T-Mobile Changes Around iPhone 5 Pricing, Drops Down-Payment And Increases Monthly EIP

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Beginning today, July 3rd T-Mobile is making some more changes to their iPhone 5 pricing with the reduction of the down-payment by $5 to $145.99 ($245.99 and $345.99 for the 32GB and 64GB sizing) and increasing the monthly equipment installment by $1.

No reasoning was provided about why T-Mobile decided to make such a change or how long such a price would last. As for the “OTHER” pricing on the image, those numbers represent down payment and equipment installment price points based on various credit levels.

This marks the second time T-Mobile has changed the phones pricing since the April 12 launch as the company unexpectedly increased the down payment from $99 to $149 back on May 13th.

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  • Whiskers

    It’s still overpriced for a iphone soon to be outdated.

    • itched

      “It’s still overpriced for an iPhone.”


      Warning: This comment contains opinions.

      • Chris G

        Not really. The Galaxy S4 is $70 less and you can get a lot more all around, HD, air waive, larger screen, bigger removable battery, quad core, faster processor, the list goes on…

        • Zacamandapio

          Bigger screen doesn’t mean better. It’s like saying, bigger tires.

        • Chris G

          If that was the only difference I could agree with you, however, my comment was much more than just screen size. It does plenty more and with very little restrictions from Samsung, unlike Apple’s iPhone.

        • RedGeminiPA

          Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions… I want to restrict Samesung and Google from selling my personal information, but I’m not given that option. Talk about a crucial restriction.

          I don’t want to be restricted to last year’s OS on a BRAND NEW PHONE (or tablet) without hacks.

          I don’t want to be restricted to app developers being allowed to harvest my info any way they please.

          I don’t want app developers harvesting my contacts for income opportunities (Facebook on Android).

          Oh, wait… that’s why I don’t buy Android devices.


        • kalel33

          You really back up your argument with an Apple news site? Really?

        • RedGeminiPA

          Do you really think an Android-centric site would publish the truth? You’re pretty gullible if you do. Besides, it’s not like the “Apple news site” did anything more than report the findings of someone else in the security business.

        • kalel33

          Do you know how many tech sites there are that are not Android-centric? Cnet, All Things D, Ars Technica, Edgadget, Crunchgear, Gizmodo, Boy Genius Report, Slashdot, PC World, Tech Crunch, and Crave. I’m also shocked that the article didn’t bring up the fact that the only way to open yourself up is to go into the settings and choose to allow “unknown sources” to be installed on the phone. That means sideloading APKs from a place other than Google Play. If you download apps, other than Amazon app store, by sideloading then you deserve to get hacked.

        • kalel33

          Yes, a 27″ TV can be better than a 60″ TV but I’d still take the 60″ over the 27″.

        • Pirka

          I have been an iphone user for many years and I recently bought s4 instead of the iphone5 (renewed my contract) because i wanted to try it. I like many things about it. Its fast, and etc, etc. I like my phone. I use my phone a lot for playing games, and watching netflix. However, i’m regretting that i bought this phone because it heats up very quickly compared to my old iphone4. im not sure if its just my s4 or what. If im on the phone(playing a game, watching, or making a call) for more than 30min then i can really feel the heat which sometimes can be unbearable. I would like to hear from s4 users if it is the same to u all also and also from iphone5 users because may be it is normal to get hot since both the devices are very slim.

          Thank you.

        • Adrayven

          My iPhone 5 doesn’t heat up unless I use it as GPS and leave on dash in sun.

          Only thing that ever really interested me in S4 was screen .. other than that, I love the reliability/quality and consistent updates of iPhone 5 and Apps.

          Gone through 4 Android phones (HTC EVO 4G, Galaxy SII, Galaxy Nexus, HTC One S…) Only one I really liked was Nexus.. Even then, wouldn’t go back.

          Wish HP had not so massively screwed webOS/Palm over. :( – I loved webOS.. Had cross device syncing Notification Center, Control Center, Card based multi-tasking, and other features way ahead of its time, iOS and Android.. Damn you HP!

          Now Android and iOS copying from the corpse of webOS, the irony! the irony I say!

