T-Mobile Hits Back After Advertising Council Advises Carrier To Modify Marketing Claims

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If anyone actually thought T-Mobile CEO John Legere would take the AT&T/National Advertising Division rebuke lying down, well…we’re just going to call you silly. Taking the NDA findings lying down is exactly the opposite of what T-Mobile and their boisterous CEO will do. In fact, Legere dropped this image off to me on Twitter boasting how he is reacting in a way AT&T likely never expected. AT&T may not have expected it, but if you’ve followed the Magenta CEO on Twitter for any length of time, you expected this type of response without question.

See, the thing about T-Mobile’s CEO and what makes him “him” is not just his unpredictable commentary, but the way he doesn’t care to back down. It’s a refreshing take on the industry and while I know I’ve made that point before and will likely make it again in the future, Legere continues to impress me. The more the company and its leadership continues to act unimpressed with the competition and act like they are leading the industry in a new direction, the more “Uncarrier” begins to take on a mind of its own.

Is picking a fight with AT&T the best move for T-Mobile? That’s an argument for another day, but clearly the company is continuing to downplay the NDA “wrist-slap” and the nitpicking verbiage AT&T took issue with. T-Mobile’s execs said in no uncertain terms yesterday that they won’t make “any substantial changes to our marketing claims” and as this image shows, they meant it.


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