Apple Introduces A Completely Redesigned iOS 7 At Developer Conference

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Any complaints about iOS being stale and in desparate need of a revamp got their wish today and in some ways, it’s truly Apple and something else entirely. First and foremost is the completley revamped design and I do mean everything…from the fonts, to the color schemes, to the icons themselves, it’s all very different. There’s no question this is a brand new iOS, for better or worse the moment you load this up on your existing device, outside of the standard icon springboard, everything is different. It’s the biggest revamp iOS has ever had and moves well beyond incremental updates like adding a wallpaper as your background.

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Control Center

Alongside the brand new user interface is some new features. Firstly, control center. This swipe upwards feature allows you to reach your most used settings, brightness, aeroplane mode, and a brand new stock flashlight, all in one place. Incredible.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 4.00.05 PM


There’s also a brand new multitasking system based around UNIX, with battery life in mind. Now, in iOS 7, multitasking is available for all apps! iOS 7 notices your usage patterns, and provides power in proportion to how much you use it. It also has intelligent scheduling, such as, opening your news apps automatically once it understands the times you most often use them, this also works for push notifications, where a notification will trigger power allocated to the relevant app. Again, multitasking looks beautiful, and really needs to be seen to be understood.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 4.02.02 PM


Safari in iOS 7 has a brand new full screen interface, with one tap access to favorite website, and a brilliant new tab interface. It also has updated parental controls, and iCloud keychain, already mentioned in our Mac update! There is also updates to Safari’s bookmarking system, and continuous scrolling between articles. Tabs are no longer limited to 8, and you can even see tabs you had open on a different iCloud device!

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 4.02.38 PM


Another great new feature AirDrop, allows you to share content and material with your friends in the easiest way possible. No need for “bumping your phone” (take that Samsung), it uses P2P Wi-Fi to share with as many people as you like.



The camera app allows you to swipe between your video, still, square and panorama cameras, complete with built-in filters to allow on the spot editing. There is also a brand new features called “Moments”, which organises your photos based on where and when they were taken, getting rid of the endless stream of photos we’re currently used to. There are some fantastic iCloud sharing options, which support video for the first time!


Siri has a brand new interface, and a beautiful results page that matches the rest of iOS’ clean, polished looks. There are 2 brand new voices, male and female, with support for French and German, aswell as English, and plans to add more language support. It can take instructions, such as “adjust my brightness”. It also has integration for Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing!

iOS in the Car

Building on “Eyes free”, this takes iOS in-car integration to the next level. Now, iOS will actually be displayed on the in-built screen in your car, turning your car into one giant iPhone with wheels!

App Store

Another brand new interface in-keeping with the rest of iOS. New categories include age-ranges, and apps based on popularity in your local area, tailoring your suggested apps to your current location.


Finally! App Store now updates your apps automatically! Perhaps one of the best updates yet!


“The best music player we have ever done”. Another brand new interface, with iCloud purchases right in your music app. Your iTunes movies are also now available immediately on your iOS device.

Activation lock

Now, if a thief tries to turn of Find my iPhone, or tries to wipe your phone entirely, your iPhone will simply shut down, ensuring only you can restart it. This is a huge development in light of ever increasing mobile phone theft.

iOS 7 also features a massive list of new features that Apple didn’t have time to mention, such as notification syncing. iOS 7 is available for iPhone 4 and later, the iPad 2 and later, the iPad mini and the 5th generation iPod touch! Developer previews for iPhone begin today, with iPad previews coming soon. iOS 7 will drop publicly this fall!

There’s PLENTY to look through and I’d urge iOS fans and even those that aren’t to watch the video hit the link below, and see where the future of the platform is going.

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  • Jay J. Blanco

    Newer Androids have the “Air Drop” feature its called Wifi Direct. Don’t use it as often though. So what is Samsung taking……

    • just me

      I lol’d at “take that, Samsung.” You know that the Galaxy phones have had p2p WiFi file transfers for over a year, right? Choose to share a photo on a gs3. Yeah, see that WiFi direct option there? No tapping required, smart ass :P

      • just me

        My bad, that wasn’t mean to be a reply to you.

