HTC One software update released, LTE data and reception fix included


T-Mobile just updated its HTC One devices with some new, bug crushing software. Version 1.27.531.11 features some carrier specific software aimed at making LTE performance and reception more stable among other things and weighs in at 247 megabytes.

Release includes:

  • Software stability
  • LTE and reception
  • Processor enhancements

Sadly, the updates did not come alongside Android 4.2.2, that’s still a little way off. But do let us know if you notice any dramatic changes in carrier performance following the update.


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  • du22ty

    What LTE problems might we be experiencing?

    • Hopefully it’s to consistently keep LTE signal we may have. Upstairs in my house, I have it. Like i’ll be sitting down and it’ll pick it up, but if I move like a centimeter, it goes right away. lol

    • David Lebron

      I’m wondering the same. Mine seems to be working perfectly I don’t wanna ruin it

    • TayshaunBoba

      I think it may adjust the bars that are displayed on LTE. I’ve noticed in Portland, I haven’t seen more than two bars of LTE anywhere throughout town, and normally it’s one bar. It’s not that the signal is necessarily bad, it’s just that the phone always shows low bars, even when right next to Tmo towers.

      • du22ty

        Right on.. I’ve seen 4 bars sporadically but it’s usually 1-3.

      • Rudy Belova

        My Nexus 4 showed 3-4 bars LTE in my place but the HTC One now only gets 1. The weird thing is, even with one bar, i lose LTE in the same exact spots around town. The recetions isn’t actually worse per say. Just bars

        • gentleman559

          Thats odd because the Nexus 4 doesnt have LTE. LOL

        • remister

          It does.

        • gentleman559

          Technically it does but you cant make voice calls so in my opinion its not technically LTE. But yes Im aware of the hack and what not but thats just a waste of time if you cant use it as normal.

        • Rudy Belova

          You might want to check up with that. TONS of us have no issue getting LTE on the nexus 4.

        • Rudy Belova
  • gadget_hero

    Whats the reception like for this in general? I read on (Sprint rumor site), that at least the Sprint one was very tuned for the Sprint network, is the same true of the T-Mobile one?

  • david

    Wow was just watching but tutorials on how to root this device. Got excited and realized this isn’t 4.2.2 ;(

  • Btw, what’s that code to check you in 1st for OTA updates? I don’t know if it’s the new dialer I have, but it’s not working right when I do it. I thought it was something like *#*#checkin#*#* ?

    • david

      ive known about this checkin service since the mytouch 3g. but sadly it doesnt push you to the top of the line. It just registers to the system. I stopped doing it because its more of a placebo than anything. Ive done this on a few devices after otas are released and still get the “phone is up to date” prompt. Ill be slow and everyone will get it. Was really hoping for 4.2.2 It looks like we may not get it till after august by the looks of this.

      • Yeah, I agree on both statements

      • TechHog

        After August is putting it lightly. Even though T-Mobile is the “Uncarrier”, I doubt they’ve changed anything about updates. I’d say that it’ll hit sometime between November and February. Probably December.

    • remister

      There is the checkin system. Plus there is the restart the phone, so it keep pinging the servers when you reboot. Also, on the Galaxy Nexus, you had to stop Play services so that it ping the server to check for updates, But there was for Android based updates, not sure if it works for T-Mobile based updates.

  • williejackbrainer

    Hmmm just tried to update and it’s telling me my phone is up to date.

    • Debra Brown

      Me too.. no updates available

  • Ivan Barragan

    No update available.. hmmmm -.-

  • Louie Siason

    …no update available =(

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      how about now?

  • phx602

    Mine always has one bar on LTE but is way faster than at&t and Verizon in Phx AZ.

  • Juan Pablo Darquea

    No update yet here sucks

  • Lagurl

    I think this phone does have a problem over here in los angeles tmobile has lte and even outside my mans htc shows one little bar of lte while my new xperia z shows full bars of lte , and I noticed that does affect speed on the htc I done many speed tests and the htc gets 5-6 dwn , 1-2 up while the xperia z also running on tmobile gets 20-30 dwn, 10-12 up on lte

    • remister

      I wouldn’t doubt it. I have a LTE tower like 50 yards away. I’m in a building and it is showing 4G. When I go outside it shows 1 bar LTE. When I get maybe around 15 yards from the tower, if will be full bars LTE.

