Analyst Expects T-Mobile Uncarrier “Phase 3” To Target Family Plans


There’s no question plenty of hype and speculation exists around T-Mobile’s upcoming Uncarrier Phase III announcement, expected later this year. I for one have my thoughts and continue to hear whispers about its existence but I think any discussion is preliminary at this point. However, at least one analyst believes he has nailed down what T-Mobile’s Uncarrier Phase III will cover or attempt to change.

Adam Ilkowitz, an analyst with Nomura believes T-Mobile will target family plans and tablet users next with lower-priced data plans.

“T-Mobile is having the most success with single-line customers, who clearly get a better value for their money than being customers of Verizon or AT&T,” Ilkowitz said. “The third ‘uncarrier’ event from T-Mobile could focus on data plans for tablets or easing family plan transitions.”

Ilkowitz see this as a real possibility based on the momentum T-Mobile has going from the second quarter of 2013 where they had the “best postpaid net addition figure in years.” However, Ilkowitz floats another possibility as T-Mobile “offering new options for users with multiple devices.” Unfortunately, he doesn’t expand on the second scenario leaving us wondering how he came to that conclusion. According to the report, T-Mobile has forecast the addition of around 600,000 new postpaid subscribers in the last two quarters of 2013.

As for Phase III and it’s actual purpose, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has only described the plan as “solving another customer pain point…we’ll continue to disrupt but we’ll do it smartly and profitability.” Suffice to say, any of what Ilkowitz believes or whispers I am hearing can fit into Legere’s comments.

Uncarrier Phase III is expected to arrive sometime around Halloween. 

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