kind of urgency for the iPhone 5c, but expect limited inventory across the board so I’d still urge calling ahead and arriving early.

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  • Oh, this is going to get messy. I can already hear the reports on the Evening news.

    • kev2684

      first world problems

      • Well yea, but sometimes people actually really get hurt from crowd stampedes and fights at iPhone launches.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          How obscene.

  • Vasu Tummala

    Thanks for the update, is there a way to find out what the selected stores are in a given market?

  • Paul

    Of course!! It creates a greater demand.

  • iPhoneFreak

    Just checked with a local store in Pembroke Pines FL … 100 gray 5s and 80 various color 5c

    • formerRep

      Highly doubt those numbers as a former tmo employee. Most times reps are directed to not give out numbers anyway. And when there are shortages no store ever gets that many.

      • He probably telling the truth, because numbers sound about what my store has in stock. But you did say former employee, so times have changed.

  • KingCobra

    Just got word that none of the stores in our entire market will get any. This is a market of over 2.5 million. Not even just T-Mobile, all the other 3 carriers as well.

  • Vasu Tummala

    Just called all the corporate stores in the New Orleans area and only 2 will be getting them. One store was nice enough to tell me 20 Black and 20 White (wasn’t sure if silver or gold), and the other store said they’d get them, and then was aggravated that I asked any more questions (type, time, etc). At most, I think that’s 80 maybe for the whole area … do I try for the morning? Do I pre-order and wait?

    Anyone know if you pre-order at midnight, and then get one physically in the morning, if that’d be too late to cancel the order with apple?

  • jimmysalg

    Yes been reading all kinds of website today, and they all indicate the same. Short short short supply for the 5S. Best bet, apple store, and be ready to wait and pay full price.

  • One of my local store has 100 iPhone 5c mixed colors, and only 30 iPhone 5s. As for the gold, he said they only have a few and to come early if you want to get one.

  • np6s4x

    i hope to not hear “sold out in x time” stories then, cause that’ll just look bad on both sides of the coin

  • trife

    Went to a TMO store today and was told no store in the entire state (AL) was getting them.

    They said I could come in and they’d place an order for me. I said I’ll try my luck online tonight, as what they’d be doing tomorrow is essentially placing an online order.

    I love Apple but this manufactured hype is ridiculous.

  • bob90210

    The old “limit supply to drive up demand” marketing trick. It’s the same trick as “limited quantities available” sales pitch in infomercials.

    • CJ

      I agree this is done to create more demand then their is

    • Impatient Waiter

      yup, and what sucks is that it works every time.. it’s people like me though that strive to be the “first” to get that new technology. (in my case, it’s the latest and greatest Android device)

  • Damien

    Apple is so full of crap. Nobody else releases phones in short supply but them. They do the same crap every year and the sheep keep flocking to the wolves.

    • deeznutz1977

      I love android and have a Samsung note 2. but if you remember ssanding did the same thing last year with the s3

    • KingCobra

      You must have forgotten about the S3 launch, or the S4, or the HTC One. If anything you have to give Apple credit for being the only manufacturer to release their devices simultaneously on the same day for all the carriers. None of the staggered release dates and guess work that we get with the others.

      • Damien

        You got a point on that one. I guess the entire phone industry is playing the same game.

  • Jon

    Yup sofla is gonna be jumpin tmrw morning. Went to tmobile yesterday to set up my account for fri’s release, and to my understanding only the 16gb models will be in-store, in limited quantities of course, so those of you looking to cop the 32 or 64 like myself are going to have to order anyways (online/instore). Also the chick helped me out by makin sure my phone is ordered the minute their store opens. Good luck yall!

  • Roger Sales

    I just feel like Apple won’t be satisfied unless there’s a fatality at a store for these phones.

    • Stan

      In addition to its factories.

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        You’re extremely impolite, but you are witty. I give you that.

  • CJ

    So when will it be online?

  • James

    When will t-mobile online begin taking orders?

    • AJ

      I’m guessing midnight. On the eastern side 3:01 am.

    • Jon

      Should be same as everywhere else 12:01am pdt (3:01am edt)

  • bob90210

    Or by people who buy the phones they want and don’t keep friends that pass judgement on them based on the phones they have.

    • Stan

      So, based on what do your friends pass judgement ? Amount of blood you donated while sumultaneously saving a litter of kittens from Monsanto ? (btw, I’m for donating blood, for saving kittens and against Monsanto ;) )

  • trife

    You have some really s****y friends, bro.

    Here’s an e-hug from me. I’ll be your friend and I promise not to laugh at your phone or compare peni….err, screen sizes. Deal?

    • Le sigh…such a simple minded point of view. I don’t care about screen real estate, which is why I always espouse my desire to find smaller, more powerful Android devices. Try not to confuse your opinion with both facts and the opinions of others. Owning an iPhone is cool, or not cool dependent on the whim of the person who purchases the device, not anyone else’s opinion.

      • Jon


        It all depends on the individual…IMO the iPhone is the perfect phone. I dont want a brick in my pocket with dope yet under developed tech, the overall design/performance of the iphone is perfect…for me.

