LG Posts Four-Minute Walkthrough Video Of Upcoming G2 Smartphone

The LG G2 is a major product launch from the folks at LG and it’s unfortunate that after a high-profile announcement, it has almost dropped off our radar. Well, LG wants you to know everything about the device thanks to a four-minute incredibly detailed walk-through.

Innovation begins with understanding.
See a whole new level of innovative technology with meticulous craftsmanship of LG G2 in this promo film.

LG G2 breaks the limit with:

– Innovative design
– Impressive performance powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 Processor
– More intuitive user experience

Expand your senses, enrich your understanding and enhance your daily life with the device designed to meet all your needs. With LG G2, now it’s all possible.

It’s really very detailed and to be honest, I’m all for manufacturers putting out these kind of videos. It definitely shows all the unique characteristics and features that separate the G2 from the rest of the smartphone pack. With the iPhone 5S/5C on the horizon along with the Galaxy Note III, it’s a tricky time to launch a flagship device but the G2 certainly has the goods. You just have to watch all four-minutes to remind yourself of that.


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  • Richard Finzel

    This just so totally makes me want this phone more now.

    • gentleman559

      I know right. I need one NOW. LOL

  • Shane

    No kidding! C-Mon T-Mobile get this already and let us get one!!!!!!!!!!

    • ANON

      Coming soon…

  • Paul

    THAT is a sexy phone!! Some of the features are pretty swanky as well.

    When will everyone else jump on the “speakers in the front of the phone” train? Yes, HTC did it first, but that’s what people have wanted. I suspect that Apple might add that. I dig the use of realestate on the front. I hate phones that have space that isn’t being used by the screen. I’m looking at you Nokia Luminas. It takes all kinds, though. That’s mostly a personal preference.

    Of course, I love my Note 2 and as a graphic designer REALLY like the stylus being apart of the device. (not a third party piece.)

    The video is great, and I agree that’s it a GREAT way to show off the unique features and funtions. These type of videos also start the hum of a great product. I probably won’t get this model, from the fact that I love the Note’s stylus, but this is a VERY nice phone.

    • magmaspawn

      It’s an s pen

      • Paul

        S could mean Stylus. So Stylus Pen.

  • qpinto

    and i want it…but with a google play version, or nexus verson !

  • dj

    This can barely compete with note 2, a phone that has been out for year already. Step it up Lg

    • ANON

      How so? I’m not going to try to correct you because I believe you have no real argument since even the original Optimus G had better hardware then the Note 2.

    • ye

      LG will always be a cheap Samsung knock-off. I’m much more excited for the Xperia Z1.

    • Dion Mac

      In absolute shock of your statement!

    • Paul

      Hhmmm, I believe they are closer, in the specs, than you think.

  • 0neTw0

    I hope someone ports that Camera to the Nexus 4.

  • Bklynman

    This phone looks really great. I would like to know when LG,going to release The Double Play 2. LoL.

  • Oliver Jackson

    Let’s see what Samsung going to bring to the party with the Note 3 and compare

  • Melissa

    Considering how LG screwed me with my G2x, I’ll never buy anything LG ever again.

    • Tyler

      I don’t know if you remember, but there was a time that almost everyone had the same opinion about Samsung android phones. After the Behold 2 and a number of other mediocre products, they drastically improved their lineup. It’s your purchase decision, but I know that my optimus t was not very good, but my Nexus 4 and LG smart TV have been awesome.

  • considering it … i’m a fan of LGTV so would be nice I guess to have an LG phone right? :)