Google Drops Nexus 4 Pricing By $100, Tempts You To Purchase Just Because

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Well hello Google and a Nexus 4 price drop as the internet giant suddenly drops the price of both the 8GB and 16GB models by $100. The 16GB Nexus 4 model straight from Google will now tug at your heartstrings and wallet for a mere $249. The 8GB model will bat its eyes and put on a puppy face all for just $199. Sure, this could be a sign of a new Nexus on the horizon, but I’m still tempted to grab one just as a backup to my backup.

Seriously, at this price, even with the so-so camera…it’s a Nexus device and that means guaranteed updates for the foreseeable future. No contract? Let me just give that link to you:

Google Play 16GB

Google Play 8GB

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.25.58 PM

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  • Guest

    confused what price was it before?

    • $100 more, hence the $100 price drop.

      • WW

        Really not very confusing.

    • Bryan Sandoval

      300$ for 8gb, 350$ for 16gb

    • g2a5b0e

      Wow. Really?

  • 21stNow

    May this speed the death of contracts across all carriers! Well, the only other GSM carrier. OK, wishful thinking.

  • aNYthing6

    So, Moto X on contract for $199, or Nexus 4 for 199/249 off contract…hm.

    • Bklynman

      $199 for The X? I thought TM,didn’t release the price for it yet.

      • kalel33

        They haven’t. The person was talking about contract pricing for the Moto X, which is $199 at all the other carriers.

  • Tabitha Lewis

    And the price to do a warranty replacement is $150. That’s just sad.

    • Tim

      Warranty replacement isn’s $150. Its just a $5 processing charge if its under warranty.

      • Tabitha Lewis

        Not for a cracked screen! Lol!

        • WW

          That’s not covered by the warranty.

        • Tabitha Lewis

          Sorry, insurance claim. Bad wording, my mistake.

  • Alex Lam

    NEXUS 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nerdlust

    Wow thats amazing. Im happy with my note2 but I might buy one just because.

  • el_perezo

    Are playstore purchased nexus 4 covered under warranty /insurance from t-mobile?

    • dtam

      would you really want to spend $10 a month for a phone that cost $200? …and not to mention the deductible you have to pay if you do need to use your insurance

      • 21stNow

        Why can’t I do more than one up-vote on this comment?! Danny, you are my hero for the day.

      • Dakota

        I dont know about the 4 and LG but I know the unlocked Galaxy Nexus from Samsung came with a 1 year warranty…My microphone died and they sent me a brand new phone.

      • el_perezo

        Well I meant mainly for like a handset replacement like if it’s defective or something

        • dtam

          there should be a warranty against manufacturer defects. your claim would probably be through google directly

  • I’m getting this just because, lol. Great price, great device. Nexus 4, $199 is a steal…

  • Nate332

    I was lucky enough to buy one last November on launch day. I must say this is probably the best phone I’ve ever had! Clean interface, fast, no nonsense stuff and always at the bleeding edge of Android OS.

    • Dakota

      Just curious – aside from the stock Android and assurance you will get prompt updates – what makes it the greatest phone youve ever had?

      • PiCASSiMO

        Got my 4.3 update within 1-week of release…

      • kliu0x52

        Value. Value. Hmm, value. And value. Did I mention value? With Nexus, you get top-end hardware for mid-range prices. Plus, it’s totally unfettered. Unlockable bootloader, no carrier pollution either inside or outside (no logos). And that warm and fuzzy feeling that you’re supporting a more enlightened philsophy regarding mobile devices.

  • CPPCrispy

    Could this be a precursor to a late September release of the Nexus 5?

    • dtam

      sure hope so, I could use a new phone

    • Henry Pham

      Or a discounted Moto X in the Play Store?

  • trife

    Great, great device. Easily the best Android phone I’ve ever owned. The camera leaves a lot to be desired, IMO. But if that can be overlooked, I wouldn’t hesitate picking this up.

    • ChristianMcC

      I don’t know what fools down voted you, but you’re right on.

  • tomnewtn

    I have enjoyed using my N4 but be aware that the charging dock isn’t worth a purchase. I’ve had two and the device won’t stay on. It slides off and then doesn’t charge. Even when you keep it clean….yes I know about that too. The N4 is great, however. Worth every penny for a pure unlocked Android device.

    • 21stNow

      I’ve had my wireless charging orb (I assume that this is what you are referring to) since it was released, and my Nexus 4 stays on it. There are some times of difficulty, but I would put this in the 5-10% range. I don’t think that my few times of difficulty negate its usefulness as a charger.

      • tomnewtn

        That’s great yours works as designed. I sent back the first and the second one still lets the phone slide right off after a few minutes. Google told me it is magnetic and to keep the surfaces clean, which I deduced on my own was probably essential. So maybe it’s my phone. I’ll contact Google again to give them the bad news. I would prefer they just refund my purchase of the orb.

        • 21stNow

          I never thought about the possibility that my case could be an advantage for this. Do you have yours in a case or out of a case when you use the charging orb?

