T-Mobile Announces “Unprecedented Deal” This Summer With Zero Dollars Down For All Devices

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Hello back-to-school special offer from T-Mobile as the company announces an “unparalleled promotion” this summer as it drops the down payment price on its entire lineup of devices in stores nationwide to zero down.

This promotion allows both new and existing well-qualified customers to get the latest 4G LTE smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots and feature phones at the upfront price of $0 down with monthly device payments. Still, there’s a bit of a catch as T-Mobile has bumped up the price of the monthly payments to offset the lack of a down payment. So, it’s a promotion and the idea of no down payment might entice the masses, but the warning is the increased monthly payment. For example, the iPhone 5 now sells for $145.99 down with 24 monthly payments of $21. With T-Mobile’s promotion beginning tomorrow, the iPhone 5 will be zero down and $27 per month for 24 months. That’s $144 thanks to the extra $6 per month which all but makes up for down payment T-Mobile isn’t asking for with this promotion. It’s funky math, but a promotion nonetheless. There’s still some savings on devices like the HTC One, but by and large the savings aren’t as “unprecedented” as T-Mobile would have us believe.

This limited time promotion begins tomorrow, July 27th and can be paired with company’s newest offering: JUMP! (not required) for any customers wishing go to that route. T-Mobile’s JUMP! upgrade program allows customers to upgrade their next device up to twice a year as soon as six months from enrollment.

“The number of reasons not to switch to T-Mobile this summer is ZERO,” said John Legere, president and chief executive officer, T-Mobile US. “This is a fantastic offer and we’re making it easier than ever for customers to get the latest amazing devices. Adding Zero Down in addition to JUMP!, and Simple Choice with no contract is all about making wireless work for consumers and shaking up this industry.”

The full press release follows below as well as a quick run-down on some of the smartphones and tablets being offered with this special promotion.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.23.25 AM

Press Release:

T-Mobile Promotes Unprecedented Deal This Summer – Zero Dollars Down for All Devices

America’s Un-carrier offers the ultimate promotion with the lowest upfront price on devices

BELLEVUE, Wash. — July 26, 2013 — In time for back-to-school, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: TMUS) will drive an unparalleled promotion this summer, dropping the upfront price on its entire lineup of devices in stores nationwide to zero dollars down. With this promotion, new and existing well-qualified consumers and small business customers will get affordable and hassle-free access to the latest 4G LTE smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots and feature phones at the upfront price of $0 down with monthly device payments[1].

This limited-time promotion is available starting tomorrow, July 27, 2013. In addition to the promotion, customers also cantake advantage of T-Mobile’s groundbreaking upgrade program, JUMP!™, which enables them to sign up to upgrade their phones when they want, up to twice a year as soon as six months from enrollment.

“The number of reasons not to switch to T-Mobile this summer is ZERO,” said John Legere, president and chief executive officer, T-Mobile US. “This is a fantastic offer and we’re making it easier than ever for customers to get the latest amazing devices. Adding Zero Down in addition to JUMP!, and Simple Choice with no contract is all about making wireless work for consumers and shaking up this industry.”

The hottest devices of the summer at the lowest upfront cost combined with T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan, unlimited data on a nationwide 4G network and no annual service contracts gives customers an opportunity that’s tough to beat. The promotion will be available nationwide at participating T-Mobile retail stores, via customer care, and online at http://www.T-Mobile.com. A selection of the devices included in the promotion is as follows:

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.23.25 AM


JUMP!, only from T-Mobile, offers customers the freedom to upgrade to a new device more frequently and affordably, and it includes handset protection that helps to protect against malfunction, damage, loss or theft – all for just $10 per month, per phone (plus taxes and fees). Customers can upgrade to a new phone, financed through T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Program (EIP), twice every 12 months after they’ve been in the JUMP! program for six months.[3] Simply trade in an eligible T-Mobile phone in good working condition at a participating store location. Any remaining EIP payments will be eliminated, and current customers can purchase new phones for the same upfront pricing as new customers, with device financing3 and a no-annual-service contract Simple Choice Plan.

Simple Choice Plan

T-Mobile’s Simple Choice and Simple Choice for Business Plan start with a base rate of $50 per month for unlimited talk, text and Web with 500MB of high-speed data. Customers can get 2.5GB of high-speed data for $10 more per month per line or unlimited data for an additional $20 per month per line. Customers can add a second phone line for $30 per month, and each additional line is just $10 per month. There are no caps and no overages on T-Mobile’s network, and no restrictive annual service contracts.

When small business customers activate a new line or renew an existing line of service with a Simple Choice for Business plan (min. 500 MB data required), they can access T-Mobile’s Business Extras bundle for added value. Business Extras customers with capable devices may opt into a free year of 24/7 remote IT support from a well-recognized, third-party service provider and a year of T-Mobile North American Flat-rate Data feature, allowing free monthly access to up to 150MB of overage-free, high-speed data across North America, including Canada and Mexico on our partner networks.[4] Other benefits include two free paper-to-mobile form conversions, waived activation fees, Business Care support, Wi-Fi Calling on enabled devices, and free Smartphone Mobile Hotspot on select rate plans.

T-Mobile’s 4G LTE Network
T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network now reaches more than 157 million people across the United States and is live in 116 metropolitan areas. T-Mobile remains on target to deliver nationwide 4G LTE coverage by the end of the year, reaching 200 million people in more than 200 metropolitan areas. In addition, T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ service is available to 228 million people nationwide. By combining 4G HSPA+ and LTE network technologies, T-Mobile can provide customers with a strong, seamless nationwide 4G network experience[5].


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  • IamDefiler

    Hello 925! :)

    • william43

      I almost brought it two weeks ago but was informed the 30 day return policy had been shrunk to 14 days with jump.

      • Wererat

        So that implies the question: if someone has bought a 925 in the last 14 days, will T-Mobile credit the difference if asked? I do know that a returner must pay $50 to return a smartphone, but not if they’re cancelling service altogether.

        • william43

          Good question, Glad I waited. Now I gotta make sure I secure the 925 before they’re all gone.

        • jawash22

          A Windows Phone all gone? Can I haz what drugz ur on??

        • william43

          They have limited supplies. The Nokia 521 was sold out in multiple stores.

        • IamDefiler

          It has been confirmed you can.

  • marbo100

    I’d like a “new” tablet. Too bad T-mobile isn’t selling one.

    • techymexican

      just wait for the LTE enabled Nexus 7

    • william43

      I wonder why Microsoft and Google doesn’t use Cellar stores as store fronts for their tablet efforts. Would be nice.

  • Mike

    Should make for a busy weekend!