        • Jon

          And if I want to look at a bigger screen I just use my iPad lol =P

        • Stan

          Nice to have stamina to carry iPad with you at all times !

        • Stan

          I am an averagely built dude, spent last year and a half with SG3 in my pocket, no complaints, not sure how you come up with “brick” analogy. On the off chance you are a girl with a name Jon, i’m sure you have a cute handbag for phones and such.

      • CJ

        I am moving towards the Iphone because I want a stable phone that gets updated. The apps work and they are maintained.

        • JJ

          The iPhone software is kept up today and so is Google for nexus. Not all apps are maintained and kept up to date. I think both apple and Google could police the apps store better like if app not working and hasn’t been updated in two years should be removed but they won’t. I do use both phones and tablets.

        • Stan

          This sounds plain weird. Android gets updated quite often, if you get a Nexus device – almost too often. iOS on the other hand was stale for years, iOS 7 is the first major system update in a long time.

        • CJ

          if you get a nexus device, I feel android lax security and I am annoyed after the LG debacle

        • superg05


      • Stan

        If you have time for this please schedule a fact-finding session with your eyes, you might learn a lot.

    • bob90210

      Oh no, your phone is not cool anymore. Imagine the ridicule that your friends will give you. Not to mention all the people on the internet! You’ll be shamed out of existence. Better snatch up the cool phone right away!

      • Stan

        Yup, let’s pretend like coolness factor is nonexistent and you’re above it all. Must be nice to look down on all of us, puny humans, trying to get latest gadget the moment it comes out.

    • trife

      I own the iPhone 5. Prior to the iPhone 5, I’ve owned the Nexus 4 , Samsung GNex, G2 and the HTC HD2. 3 out of 4 of those prior phones have bigger screens than the iPhone 5. 3 of them are Android and 1 was the old Windows Mobile OS. As you can see, I’ve owned phones with diverse operating systems and sizes.

      I’m well aware of the other devices out there and what they’re capable of. I’m also well aware of their screen size. I choose the iPhone 5. Personally, I don’t need an almost 5′ phone in my pocket, but I’ll never knock those who like bigger phones. I enjoyed mine while I had them, but they’re not for me.

      I also like iOS a lot. But I like Android, too–loved Jelly Bean on my Nexus 4. But again, I choose an iPhone. That’s just my preference based on my hands on experience with other devices.

      So now can you really say I’m brainwashed or unaware of what else is out there? I didn’t think so.

      • trife

        Yep. Maximum troll level achieved.

        You literally have 1/4 of the posts in a thread about a phone that you despise. That’s rather sad.

        I’ll still be your friend bud….promise not to judge you by your phone.

    • jordanesque23


      • Stan

        Now without determiner?

  • jordanesque23

    You’re the complete idiot for not understanding that different people have different preferences depending upon their needs and wants. You are the IDIOT!

    • Stan

      Unless you are not a carbon based life form, your eyes need a larger screen for looking at pictures and websites, reading text, viewing navigation, etc. There’s nothing in iOS7 or iPhone hardware that satisfies your needs better than competetion.

      • jordanesque23

        You act as if you know everything and the truth is you don’t know what I and other people need and want. You’re an idiot.

        • Stan

          So, am I an idiot or the idiot? Asking because these are two completely different pay grades.

  • Walter White

    Well that’s ok, cause I wasn’t planning on buying a Iphone 5c(rap).

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      You clearly have bigger problems on your hands right now.

      • jonathan3579

        Yeah like the DEA.

  • KingCobra

    Have fun trying to be “cool” to in the eyes of your friends. The rest of us are already adults and buy what phone we feel has the most to offer. It’s cool if you like giant screens, some people don’t. Nothing wrong with that.

  • johnediii

    I live in Grand Rapids, MI. Friend of mine here called her closest T-mo store to ask. They said they will be opening at 8am but that none of the Corporate stores in Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo would have ANY tomorrow morning. They would only be taking orders.

  • Taylor White

    If your calling people idiots because of personal phone choice preference in a comments section of an article covering the phone you hate oh so much, you need to get a life.

    • Stan

      What does it even mean, “need to get a life” ? How do you know I’m not an Apple-hating hero firefighter bored out of my mind while waiting for next Hindenburg or something ?

  • tmoemp

    Yeah my store didnt get any failll

  • sftmo

    Only two stores in my market will be carrying them. We’re taking orders for them on the other stores. Just the Space Gray 5S available too.

  • Daniel

    So If I Order My Phone at 12:01a.m. and I Get The Express Shipment… Would I Get My Phone oN mOnday?

    • Singleweird

      depends on the warehouse supply and how many other people order before you. express shipping would be a risk

    • AJ

      I did the same…is yours stills saying “being processed”?

  • Cesar Castro

    Is that pacific time or what?
    I’m in NY how would be my time? 12?
    Please let me know!!!!!

    • wilde_ride

      pacific time, so 3:01 NY time.

  • Singleweird

    we have hundreds but no yellow 5c or gold 5s :(

  • JBLmobileG1

    The only carrier of iphone 5S and 5c that we received at my work were for Verizon. Personally, I think they look stupid and resemble an ipod. Also tthe only colors we recieved were white and, their so called Pink, which looks like a salmon or pepto bismo color. Definitely not the best looking iphone IMO.

