(Update) The Verge Confirms T-Mobile “Upgrading Upgrades,” Part Of T-Mobile Event Today

t-mobile-jumpUpdate: See Tweet below.

In a move that confirms our intel that T-Mobile “upgrade upgrades” at their media event taking place later this afternoon, The Verge has confirmed that intel via a newly leaked image. An earlier report by CNET had suggested that T-Mobile might want a monthly fee or a survey that went out to customers suggesting the company would consider requiring customers to trade-in their existing handsets. Ultimately any such program would allow existing customers to upgrade at new customer pricing anytime they upgrade. Still, we don’t know all the information that will surround T-Mobile’s “upgraded upgrade” process but given that the event is just over two hours away, we’ll know everything soon enough.

Of course all of this is substantiated by T-Mobile’s own advertisement which ran over the weekend suggesting the company was preparing to fire a shot across the AT&T bow in respect to upgrades.

I would still expect to hear a major LTE announcement today as well. As for what else T-Mobile could have in store, that’s anyones guess!

The Verge

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