  • Dakota

    The more T-Mobile screams UnCarrier from the rooftops, the more they do shenanigans like this, which make them look like the other carrier. The heheadline and slogans sound great. In reality it’s another bait and switch designed to fool the public & count on their lack of knowledge to make more profits. Really sucks and hope it eventually backfires. Let’s tweet Legere to find where savings are

    • IamDefiler

      How is this a bait and switch? The JUMP program is but the $0 down isn’t and it doesn’t require the Jump program to take advantage of it.

    • 21stNow

      T-Mobile may be the UnCarrier, but they are starting to sound like the car dealership of the cellular industry. The $0 down and 0% sound like car commercials. I’m waiting to see if “negative equity will apply to the new loan balance” will be a new part of the JUMP program if a trade-in device isn’t in the greatest shape, but isn’t bad enough for the insurance replacement.

      • TechHog

        If the device isn’t in good enough condition to be traded in, it can’t be traded in. There’s nothing ambiguous here.

      • william43

        From my understanding if the phone is damaged then you pay the insurance deductible and then the down payment for the new phone. I’ve always seen Jump as protection for customers from phone depreciation. I have a Dell Venu Pro (WP7) which isn’t worth anything now and if I had jump back then I could’ve traded it in for one of those WP8 devices. I have a HTC 8X which only has $200 left. So I’m going to just pay it off and then use Jump for all future smart phone purchases. When I look at Jump’s $10 monthly fee compared to $8 for insurance; even if I don’t use Jump twice a year (which is what’s recommended) I’m happy because I have insurance and the flexibility to upgrade at an affordable cost without having a worthwhile phone hanging around the house. #PeaceofMind

    • TechHog

      Yeah, they’re doing a sale which lets people pay for the device in a different way which may work better for some people and saves a little money in some cases. How horrible. ._.

      • william43


    • wasapasserby

      $50 off the 925 ($529.00 vs $480.00), $50 off the HTC One ($649.99 vs. $600), $30 off the GS4 ($629.99 vs $600).

      You need to look up the definition of bait and switch in the dictionary.

      • sonofabit

        advertising $20 a month for lumia 925 in a press release, then actually charging $22 is something I would consider bait and switch…

      • Daniel

        $649.99 for the HTC One? Never was it that much. It actually was $579.99 so they increased the price.

    • Jose Hernandez

      You don’t have to come up with the down payment?

      Did you even read the article before you started posting your negativity?

      It is well explained for anyone that reads the article/promotion.

      If you are not interested keep it moving, no one wants to hear your nonsense.

  • william43

    The 925 doesn’t show a change in the monthly payment even though there’s no $50 down hmm…

    • IamDefiler


    • Justin Black

      I kicking myself right now. $50 off is a heck of a deal. You have to pay tax upfront, but still.

    • D_Wall__

      Do it! I love my Nokia 925. Such an amazing device!

  • thepanttherlady

    Can’t say this makes me happy but hey, at least there isn’t a MIR involved! :)

    • Justin Black

      I hope those never come back.

  • rti

    Some of these prices are actually higher with the promotion, such as the Xperia Z which will be $600 instead of $579.99. As well as HTC One.

  • Eric Stengrevics

    Kind of ironic…T-Mobile calls VZW and AT&T upgrade programs deceptive, yet they pull this shiz now. I was very happy with all this UNcarrier stuff but this is very carrier of them. Hope AT&T doesn’t take a shot right back.

    • Paul

      ???This has been apart of their UNcarrier plan.

      Pay off the phone and you’re free to leave, and there’s still no contract.

  • Matt_Reader

    This is specifically for people who are due for new phones now and want to sign up for the JUMP program, but if you’re on of those people, there’s some legitimate savings here.

    Let’s take the iPhone 5 for example (I’ve also excluded the $10 JUMP fee because they’re the same for both customers). Lets say Customer A would pay a $150 down payment, plus 6 monthly EIP payments of $21 ($126), then JUMP to the iPhone 5s. At this point Customer A has paid the original down payment plus the EIP payments for a total of $276.

    Now consider Customer B who uses this promotion, Customer B is paying only EIP payments of $27 for 6 months, or $162 total.

    In this scenario, Customer B is saving $114 in that 6 month period because 3/4ths of the original down payment is wiped away when Customer B JUMPs.

    So, Customer B could upgrade to an iPhone 5S in six months and only pay $36 ($150-$114 savings) for a down payment on the iPhone5S, and it would lower their EIP at the time from $27 to $21.

    Obviously, the longer Customer B waits, the less money they will be saving, but they will never pay more than Customer A, and the whole point of the JUMP program is to upgrade early and often.

    Finally, if someone is ONLY interested in iPhones, the $10 monthly JUMP fee is probably not worth it because you will only JUMP one time per year. And the program loses its appeal then (if you don’t need the insurance, which with AppleCare is debateable), just sell your old phone and buy the new one outright.

    • 2 jumps per year (the only time you wait is the initial 6 month enrollment period. In other words, 3 different devices every 365 days.

    • Paul

      While we’re looking into the “does it require JUMP,” so far as we know it DOES NOT require jump or for someone to up for a renewal.

    • thepanttherlady

      Also keep in mind that the EIP doesn’t kick until the 2nd billing cycle after purchase so in essence the customer is only paying 4 EIP payments till they can JUMP! to their next upgrade.

  • tech916

    Scam once again

    • Paul

      …elaborate, or just look like a douche.

  • kev2684

    this will go well with the new customers over summer under signing up for JUMP! program. this means less over-all 2 year cost total without any up front for the first of four devices per 2 years. it could save up to $110 with iPhone 5 as their starting device on 2 year total on jump plan with 4 used upgrades.

  • rdg666

    Oh, damn… I wanted to jump all over this and get a 925 for $0 down… But I would have to also get the JUMP program? I have no interest in that. :(

    • Jay Wilhelm

      That’s what I’m wondering. If like Matt said below, this ONLY applies to JUMP customers. If I have a regular value plan, it might not be worth it.

      • lala

        You don’t need Jump to be eligible.

  • OptimusGuy

    So i have to have JUMP! to get the $0 down payment? ://

    • thepanttherlady

      I can’t see where it says you have to get JUMP! to participate. I think they’re outlining the advantage/savings for JUMP! customers with this “deal” as Matt_Reader outlined below.

      Using the Sony Xperia Z as an example: $0 down + tax ($46.40 in my area) + 4 EIP’s = $146.40. JUMP! in 6 months and T-Mobile clears the remaining $500 EIP balance.

      If you don’t already have insurance add $60 to the total above for the 6 months of JUMP! for a total of $206.40 spent for using this phone for 6 months.

      Keep in mind that if you participate in this “deal” and don’t JUMP! in 6 months the cost of some of these phones has gone up as mentioned by rti below. The cost of the XZ for this “deal” is $600 vs. $580.

    • IamDefiler


  • ZT

    This has nothing to do with JUMP – you can get $0 down without enrolling in JUMP, or with. If you are enrolled in JUMP, though, $0 down makes JUMP an even better deal for you as your upgrade / trade-in will pay off your EIP balance which is now larger than before with $0 down.