        • Saul Viayra

          No Apple is taking everything from everyone retina display from sharp processors from Samsung 12% of its lte technology from Samsung multi tasking from web os live wallpapers from Android

        • mueller2051

          i have the s4 and my first one heated up pretty good was 14 day exchange took it back because it was locking up. new one heats up but not unbar-able and no more locking up. i love the open eco system around android like amazon app store. drag and drop music and so on. i also like being able to add a extended battery no back down power and it last all day. not to mention sd card of my choosing.. that my reason for no i phone. i also have note 2 think it still better phone then s4 no heating problems there. it a big phone but once your used to it size it incredible

        • RedGeminiPA

          You get a lot more? How about usable FASTER internal memory? Oh, yeah… not happening (you get about 8GB out of 16). I’d rather have more usable FASTER internal memory than a bunch of useless feature that I’d probably never use.

          You do realize Android is a power hog, don’t you? That’s why these high-end Android phones NEED the higher specs. There are way too many factors to determine performance other than specs, but there are way too many people who can’t comprehend that.

          A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that he’s already on his 4th GS4 since release day, since the first 3 failed in one way or another.

        • Saul Viayra

          How about really needed external memory

    • MacRat

      The $699 is still overpriced for unlocked Galaxy SIII soon to be outdated.

      The $699 is still overpriced for unlocked Galaxy SIV soon to be outdated.

  • Deadeye37

    So they drop the down payment by $5 and add $24 in payments. Basically, they just raised the price by $19.

    • trickinit

      It’s now the same $650 price that Apple/AT&T/everyone else charges.

      • jonathan3579

        Not Wal-Mart. :)

  • Eddie Medina

    I really do regret not buying the iPhone 5 when it was $99 down.

    • I jumped on it.. lol

      • Zacamandapio

        Did it break?

        • RedGeminiPA

          Considering the iPhone 5 has held up in torture tests better than many other high-end phones (Samsung Galaxy SIII and S4), I’d be surprised if it broke from jumping on it, unless he/she is wearing high heels.

  • Juan Pan

    It makes me sad how there’s been no 925 news.

    • techymexican

      yes there has, it’s coming out in two weeks

  • tardman91

    You forgot to mention that they increased the price to $649 from their previous $629. I’m buying mine from Apple and getting my $50 iTunes gift card!

    • Zacamandapio

      Does T-mobile cover the Apple bought ones with their insurance?

      • Pirka

        Yeah! you can have insurance on it from assurance just like on any other phone. Deductible will be $200 and $8 monthly. But if you buy from tmobile, apple store, walmart or anyother store…you have to purchase the insurance within 2 weeks i believe.

        • Prika


        • yaboydj

          Better off getting AppleCare+. 99 dollars up front and 50 dollar deductable.

        • Binny Gupta

          square trade is better

        • kalel33

          Or just doing the extended warranty and taking the Out of Warranty fee, which is much lower than Asurion deductible.

        • Pirka

          True. But AppleCare+ doesnt cover lost/stolen. But, asurion insurance does. If you know what i mean. ;)

        • Sexyfone

          Does not cover damage numbnuts

        • Trevnerdio

          That’s dumb. Even the S 4 and Note II are $175 deductibles.

        • Sexyfone

          Your wrong check your source

      • Sexyfone


      • JBrowne1012

        Maybe if you don’t tell them you bought it from apple. Sources? Personal experience Bought a google Nexus 4 and to get someone to do a warranty on it I had to say I got it from T-mobile but its better off from Google anyways because apparently they will give you a Brand New one at no cost.

        • Dakota

          Samsung has covered my Galaxy Nexus and its accessories with a warranty

    • Sexyfone

      Good look with LTE consistently working

      • Noah James

        LTE always worked on the unlocked model of the IPhone 5 . If you are in an area with T-Mobile LTE ,before t mobile officially got the iphone if you bought an unlocked 1 from apple you would not have AWS 4G.

  • besweeet

    If I remember correctly, the T-Mobile-compatible iPhones are unlocked and ready for use on other carriers? If not, it makes more sense to buy straight from Apple, especially now with the back to school promotion going on.

    • That is correct.

      • RedGeminiPA

        That is incorrect. If you buy it from T-Mobile, they’re locked until you’ve fulfilled requirements for them to unlock it. That even applies if you pay full retail price. If you pay full retail price, you have to be a T-Mobile customer in good standing for 90 days before they’ll unlock it.

