Sony Xperia Z Makes Another Cameo Appearance On Camera Before Release


Now that we’ve pinned down a release date for the Sony Xperia Z, all that’s left is to wait for Sony to make its triumphant return to T-Mobile store shelves. In the interim, we can take yet another look at a T-Mobile branded Xperia Z floating around in the wild.

There’s not a lot to learn from these images that we don’t already know about the Xperia Z, but we do see the device will arrive on T-Mobile running Android 4.1.2. Also included in these shots is a score of 7836 on the Quadrant Standard test, if you’re the sort that puts a lot of faith into benchmarks.

Other highlights of the Xperia Z include the water proofed hardware, a selling point T-Mobile has teased in at least one YouTube clip. The video teases a person jumping into a pool while capturing video and I imagine we’ll see another video similar to this one as the Xperia Z launch date approaches.

For now, enjoy the images and pencil in July 17th on your calendar for release.

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  • jonathan3579

    Wow, I am extremely disappointed that this is not releasing with 4.2.2 considering it’s already been released now for the Xperia ZL and international (and international carriers) Z.

    • thepanttherlady

      According to Sony’s website the T-Mobile model will have 4.2.2, at least if you buy through them.

      • jonathan3579

        That’s interesting. I guess I’ll wait and see how this release goes.

      • Marc Klein

        Even if you don’t you can get it eventually

    • WMX1090

      Since the update for 4.2.2 is already out, pretty sure C6606 will have it by the time of release. The above unit could be just an early test unit.

      • jonathan3579

        I considered that and I hope that’s the case.

  • WMX1090

    The Xperia Z don’t seem too interesting anymore after the announcement of the Xperia Z Ultra and the rumour soon to come Honami/i1.

    • Marc Klein

      Ultra is European bound only.

      • Verizonthunder

        I hope not I would love to have the Sony Xperia Z Ultra

      • WMX1090

        Doubt that since there’s a C6802(HSPA Only) and a C6806(US LTE) model number out there, most likely at least it’ll hit the US unlocked through SONY and retailers. If not, which is highly unlikely, you got the import option! The C6833 is Octaband LTE and pentaband HSPA.

  • thepanttherlady

    It would have been nice to see screen shots of this model with an actual T-Mobile sim card in it rather than it running on wifi. :/

    ETA: Not referring to the main pic…..only the others in the gallery.

  • sidekicker89

    I don’t like how it has only 4 bars for the signal indicator :/ other than that it’s a nice looking phone.

    • MuthaFuckinStephen

      So you think 5 bars on an HTC is better than as Xperia cause it shows full signal strength at 4 bar?

  • frigadroid

    I used to like Sony products back in the day of tube tv’s., but the last Sony phone on T-Mobile my wife had and it was a total dud. I hope they get it together this time and fix the bugs as necessary because the Sony name for quality has dropped like a rock in my opinion. :'(

    • vrm

      well, thats because you are a dinosaur who is clueless about today’s products or tech. The xperia is much better than anything that samdung puts out. And I had a HTC – I will never buy one. The HTC one looks pretty until you turn it on and then witness the $hit they turned android into. Xperia is better looking when turned on and has a much better customization of android. It also has a better radio.

      I bought unlocked ZL after research and I like it. It has the most comprehensive radios available- I can get AT & T, tmobile, verizon and probably even sprint (no CDMA only LTE). The HTC and samdung latest will not even work properly on tmobile ( no 1700 Mhz).

      • Djenni

        well because you got the ZL i got the z the one tmobile is releasing berly right now on mexico TELCEL mexico released it moonths ago good phone quality ,crappy screen radio wise eh average ionly had 2 bars in the house i was stayin México city while my brother also using telcel mexico got 3-5 bars on a galaxy s3 both phones same network galaxy got better reception. Came to the US unlocked it used it on att n tmobile same thing people using samsung,htc phones got better signal and screen wise ithink theres look better in direct sunlight.

        • frigadroid

          interesting about the screen in direct sunlight. I can’t understand why my vibrant shows up better than my galaxy 3 or why it cracked so easy.. I don’t know and I’m going to piss off the Sammy fans by saying this but I think not all Sammy screens are equal because Samsung is more interested in quantity over quality and would probably still use a bad batch of screens that they know are not up to par.

        • vrm

          Anybody buying a phone with the intention of putting its screen in direct competition with sunlight is a moron and I have nothing to add, except that the exercise in futility will cause your phone to burn down its battery, if the Mexican sun already doesn’t.