    • thepanttherlady

      This will help customers who aren’t otherwise eligible to join the JUMP! program, join. What better way to get them on board than letting them get a new device with zero down?

      It’d be even better if they slashed the other credit tiers down payment so all customers can participate.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Not interested in this promotion I pay for my phones cash. And get pretty good deals.

  • T-Mobile Fan

    YAY!!! I was this close of going to T-Mobile store to upgrade my blackberry to a iPhone 5 today! WOOOO :D

    • william43

      Always check tmonews first! :-)

    • iknowiknow,imright

      iphones are not part of this promo.

      • thepanttherlady

        According to T-Mobile’s press release only the 32GB & 64GB aren’t available.

        • iknowiknow,i’mright

          You’re right. Only iphone 5 16gb will be available. You can get the 8gb $0 down right now.


    Seems like you win on 5 and lose on 5 (sorry about the formatting):

    Samsung Galaxy S4 $600 630 Save -$30
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 $648 630 Extra $18
    Samsung Galaxy S3 $528 530 Save -$2
    Xperia Z $600 580 Extra $20
    iPhone 5 $648 650 Save -$2
    Nokia Lumia 925 $480 530 Save -$50
    Nokia Lumia 521 $120 150 Save -$30
    BlackBerry Q10 $600 580 Extra $20
    HTC One $600 560 Extra $40
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 $480 450 Extra $30

    • Paul

      This is awesome!
      Thanks for posting this break down.

      hhhhmmmmm, I’m considering the S4 based on the chart.

    • kalel33

      Pet peeve of mine, but it’s spelled “lose” not “loose”. I probably correct at least 3 people a day for misspelling it.

      • PiCASSiMO

        Yup… I make the same mistake all the time. I’ve corrected myself.

    • IamDefiler

      And if you look on T-Mo’s website you can get the HTC One for $79 down instead of $99. Which makes it $60 more till Sunday.

  • Listenforonce

    PEOPLE STOP AND LISTEN!!!!! You do NOT need to do jump to get this deal…stop saying you do!!!!

    • Paul

      “…July 27th and is paired with T-Mobile’s JUMP! program…”

      Are you 100% sure? I’m not being an ass, but I am reading this as I might need to sign up for JUMP!.

      • thepanttherlady

        T-Mobile’s press release is worded differently:

        “../July 27, 2013. In addition to the promotion, customers also cantake advantage of T-Mobile’s groundbreaking upgrade program, JUMP!â„¢”

        • Paul

          I think someone’s going to have to ask an employee from t-mobile. I know I will be running by a store tomorrow to find out more details.

        • thepanttherlady

          I just went right to the source and tweeted John and T-Mobile. Will post response if I get one.

        • Paul


        • Bklynman

          John saw your picture Lady,that why reply back to you!! ;) LoL.

      • Guest

        It’s highly recommended that you join Jump but not required.

    • CPA01

      But it frankly makes no sense* not to use Jump with this.

      Say your phone payment is $27 a month. Now with Jump, it’s $37. In 6 months that’s $222. For a phone that cost $649. You’d have to sell that phone for $428 to make it worth your time to buy the phone outright. And given how fast (*non-iPhones) depreciate, that’s not likely.

      If you keep doing this, you can keep getting top of the line phones for relatively cheap.

  • Richard

    does anyone know if they ask for deposit for people with zero credit? Because i have a friend with no credit and wants to get tmobile but doesnt know if they gonna ask her for a huge deposit she said att and Verizon asked for a 500 dollar deposit so she wants to try tmobile does anyone know if they gonna ask her for a huge deposit?

    • Herbert Portillo

      When my girlfriend switched from Verizon, she didn’t have very good credit so they asked for a $50 deposit.

      • Nick Gonzalez

        I do believe there are degrees of “bad credit”. Last November when my T-Mobile contract was up and I was shopping around for a potential new carrier, I checked out Verizon and AT&T and my required deposit was $200 for Verizon and $75 for AT&T. Sprint didn’t want any deposit, just my old phone (myTouch 4G) to start service, and they would’ve gave me an iPhone 5 for $100 down w/ 2 year contract.

    • MuthaFuckinStephen

      My credit is so lame. T-Mobile never asked me for a dime. Just a $35 activation fee and a down payment for my device.

  • tmogold

    iphones are not a part of this promo @davidberen. $0 is for well qualified customers – meaning you need you credit/good credit.

    • thepanttherlady

      iPhone included in the press release directly from T-Mobile. Check.
      Article and press release state well qualified customers. Check.

  • Randall Lind

    What you all are missing is Jump is insurance for $10 month with the option to upgrade every 6 months. That is it an (option) in 6 months if you like your phone or T-Mobile has none worth upgrading to then don’t. I know a lot of people with collections of cell phones so trading in a old phone is okay with me.

    Are you saving money maybe not but my plan before simple was $115 a month so if my new bill with jump is close to $115 I don’t mind. If you can get a $0 down even better. The Samsung S4 = $150 if you dump it in 6 months. I paid $140 down + $120 = $260 I don’t even add the $60 for insurance because I have always paid insurance regardless.

    However $210 vs $320 if you do add insurance.

  • Marc Klein

    Sure 2 weeks after I buy my Z they do this. :(

    • patrick

      you have a 20.day buyers remorse from customer service..I’d use it

      • Marc Klein

        Except I’m not getting the phone till Monday :)

        • IamDefiler

          Call them tomorrow and request the down payment be refunded or credited toward your bill. This has been confirmed as doable.

        • Marc Klein

          Did and they said no but in the end it turns out that the sale had a catch to it and I got the better deal with the down payment.

  • Omar Gonzalez

    So no down payment? What about the phone tax? Would we have to pay that upfront?

    • thepanttherlady

      Tax is always due upfront.

    • Paul

      Most likely.

    • xmiro

      tax is based on the phone’s full price

    • Joe P

      I wonder if they’ll let me use my trade-in value toward the tax…

      • thepanttherlady

        I highly doubt it. Sales tax is paid to the state and not something T-Mobile keeps. Worse they can say is no, right?

      • JB

        My sis traded in her MyTouch 4G this morning and it paid the tax on her HTC (edit: HTC One)… So it can definitely be done

    • CPA01

      Yes. Sales tax is due upon sale. Merely because T-Mobile allows you to enter in a deferral payment does not mean that they are legally allowed to defer sales tax. As far as your state is concerned, a sale has occurred, and sales tax is due. The tact that you’re not paying for it now doesn’t matter to them.

  • Jody Smith

    Haha. Copying AT&T now I see. Despite his rhetoric, Legere is clearly afraid of AT&T’s no down promotion stealing his thunder no matter how bad AT&T’s deal appears to T-Mobile users.

