White Moto X press shots leaked, specs to feature 2200mAh battery?

moto x whiteOnly a couple of days back we saw leaked press shots of the upcoming Moto X in black. Today, @evleaks has grabbed hold of some more press images showing the alternative white chassis, and boy does it look hot. Similar to the black version, it shows off a sleek device with a kevlar rear shell, a 4.5-inch display and the usual cameras and sensors dotted around the outside of the body.

Specs have been a little bit of a mystery to some extent, with rumors surrounding the ability to pick and choose which parts you want, and being able to customize it. While we’re waiting until the launch event on August 1st to find out if that is true, it does seem the device will be fitted with a decent battery. A 2,200 mAh hour cell should be featured inside the Moto X. Only 100mAh shy of the HTC One, which has a larger screen and much more powerful processor.

All in all, the Moto X (or what we’ve seen so far) looks like a great, consumer friendly Android device that’s built to feel great and provide a fantastic experience. Whether that will translate to genuine consumer delight is yet to be seen. Thankfully, there’s not long to wait.

Via: EvLeaks


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  • pops87

    This phone sounds amazing if it was still 2012.

    • kolijboy

      Sad, but true. I hope Motorola has something more than this in store

    • Richard Yarrell

      Truthfully people will purchase this and a simultaneous launch on all carriers will help Moto’s sales. Wish them well it’s the Galaxy Note 3 for me.

    • cybersedan

      I’m waiting until I hear and see the final product before I cast judgement. I’m not letting the relatively lower sounding specs be the only factor. If Google had truly optimized Android 4.3 the notion that you need a 16 core processor for performance could easily be put to rest.

    • kalel33

      It’ll sound amazing for 2013, if it’s almost half the price of the HTC One or S4. No expandable memory will be what keeps me from buying it.

  • IceGreenT

    This phone will be amazing if it only sells for $299…

  • gadget_hero

    while I do think an optimized dual core can stand toe to toe with quad-cores, after using several Nexus devices, I don’t think Google has put the time into getting that sort of optimization into Android yet. I am curious if Google will sell this through the Play store. It better be cheap for the specs they are showing. Also not a huge deal for most but no 802.11ac sucks.

    • steveb944

      I’d love to know what’s wrong with my Nexus 4 in comparison to past devices. The GS1, and Amaze I had were top of the line devices in their time and I experienced issues all the time in comparison to the Nexus flawless. Hell even compare other current flagships and the bloat they have slows them down.

      • gadget_hero

        I think the Nexus 4 is better than my previous devices (Nexii?). But I do think that Samsung/HTC seem to be pulling away in the spec/features/performance race.

  • Jason Crumbley

    While whiz-bang super gadgets are awesome, a lot of people don’t want that. A lot of people just want a no frills, nice phone. I think that is where this will fit in. I’m finding myself falling into that group after buying a Note II.

    • I feel the same way. After always buying the latest and greatest I’ve been slowly going for more mid-range devices. Rocking an LG Optimus L9 and very satisfied; once the tmo bloat was deleted of course.

      This Moto X will do just fine. Just wish it had a removable Micro SD slot :/

    • This is where I am about now.

  • SocalTeknique

    Well I’m perfectly happy with my GNexus (except I wish it had a better camera) and for an almost 2 year old device, its still fast, smooth, and can handle all games I like. I can see myself getting this phone next month. With CM10+ it’ll be awesome.

    • vinnyjr

      Only issue with Nexus phones is a complete failure on internal storage. Google is so freaken stubborn, I use to buy nothing but Nexus, no more, when Google starts installing internal storage then maybe they will start selling phones.

  • D Velasquez

    i just got a Droid Razr and so far im pleased even with the battery, yeah im using umts on 1900mhz but so far the reception with the re farmed band has been great and the device itself is eyecandy to the eyes (at least in my opinion) , will stick to the razr until something that catches my attention comes out, ill pass this Moto X also S4 and Xperia Z but Samsung is really out of the question, i don’t like how cheap their phones feel

  • Juan Pablo Darquea

    Main Android problem always is the battery a 2000 plus battery sucks on my HTC one you play candy crush for like 30 minutes battery is down 25% if they fix the battery problem they destroy apple

    • izick

      Blame that on HTC firmware and software, Sense included.

    • steveb944

      That’s why I quit gaming on my phone and therefore have amazing battery life on my Nexus 4. I haven’t played games since the GS1. Apple has throttled hardware that’s how they get such great battery life on their mediocre spec devices.

  • NinoBr0wn

    Phones don’t sell on specs, my friends. The hardcore tech enthusiasts are far fewer than the whole. There is a lot about this phone that many are ignoring.

  • Justin Black

    A 2 Ah battery in the 925 is all day battery life. Not sure what 2.2 Ah does for an android with similar specs.
    BTW, why would you ever need Kevlar on a cell phone? Sounds like a BS marketing feature. For whatever reason, Cam thinks it looks “hot”. Looks like another plastic slab to me. To each his own.

    • jaren parker

      since when was glass or aluminum the only acceptable material to make a device desirable.
      im sure every one laughed at the first guy who fabbed a car out of fiberglass or raw carbon fiber.
      damn right to each his own,
      btw every part of windows mobile os’ are bs marketing

      • Justin Black

        I think you’re confused.

    • Chimphappyhour

      No one needs Kevlar but some people may want it for the look. Which is what the customization part of the Moto X is all about. Don’t like it? Choose a different back. It’s that simple.

      • Justin Black

        Kevlar is yellow, the back is white. So this isn’t for any aesthetic reason.

        • tonkotsu

          they want kevlar because they think it’s cool. you don’t need to agree, buy or support in any way.

        • Justin Black

          Oh thank heavens.

        • Chimphappyhour

          Sure it is. It’s purely aesthetic. You just stated that no one needs kevlar in a phone. So what other reason is there?!?

        • Justin Black

          It’s just so moto can say their phones are made of Kevlar. If you can’t see it, it’s not aesthetic.

        • Chimphappyhour

          Whatever dude. You’re missing the whole point. Just buy the one you like (or don’t) and let the rest be. Otherwise, I’m sure we can all come over to your place and nitpick you and your stuff to death. ;)

  • tirtawn

    Pass. 4.5″ is too small now. Some other people might like it, but I like bigger screen now.

  • tonkotsu

    this is it?

    this is what took so long? have they even looked at whats around currently?