        • kalel33

          What about prepaid then? There are different stipulations for each and they are not the same. They are correct that they are locked down when you buy them. You actually just proved their point and I don’t understand why you’d say they were incorrect, when you just stated they are locked at the point of sale.

        • If it is purchased from Apple, it is SIM unlocked. Only when purchased from T-Mobile are the phones SIM locked.

    • Joe

      Incorrect…they are locked down.

  • S. Ali

    the iPhone is wayyyy too much. Apple needs to get with the program. At their price, I can buy several android or windows phones.

    • kalel33

      Apple has always had a premium price on their devices. Look at the Macbook line and tell me they’re not inflated in pricing, but people buy them and Iphones and Apple keeps laughing all the way to the bank.

      • RedGeminiPA

        Neither of you know anything about calculating VALUE. Go put those Android phones (and Windoze PCs) on eBay after they’re 6 months old, then come back and compare resale VALUE. Better yet, do it when they’re a year or more old…

        • kalel33

          WTF are you talking about? Nobody is even talking about used pricing of phones and you come in here saying we don’t know anything and then you go way off topic. Why are you even here?

        • Dakota

          it all depends on timing and who you are selling to. I just sold a Galaxy Nexus for only 15 percent off the original price. And that handset is almost 2 years old. I have both Apple & Android products and wish p

      • Dakota

        well you are also paying for the Apple stores all over the country as well as the support you can get. That’s one thing that keeps frustrating me with android. If I have a problem I’m out of luck and have to figure that out on my own.

        • kalel33

          Most Mac stores were around before the Iphone, so that’s not a legitimate excuse. Another thing is that all the manufacturers have support numbers you can call and you are covered for a year, unlike Apple that if you are past 90 days you have to pay $20 to talk to an Apple rep or have Apple Care.

    • xmiro

      iPhones cost what people are willing to pay for them. BMW doesn’t need to get with the program

      • JBrowne1012

        A bunch of idiots with money to buy either brands well actually the z4 is awesome so I’ll exclude that but everything else is crap.

        • xmiro

          I guess you have a BMW and an iPhone and speak from experience right?
          I doubt the iPhone stutters and crashes as much as my GSII 4.1 does

        • JBrowne1012

          I don’t doubt it but Gs2 is outdated anyways… You can search you tube for iPhone of any number stuck screen and app crashes and the results will be filled

        • xmiro

          Not app crashes, I’m talking the OS. My GSII has a gig of ram, two months after a reset it runs like junk with very few apps. My partner’s phone is identical, with no apps installed (he’s one of those people), and it too stutters a lot – opening the Call or Contact takes 3-5 seconds every time

        • JBrowne1012

          I was talking about OS crashes as well but Gs2 is many a years old in comparison

    • Dakota

      The SG4 is 649 too

  • mueller2051

    i am reading the post and no one has mentioned the most important thing about this change tnobil has broken the 20 dollar barrier who know where that goes from here don’t want to see prices go to 25 and 30 dollars a month. i guess it not surprising to see them play with prices to increase sales. i have noticed my note two with 3 different values sense they started this. who determine the the true value do we need a kelly blue book for phones to get the fair price?

    • Long Island Steven

      “who determine the the true value do we need a kelly blue book for phones to get the fair price?”

      That would be Ebay.

      • JBrowne1012

        and Craigslist.org

    • JBrowne1012

      As long as they keep lower options whats the problem? You are financing the phone only.

  • wilde_ride

    Why do android fanboys feel the need to come onto every iPhone post and attack Apple and the iPhone? It’s getting really old. Use what you like and stop attacking people who choose something different.
    Typed on my iPad while texting on my HTC One S to my partners Windows Phone.

    • TechHog

      Apple fanboys do the same to every Android article. And HTC fanboys to Samsung articles and vice-versa. It’s just how fanboys are. It’ll never change.

      • czaplin

        That’s why I have chosen Nexus line. Nobody wants to fight against it…

        • RedGeminiPA

          Because they’re typically not worth fighting over, except for the bargain basement prices.