    Love it!

    • xmiro

      copying AT&T? Relax, T-Mobile has had $0 down promotions before AT&T

      • thepanttherlady

        Actually, she appears to be right:

        “Update: In a telephone interview, T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert said that the new option came in response to a move by AT&T to offer some devices for no money down.

        “This is really about being fast and highly competitive,” Sievert said. “We aren’t going to cede one inch of the territory and of the momentum” it has gained from its “un-carrier” approach.”


        • william43

          T-Mobile (I think it’s Legere actually lol) is basically saying okay ATT we can match your offer all we gotta do is add the down payment to the service plan. It’s kinda funny.

          The difference is on some phones (see PiCASSiMO’s comment), you actually can save some money.

        • CPA01

          Well, AT&T is making you pay twice for your phone.

          Not only does the standard plan already include cost recovery, but their upgrade program slaps on effectively double the charge.

          The AT&T program is arguably the worst upgrade program in America as people pay twice for the same phone. 6 month jump at most pays $60.

          At least T-Mobile lets you buy your phone outright and then offers lower monthly bills.

          AT&T has high bills and then screws you on their upgrade program.

    • Fraydog

      Why can’t you disclose your own financial ties to AT&T when you make these troll posts? As long as you keep posting here, I’ll keep pointing your AstroTurf out.

  • xmiro

    damn. I think I want a new phone now
    For those who doubt the value of T-Mobile use mobileplancheck.com to see how much less you’re going to pay vs the rest of the carriers.

  • Derrick

    Would be at my local tmobile first thing in the morning if they had the htc one in black, oh well. Great promo for anybody looking to upgrade though.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      LOL I gave up on waiting for the black One on TMo and got the regular silver one. I love it. First phone i’ve had in a long time that I didn’t want to put a case on.

    • Jody Smith

      I got the Black one from AT&T but it shows the scratches and scuffs really easily on the back. The metal is soft and it’s easy to scuff or bend if you are not careful.

      The silver one hides the scratches better.

  • ProductFRED

    I love (and use) T-Mobile, but it’s not as amazing as it looks. You’re still paying a higher payment each month. Look at the chart. Xperia Z is normally $20 a month on your bill. Now for this promotion it’s $25 a month. That’s still $120 over two years above normal pricing.

    • thepanttherlady

      The article explains this. No down payment + a slightly higher monthly payment. Overall, the phone is actually $20 more over the course of 2 years but other phones listed above come out less.

      The idea is that if you combine this with the JUMP! program you pay less when you upgrade in 6 months. This deal won’t be for everyone which is why it’s important to do the math.

      • PiCASSiMO

        Samsung Galaxy S4 $600 Total Cost – $630 Regular Price, Save -$30
        Samsung Galaxy Note 2 $648 Total Cost – $630 Regular Price, Extra $18
        Samsung Galaxy S3 $528 Total Cost – $530 Regular Price, Save -$2
        Xperia Z $600 Total Cost – $580 Regular Price, Extra $20
        iPhone 5 $648 Total Cost – $650 Regular Price, Save -$2
        Nokia Lumia 925 $480 Total Cost – $530 Regular Price, Save -$50
        Nokia Lumia 521 $120 Total Cost – $150 Regular Price, Save -$30
        BlackBerry Q10 $600 Total Cost – $580 Regular Price, Extra $20
        HTC One $600 Total Cost – $560 Regular Price, Extra $40
        Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 $480 Total Cost – $450 Regular Price, Extra $30

        • thepanttherlady

          You’re way nicer than me. I wasn’t going to do the math on all of them. :)

        • PiCASSiMO

          Did that earlier with a spreadsheet…. didn’t come through with the formatting in Disqus. :)

        • TechHog

          One thing, the HTC One is currently on sale online. The regular price of it is actually $580.

    • william43

      The Nokia 925 had no change in monthly payment. So it seems like some devices the monthly payment was increase while others wasn’t.

      • The sale is now live and it looks like the pricing chart above was wrong. The Lumia 925 is now $0 down and $22 per month for a total of $528, which means it is just $2 cheaper than the $50 down and $20 per month it was before.

        • sonofabit

          yea i drove to the store this morning before I saw this, total BS! I dont know how tmobile can call this a “deal” when all they did was shuffle the cost into the monthly payment.

          was this press release and chart public? kind of crappy that they would switch the price overnight like that…

  • sushimane

    I would rather down and get a low monthly payment. I’m almost done paying off my phone and dont have the jump program. How much I have to down on a new phone? Just outta curiosity? For example if I wanted the xperia z they say down 99 dollars would I down 99 or more?

    • Red5

      You would pay as much down as you like, the more down the lower your EIP payment. You would probably have to pay off your old phone first though.

    • william43

      I think the monthly payment stays $20 a month regardless of how much you put down. You can always pay for the EIP directly which would reduce your principle.

    • Pikachu

      As long as you are well qualified your out of pocket would be the 99 plus whatever you have left to pay on your old phone example is u buy an s4 three months ago and u paid off sixty the most u can take off you just phone is 60 off retail

      • sushimane

        so basically i start from square one?

        • Pikachu

          Think of it like a credit card. Aside from the sale, the most usually placed on EIP is 480. You pay the difference, galaxy s4 is 149.99 leaving 480 in installments over 24 months @20. Every month that goes by, for examples sake let’s say three months, your balance is now 420. If you get a new phone we could take off sixty bucks and your installment plan goes back up to 480. It’s like filling your balance back up to capacity.

          The cool thing about jump is as soon as six months you can upgrade. The scenario without jump would be that you would need to pay off what’s left to get the lowest down pay. So rather than pay 360 and keep the old phone we wipe out that 360

  • D_Wall__

    Damn i just bought my 925 Last week. I wonder if i could get a refund on the down payment?

    • Red5

      Call the store, if you bought it through care it would be way to complicated

    • william43

      Let’s us know if you’re able to get a credit or refund.

    • JJCommonSense

      So you want to re-finance your phone just to get the downpayment back? It’d be a whole new finance agreement.

    • I was thinking the same thing, but now that the sale is live it looks like the pricing chart above was incorrect. The Lumia 925 is now $0 down and $22 per month for a total of $528, which is just $2 cheaper overall than the $50 down and $20 per month it was before.

  • Donnie

    Tons of misinformation is this thread. I called T-Mobile about this offer. JUMP is optional and NOT required. The only stipulation is good credit.

    • william43

      and the misinformation is where? There’s some confusion about if it’s required or not, but not any misinformation

      • psychoace

        Some people are stating it’s required like it’s fact. That is misinformation.

        • william43

          Some people are stating it’s not required which is a fact.

        • psychoace

          correct but that isn’t everybody. Some people are providing misinformation. No one is saying everyone is.

