T-Mobile Stores Begin Receiving ISIS-Ready SIM Cards As Mobile Payment Services Readies For Nationwide Launch

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As news broke in late July that the ISIS mobile payment system was finally ready to go nationwide later this year, it was only time before T-Mobile stores started to ramp up as well. As one of the three national carriers supporting the Google Wallet competitor, T-Mobile stores in the Salt Lake City and Austin, Texas areas began receiving this SIM cards last year. However, after a series of delays ISIS appears to be on track for a launch this year with 25 out of the top 100 retailers already on board. At least some of these SIM cards have arrived pre-packaged with the Galaxy S 4 which all but assures that device will be ISIS ready at launch.

As it stands today, ISIS is already set up to work with Capital One, American Express and Chase Freedom credit cards. In summary, ISIS Mobile Wallet is simply a way of storing things your existing wallet already does, including select credit cards and using your mobile device to pay. NFC technology enabled on select devices allow you to literally swipe your device across a terminal or register and make a payment just as you would via credit card. ISIS organizes credit cards, offers and loyalty cards in one “convenient app.” As it stands today, ISIS is only available on Android though it seems obvious that an iOS app is only a matter of time.

Mobile payments are exactly as exciting as a newly leaked handset, and plenty of people will express concern about the security of such an app. Time will simply be the guide for telling us just how successful these NFC-based mobile payment systems can be. It’s likely that a lot will depend on just how much carrier support is behind ISIS and how much the carriers do to promote it. It’s entire future may depend on just how much the carriers care about featuring this service.

Learn more about ISIS: Pay With ISIS

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