T-Mobile Rolls Out Carrier Update 14.2 For iOS Devices, Changes Unknown


T-Mobile iPhone owners take note as carrier update 14.2 has begun rolling out. The carrier settings are automatically updated and at least a few members of MacRumors forums have noticed slightly faster LTE speeds as a result. As it stands now, there’s no material on T-Mobile’s support site about the carrier update but we know that it exists and is now rolling out.

Feel free to drop word below if you notice any major (or minor) changes with the new software.



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  • I had to get another iPhone 5 yesterday and it came with 14.2 already, I can’t really see anything different.

  • D_Wall__

    Just checked mine and it was updated already? Not sure of any changes.

  • Dylan

    Why does mine say 14.5.2!?

    • bozzykid

      Because 14.5.2 came with iOS 7. You will not get this carrier update. It may already be applied to the iOS 7 version anyways.

  • Adam

    I am running the iOS 7 beta and my carrier version is 14.5.2

    • Dan

      Same here. I guess iOS 7 changed them from 14.1 to 14.5.2. No 14.2 for iOS7 I assume.

      • Same here.. No update for me.. On IOS 7 beta 2 and it says 14.5.2

        • MasterTan

          Same here. iOS Beta 2. Tethering still here.

  • Tom B

    For my Iphone 5 I just went to settings,general, about and it automatically updated to 14.2

  • Joe

    Free Tethering hotspot is now gone forever ! So sad…

    • Matt

      Don’t those on the new plans get tethering included? 500mb on the unlimited plan and up to 2.5GB on the other tier?

      • Mr. Brown

        Yes. I don’t know what everybody is mad about… unless you have one of the old plans, I suppose. All of the new plans include tethering…

    • pete

      good, freeloader

      • MacRat

        How is using data you have PAID for freeloading?

        • pete

          its data you paid for, for use on you phone, not shared data with your computer. just cuase your phone is capable of sharing data doesn’t mean you should get it free. its kinda like getting free international calls just cuase your phone is able to call internationally doesn’t mean it should be free…. all cell phone companies are in business to make money no to give free services. if you need free services go here https://www.safelinkwireless.com, free cell phone and 1000 text with 250 min

        • MacRat

          I guess in your world, you would be ok with your home cable internet connection being limited to your television.

          You also shouldn’t be able to fill water bottles from you home sink because your contract limits you to only consuming the water at home.

        • pete

          perfect examples

          1. your cable company will limit you to only tv if you don’t pay extra for internet.. or only internet if you don’t pay for tv

          2. my water bill only allows me to use my water service in one home address. if i want to use it at another location i will have to pay a second water bill

  • Jax

    I saw this update on my phone last night and today my phone shows tmobile lte in Jacksonville Florida

  • RobotChupacabra

    I see nothing noticeable after the carrier update. Signal strength and speeds same.

  • Anonymouse

    for those who applied the ipcc hack posted here a while back, have any of you noticed any changes?

  • Alex Corvius

    The huge difference from 14.1 to 14.2 is that is not optional. It installs it automatically if you go to about. For all those customers who didn’t want to loose the tethering now we are doomed. Pay the piper to have it. It is what it is…

    • MacRat

      Yup. Just auto installed on me…

      And now my tethering setting is gone.

      Very annoying.

      • Ebony

        MacRat, My update went through automatically yesterday too. I was able to get it back. I have an Iphone 4. I brought it unlocked from Apple to Tmobile where I am set up on a $70 dollar a month prepaid plan. I had been declining the update for quite some time and yesterday it auto installed and took my tethering.

        Here is what you do to get your tethering back if its that important.

        1. Turn off ALL automatic sycing and updates in ITunes. this is a MUST.

        2. Then restore the device as a NEW DEVICE (NOT from backup)

        3. ITunes is pretty smart and they won’t let you start the restore process until you give them permission to check for updates as a box will pop up recognizing you have disabled auto updates. Go ahead and hit check. You can’t proceed if you don’t. But you will need to be super quick on the finger once the restore ends and the phone comes back on because this is when Apple will start to auto update the carrier settings.