      • Dakota

        The problem with a lotif tthese features is they only work with the same devices. I’m more likely to run into others who have iPhone vs others with a GS4

  • Sexual Harassment Panda

    multitasking and “notification bars”… copying Samsung now are we? Welcome to 2013 Apple.

    • Brian T.

      iOS has had multitasking and notification bars for several years. They just announced improvements to them today.

      • Jarobusa

        Multitasking for certain apps, nothing like they announced today.

    • Dakota

      Didn’t even realize that iPhone didn’t have simply toggles. I wish I could test an iPhone for a month to really compare. When I go to Apple store, they aren’t that familiar with Android (although some employees admit to using them), so they really can’t explain the big difference or advantage. All I know is every friend and family member of mine owns an iPhone and loves it. When u show them some features my phone has they think they’re interesting but don’t have any urge to change. As every survey shows, iPhone users are super loyal… Most are satisfied, yet many Android users are open to switching. Iam but rrealize the more I delay, the harder it will be so it’s a tough decision,

  • SocalTeknique

    MIUI is that you?

  • Graham Blackadder

    If Steve Jobs was alive he would strangle Tim cook. I remember in 2010 Steve Jobs in his last keynote said Samsung, HTC , google etc are all copycats. Well apple what the hell have you come up with today? Not one thing.
    Tim Cook will be fired for this epic failure today.

    The ios7 literally looks like a bubblegum gum snapping call me maybe album cover!

    Android FTW!

    • Eric

      Yay, just because one person says something means it’s true and everyone should boast in his/her opinion!

      • Graham Blackadder

        Do they not allow opinions in your country?

        • None

          It doesn’t look anything like the “call me maybe” album cover. Not sure if you know what ‘literally’ means.

    • Eric

      I completely disagree. This is a HUGE upgrade to the software and something Apple needed to do to keep present and on top. It actually looks beautiful and, although Android has had some of these features, iOS was in desperate need of them and this will only help Apple. There is really no failure here.
      Oh, and iOS 7 was Jonathan Ives’ doing, not Tim Cook’s.

      • Mr. Hill

        I agree

  • Guest

    So iOS has a new skin !!! Lol. If only Apex or Nova launcher spent so much time and effort on how they make any android phone look sooooo different !!! You have to give them credit for having the *&^@ to claim that a fresh paint of coat gives you a new experience. Lol.

  • Rudy Belova

    Ok, Let me get this straight. Someone didn’t just port MIUI to ios?

  • lzc753

    And then what? The new iphone will be 5.5 inch screen?

  • Shad k

    Still looks the same… Naaah I’m just trolling lol, some change is better than nothing.

  • Rudy Belova

    I refuse to install Apple Quicktime on my windows machine to watch whatever is above. Welcome to 2004 anybody? LOL

    • Mackster248

      LOL I was thinking the same thing. My Chrome will be QT free..

  • They laughed at Windows Phone, but they are definitely taking notes from Microsoft on this design.

  • hmm fall goes from sept to dec.. any guesses when we will see it.. lmao

    • Graham Blackadder

      Maybe next year after all the lawsuits!

  • Graham Blackadder

    Steve Jobs said ““I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong.”

    He also said ” I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

    Who stole what now?

    • Mike

      Android a stolen product from Apple yeah right and I liked Steve Jobs. Apple at one point was the big shot in the mobile phone industry and Android came out and started to grow and take away Apple market share. What has the iphone done in the past few years that makes you go wow nothing. iPhone was just a name and people started to get it regardless. But since the Galaxy S3, Note, and Nexus came out Apple is feeling not changing there product and releasing the same phone and OS since it launched. The recent android phones GS4, Note 2, and HTC One have really hurt iPhone sales. The past two years I used iphones and recently traded my iPhone 5 for a Note 2 and I don’t regret I should of did it sooner. The freedom Android phones give you to custom roms, overclock, and apps not from marketplace . It looks like Apple is copying Android OS now with iOS7.

      • Mr. Hill

        You sure about the “hurting iPhone sales part”? Last couple quarters of earning statements show the iPhone 5 the best selling iPhone ever and total iPhone sales higher than ever. Don’t just make up random stats.