  • CrzyP

    Not sure why but the website won’t let me upgrade. I’m pissed

    • JE Calhoun

      I had to go in several times before I could

    • CrzyP

      I ended up calling and they were able to place my order over the phone easily. I will supposedly receive it Monday. I have yet to see any shipping details.

  • JE Calhoun

    Whoop Whoop!! I just ordered mine…I couldn’t wait for the backorder on the gold so I got the silver 5s, hey I’ll have a case on it anyway so who would be able to see the gold anyway…#EXCITED

  • Paul

    It’s POORING in Dallas Texas and they’re lining up.

    I hope it goes down before lunch-my phone got wet and I need one ASAP, but not an iPhone.

  • jonathan3579

    The store I went to yesterday here in Houston said they had plenty of 5s and that I should have no problem if I wanted to get one. However, they said no gold expected to be in store for another 2-3 weeks at least.

    • Eric

      What store did you go to?

      • jonathan3579

        It was off Westheimer and Kirkwood.

    • Prod1702

      they just wanted to get you into the store. I work in one of the highest volume T-Mo Corp Stores in MN. The store sells over 1k phones a month and we only got 25 5S’s in stock and will not get anymore until mid Oct. The gold version of the phone is not going to be sold in a T-Mo store for awhile. so the 2-3week thing is wrong. They are just trying to get you to come in and maybe buy a silver one.

      • David Lebron

        I work in a high volume store in Orlando and we do 600 activations a month and we got 70 5S’s so maybe that store isn’t lying. As far as the gold iPhone, they may be fibbing a bit there lol

        • jonathan3579

          Well they did say at least, lol. I can’t call them a liar if it’s more than that.

  • jonmhutch

    None of the TMo stores in Austin, TX got a shipment of 5s’ today. Really disappointing.

    • tmobile retail

      We have them on westgate

    • Dakota

      Yet this all is portrayed at popularity of the iPHone where I feel another manufacturer would be criticized (like Nexus was) for not having enough quantity and underestimating the demand. Stores not getting any phones doesnt make sense considering all the hype

  • tiger200351

    I had to order mine online. No iPhone 5s in Huntsville, AL!

  • hank

    tmo’s upgrade feature for account has been down since midnight. cant order online!
    really dissapointing tmo.

    • CrzyP

      Call and order over the phone. It is really simple.

  • tt

    I work for tmobile in Austin Texas and we have the 5s in stock and no line

    • Dakota

      Thats not necessarily a good sign. Tmobile needs to get most people to switch to Tmobile vs the other networks just having people renew contracts. The faithful will run to the 5S and you have many 4S customers with expiring contracts that will want to upgrade. I think many people still dont understand Tmobile plans, or get scared when they read they have to pay full price, or just feel (real or imagined) that Tmobile doesnt have adequate coverage in their areas. Plus read constant surveys where TMobile comes in last in various areas

  • Dakota

    Why does this feel like a publicity stunt that Apple does every year and the press falls for it. They know there is high demand for their products and they have a year to prepare. Yet every year we see the same thing happen. For some reason, there are limited quantities and devices are sold out. This leads to more demand, to the crazy lines, and then the press fawning over how popular the phones are. Theres just something about it that feels fishy. Why does Apple not produce enough devices? IT seems the story wouldnt be as good if the weekend were over and iPhones werent sold out. Just wondering

    • raysfan1985

      The public class for it as well, unfortunately.

  • Simply Particular

    I tried to order a 5S at 3am, but couldn’t get the servers to load my account. By the time it let me in around 5:45, none were available.

    Went to the store at 8am and was told that no iPhones shipped to upstate NY T-Mobile stores, period. Not the 5C, or even demo units.

    They told me to go the Apple store to view their demos, and then come back and order through them in order to keep my current plan. Couldn’t get into the Apple store just to test the phones without waiting in the longish line, so I’ve got nothing.

    • CrzyP

      Call T-Mobile customer support. I was having problems too but a rep was able to order mine over the phone.

    • Misty

      I agree order it online, i had to call 3 reps and the third one finally ordered it for me, don’t believe the bs “were out of stock comments” they have them and can order it for you!

  • dtam

    haha, “short supply”. where have I heard that one before?

  • Alex Zapata

    I’m curious to see sales numbers on T-Mobile. Don’t care for the iPhone but more sales for magenta is always welcomed

  • Mondo

    Went into the store in Corona, CA. No stock, had to order it online.. Good news is that it’s coming in on Monday.

  • AnthonyRyan89

    I went to a Store in Coral Springs , FL they didn’t have any in stock. I had to order from the store, today I got an email it’ll be back ordered. Just my luck for wanting the Gold iPhone 5s Lol.

  • Burningguitar

    Got the 5s white ordered from a T-Mobile store at 10:30 AM on Friday. Next day the order was updated to “back ordered” with no info whatsoever on when they might get any. Oh the joys of buying Apple. You would think that when you do a product launch, you might get some made!