          And I spit on all the ‘know-it-all’ reviewers who reviewed the xperia, with comments like, “the screen is gorgeous but useless in direct sunlight” ! And it seems to me that the sun had also fried their brain, if they had started out with one.

          I have never owned or witnessed a phone, dumb or smart, over the last 15 years, whose screen was very readable in direct sunlight.

        • Djenni

          First of all your dumb i do not buy phones with the intention of using in direct sunlight but it looks like obviously u never been to acapulco and cancun were theres a lot of sun i take my phone everwhere with me even the beach and since the xperia z is water proof why not take it to the freaking beach? i took lots of Picture s but i had a hard time even with all the brightness up to see the screen its something i cant control how strong the sun is ,while people with samsung amd htc phones didnt have that problem.

        • thepanttherlady

          Interestingly enough, I find that I can see my XZ screen much better outside than I could the screen on my Note 2. Last HTC phone I owned was a Sensation and I never had a problem outside with that one either.

        • frigadroid

          Well coming from a panther lady who’s normal roaming range must be relatively close to the equator, I’ll value your opinion. Hey David do you still read these occasionally? If so how about some south beach independent testing over the holiday? I’d like to hear your results & opinion between a Apple, Samsung, Sony, and HTC outdoor viewing competition.

        • Hmmmm, I can try and do that, I’ll be in Miami next weekend for a birthday party so maybe I’ll do a sidetrip with the fam and have lunch somewhere I can do some testing.

        • None

          You can come to Jungle Island and take pictures of the monkeys I work with (er…work FOR mostly). They stole my MT4G a couple years ago. You could have had pictures of them running around with a TMO phone. :)

      • frigadroid

        Watch out Jr. I might be a dinosaur compared to you, but don’t let your new Sony gadget fan boy enthusiasm fool you into believing I don’t know about today products or technology. My background includes years of experience in the field of electronics going all the way back to when I was a PMEL tech in the Air Force right out of high school.
        Now I’ve been with T-Mobile since the powertell days and that’s about as long as any of the bloggers here. Most the other dinosaurs who know will agree that the Nokia’s always had the best signal on T-Mobile’s network. Sure this is a new phone it had better be much improved over the last Sony offered on T-Mobile. Don’t get me wrong I’ve made it well known that I’m not a fan of Samsung I just wanted the free phone. I really hope this is as great a phone as you say I’d like to trust Sony again and see the other manufacturers have to equal or beat it when it comes to quality build and brilliant screen.

        • vrm

          I heard of the xperia only while browsing for unlocked android phones on Amazon and then doing research after that. Initially I was set on buying the HTC one on google play when it was released (stock android) but backed away after reading its radio specs; I was taken aback at the lack of AWS frequencies, given it was being promoted by tmobile.

          I still thing HTC has the best h/w but their ability to keep the s/w up to date is dismal.

          My last Sony was a dumb phone on AT & T and I didn’t like it; my recommendation of the xperia Z/ZL hardly makes me a fan boy.

          I bought the xperial ZL in mid june, it was released end of March/April. It has already received two updates, one of them to 4.2.2. Of course there are no guarantees they will keep up but that is a good trend. HTC offered me ONE update over the 18 months I had it and already declared that my device will not receive any more update. Aluminum body and pretty h/w are great but lack of proper radio frequencies and abysmal s/w updates make it a costly paperweight.

      • MuthaFuckinStephen

        Sounds like a 1st world problem to me.

    • Jackson

      I agree with you frigadroid. I haven’t seen one Sony gadget that has outperformed its competitors in this day in age. Back when the Ericsson candy bar phones and Walkmans were out was when Sony basically shined, heck even their Bravia TVs were good. Now the company has just been producing mediocre gadgets. i’ll reserve judgement of the PS4 and 4K TV since I’ve never tried them. I’m not going to be like those idiots out there who prematurely say that it’s the best when they haven’t even laid a finger on what their claiming.

  • superg05

    i dont get why these benchmarks always show old phones as a performance measure

  • Andrew

    i think it’s funny the pics were taken with an htc one.. :P

  • mil086

    Can’t wait to see how this will interact with a PS4.

    • BallaOnnaBudget

      It won’t. Sony never makes their products work together.

  • Mike

    It will definitely come with 4.2.2 as the upgrade was just pushed to my phone a few moments ago. Not sure I like the new lock screen but I can’t see anything else different.

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    wow, that is a really nice device!