        • kalel33

          How about this stat: Android had 74% of the marketshare in smartphones sold in the first quarter of 2013.

        • Dakota

          That really doesn’t matter when Apple keeps printing money. It’s not about the most activations, it’s about profit & hooking people into their ecosystem. Radio is to encourage people to buy songs from iTunes. Plus they’re getting more people to buy Macs & wait till a TV comes along

        • kalel33

          But that wasn’t the debate here, it was regarding smartphone sales. What you brought up is a totally separate debate altogether, having nothing to do with my reply.

      • Dakota

        It doesn’t really matterbbecause people still buy them & Apple keeps running to the bank. The loyalists aren’t paying attention to Android

  • kev2684

    it’s like an android with an iOS skin lol

  • Josue

    still no widgets? fail

    • Dakota

      I don’t understand why they can’t do a tiny widget like having the clock and calendar icons reflect the current time and date. Maybe it would consume too much battery. I also don’t understand the problem with a third party keyboard or adding a Swype or SwiftKey keyboard type

      • Josue

        Apple controls everything…i see alot of people switching to android

  • not impressed

    They are definitely copying android with this new update. Apple are playing catch-up with Google. They are behind and always will be.

  • Tim

    Im actually impressed. Apple, a company whose slogan was “This is it”, actually tried to give users a new fresh feeling when using an Iphone. In recent years the Iphone and Apple as a company have failed to recognize that their products were becoming outdated. Although this is a small step and to many of us non IOS users an attempt at “catching up”; we might actually be seeing Apple responding to consumers and perhaps even trying to get back to their innovative roots that Steve Jobs was always blabbing about.

    • Dakota

      Sadly a 5S probably will look the same

  • Bratty

    Samsung just announced they are launching a radio station as well. It will play all the top hits and will be called S-hits.

    • Brian T.

      That’s one of the funniest things I’ve read all day. Well done.

  • du22ty

    “Alongside the brand new user interface is some new features. Firstly,
    control center. This swipe upwards feature allows you to reach your most
    used settings, brightness, aeroplane mode, and a brand new stock
    flashlight, all in one place. Incredible.”

    I’ll have to admit, I laughed out loud to this paragraph. The incredible at the end did me in.

    • Brian T.

      The “incredible” should’ve been a “finally.” This is (was!) a huge annoyance on iOS….

    • Dakota

      The thing is the average iPhone users don’t know any of these features exist. The one thing that made me chuckle is every time something was said, the audience would laugh & the closeups of audience members looked like they were having an orgasm. Theyccould’ve said the sky is blue & gotten a standing ovations. Ios users will think these are great changes
      I feel sorry for all those flashlight apps. I have the app notification toggle so I have All my most used settings and apps easily accessible with a swipe. One thing I worry about possibly switching to an iPhone is missing the features and apps I’ve gotten used to

  • steveb944

    ” it’s truly Apple and something else entirely.”

    David I know you love iOS but don’t kid yourself by not seeing this is a rip off multiple current OS options. It’s not innovative and it’s simply playing catch up to Android on most ‘features’. Yes there are some new things, but nothing that major in comparison to the new Samsung OS skin.

    Side note- I just remembered when I saw the article that Apple is part of our news since they carry the OS in store. Sigh.

    • Brian T.

      Why does hearing about iOS bother you so much? I use an iPhone now, but I still think Android, WP, and even BB happenings are interesting and worth covering here as their devices run on T-Mo. iOS especially, since if it’s not the number two OS on T-Mo already, it will be soon, and could be the number one OS someday. If you don’t want to read about iOS, feel free to skip these stories and check out the other interesting articles posted here.

      • steveb944

        Well it could be the actions their legal department takes against Android manufacturers. Aside from that, it bothers me, but it still interests me in reading what is new… but then there’s no real innovation to push mobile devices even further, hence why I commented.

        • Brian T.