    • Pikachu

      I’m not saying I’m wrong here but… Care is not the definitive answer for Everything .. But, in our training docs one of my reps brought me up to speed and said jump is required sooo I dunno about all that

      • theboss

        JUMP! is not required. its recomd – for marketing they position them as a bundle together to give customer’s the best deal.

  • TechHog

    FYI, some phones (HTC One, BB Q10, Xperia Z) actually cost $20 more with this deal

  • jawash22

    A TMO rep told me the z10 is in this too for $18 month,0 Down….that’s $100 cheaper if true.

    • psychoace

      Never trust a rep

      • jawash22

        I know…that does seem like too huge of a savings…fingers crossed, but it does say all phones are part of this deal.

  • Randy McCamman

    I am definitely going to call tomorrow and see if they will credit my down payment on my XZ. (Purchased 8 days ago). If they say NO, then I will return the phones (Purchased by CC, so return will be no restocking fee) and then just re-purchase. My plan is to JUMP! in 6 months, so I want to save $70 by doing so!

    • Pikachu

      Unfortunately the equipment installation plan balance won’t be freed up until they receive the phones back at the warehouse. You’ll want to make 100 percent sure you tell them your intention so they can increase your installation plan to compensate if you wanted to buy phones in store. Customer had this situation our hands were tied until care did that. Just looking out for you to avoid any headaches

  • diamonds21

    Will the promotion start at Midnight today? or later tomorrow?

    • diamonds21

      Ment to say if the Online promotion start at midnight?

  • philly8

    you gotta have good credit

  • CRT24

    This will be saving SOME customers on upfront costs but T-Mobile is I nce again over thinking things relating to the credit classes and down payment eligibility. There have been some adjustments made for this sale to where the top their credit custimers will get zero down but some customers who were “well qualified” today, will not be tomorrow and will actually have to pay more up front than before the “sale”. This will upset a lot of customers in my opinion. If you want to restrict who can take advantage of zero down then that is understandable, but to tell a customer who is and has been cinsidered well qualified all along that not  only can you not take advantage of zero down, but you actually have to pay more up front than before the sale just makes no sense.

    • theboss

      incorrect – Well Qualified is well qualified. no changes were made to credit classifications. Well qualified on 7/26, are still well qualified on 7/27

      • CPA01

        The screwy part of this is that well qualified buyers are probably those who are willing to just buy the phone outright and keep it for several years.

        If you buy two Nexus 4s at $300 and get the $50 a month plan with $30 secondary line and then tack on 2 boosted data plans for $20, that’s $3,000 in total cost for two lines over 2 years. Keep it for three years, that’s $4,200. Good luck finding a Verizon/AT&T plan for two lines that will rival that in price. A comparable family plan on AT&T in one year costs $2280. In 3 years, that’s $6,840.

        • theboss

          good point. there is nothing but good in any of this uncarrier stuff when you compare any other company. my pockets love all of these numbers tmobile has been throwing out the last few months.

        • CPA01

          Indeed. Getting more breakdown in costs can only help the consumer.

      • mikeymike

        This is not a true statement, the eligibilty changes for who is “Well Qualified”

        • theboss

          the eligibility did not change. what facts do you have to support this?

          Well Qualified is based on t-mobile’s internal credit class assignment; the same group of customers that were considered well qualified on Friday are the same group thats still well qualified on saturday.

        • T-Mobile Employee

          I work for T-Mobile, the Well-Qualified DID change. Previously, Well-Qualified customers fell into Credit Classes A, B, or C for NEW customers, as well as O getting Well-Qualified for converting from old Flexpay to new Post-Paid, and L getting “better” pricing but not the best, and then D through Y getting the “less than qualified” pricing. Then, being a current customer over 2 years, everyone got Well-Qualified pricing with the exception of Y.
          Now with the promo, ONLY A and B are well-qualified, then C is only well-qualified if a customer over 1 year, and L only well-qualified if over 3 years (which 3 years ago, credit class L was virtually non-existent, as it lumped them into D until recently). ALL other credit classes are all “less-than-qualified”. The exception to this is Credit Class C under 1 year, and L under 3 years, do not get “well-qualified” but get a middle-tier that’s higher $ than best, but lower $ than “less-than qualified”.
          Makes your head spin.
          Old Well-Qualified: New Customer A, B, C, O, – Current Customer 2 years + ALL credit classes.
          New Well-Qualified for Promotion: New Customer A, B only. – Current Customer C 1 year or more, L 3 years or more. ALL OTHER CREDIT CLASSES, regardless of Tenure, Are Less-than-qualified now.

      • CRT24

        You couldn’t be more wrong

  • steveb944

    So it’s not really a deal then. I guess we won’t have a TRUE 0 down like we did long ago. Time to pay up!

    • CPA01

      It is if you use Jump.

      $30 a month for a phone that costs $500+ and then upgrading at 6 months costs you $180. Effectively, if you do this till you die, you can’t lose.

      But for people who keep their phones for a while, it’s not much of a difference.

      • steveb944

        Well I’m not talking Jump here. This deal in itself is not that great a deal. In terms of Jump, results will vary as others have noted in past articles.

        • mikey

          vary depending on when you upgrade if you upgrade at 6, you save approx $70 by doing this new promo

        • CPA01

          Cost recovery was always in plans. But you never knew how much they were really recovering from you.

          Technically it is true zero, as you’re not putting down anything immediately.

          The difference between T-Mobile and the rest is you now know you’re going to pay full price somehow.

          Do you think that Verizon and AT&T aren’t charging you more for your phone? With T-Mobile you know exactly how much. The rest you don’t

        • CPA01

          Why it’s not a good deal?

          You do understand that you’re going to pay full price for the phone some way right?

          At least with T-Mobile, you know they’re only charging you for the price of the phone.

          AT&T and Verizon are almost certainly charging you more. It’s just that they don’t break the cost of the phone recovery out from their other service changes.

          Plus once you pay the phone off, you have a net smaller bill. Not the same for AT&T and Verizon who keep charging you the same after 2 years.

        • steveb944

          I’m comparing this to prior deals that T-Mobile has done.

          You sound like one of the new ads. We’re not comparing the obvious that T-Mobile is the better carrier in pricing so I don’t know why you bring that up.

  • theboss

    everyone the Promotion is live. the price on the initial page was wrong, it actually updates once you add the phone to the cart. my order has been submitted!

  • Phia

    I left T-mobile about 3 months due to crappy network and lackluster customer service. Very happy with Verizon.

    • bingo

      So happy that you feel the need to come comment on a T-Mobile fan site…

      • Phia

        I am so sorry that you got your feelings hurt. I hope you recover from your boo-boos. I did not know that you were SO sensitive.