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      it’s a Tmobile thing, likely not the phone. I’ve seen compliants in LA recently.

      • Lagurl

        I dnt think its a tmobile thing still think its a phone thing because I just came from a friends house she has tmobile iphone 5 her mom has tmobile galaxy s4 me and my man went to go visit her since she just had a baby she lives in east La 90022 I told her and her mom to do a speed test they all had full bars of lte I checked my xperia z which also had full bars of lte we all did a speed test we all got 28 mbps dwn 16 up then I told my man to do a speed test same location we had full bars he had 1 FREAKING bar got 3.5 dwn 1.1 dwn so I know something is wrong and yes his phone says “4G LTE” so yea sukz for him even he noticed somethings wrong too he said hes switching phone because he checked and no update is available on his phone.

  • Rob

    I haven’t had T-Mobile in a year since my dad switched carriers but I always checked this site out. And now that I got a job my sister got me a line from her T-Mobile account. So happy to be back on team Magenta. Nexus 4 here.

  • Tina

    Who got this update? Haven’t seen it on my phone yet.

    • mike

      I got it just now . Providence,RI

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    still no update? I learned that if you click the update button three times a minute, they might push the update out sooner.

  • Erik Papesh

    Still nothing on my end, says I’m up to date.

    • nothing in the morning, but when I got home at 6pm the update was ready. Try connecting to wifi

      • Erik Papesh

        got it finally, as soon as I got the email for your reply I checked again and it was there.

  • vinnyjr

    I’m wondering if T-Mobile will ever get the 64gb version? AT&T was only suppose to get the exclusive on that model for just a certain length of time. It’s been killing me to hold off on buying this phone but I want that 64gb model. Come On T-Mobile, put that phone on your shelves, many customers want that model.

  • remister

    I’m installing it now. I did the Settings, Update check. LA, CA

    • Nick Gonzalez

      Wow, I literally just checked about an hour ago through settings and it said no update was available. Just read your comment and checked again and it was there. It’s downloading now.

      I’m in Denver CO

      • Rau

        just loaded here in Philly PA

        • Brian

          I also got the update in the Philadelphia area.

        • Rau

          Went out and drove some of the poor area of coverage and I still have poor coverage. I actually still get zero bars no signal in areas that my wife’s GS3 has full strength. Hopefully they will get it right on the next update.


    T-MOBILE states that this can be side-loaded on HTC,yet,it’s no where to be found.

    Oh well,glad to see all parties involved are on the same page……… ;-)

  • hugh

    Improved signal on my phone. Getting 3 bars in my house. 4 bars in downtown Chicago. Lte super fast.

  • John

    They should release an update for the Nexus 4 to enable LTE!

  • Midgen

    Just got this (10pm PDT). Update is installing now.

    • Midgen

      Also, I think changes the graphical representation of the signal strength. I’ve had really good LTE coverage since I got the phone, but it almost always only showed one bar. Now it’s showing 3 and 4 at the same location (speed tests are still 40M plus – unchanged).

      • Jbird

        Same here in North NJ. Speeds were good but only showed one bar of reception. Now showing 3 or 4 after the update. Also the HDR mode is gone from the camera.

        • jpk411

          HDR is gone from mine as well. Why would they remove this?

  • Steve Park

    LTE improvement? How would someone in KY or WI know if there was an improvement?

  • id10terrordfw

    Still no LTE in and around my building in Downtown Fort Worth…

  • J Cass (7 years as a rep)

    It removed the HDR camera option completely I believe.

  • Raver

    Yeah….what’s up with the HDR removal? T-Mo always screwing us. I bet you we will be the last to receive 4.2.2…..

  • Orlando G.

    WTH! I want my HDR back! What possible reason would they have to remove this feature? I use this a lot.

    • Orlando G.

      Just saw the posting on android central. just a mistake on HTCs part and a fix is on the way.

    • Jonny

      I just checked for system updates, and now I got an app update through there for the camera to add HDR back, 4.09 MB file. Bam!

      • Orlando G.

        Nice!!!! good work HTC for that quick fix. Thanks for the heads up Johnny

  • Oscar Perez

    Check system update. HDR back update

  • Tina

    What did it fix? Now I get less LTE reception. Thanks

  • J Cass

    I noticed my LTE bars increased but places where I got 27 down and 12 up before it’s now half that.