          Everybody is suing everybody these days. In the past month or two, I’ve seen in the news the following lawsuits just off the top of my head: Samsung suing Apple, Google suing TiVo, Nokia suing HTC, Microsoft suing Google, and Samsung suing LG. Google all those and you’ll see what I mean. It’s not just Apple. Apple is just the highest profile company involved in this industry-wide mess of patent litigation. And about innovation — I think you have a point, to a degree. There’s not much “innovation” here, per se. But lots of refinement and improving the user experience. There hasn’t been major innovation in any phone probably since high-res displays were introduced (by Apple, but I digress…). Seeing a display where I couldn’t see individual pixels was the last time I’ve really said “wow!” to a new feature. Smartphones are nearing the perfected stage, so it’s all about refinement and who does it best. And I hope the Android (and WP and BB) manufacturers continue simplifying and refining as well, as competition is a great thing for everybody.

    • I honestly feel bad for people who think that writing about Apple on this blog denotes a “sigh.” Does it HONESTLY bother you enough to make you feel something, anything for a smartphone operating system? Don’t kid yourself to think that Apple has never and will never care about being first to anything, they care about doing it the best. Whether or not they do is a matter of opinion, but if you can’t figure that message out about Apple you shouldn’t even attempt to argue about them.

      • steveb944

        Thanks for replying David. It’s just a personal feeling that’s all. I welcome all your writing as you’re my number 1 blog so I’m kept up to date thanks to you.

        I know that’s what they always strive for. It’s about being best, and having the best end user experience no argument there. I just don’t like how they play the ‘first’, ‘innovative’, etc. card when we all know it’s been done before, it’s just simply being improved upon.

        Bottom line just wanted to point out the ‘something else entirely’ didn’t fit too well. I guess I’m just too naive to wish for real ‘NEW’ features to come from the Apple camp. I’ll start settling for ‘better’ from now on sadly.

        Thanks again for everything you do David and taking the time to respond.

      • Guest

        David I’m not an Apple hater, nor am I a fan. I’ve had an iOS device and it just wasn’t for me to be honest.

        I can appreciate all the news on this AWESOME news website for T-Mobile. I really can.

        But the (take that Samsung) was obviously going to draw some attention.

        Posting about the new features is great, especially for the T-Mobile folks with iOS devices, but the jabs thrown either way are just going to bring the negative attention. Ya have to realize that.

    • Mr. Hill

      Apple and iOS are part of T-Mobile now. Gone are the days where the carrier is 90% Android. You’ll have to get over it. Sigh.

  • Chilehead


  • Justin Black

    So still a sea of static icons? no live info a la Live Tiles or Widgets? Flat and colorful, kinda like WP8? Flip forward in articles, like on my Surface? Control center, like on my wife’s android tablet?
    Apple hasn’t gotten more innovative, but it seems they’ve gotten pretty ballsy.

  • Justin Black

    Not mentioned in this article, but Siri searches will now be powered by Bing.

    • Little T

      ROTFL, what? :D

  • 21stNow

    Only the Calendar and Photos icons look different to me. Other than that, I can say that it looks pretty. However, most of these new features are old features from Android and borrowed features from BB10.

    • Zacamandapio

      Yes they’re.
      But Apple has a great marketing team that will make the regular consumer fall for anything they sell.

  • Angel

    The s2 had the feature since May 2011 and the only limitation is the 1.2GB transfer max that’s why I was confused when they introduced the bumping feature as it uses nfc to connect and than uses the Wi-Fi direct protocol but before I’d just send it from 50 feet away without ever having to touch phones but it was a marketing thing I guess either way if ios7 can beat the 1.2GB Max and have a transfer speed of at least 20mbps and be a standalone system meaning it creates its own Wi-Fi connection like galaxy does but if you need a base router that everyone has to connect to than that’s a fail but we’ll see most likely ios7 won’t exceed the current sparse limitation android Wi-Fi direct has

  • Brian T.

    What strikes me is the lack of gimmick. These are all really useful updates, and I can’t wait to install it. There are other useful features they didn’t spend time on too, like FaceTime audio wifi calling.