    • Stew

      …And comment about coverage in an article about phone pricing. Straight t-rollin…

    • Troy Lovett

      I certainly hope that T Mobile can bounce back from the loss of your 50 dollars and manage to stay in business! Why oh why???? I’m glad you’re happy with Verizon. I’m happy with my money

  • rpasea

    You really need to compare the TCO of T-M’s offer to what other carriers charge for a 2 year contract.

  • thisIslame

    This is interesting, my down payment is much higher than it was before. According to my down payment before I would be paying the low end of the down payment that shows up before you log in. It now shows I would be paying $150 for all the high end phones whereas before it was $99. I know credit plays a factor but before I would be paying what a well qualified person would pay. I will wait until this blows over.

  • And here come back to school sales. I said it early this week after AAPL announced their June Q and all the analysts then went on to predict the Sept Q as going to be less than expected.

    BTS is the second busiest retail period besides Christmas; and electronics are the #1 requested gift. AAPL is the #1 request as far a brand. That coupled with all the purchases by schools for students; Sept Q will be a knock-out.

  • Paige

    Does anyone know how long this will last?

    • JB

      The sales woman told me this morning the promotion runs through the end of the month…

      • psychoace

        The site actually states September 30th.

        • JB

          Which is why you never trust sales people… Unless it lasts in store through the end of the month. Online may be a different story.

        • psychoace

          Actually I was slightly wrong. I got an “offer” on Facebook from T-Mobile for this deal. It says the “offer” expires on September 30th. Unless they entered that field wrong for the offer I don’t see why they would let it expire so late if the deal is over in a couple days.

        • Paige

          Oh, okay. I hope it lasts till Sept 30! Thanks guys (:

        • Troy Lovett

          Yes. It lasts until September 30th. I’m just going that the note 3 comes out before then. I’ve got a note 2 now, and I just don’t see anything else as an upgrade at this point.

  • colonelcasey

    What’s with the Nokia 925? The press release table shows $0 down and $20/month. On the T-Mo site this morning, it says $0 down but $22/month.

  • It is not really $0 down. Had to pay tax on both phones I got.

  • Daniel Darnell

    This promotion is total crap. I was going to upgrade to an iPhone 5 went in to my online account it shows $150. Now my credit is fine and I’ve qualified for zero down phones before and multiple line approval with data lines as well. So I called T-Mobile and a rep told me this promotion was only available to new customers and customers of T-Mobile for at least one year. Yesterday the SIII was $20 down for me now its $90, the HTC one was $100 for me and now its $150.

    I’ve only been with T-Mobile a few months but my current phone was paid in full and I had T-Mobile in the past always paid in full left on good terms with no unpaid balance. So I know I credit qualify for this. However T-Mobile unfairly puts a one year restriction on new customers for this and actually raises the down payments on our online accounts during this sale. I’ve been very happy with T-Mobile but this really is deceptive and disappoints me.

    Not happy with T-Mobile at the moment!!!!

    • Luis Mendez

      I’m not sure why..I’ve been a tmobile customer for 6 years and as a matter of fact last week I got the HTC One for $100 down..and today I was able to take advantage of this offer and bought the wife the GS4..just paid taxes about $40…so is not only for new customers.

      • Daniel Darnell

        Well as I said I was told over the phone it was for new customers and existing customers of at least one year of service. However I am in talks with the Facebook team and I believe we worked out something that satisfied me. Just waiting on some final agreement here.

        • Luis Mendez

          That’s good..yea give them my example..It should be for everyone; have you gone to the store? ..things are much better at the store and no shipping charges

        • Daniel Darnell

          So here is what they offered me and I just got the confirmation email. The iPhone 5 was $0 up front and $27 a month for 24 months. They gave me an offer of $100 up front for it and monthly payments of $20.75 a month for 24 months. Thus making the phone $50 cheaper than the current offer. They also offered to directly charge the down payment to my account. I’m fairly happy with this offer and it does make the phone $50 cheaper. Plus I’m a VA resident and my local store is in TN. VA tax is 5.30% while TN tax is 9.50% at my local store. So yeah I’m paying shipping but I’m saving on Tax and getting the phone $50 cheaper.

        • mikey

          If you got JUMP i hope you opted for the 0 down

        • mikey

          Lol, its the same conditions as before, o.a.c. Ppl with bad credit have to pay more, unless they have been on tmobile for along period of time.

    • BonesFab

      I actually only been with T-Mobile for a few months also but as I stated above what shows up online and instore may be different. Actually have that store manager pull up your account and see what tier you are in.

    • metricD

      Depending on the phone, this deal isn’t better than what existing customers were getting. I upgraded to the HTC One with them before it hit their stores for 100 down and 20 and month. Now they want 0 down and 25 a month. That extra $5 over 24 months is $120, more than the $100 down you’d be skipping.

      • mikey

        not if you jump, lol. If you jump you only pay 25 for 6 months, which is 150, then switch phones versus 100 down then 20 a month for 6 mths which is 220, so you actually pay $70 less if you trade up after 6 months. Only way you pay more with this deal is if you actually keep the phone over 20 months since at 20 mths the extra 5 paid monthly equals the normal 100 deposit, in other words the extra 20 you pay for the phone is the extra 5 you paying in the last 4 months, if keep it 24 mths

    • Napster87

      sounds like you’re L class credit which would have qualified for better pricing after 2 years but during this promotion they ask that you’ve been a customer for 3 years

  • BonesFab

    I just discovered that what shows online is different than what shows instore. My down payment online was $150 but when i went into the store it shows I was qualified for the $0 down payment but the phone I want went up $20.

  • steve

    Typical TMobile. you have to pay the taxes up front I went in looking for the Q10 & was told I would need about $52 books in store rep advised me to call tmo & they mite be able to bill the $52 to my account rep on phone advised can’t do that it must be paid upfront but she did tell me about a trade in program that would give me $37 for my old bb 9700 & that would reduce my out of pocket to only $13 or so I went to the store with no $$$ bcz I truly believed I could get a phone with no $$$ noooot so much.

    • Really

      you’re a f**king moron. Why would you be able to get a phone for free WITHOUT taxes? Go cry under your bridge, troll.

      • sonofabit

        i think what he means that $0 down implies you leave the store without money leaving your pocket. to pay taxes up front is not $0 down.

        I’m guessing. I couldn’t really get through his paragraph above without my eyes hurting.

        • Bklynman

          He means taxes,when he put down books????

        • sonofabit

          lol i have no idea i was just speculating. personally i do believe it’s a bit misleading to claim $0 down when you must pay tax up front. I’m not saying it’s wrong or that I don’t understand it, I’m just saying it’s misleading, and I thought that’s what he meant.

          but like I said, I couldn’t really understand what the @#$@# the guy was saying, I’m just guessing

        • Bklynman

          Me either,I read it like 4 times it gave me headache. LoL ..

    • You nigha

      Hey idiot, that’s a standard in the cell phone industry. Tax is always paid in full.

      • CPA01

        Actually that’s a standard pretty much everywhere.

