Google Releases New Android Distribution Chart, Jelly Bean Now Biggest Android Base

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The newest Android distribution chart has been released to the world and there’s some good news as Jelly Bean takes the lead as the most used Android operating system. Jelly Bean now runs on 37.9% of devices, with 32% of those running Android 4.1.x. Those numbers increased from an even 33 percent last month.

As for the former Android frontrunner, Gingerbread fell from 36.5% down to 34.1% and into second place as the top Android operating system. The jump into first for Jelly Bean was expected as soon as this month and something we’re more than thrilled to see occur.

As for Ice Cream Sandwich, that hits 23.3%, down from 25.6%. Froyo falls to 3.1%, a drop of 1/10th of a point from last month as did Eclair which fell the same amount from 1.5% to 1.4%. Honeycomb and Donut still cling to life with both holding on at just 0.1%.

Congrats to Jelly Bean and its pole position as the top Android operating system.

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