  • vinnyjr

    The iphone has the worst video playback than my worst Android phone. IOS still won’t allow 3rd party keyboards, Lack of file system so iTunes has you tied in, they don’t want to loose their cash cow named iTunes which totally sucks, more issues than Carter has pills. The Apple fanboys gave them a standing ovation for just changing the damn icons on the home pages. Comical, that is called desperation. Many of the changes were much needed and done well but I feel the phone is still as locked down as ever and to me that just sucks. You can’t do a damn thing without iTunes, that just totally sucks. They are using Bing with Siri, that along just ruined the damn phone, Bing sucks. They better allow the customer to change the Search engine because no one likes Bing. I just hope when the new OS is finaly released many of the issues are addressed, they are major concerns of mine, the worst is the video playback, Apple just ruins the playback by limiting bandwith. Time will tell.

    • Guest911

      No 3rd party keyboards – you are correct.
      File system – you either have no idea or are confused.
      iTunes lockdown – see above.

      Video playback – again, see above.

    • Dakota

      Why would they want to lose an iTunes cash cow. They’re a business trying to make a profit and iTunes is a big part of all that. Just like Amazon tries to tie their users to buy everything from them. That’s how it usually works Google via Android took a different direction by letting others create products and in some cases, cut them out by seriously modifying it all

  • uofm2005

    many of the features listed during the conference can already be found in android phones. iOS is in great need of a file manager so users can know where files are being downloaded or moved to. this new OS may look great, but that’s about it.

    …and yeah, when is tmobile going to start wifi calling for its iphone users?

    • macman37

      If there’s one important note for you and all of fellow Android, Windows, and Blackberry fanboys who love to nitpick at Apple, it’s what Steve Jobs said, “If we’re not going to be the first do something new, we’ll make sure that when we do it, we’re the best at it.” You don’t know how many times that I’ve heard from people who just switch to an iOS device or Mac OS X about why they switch for one common feature about Apple products: it’s simplicity in doing these missing features that their competitors have already had with much more ease.

  • Christian Hauser

    Time for my battery to die faster :D

  • Mr. Hill

    Have to say I’m impressed. Apple came through and delivered like many were saying they needed to. iOS 7 really is the biggest iOS update ever. Can’t wait to get it. Having Siri use Bing is pretty silly though. Hopefully there will be an option to use Google instead.

    • Brian T.

      That was definitely a surprise. Hopefully so. I also thought changing Siri’s voice was surprising. Clearer computer-generated voice is obviously always a good thing, but the current Siri voice had the potential for becoming iconic and already kind of is.

    • Lu Galbraith

      I agree. I think iOS 7 looks like a major upgrade…. very polished.

    • TBN27

      I think the use of bing is one of the options of search for Siri to use. It isn’t the only source of search. They are just emphasizing bing I believe.

  • John

    I don’t understand why some people need to bash Apple (I don’t see the SGS4 being anything innovative at all!). All smart phones do the exact same thing just in a different way! How much more innovative can you be without putting a lot of gimmick crap on a phone that people don’t end up using. As long as it has a phone, internet, and music and can do those functions in the easiest most efficient way then why not just be happy. If you don’t like Apple then don’t buy any of their products… simple of enough!

    • ok

      Wait a minute… are you comparing a hardware manufacturer to a software/hardware bundle? Because the S4 trumps every phone available in every single way. Just in 10 minutes you can find an icon pack and launcher that makes it look much nicer. I’m talking about a thousand themed icons, not just the stock proprietary apps. Every phone isn’t the same. Android can play FLAC audio files right of the box as well as come with the ability to expand space. If a company has to act pretentious while lagging years behind others in technology they deserve hate.

      • Lu Galbraith

        Here’s the thing though, many iphone users are like my daughter or sister-in-law… they want to take it out of the box, sync it with their itunes account and go. They aren’t computer programmers; they don’t know or care about the difference between open and closed architecture, they just want a device that works. These are not the type of people who are going to hunt down icon packs. There’s nothing wrong with that; just different needs/wants than the average user here.
        iOS 7 looks like a nice improvement to me. If I didn’t loathe itunes as much as I do, I might consider an iphone.

        • kolijboy234

          The idea that Android continues to be too technical for the average user is a myth, like the yeti and the loch ness monster. My non technical wife easily uses Android and loves it. She thinks iOS devices are nice toys. Cute, but very limited

        • vsrop

          so where in the article did it say that android was “too technical for the average user…”? she just said that alot of people dont need to do all the things that we know android is capable of doing. why dont you teach your non technical wife to do something then? oh, im sure she knows how to root with SU permissions, switching roms and busybox…yeah, right.

          btw, i like both android and some parts of ios.

