PSA: T-Mobile/Apple iPhone 5s Inventory, Availability Expected To Be Limited

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A quick public service announcement and word to the wise for T-Mobile customers hoping to snag an iPhone 5s device tomorrow. Reports are coming from across the industry (and across our retail sources) that the iPhone 5s is in short supply and T-Mobile, like the rest of its carrier counterparts will have limited inventory on hand. As it is we’re hearing that only “select” stores will have the devices available tomorrow and even those stores will have short supply.

Now, before you run and tackle T-Mobile for this…it’s clearly an industry-wide issue and we’re hearing the same inventory troubles are popping up at AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. In fact, a brief conversation with AT&T personnel earlier today alerted me that they only expect the space gray color variant with nary a gold iPhone 5s in sight. That’s across part of the South Florida area, not exactly a tiny market.

So, consider this your public service announcement of the day and if you want an iPhone 5s directly from T-Mobile tomorrow…call ahead and make sure they have inventory on hand. If they do, arrive early or be like me and order from the comfort of own home at 3:01am. Who needs sleep?

P.S. I don’t hear the same kind of urgency for the iPhone 5c, but expect limited inventory across the board so I’d still urge calling ahead and arriving early.

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