Video: T-Mobile…The ‘Simple Choice’ If You Live In A Shoe

The next advertisement in T-Mobile’s line of Simple Choice TV spots shows just how important Simple Choice is to those of you who live in a shoe. In fact, Simple Choice can help remove the embarrassment of telling your friends you actually live in a giant shoe. I don’t know, maybe living in a giant shoe would be fun…using the laces to swing around like your own personal jungle gym? Actually, that just sounds dangerous but catch the 30 second spot anyway.

It’s hard enough to walk the walk when your whole family lives in a shoe, but talking the talk is a Simple Choice with the latest smartphones from T-Mobile at unbeatable prices.


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  • Eric

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of these new commercials…does everyone else like them?

    • Graham Blackadder

      I like them alot. It’s the dry humor which makes them actually quite funny. Having said that the att ( i know the abuse im going to get for mentioning att but i hate them too )ones with the dude and school kids are funnier. GEICO remains my favorite with the 2 dudes asking ” how happy are people.”

      • Driez206

        well they shouldn’t bash you, those commercials are genius and hilarious.

      • Dakota

        But thats because youre already familiar with Tmobile and their new plans and way of doing business. So you can go to the next level and ‘appreciate’ the humor. But to the average person on the street, they get no information about what Tmobile is doing. All they see is a Tmobile customer lives in a shoe and a claim without specifics that the initial price you pay for a phone is allegedly cheaper on Tmobile…and t hey dont tell you that youre going to have to pay installments for 2 years, that their rate plans are cheaper, that you can get unlimited data without throttling etc. I dont want to live in a shoe or look like Frankenstein. They do nothing to improve Tmobiles brand image or to make people understand the UNcarrier.

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    Yeah “UNBEATABLE” prices lol

  • Eric Hare

    Stupid commercials. They need to actually tout the advantages of T-Mobile rather than just trying to be cute, and failing.

  • gshoq

    what the heck is this?

  • kev2684

    actually isn’t it more expensive the bigger family you have? in the long run? i’ve seen calculations that shows that if your family plan has more than 3 lines, it is more expensive going with t-mo if you want all those lines to have high-end t-mo branded phones.

    • Eric Hare

      No. The first line is $50, the next line is $30, and then lines 3 through 5 are $10. So, if you bring your own devices, a family of 5 would pay a total of $110 for unlimited, talk, text, and data, with 500MB at high speed.

      If you wanted 2.5GB of high-speed data for each person in the family, it would be an extra 10 per line, total $160. And likewise, for truly unlimited high speed, another extra 10… total $210. Then you factor in the cost of the device… if you’re paying $20 monthly, it could be up to $310, but this cost is not marginally increasing. It’s marginally decreasing relative to the first two lines, since its only $10 to add lines 3 through 5.

      • AMondra

        Yup… 310… but if you divide $310 into 5 people…. each person will be paying $62!!!! Thats amazingly cheap for unlimited talk, text, and DATA!!! And also a high end phone like the S4!!! $62 for your line with all that!!! Why not!!!! After you payments are down!! Itll be $20 less!!! Bringing it tp $42 amonth!!!!!!

        • GinaDee

          Your doing exactly the opposite of what you accuse the Verge of doing.

          Not everyone needs unlimited nor do they want it.

          T-Mobile is a value brand but they force their users to pay for unlimited service they don’t want.

          My mobile share plan with AT&T comes out cheaper than what T-mobile offers and we stay within our data plan limits just fine. And we still get to buy the hottest phones every 20 months for a discount.

        • Trevnerdio

          I kind of agree with you…while their unlimited talk is cheap, I’m pretty sure we only used about 1000 minutes on 3 lines last month. We had a 3000 minute plan before and even that was too much for us whenever we weren’t even using 2000 a month. Now we have unlimited minutes and use less.

        • Fraydog

          What GinaDee, can’t keep bringing up the soda fountains?

        • samsavoy

          Wow at $310 a month I better not see the EDGE symbol anywhere.

    • UMA_Fan

      That was a calculation on the verge and the guy was a complete idiot comparing tmobiles unlimited plan to AT&T s 2gb plans. So yeah THOSE family plans came out more expensive but that wouldn’t be the case if he compares the Tmobile 2gb family plans to the AT&T ones

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Where is Carly hot self!?

    • Will

      Apparently T-Mobile thinks a dude in a shoe is hot.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        I miss carly :(

        • Will

          I hear you. Carly was most likely the reason I gave T-Mobile a try. Now they want us to get excited about a guy in ice, a monster, or a guy that lives in a shoe. Did these people even study marketing in school? Beautiful women sell phones. Period. It’s not rocket science.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          lol ikr i have all the commercials with Carly in them on my phone to reminisce. the good old times. The bike was awesome too

    • gshoq

      I miss Carly too. Unfortunately T-Mobile was never able to get its message across because many of us were fixated on Carly while she was on screen.