    • nexus1981

      Yea I feel u there man it is definitely not worth the money, mines slide off too an not only that but it takes waaaaay to long to get a good charge from it, it takes the the regular charger bout 2 hr’s for full charge but it takes the orb bout 4…now I will say that if u have some sort of case on it, I have a Ringke slim case an it helps hold the case on the orb very well so try a case if u don’t already have one, but overall they need to discontinue these things cause its not worth it at all, it just looks cool on the orb but not cool enough to shell out 70 bucks…

  • JB

    At this price, I may pick one or two up, just because. It would be a very nice go-to phone should I ever have a need for a back up phone (which typically holds true when I sell my daily driver to purchase a new one)

  • steveb944

    Damn I just picked up an L9 for my sister about a week ago. Now I’m contemplating…

    • David Lebron

      Return the L9 immediately. It’s a good phone but in no way is it comparable to the Nexus 4. This is a great deal

  • R10T

    No LTE… Too outdated for my taste

    • kalel33

      LTE is nice but I’m pulling in 16mbps download speeds when I have a good connection on HSPA+. I really don’t “need” LTE at all.

      If you really wanted LTE then there is a tutorial on XDA forums to get LTE working on the Nexus 4.

      • PiCASSiMO


        I’m a little torn. Could root my nexus and then flash the LTE radios on it. But if I want to continue to receive updates, I have to reflash it to stock.

        • ant

          its really not that hard. took 10 extra seconds to install the latest update with root and LTE is pre-enabled from the hybrid radio.

        • PiCASSiMO

          Can you send me some links to both the rooting and the hybrid radio files? I want to make sure I do it right.

          Thank you.

        • Kingcharming

          …or you could Google it… find a reputable forum like XDA and…profit. Not being a dbag, just supporting independence.

        • PiCASSiMO

          It’s all good… I did go through the forums and found exactly what I needed to root the phone. Had some troubles, but eventually everything worked out with the latest hybrid radio.

        • Kingcharming

          Thanks for being open-minded. Some people would’ve lubed it up and taken it way too deep up the a….

      • Dakota

        Youre lucky…I average 2-3mbps in Atlanta…Every now and then it will hit 8-10 but just as often its less than 1. Not great

        • Jordan

          I’ve lived in Marietta/Kennesaw and never have I EVER seen below 5 mbps on HSPA+. You must be in a terrible part of town. Was in Sandy Springs this past weekend and saw 38 mbps dl, 22 mbps upload speeds on LTE.

      • D Nice

        Really… excuse my ignorance, whats the XDA Fourms?

        • kalel33

          A website full of forums on each and every Android phone ever. If you just type “xda nexus 4 lte” into a google search it’s the very first link.

  • kalel33

    I notice that T-mobile is selling the N4 for $432. The down payment alone is $210. What are they thinking selling a phone for 72% more?

    • sean

      ryou’re comparing two different models…it’s a 23% price difference if you’re excluding the $20 sim card that doesn’t come with the google version…so in reality it’s a 17% difference…it’s the price you pay for the convenience of being able to hold, play, and leave with the device that day….vs waiting in the mail….maybe the tmobile reps should work for free

      • kalel33

        They are not two different models. They are both the Nexus 4 16GB, one being sold by T-mobile for $432 vs Google’s $250. T-mobile is charging a 72% premium over the Google store price.

        The SIM card is not worth $20. They are free for new customers and anyone having a problem with their SIM card. If you even insinuate that you are having a problem with a SIM card you get one for free, because they are cheap as #*%k.

        “.maybe the tmobile reps should work for free”. You’re not even worth any more debate with an utterly stupid comment like that. The models are the same. I should have never replied to you because your argument is completely devoid of thought and makes me look worse for replying to such drivel.

        • Jordan

          T-Mobile isn’t selling it at a “PREMIUM”. Google SUBSIDIZED the price, however the price the companies get from Google is HIGHER than the price that T-Mobile or any other carrier gets from Google. Get your story straight.

        • kalel33

          Not really, I bought my HTC Amaze for $206 from T-mobile, off of contract. Employees used to be able to buy phones at cost or free if you worked there long enough. That same phone was being sold for $550 to customers at the time, off of contract. They do charge a hefty premium.

          You never worked behind the scenes so you don’t know…period.

        • Jordan

          I worked from T-Mobile from October 2010 through July 2013 (yes, almost 3 years) before leaving for a career in software development. While there I was one of the top 5 sale reps in the southeast, selected for the career development program, selected for Winners Circle, and became an assistant manager. (So yes, you are a fool.)

          As far as the way THAT program worked (as in past tense) was that T-Mobile bought the phone offered you the wholesale price all the time, and gave you 40-100% off (based on tenure) of the wholesale price without any commitment. This was a corporate PERK. We were taxed for it, FOOL. So that HTC Amaze that you recieved for $206 was 40 or 60% off of the wholesale price. The phones wholesale price was $350-400 (or so at the time). That being said we were still marking up prices on those phones a bit.