        4. As soon as your device finishes restoring click the x button at the top of iTunes, around where your music status bar shows, because it will start to snatch the carrier updates and it goes quick. Around a minute.

        5. As soon as this bar starts to move press the x and stop all syncing. It is tricky in that it appears to be pulling over music or pulling over remaining data for your phone. But don’t buy it. They set it up to appear this way.

        6. Then what I did (not sure if this step needs to take place) is I set up my new Iphone. You cannot transfer any music or purchases to the new device as it will require you to log into iTunes. Also DO NOT set up an new iTunes account. If you are like me and have no access to internet outside your device you will agree that is important. By the way, I was able to still go into my old iTunes account and listen to my music. The phone is set up as a NEW DEVICE and can’t be in any ways associated with ITunes AT ALL as ITunes will AUTOMATICALLY PULL ALL UPDATES including now CARRIER UPDATES.

        7. Last, I went into my iphone which was unlocked and turned off where you see carrier info the “Automatic” button. You still show Tmobile but for some reason I did this and turned it to off.

        7. I have faster internet now with tethering and I also have access to browsers such as Explorer and sites such as Netflix and LinkedIn I could not access before as the Tmobile site would come up. I had been using the Opera Browser which routes through its own servers obscuring where the traffic is coming from.


        • TMOVZ

          I did exactly like you said above two times.
          Cancel the sync and setup iphone as new device in itunes.
          but after few seconds, i got automatic carrier update messages and device has been updated to 14.2.
          I have VZ iphone 5 on tmo.
          Any idea?

        • TMOVZ

          It worked, I have to sign out of icloud account on itunes.
          It was automatically configured on iphone 5 and which was automatically downloading carrier updated after resetting as new device.

        • TMOVZ

          It worked for 5 minutes , then automatically updated to 14.2..wtf?

    • Fabian Cortez

      It also includes localization for the required update. You don’t even have to be in the “About” menu to be force fed the update.

      • ItsMe

        Fabian. read my other replies. I beat the update. You have to turn off automatic updates in iTunes and not use it. You have to set up the phone as a new device and not set up an iTunes account. Then you can forever stream unlimited data.

    • ItsMe

      I beat the piper. My update installed yesterday automatically and yes I lost my personal hotspot. I had to restore my device, set it up as new, turn off ALL automatic updates and syncing in ITunes and quickly press the X in the status to stop the automatic syncing when the restore was finished. Now I can stream unlimited again. I even have access to websites I previously did not have and browsers such as Explorer as Tmobile was for some reason seeing my internet tethering and blocking these sites such as Netflix, linkedin, etc. I was using Opera and Chrome which routes people through their own sites. Also, I had to disable automatic carrier in the iphone and not set up another iTunes account as iTunes automatically updates the carrier settings. There is no way to get around this. That is how my phone updated yesterday. I had been declining the new update from tmobile but now they go directly through iTunes.

  • EllaVader

    Hopefully this improves my connectivity. Lately my phone has been connecting to the Edge network and thus experiencing incredible slowness in San Francisco!

  • CT

    All of the new T-Mobile Simple Choice (Unlimited Everything) plans include Tethering. Why not just switch to one of those? $50/mo unlimited everything with 500MB high speed data, $60/mo with 2.5GB high-speed data, etc. Family plans are even cheaper.

    • MacRat

      Because it is more EXPENSIVE?

      My 500min/2GB plan is only $50.

  • Steve

    The new carrier update does not remove tethering! It just installed on me and I’m still tethering just fine as before!

    • MacRat

      The carrier update is automatic, it is not user installed.

      And yes, it does disable tethering.

      • Steve

        Well my tethering still works, as I just tested it with the new carrier update. Maybe it’s because you don’t have the 2.5 GB data plan.

        • HAHA

          Wait what? I get a feature I am paying for what??….

        • Westside guy

          Tethering is definitely still working on my Family Shared plan, post update…

  • Harsh

    It disables a glitch where you’d still get LTE speeds after being throttled.

  • Junior

    Seems to have removed CMAS from 3GS and 4.


