(Updated) Windows Phone Amber Update Available For Lumia 810, Lumia 521 As Nexus 4 Security Update Drops

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Update: Almost forgot about the little phone that could, the Lumia 521 as it received its own Amber update on August 15th.

Windows Phone 8 users should be on the lookout, especially if you call a Lumia 810 your smartphone of choice. The “Amber” update launched a few days ago for Lumia devices world-wide and introduces a number of additional features that are well-worth your time.

For 810 owners, the update includes a “wide range of new and improved features and apps, like Nokia Glance Screen with the standby clock and an even better imaging experience for Nokia Lumia owners.” There’s a lengthy list breaking down each new feature over the Nokia Conversations website, which includes the Nokia Pro Camera…that app is reason alone to grab the update.

Nexus 4 owners should also take note as a “security” update is now rolling out on Android 4.3. There’s no word on what exactly this is fixing, but you’re on Android 4.3 so you have bragging rights regardless.

T-Mobile Support Lumia 810, Nexus 4

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  • sahib102 .

    Well better late than never :) but thanks for writing a section for the windows phone 810.

    • pam

      I did the update and my phone crashed. Had to exchange. Will not do it again

      • sahib102 .

        bummer that would get anyone mad just hope that does not happen to any or your new phones :)

  • noelsito

    Hopefully the Nexus 4 updates fixes the gallery bugs and random reboots

    • JT

      I stayed with 4.2.2 after reading all of the nightmares 4.3 is causing.

  • jay_max

    Any update from TMO on the release of GDR2 for the 8X?

  • ddsindy

    I’ve installed the Amber update on my 810. The new features may be worth the download, but what it has done to my battery life sure as hell isn’t. My battery lasted more than a day with some use. Now it’s half that. It really sucks.

    • Justin Black

      hopefully it didn’t reset syncing settings and such. Also, the glance screen will consume more power of course. I’d try a soft reset and if that doesn’t resolve it, call Nokia Care.

  • ex_nokia_exec

    I thought for sure nokia had forgotten about the 810.

    I wonder when the 521 will get the update?

  • steveb944

    Is this all Nexus 4’s on T-Mobile, or only the ones sold by T-Mobile? My Play Store N4 hasn’t shown anything and I’ve been on 4.3 for a while now.

    Edit: Just got the update, so I guess this applies to all Nexus 4’s. Awesome.

  • DeadMeat

    NO FM radio & NO LTE…Lumia 810 owners got the middle finger from T-Mobile & Nokia on those features.

  • h_f_m

    Every time i see this I think of “Amber Alert” … this is a badly named update. :)

  • volvoV70guy

    So happy. No more weird non-responsive-buttons-but-the-phone-isn’t-off-so-I-have-to-pull-my-battery issues on my 810 since the update.