        • kolijboy234

          I would not dignify this rant with a response. Please look carefully at what I said.

        • vsrop

          dignify it , its almost like saying. ” given the current climate, at least some editorial comment distancing yourself from the flame bait might have been appropriate.”
          liked how you chickened out on your response to david knowing he didnt write the article, like most of the articles that are on tmonews.

    • Geek Man

      SDcard slot, Removable battery, eyeball tracking for backlight, eyeball tracking for orientation, google maps, built-in infrared remote for controlling various appliances, multi-window display, ability to change theme, dual camera mode, 5inch 441 PPi 1080p Super AMOLED, NFC, touch free screen, built in thermometer, hygrometer and barometer sensors, 13 megapixel camera, .. etc.. are not gimmicks to me. I use them everyday, and they are very much the reasons why I got the s4 instead of the iphone 5.

      Sorry, not all phones are the same.

    • FuturePS4Gamer

      Mostly because this blog is full of android users who never used an iPhone

  • macho man

    No need for “bumping your phone” (take that Samsung),

    Hey David ever heard of Wi-Fi direct. Its been on Android for years. Are you fucking kidding?

    • Macho man

      That further proves how much of a fan boy you are. Most of these “improvements” have been taken from Android. None of it is new or innovative. For an iPhone maybe for a smart phone no. This post is full of wank.

      • Next time you might want to read closer and see that I didn’t write the text and that I took it from the iPhone site on the PhoneDog network. Just a thought.

        • kolijboy234

          And that makes you safe from criticism? You made an editorial decision to post the article without comment. I think your readers deserve an explanation and have a right to question you.

        • I don’t believe I said they couldn’t question me, but I think it’s beneficial to know to whom your complaints should be directed. I’m not omnipotent and I engage my audience far more than most bloggers do, but this comment served as nothing more than troll-baiting me or someone else. I took it, my mistake.

        • kolijboy234

          Thanks for the response, David. All I’m saying is that given the current climate, at least some editorial comment distancing yourself from the flame bait might have been appropriate.

      • Adrayven

        get it correct at least.. webOS.. you know, where Android copied Multi-Tasking cards, control center, and notification center from..

        How quickly history gets re-writen by the ignorant..

        I miss webOS, far before it’s time.. Just shows how being first doesn’t necessarily mean you survive.. damn HP!

      • Smith

        They copied many features from Windows Phone that even Android doesn’t have it. Anyway they copied both Windows Phone/Android all over place. There is nothing “Magical” or “Innovative” about Apple and there was never been.

    • Jared

      Anyone who’s ever read another article on this website should realize that none of what was posted here was written by David except the top paragraph. It’s just one giant ad from apple for their new software. None of that even sounded like how he writes, idiot.

    • REVS

      seriously this shit was on my mytuch in 2009 lol


    CUTE,,,, Apple trying to copy Android ! Not a Chance

    • John

      Cute… You just here to advertise Android. Not a Chance. If you wanna talk about copying… Well I hate to break it to you but they copied Windows Phone all over the place.

  • wilde_ride

    And the Android fanboy weeping and gnashing of teeth begins in 3, 2, 1…

  • Winner

    iOS intends to look beautiful? Looks more like a user interface suitable for a toddler.

  • Winner

    iOS is looking more like Windows phone and taking really old features of Android… Even the font, they look like they took Google’s font for ICS/Jellybean too. So much for “revolutionary” and “innovation” and “think different”.

  • Ĵϵṟϵṃψ Ψαñ

    T-Mobile carrier bundle is at 14.5

  • Jared

    I’m not sure if the new Galaxy does this as well, but on my HTC One, the gallery photos are separated by event location or date, which apparently is being added in this ios software. Score One point for HTC and Android!

    • REVS

      ZOE OWNS

  • Danny

    Is tmobile having a father’s day sale?