        How many states allow sales to occur but allow deferral of sales taxes? I’m betting exactly zero.

    • pbxtech

      Duh.. its called SALES TAX you dummy.

      You might want to check your receipt once in while to remind yourself there is such a thing in your neck of the woods.

      Now, if you live on DE, FL and quiet a few others States that don’t have SALES Tax then it’s truly 0 down.

      • Florida has sales tax. We have no state income tax, but we have a 6% state sales tax plus whatever the county sales tax is.

        • pbxtech

          Yes. FL did have a sales tax but no income tax. Thanks Yogi.

          It’s been couple years since my last vaca down there – I miss Orlando and the parks.

          States that do not have sales taxes: AK, DE, MT, NH and OR.

          I could drive down to DE and get a couple of GN2 to replace 2 Samsung Exhibit 2 4G with this deal but I’m just displacing Sales tax for the gasoline expense. On top of that NJ has a USE TAX, you have to declare purchases made out-off-state in the tax return as sales tax, of course its voluntary disclosure wink-wink. Barnacles!!! there’s no way around this sales tax thing-a-ma-jig.

    • CPA01

      That’s not T-Mobile’s fault.

      That’s your state’s sale tax legislation. And it makes sense from a GAAP perspective. A sale has been made, therefore taxes on the sale are due at the time of the sale. Merely because the payment hasn’t occurred does not mean no sales tax are due. A legal contract has been agreed upon by both parties for a transaction and a device has been transferred and service has started for that device.

  • brando

    “No Deal” For T-mobile . Was told by a T-mobile representative that i was not a preferred customer after being w them for 22 months. Thanks Tmobile! !!!!!!

    • Napster87

      lmao. you’re really mad at T-Mobile because YOU didn’t qualify for a better credit class. Way to blame others for your shortcomings.

      • theboss

        lol #harsh but deserved

    • JBrowne1012

      You expect that status after 22 months?!

    • corepreacher

      Perferred status is after 24 months. Just wait 2 more months and you’re good to go

  • IamTwone

    So they went up on the S4 I just got mines last month for $100 up front and $20 a month thats $$580 when did it go up to $600 and $630

    • psychoace

      Yeah but that was a sale. For the past couple weeks it has been back to $149

      • IamTwone

        O ok I guess I grabbed it at a good time. Just pissed at Tmobile over my 2nd months bills 2 lines on the $70 unlimited n my bill is $299

  • Randy McCamman

    Way to go TMO!!! I was able to return my devices that I paid $99 down and they overnight me new devices with $0 down. Nothing out of pocket! I love T Mobile!

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      Didn’t your monthly device payment increase though?

      • CPA01

        Why does that matter? He still has to pay that anyways. 649 over 24 months or $449 over 24 months with $200 down now is the same amount of money. In today’s world, the opportunity cost is quite low.

  • jack

    looks like I am the only one who still like subsidized phone price with regular 2 years…

    • Raysfan1985

      Should have just waited.

    • Troy Lovett

      Nah, don’t be so hard on yourself. There are still plenty of stupid people who would rather be told that their phone was free and continue to pay for it forever.

      • CPA01

        It’s amazing how many people don’t get this.

        They see the low price sign and don’t get that their carrier is screwing them on subsidy recovery.

        Subsided phones = higher monthly bills that never ever, ever go down. Even after the carrier is making pure profit on what was formerly part of a subsidy recovery. I wouldn’t be surprised that under Verizon and AT&T that people are paying $1,000 for an iPhone.

        • GwapoAko

          I’m with you!!!

        • Kit Pogi

          It’s sad bad true. Majority of the wireless customers got sucked in to believing that by paying, $99 for an Iphone with a contract, get them a great, awesome deal. I’m just glad the T-mo finally listened to their loyal customers and actually did something about it! This new CEO is no joke the best thing that happened to T-mo! Keep ’em coming John L.

        • CPA01


          Basic AT&T coverage is about $90. Basic coverage on T-Mobile if you buy your phone with cash is $50. That’s $40 more you’re paying monthly. Granted, AT&T actually has a real LTE network and that is costly, but there has to be significant cost recovery in AT&T’s bill.

          $40 x 24 = $960. So if you paid $199 for your iPhone, that’s $1,159 in additional costs. It gets worse if you go with AT&T’s upgrade plan.

          I like T-Mobile telling me exactly how much I’m paying for everything. I know how much my phone payment would be (Didn’t go there, just bought the phone outright), and how much my service is.

          And if you go with the $0 down and JUMP program, you can get two new phones a year for as little as $360 in phone costs.

  • cielomoreno127

    I purchased my Xperia Z yesterday and discovered the sale this morning, I was able to get it. The store charged me a $50 restocking fee. Which was bull.

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    Instead of a real discount, they just increased the monthly device payment. Come on TMo, we’re not that dumb

    • psychoace

      Did they say you were going to save money in any of there ads?

    • Jephri

      This is a real discount if you take part in Jump. When you trade in a phone six months from now you will have less money invested in that phone.

    • CPA01

      It’s not a discount, but it gets people new phones faster.

      And as Jeff pointed out,if you use this with jump and upgrade in 6 months, that’s a killer discount.

    • Ephesus

      It’s not just that. Not everybody has $150 dollars to shell out ($99 plus the full tax for most devices comes out to around $150). It’s a lot easier to pay $7 extra per month over the course of the payments so it makes a new phone accessible to a lot more people.

  • Joon Lee

    I have a question about this and JUMP.

    If 6 months later, when I am eligible for an upgrade though JUMP, would I be eligible for these kind of deals?

    Lets say then Galaxy Note 3 is available with no down payment. Like deals they announced.
    Would I buy them at 0 down payment? Or would I need to buy with actual down payments??

    • CRT24

      Jump pays off your existing EIP balance at the time of trade in and you will pay whatever down payment is required for the specific phone you choose. If there happens to be a zero down sale at that time and you qualify for it based on your credit approval then you can purchase with zero down plus taxes.

  • FuturePS4Gamer

    Great deals but I’m not looking to dish out another $20+ on my phone bill yet.

  • Loy

    Love this deal. If you have your phone paid off, they also will buy it from you when you buy a new phone. Traded wife’s myTouch in and got $55 which we spent on a nice case for her new XperiaZ

    • Pablo

      Wow! So you stupidly bought an overpriced case! You sound like someone that others should take financial advice from…

  • SadBobster

    Keep in mind that what you don’t pay upfront gets added to your monthly payment and on top of that you’ll pay telecom taxes. Don’t confuse those with sales tax as they amount for way more (for example, if you are on T-Mobile’s $50 month to month plan, with taxes is almost $60). My best advice to you is buy your phone unlocked on the internet and get service from an MVNO like Simple Mobile / Straight Talk / AIO Wireless / GoSmart Mobile. T-Mobile is trying, but their coverage isn’t great. Well, almost the same it’s true for AT&T and Verizon (ignoring Sprint on purpose).

