BlackBerry Z10 Updated To BlackBerry OS 10.1, Improves Device Performance

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BlackBerry Z10 owners take note as a new update is headed your way with a host of improvements, new features and more. BlackBerry OS 10.1 arrives as a over-the-air update or through BlackBerry Link and “improves device performance, provides additional security, and resolves several known issues.”┬áThe OTA update kicks off today by hitting Settings > About > Category > OS and view “Software Release.”

There’s a change-log including the new features and software improvements in the image below.

T-Mobile Support

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  • david

    Download was easy and everything is running smoothly as usual. I love this phone.

  • I returned this phone precisely for all of the bugs listed above that are now fixed. Now, what about Wi-Fi IMS calling?

    • 21stNow

      I see one issue that I had that is listed as “improved” (device restarting), but I don’t see any Wi-fi radio fixes or browser fixes listed. I think that my decision to return it was correct.

      • Alex L.

        Wifi calling should come around august. The update definitely fixed the rebooting problem, and ive never had issues with the wifi radio or browser. Im also running a leaked os, didnt feel like waiting on tmo to release the update

        • Carl Phillips

          Holding off buying the Q10 till Wi-fi calling is available; keeping the 9900. Where does your Wi-Fi info come from?

        • Alex L.

          Ive seen it around the forums at crackberry. note that I said “should” meaning I wasn’t putting the date in stone, just saying that’s when its looking like it might be out by.

  • Bratty

    Any news on sales of this device? I am curious if this phone has been good for Tmobile.

    • tmo_employee

      sales are a stand still at our stor

  • Zacamandapio

    I downloaded the update as soon as it was available yesterday morning. Everything runs smooth.

  • luvyahtc

    Kinda sad… only 9 comments on this story so far. No one cares about Blackberry anymore. I was rooting for them to succeed, competition breeds innovation. Alas, Blackberry’s days are numbered.

  • Lizzy

    Blackberry is not that bad…..I had one and now I am looking for a change once again…Which ones of these operating systems should I go for…Thanks for the advice in advance..

  • naja

    Now that I updated my phone I am having difficulties sending and viewing picture messages. Is anyone else having this problem? But other than that everything seems great