    • Guest

      This – would love to know this. Can’t find any info on it and they announced it by this time last year…

    • rob

      Yes refresh the tmonews homepage

  • GeeEll

    Impressed here in Portland OR w iOS 7. But I’ll say that the iPhone 5’s 4″ screen is torture and in order for us to gain full appreciation of the new OS, Apple better begin considering a 5.5″ device. Imagine the beauty and glory of that combo. Not to mention the keyboard which needs an overhaul. Hoping they open it up to Swype and Swiftkey. Last but not least, disappointed in the absence of a new scheme for app upgrades. Too many years of manually managing when notifications pop up on App Store. Couldn’t they give us the option to allow apps to upgrade in the background without intervention, both on wifi or over cellular or one or the other? Or to opt out for those inclined to keeping it as is? I think this was a major oversight.

    • TBN27

      …they did. iOS 7 is allowing automatic updates of apps on the background…

      • GeeEll

        @TBN27, right you are. This is great news and thanks for sharing with me/us.

  • can i download a mp3 from email ……… one of the main reason i switched back to android

    • uofm2005

      you would probably be able to find it in the music app. but this is one reason why android has an advantage over ios, a file manager.

  • Zacamandapio

    Got them all from Android, BB10 and WP8. What a ripoff.

  • moises1204

    we should call this the new andIOS, a mix of android and ios well done apple giving your user something android users been enjoying for the longest time.

    • Eric

      Yes, yes, android users have enjoyed lag for a long time!

      • moises1204

        Oh yea the ios always been perfect with no issus what’s or ever! If that makes you feel better then more power to you, anyway I hope you enjoy all the things you used to hate about Android real innovation.

      • kraz3y

        yup just my GF iphone4 is damn slow and lags alot.

    • David

      iOS 7 is just copying Windows Phone 7/8 much more than Android. And you just see iOS 7 copying Android. I know you are Android fan but the truth is iOS 7 copying Android much less than look and feel of Windows Phone.

  • bleeew

    It has native wifi calling..

    • UMA_Fan

      Well, iPhone to iPhone wifi calling. Not true wifi calling that T-Mobile offers.

      • REVS

        didnt even realize that good point …totally useless

        • Adrayven

          Wish Apple had been allowed to open it’s FaceTime API’s up .. T-Mobile could have made their App FaceTime compatible. Would have been nice. Apple tried, but got sued for going open source with it and lost the appeal last month. :(

          Ahh well. Maybe Apple could still come to a deal with the group that sued them?

  • Tim Moore

    The look is barely different. Getting to the settings easily has been on Android for a while as well as the notifications in the lock screen. Way to be innovative. It’s a good phone but people who are so blown away by this are stupid. Welcome to my Android world.

  • Dakota

    Does Android sync with cars? I feel like I only hear this about iPhone. As someone with a Mac & Galaxy Nexus, who keeps thinking an IPhone would be better to me, I really didn’t see anything earth shattering. Some features seemed to copy from others;disappointed there’s no 3rd party keyboards etc. I’d have thought something like SwiftKey would be a big hit. I’m more confused than ever, and with them saying this is like a new phone without buying one, I assume the next iPhone is not going to have major changes. Let’s see if Google comes out with a major innovation with a new Nexus (still at that 350 price pount) , a much better camera,… The fact that we’ve hears 5.0 isn’t really coming is also disappointing. As many Apple analysts say, lot of this is about keeping people in their ecosystem. More you buy, harder it is to decide to leave. And you don’t want to pay twice for apps. While I know they exist, I haven’t met an average person(not the tech fanatics) that has an iPiPhone that even pays attention to Android let alone considers switching. Heck, I spoke to 5 iPhone users yesterday and none were even aware of the new iOS announcement

    • 21stNow

      Some app developers allow cross-platform use of their apps. I paid for an app (and many of its add-ons) on my iPhone. I contacted the app developer when I wanted to switch to the Android platform. They instructed me to create a login on my iPhone, download the free version of the app on my Android phone, then use the login that I had created to log in to the app on my Android phone. All of my paid content was available for me to download at that point.