    @TMobileHelp: @S3RGiOGOM3Z We don’t have information about that update. It was sent out by Apple. You can check here for info: http://t.co/slKtyb6JND

    • theblackomen

      You’re right. It was an apple sent update to remove cmas alert options from anything older than the iPhone 4s

  • Guest

    Proof that tethering still works on the new 14.2 Carrier Update, just tested it out with my mac


  • Steve Brea

    Proof that tethering still works on the new 14.2 Carrier Update, Just tested it with my mac.


  • TheBlackOmen

    According to internal tmo documents the 14.2 carrier update is a fix from apple that removes the cmas emergency alert options from iphone models older than the 4s due to them not supporting the system.

    Thats all it does. If you can’t tether then check your plan on tmobile.com, try a restart or network settings reset under settings> general> reset.

  • TmoRep

    The 14.2 carrier update is intended to remove the CMAS alerts option from the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 as these don’t support it.

  • Agjohanson

    Options to turn on/off Amber alerts and emergency weather alerts have been removed from notification settings.

    • jessica

      Same here, have you found out why? I have been trying to find information on this and cant find any….where you able to get it back?

  • I Beat Tmobile To The Punch

    I have the Iphone 4 and the other day I realized the carrier settings I had been declining for Tmobile somehow went through and yes I lost my personal hotspot. I called Tmobile and they told me I had to pay. I had been pulling unlimited internet for about 8 months. I don’t have internet in my apt and I live miles from a library. I was desperate to get it back.

    I read on the apple support website that since I am still with 6.1.3. software on my iphone all I had to do was do a restore and this would invalidate the settings update. I restored my device several times and nothing worked. So finally in desperation I restored my device (Not from backup) and I set it up as new.

    Everything was stripped. The personal hotspot had come back! But only for two minutes as in the midst of using it again a message suddenly appeared saying that my carrier had updated my settings. This happened over and over until the last time I restored the device I went into my iTunes settings and turned off automatic updates and sycing. Then I restored the device. Apple, being the super slick company that they are would not let me do this and kept popping up a box stating “you have turned off automatic updates, do you want to cancel or check for updates”. If you cancel the box will continue to pop up so I put check for updates and then hit restore. As soon as the device restored as a brand new device apple immediately began to update and I saw this at the top as the status bar in ITunes started turning and I immediately hit the little X to stop it.

    Then when I set up my iphone and was going through the prompts I did not put any iTunes account. My device is still stripped. All music off. And pictures. etc. I also turned off the little button for carrier Tmobile that was set to “Automatic” and just turned it to “OFF”.

    Amazingly I have super fast speeds now. I can also access sites through browsers such as Explorer that had automatically been blocked by Tmobile and I was forced to use Opera which reroutes a person through their own servers.

    For some reason, I found out that the only way these folks can automatically push through the updates is through ITunes. They have linked it with the iTunes updates now. As long as you don’t update through iTunes (it is possible if you never, EVER, use iTunes and don’t sign up for an account) they can’t do it.

  • RL

    On my unlocked iPhone 5 on T-Mobile the option to turn of government alerts is still there. Before the update my LTE data wouldn’t work at all. I had to turn LTE off and connect via 4G to get any data. Now LTE suddenly works great.


    Can someone confirm the procedure of restoring and setting up as new device worked on Iphone 5? Mine worked for 5 minutes then automatically updated to 14.2. I have VZ unlocked iph 5 on tmo.
    Did 3 times and it stays on 3G for 2-4 mintues then auto update to 14.2…WTF.

  • Phx_Phone_Guy

    The FCC has stringent rules and laws about the way a Carrier can access information on your telephone account. This would pertain to the Customer Proprietary Network Information, such as what kind of a device you use on your account. These “Carrier Settings Updates” are a violation of that law. In short, the Carrier is not allowed to access certain information without your permission. Neither are they allowed to access your device to make updates without your permission. So, if you purchased your device from a 3rd party, it is against the law for the carrier to change your firmware.

  • jessica

    Options to turn on/off Amber alerts and emergency weather alerts have been removed from my notification settings. I have a factory unlocked iphone 4, i just noticed this today