          However we were not talking about those phones we were talking specifically about the Nexus, which Google Subsidized for customers buying it off of Google Play. There was a story a little while back about an Spanish carrier complaining about the lack of good pricing Google gave the carriers on the phone, and they were selling it at a discount :

          You never paid attention when you were working behind the scenes (OBVIOUSLY), so you (OBVIOUSLY) REALLY don’t know….period.

        • Jordan Williams

          The Amaze? I have one of those too…I’m sorry. :/

    • Dakota

      Its being the UNcarrier…Another way to excite potential customers by seeing that once again Tmoblie is charging more for a device


    The 2nd gen Nexus 4 is coming in a few weeks. Google needs to off-load their inventory of the 1st gen by reducing the price $100.

    Great deal, if you don’t care for what’s next to come. I’m going to hold off, pass down my current N4 to my wife and wait for the next N4 or perhaps the LG G2.

    • Dakota

      Second generation N4 or brand new Nexus phone?

      • PiCASSiMO

        2nd Gen N4… I want to be ahead a bit.

  • WW

    I don’t think I’ve seen any rumors of the next Nexus but this looks like a stock clearing price.

    • ChristianMcC

      There are always rumors. Current one is that there will be refresh of nexus 4, like they did with new nexus 7, by Motorola and a nexus 5 by LG.

      • WW

        Of course, you’re right. The word “any” was too broad

  • Dakota

    Hopefully this is a sign that a new Nexus (and hopefully some innovative Key Lime Pie features) are coming. Google really should be more aggressive in advertising these devices to the general public. They may not know or care about stock Android but if you can release a high quality LTE phone with a good camera again at the 300-350 price, that can be very attractive to prepaid carriers and TMobile Simple Plans. Youre talking nearly half the price of other high end smartphones. You could do really affordable no contract pricing. It sucks for CDMA customers if its an only GSM phone again but for customers of carriers like Tmobile, Straight Talk, Solavei and other GSM prepaids ,it could be very very attractive

  • GwapoAko

    Tempting!!! But I still have to use my iPhone 4$ for another 4 years!!!!

  • Patrick

    Saw this yesterady. Picked one up for my mom, and if I can swing it, I’ll get one for myself too.

  • Druff

    I need 2 things in a smart phone. User replaceable battery and microsd card slot. Does the Nexus have either of these?
    EDIT: Nexus 4 does not have either of these features.

    • ant

      i thought about this too until i got the nexus 4 last Nov… and I realized, i dont really need either of these features.

    • Brian T.

      Just out of curiosity, why is the user replaceable battery considered a need for you? It’s very possible that I’m missing the boat (which happens frequently!), but I’ve always wondered why that’s considered a desirable feature by some.

      • Druff

        If you use your phone heavily everyday with wifi, bluetooth etc., after about a year you can’t make it through the day on a full charge. You can easily purchase a new battery off of Amazon and you’re good to go. Some people carry a spare battery with them if having a working phone is absolutely critical.

        • dtam

          nowadays with the external battery packs, you don’t really need to carry two batteries.

          if the battery does crap out however, there are ways to open the phone and replace it. it’s not the ideal situation, but not a day to day inconvenience that would drive me away from such a phone

        • Wayne Peterkin

          I don’t think you would want to do that to an HTC one.

        • Greg

          Get jump from t-mobile and get a new phone twice a year! :P

    • WW

      I want both of those features but gave up the micro SD card (Galaxy Nexus) because the value was too good to pass up.

      Now, I’m contemplating giving up both of those features (and LTE too) because the value is so high.

  • Dakota

    Some protection for you if you recently bought the device and missed the price drop. Nice gesture since they dont have to do this. If you bought it Aug 11, youre probably kicking yourself

    From GOOGLE

    Nexus 4 (8GB and 16GB) purchases from Devices on Google Play are currently eligible for price protection if the purchase was made on or after August 12, 2013. If your purchase is eligible, we’ll refund the difference in price within a reasonable time.

  • tomnewtn

    Great device, and an incredible buy for the money. Next to my HTC One, it impresses still.

  • Brian T.

    $199 off contract for a phone this nice?! That’s crazy. I think that’s where we’re heading. The processors and components out now are more than good enough for anything you’d ever want to do when out and about (unless some unforeseen processor intensive new mobile phone use pops up, if it ever does). And those components will just keep getting cheaper and cheaper.

    Nice side effect: what incentive is there to sign a two-year contract if the phones aren’t $700 anymore?

    • Nam Nguyen

      I hope you know this isn’t w/ a two year contract, but just the phone itself(unlocked.)

  • Alan713

    and then explain to me why iPhone 4 still cost 450?!?!!!

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      Cuz ‘Merica

      • steveb944

        I think you mean cuz China.

        • China has one of the lowest labor cost, hence the manufacture over there. Cuz ‘Merica because of capitalism.

  • Bought two for my parents. Early Christmas!

  • If only it had wifi calling :(