        • JBrowne1012

          They are the under dogs of the mobile world I’ve gotten nothing but positives about my phone mostly the oos and ahs asking what it is… Oh yeah a big benefit is that not everyone and their mother has the phone

      • RedGeminiPA

        Hardly. Android flamers pop up ten fold compared to iOS flamers.

        • TechHog

          Your comment below invalidates your opinion.

        • tonyburke

          Could be it is due to there being ten fold Android users worldwide compared to iPhone users.

  • Alam

    The reason behind the price change is that iPhone 5 retails everywhere for 649$. When Tmobile sells it for 149$ down and 20 for 24months they are only getting 630$ (149+480)

    By dropping the down payment by 4 dollars and changing the payment to 21$ for 24 months nets them 20$ extra dollars over the course of your tenure to make up the difference in the iPhone (630+20=650)

    • Binny Gupta

      But they are buying the phones in bulk so it is much cheaper for them.

      • kalel33

        No they don’t. Apple dictates the pricing that carriers pay for them and they don’t get a discount. That’s why Sprint and Verizon took 600 million dollar or more hits in their profits, compared to previous quarter, when the Iphone starting selling on their networks. T-mobile makes money on Android phones but they’re not making money on Iphones. That’s the reason T-mobile didn’t start carrying them until they made customers pay retail pricing on phones.

        • xmiro

          I don’t think anyone believes the reason why T-Mobile USA didn’t have the iPhone until recently was because they wouldn’t make any money on it.

        • kalel33

          No, they would have lost hundreds of millions on it. That’s why they didn’t carry the phone until they got rid of subsidies.

  • xmiro

    Interesting how they have steadily increased the price. Wonder if it has something to do with losing money, perhaps due to scammers and fraud. A lot of people flocked to T-Mobile for cheap iPhones.

    By my calculations on MobilePlanCheck.com the price change is insignificant compared to AT&T and Verizon. I’d save money even if I paid for 2 iPhones full price

  • Michael Raap

    Inside T-Mobile you see the third world, foreigner opportunistic thinking that goes into the pricing and product development decisions. Sometimes it reeks of the Ganges.

  • Vanessa

    I have a factory unlocked iPhone 5 the one thats not aws capable .. so I only get 4G in reframed areas … can anyone tell me how i can trade it for the tmobile aws version? besides selling it and buying a new one …. thanks :D

    • xmiro

      Selling it and buying a new one is it. Find a friend or an acquaintance that might want one.

  • Whitney

    My eip payment is $15.00. When I got my iPhone 5 I had put down $300.00 down payment. I don’t have any credit so I had to. Well I only have about $349.00 left to anyway

    • Binny Gupta

      you payed way to much

    • xmiro

      you still end up paying about the same, only difference is your monthly costs are down

  • Dakota

    For an UNcarrier they keep playing the same games as the big boys time and time again

  • Irfan

    I love to read all this dog fight , iphone is beautiful , and userfriendly ios make this phone great , technically way behind but performance is super …thats why apple make monopoly …no such type of any device can beat iphone…..by the way I m android person.

  • sidekicker89

    This guy is an idiot! He is on Sprint’s facebook page saying T-Mobile is more expensive than Sprint! WTF!

    Post #1 [Warren E Dixon Jr. “Sprint is cheaper than the other post paid carriers….Plus sprint is the only provider to still offer 20 month upgrades, compared the other providers who have gone to 24 months….”]

    Then he posts an article on MSN money that has NOTHING to do with his statement! wow

    Post #2 [Warren E Dixon Jr. There is no savings when add the upfront cost and additional fees with T-Mobile….http://money.msn.com/now/post.aspx?post=fa8b5396-9d9b-4da0-9eb2-fe6135665371%5D

    Clearly he didn’t compare rate plans!

  • Jeff

    Companies which keep corrupt directors (John) and eliminate hard
    working employees or replace hard working employees with their own
    buddies based on John’s decision will always be failure and last on in
    their industry. They will always need some other company or bank to keep
    them running and to distract their customers and employees. But sooner
    or later these type of companies get crushed under the weight of their
    own corruption.

    Directors like John who hasn’t done a single positive thing for the organization, employees or customers. He is still sitting ideal replacing hard working employees with his buddies, collecting large salary and bonus for all his corruption and discriminating activities.

    It is very important for any organization to be honest to its own employees to be successful.