T-Mobile Teases Xperia Z With New YouTube Clip, Promises More Detail Tomorrow

T-Mobile’s new YouTube clip shows the world a smartphone that can work under water. Whatever could that be? How about the Xperia Z? Ding ding ding! Word from my sources is that a joint press release by both companies is expected next week (the 18th to be exact)…but, the video caption promises “more details” tomorrow on T-Mobile’s Facebook page.

The video itself is pretty limited in detail other than to show the person jumping into a pool while capturing video. First, let’s stop right here and remind all of you that “vertical video syndrome” is a no-no. Don’t EVER capture video unless your phone is landscape? Capiche?

The bottom line is just about every sign that can point to the Xperia Z on T-Mobile, is doing so. I fully expect another teaser tomorrow with an announcement next week, but I’d love to see a announcement tomorrow…wouldn’t you?


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