    • TBN27

      The same applies to android users. I knew someone who had a Gs2 before it fell down 3 flights of stairs that had gingerbread on it. She didn’t know about ICS or jellybean

  • rob

    Anyone else download the ipsw onto their iDevice? I downloaded it onto my iPod Touch 5th gen the totally free way which ment sneaking past the dev account/UDID requirements. Now I want to backup from my old format on 6.1.3 but there seems to be an iCloud sync issue. In order to not use a UDID I had to recover my iPod as a new one in 6.1.3 and then update to the iOS7 ipsw. Now I want to sync all my apps,music,photos, etc as they were organized before in one single backup blow. I’ve managed to get the music and photo stream synced actually but the idea of reorganizing almost 200 apps is telling me I’ve been away from iOS too long and there must be an easy iTunes related fix… Any other early user feedback would be appreciated. – written from the new very unstable Safari

  • Tim

    I was going to stick with android even after my horrible experience with the HTC sensation, but now I think I will switch to iOS. Sure it copies android or whatever but at least with apple I I know 2 years from now my phone will still get updates and be somewhat relevant. That’s where I see android lacking.

    • You need to take another look at what Google is doing with Android. They now use what is called Google Services, which lets them update almost any device with new features by Google themselves. This works on android 2.3 and up, so Gingerbread and beyond. If you get any device with Jelly Bean on it now, you will likely be upgraded for quite a while with new Google features. It’s listed in all apps.

    • Adrayven

      Technically, it copied webOS features.. just like Android did.. then went flat like Windows 8 Phone..

      In a way, it’s what a Windows 8 Phone and webOS phone’s kid would look like. ROFL!

  • Gsm Helper

    It’s WP7/8 flat style with curve… Look nice thought.

    It was Win3.1 flat, then Apple (Macintos) with Flat style,

    then Win95 come 3D style, winMobile 3D look, then iPhone 3D look,

    then MS Win8, WP7/8 with flat, and now iOS flat…

    then ….

    then …

    (copy cat)

  • UMA_Fan

    What’s crazy is all the praise the general public is giving Apple for Facetime audio due to lack of in door reception with their respective carrier. Those are ALL potential T-Mobile customers who have no idea what WiFi Calling is.

    • Adrayven

      Honestly, Facetime would likely be compatible with t-mobile wifi calling if Apple had not gotten sued for open sourcing Facetime API’s.. They lost that suit last month.. sad really.. would have been nice to allow devs, including t-mobile, to tap into that to expand their support to iPhone. :/

  • Dat Guy

    Found T-Mobile carrier bundle 14.5 in iOS 7 beta which helped me get way better reception in fringe areas than ever before on my unlocked iPhone 5.

  • Whiskers

    So Basically they Dumbed Down the IOS look and will charge you more money , lol.

    • Adrayven

      Dumbed own? how do you get that? These are webOS features (Multi-tasking cards, notification/today, and control panel ..) .. Features android already copied! ROFL!

      • REVS

        please explain how android “copied” somthing it had years in advance ??

  • FuturePS4Gamer

    Android is overrated in my opinion iOS 7 looks phenomenal. Android is pretty bland especially vanilla android..

  • I have already been testing iOS7 on my iPhone 5 for the past 7 days. Being truthful I fell just a little tepid about the whole encounter. After years of design innovation exactly why have Apple decided to produce their OS look like a poor relation of Microsoft’s Windows 8. On the other hand it seems to have borrowed heavily from Android. You can now
    swipe up to turn on/off WIFI, bluetooth, much like Android.To conclude I love: Newsstand, the inbuilt torch, screen transition, new compass user interface and mail interface.

    I don’t like: no bulk erase feature in the mail application, it’s still message by message deletion. The pseudo windows interface and menu movement. The settings menu is a bit of a waste land of white space. Like an aging husband and wife I am finding more faults with it as time goes on but I grow to like it the more time I devote to it.

  • Rick Rudge

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of the newer icons either. The iPhone has too nice a screen resolution to make the icons more simple-looking. I welcome more multitasking capabilities, and I love that you can swipe-up to get the Settings up no matter where you are. Also, we’re a long way from the release. This is for the developers, so things will probably change before then. Thanks for the continued coverage, David.

  • Askabar