    • colonelcasey

      Why would you pay telecom taxes on the EIP? As far as I’m concerned, the EIP is a separate loan with monthly payments tacked onto your bill. It’d be weird to have service taxes apply to it now that it has been separated out.

      • Daniel

        The only tax on the device is sales tax which is payed up front for the entire cost of the device. Example: Lets say sales tax is 6%, device cost $600 and the monthly payments are $20. $600 x 1.06 (6% tax) = $636 – $480 ($20 x 24) = $156. Your down payment is $156. I think SadBobster is just referring to your overall bill going up because what they’re actually doing is spreading the down payment over 24 months.

  • zippinglou

    Would rather get the iPhone for $199 on a 2 year plan through AT&T

    • GwapoAko

      Then still pay the higher fees after 2 years :)

      • Druff

        After 2 years, ATT = $80 per month, T-mobile = $50 per month.

        • zippinglou

          After two years I will sell my iPhone on eBay… get around $300 for it, and buy the newer version at $199 for two more years… With the rest of the money, I’ll go party!

        • CPA01

          And how much in two years did you really pay for that phone?

          If we assume that AT&T’s cost for providing service is the same, you paid $720 for a $649 phone in cost recovery. Add the initial down payment and you paid $919 for your iPhone.

          You could do the same thing at T-Mobile for $649, then resell your phone for $300, for a total outlay of $349 vs $619 at AT&T.

          Still think you’re doing well?

          And I’m being overly conservative in assuming that AT&T isn’t charging more for the phone recovery, so it’s highly likely that you’re going to pay way more than $270 by going with AT&T over T-Mobile for the same exact phone.

        • zippinglou

          Okay, let’s do the math…. 2 years at $80 a month = 1920
          A $199 purchase price on a $600 iPhone = $400 savings
          Once the 2 years are up I resell and get an extra $300
          Total savings comes to $700.
          For two years of service I paid 1920 – 700 = $1220 which divided into 24 months comes to $50 a month.

          So, in conclusion, with AT&T I get say the latest iPhone and I pay $50 for 2 years…. Not a bad deal.

          After that 2 years, rinse and repeat. Always will have the latest model iPhone at a good monthly fee….

        • hieuman

          Wow, people are willing to pay $300 for a smartphone that has been used for 2 years? Man, that’s a sucker for you.

        • Daniel

          Not sure where you learned to do math, but it’s definitely wrong. If you pay $80 a month for service it’s $1920. If you paid $200 for the phone and sell it for $300 you can only deduct $100 from $1920 which is $1820. A total of $75.83 a month.

        • CPA01

          That’s why he thinks he’s doing well.

          He can’t do math.

          At minimum, AT&T is going to cost $270 more over two years for the same phone and similar service.

          Under the basic plan I looked up, it’s more like $510.

        • Daniel

          The folks who can do math go with T-mobile and those who can’t go with one of the other services. T-mobile has the best prices by far. The one disadvantage, which is major, is coverage, but if majority of your time is spent within their coverage, I don’t see a reason not to go with T-mobile.

        • CPA01

          Indeed. People should first look at coverage and then price.

          A large number of rural users go with Verizon because it’s the only reliable coverage they can get out in the country. They pay more, but there aren’t other choices.

          But if you’re in a decent sized city and don’t spend your days in a basement, T-Mobile is probably your best option. I got a friend who works in a large city who’s office is in the sub basement (yes, SUB-basement). Only Verizon’s signal reaches down there.

        • CPA01

          Thanks for demonstrating you don’t understand cost recovery of subsidies.

          You aren’t paying just $199 for an iPhone. AT&T has a much higher monthly than T-Mobile because it’s recovery the subsidy on the iPhone. As I pointed out, that could be upwards of $720. So your calculation of $400 savings is very wrong. Even if we assume that they’re only recovering cost and not making money off you on the subsidy recovery, you’re still paying more.

          $649 – $199 = $450/24 months = $18.75 assuming they’re not charging past cost.

          Plus the unlimited phone/text + basic data plan at AT&T is $100 vs $60 for unlimited phone/text + basic data plan at T-Mobile. Yeah, I just looked up both.

          So with AT&T, you pay $2,400 for service plus $199 for down payment on your phone. That’s $2599.

          T-Mobile, you pay $1,440 for two years plus a new phone at $649. That’s $2,089.

          Since you can sell the same phone back on the resell market at the same price, that itself isn’t material to the comparison.

          Going with AT&T for the iPhone costs you $510 more out of pocket (plus taxes) over going with T-Mobile for the iPhone.

          Want to tell me how you’re doing better with AT&T?

          You’re an example of people who don’t understand that merely because a carrier lists a phone at a lower than market price doesn’t mean you’re not paying the full cost somehow.

        • D Nice


  • tmouser

    feels like TMO is getting sneakier by the minute. I want my old TMO back

  • Bill Berry

    T-Mobile’s latest offering is just no money down upfront in favor of making that difference up in an increase in the monthly payment; however the prices here are not what are in the store; I noticed prices online and in-store have increased; the Nokia Lumia 925 for example is not $0 down and $20 x 24 months; it’s $0 down and $22 x 24 or $528.00. I asked a sales person yesterday point blank what are they do with these phones when people start returning them for the new latest greatest? Will this generate a decrease in device prices down the road with a saturation of devices flooding the refurbish aisles. All and all…it’s not ground breaking…but if you’re a T-Mobile customer, it does benefit you..as for bringing new folks onboard…I don’t know…Sooner or later both AT&T and Verizon Wireless will be compelled to match T-Mobile’s plans. I use Straight Talk’s auto-refill, cost with tax $45.77 for everything. I tested the Lumia 925 at the store yesterday in Opelika, AL…it clocked 6.2 to 6.6 Mbps down via speedtest.net One more thought…why didn’t T-Mobile get the 32GB memory…just pathetic!

  • Vitamin Dice

    Americans are not dumb. The reason they stay with att and verizon is cause most of them have family lines often times 4-5 lines.

    My monthly cost with my 24% discount for 4 lines including taxes is $168 a month with ATT. That’s about $42 per line plus a device subsidy every 24 month worth probably up to $450 per line. That’s over $1700 in subsidies.

    60% of Americans have family lines. That’s what was killing verizon and att profits. They were in race to brag about subscribers but most of growth was in families adding a line.

    If u have one or two lines you are better off paying full price and going prepaid or tmobile. But don’t assume people are stupid. Family plans per line cost are often the same as prepaid lines.

  • sid

    what is the point of 0 down when in fact the taxes on these phones are do upfront and the tax is on the full retail value so the whole no money down things is a scheme …Read people

    • Just saying

      I agree, f*ing t-mo