  • Dakota

    Im sorry but the TV advertising campaign for Simple Plans has just been horrendous. Each commercial is worse than the next and fails to clearly state the advantages of the plan over other carriers. This one is also going to mislead a lot of people into thinking they just have to pay a downpayment vs monthly payments for 24 months. They dont even make a direct comparison on price. They dont claim the 24 months savings on Tmobile vs ATT. They don’t talk about truly unlimited data on Tmobile which is NOT available on ATT. I dont know why they dont do any of this – Take a look at the commercials of other carriers that clearly state their strong points. From Verizon directly comparing speed and breath of LTE to Sprint showing the problems that can arise when a family has to share data or has to be limited on other carriers on their iPHone. Tmobile has so many messages they can convey and each commercial doesnt do this. So Tmobile users live in a shoe, are encased in an iceberg or look like Frankenstein. I dont walk away from any of these with a concrete idea of what Tmobile is doing or why they are different. I thought when they dumped a chick on a motorcycle it meant they were changing their marketing team and their ad agency. These commercials just dont convey Tmobile’s advantages and dont even touch on the points that makes them different. 1gb on Verizon is $90 while unlimited data on Tmobile – even with phone payments – is $90. Tmobile doesnt have share plans like ATT or Verizon. So many ways they can go and they keep failing on each ad.

    • xmiro

      I agree, they need to be agressive about the features and benefits (basic marketing). Although they do state “lower upfront cost”. But then you have Sprint promoting $100 dollars off over and over

    • MO

      Who needs to have a shared plan and getting screwed on data when someone uses more data in the group. I rather pay 10.00 more a month and have another unlimited line and 500mb data or just 30.00 for everything unlimited on the add a line family plan. Im not being inconvienced for any reason and worrying about how much data is being used by rip off Verizon and AT&T

    • UMA_Fan

      Disagree with this. The savings isn’t key. People already get Tmobile is cheaper than AT&T.

      The things that will get people into stores is paying LESS for equipment upfront. As well as being able to ‘upgrade’ more frequently.

      Tmobile actually wins here if they are able to out subsidy the subsidy

      • dude

        Disagree, when Joe Shmoe see’s this add and goes into a Tmobile store to thinking he will pay less for the phone and is told about the 24 month payment plan in addition to the down payment, he will not stick around to calculate the 24 month savings. I work in a store and have seen it happen multiple times per day. These ads are hurting more than they are helping. People feel they are being scammed by magenta.

        • Trevnerdio

          It’s ridiculous that as soon as people hear “you pay the full price of the phone” they’re like NOPE, I’m out. They don’t even stop to consider how much cheaper the plan is – even with paying off the full price of the phone.
          The other carriers simply hide the fact that you’re paying the full cost of the phone in their high monthly phone bills…raising the price of the service to recoup their money for the phone they sold you.

  • rob

    Saying “Simple Choice” isn’t showing what’s making T-Mobile a simple choice, they need to backup their claims, show what they have to offer, give potentially new and ex customers a real make-my-current-carrier-look-like-sh*t commercial.

  • GwapoAko

    If I’m the CEO of TMO! I’ll gonna fire all the marketing people!!!! and bring back Carly!!

    • PogiAko

      Agreed! Carly ftw

  • steveb944

    What a stupid commercial. This is trying to poke fun at/feed off of that other ‘living in a shoe’ commercial, except that is for TV service I believe.

    Get better ads T-Mobile!

  • saycancel

    Terrible ads. Just terrible. Stop with these terrible Simple Choice ads.

  • MetroPCS

    Yeah marketing at T-Mobile has been sad since the “My Favs” BTW T-Mobile is’nt treating its employees any better, service charges are going up.

    • T-Mobile

      Well, mine went from $40 for four lines to $27.50 for four lines, and now I get unlimited minutes and mobile hotspot, so I’m not complaining.

  • GinaDee

    Let’s see: This guy’s mom will still have to pay full price for each phone for her dozens of children over time each month plus a big down payment for each. And they live in the woods so you know T-Mobile won’t have any service there while AT&T just might.

    Terrible ads T-Mobile. If you want a company you can feel bigger about you should stick to fighting with Cricket or US Cellular. But even then US Cellular will have better service than you in their coverage area.

    Not sure why T-Mobile insists on comparing itself to AT&T? Sprint maybe but T-Mo USA isn’t even close to AT&T in almost anything.

    • Trevnerdio

      Because they’re the other GSM carrier…people can just unlock and easily mosey on over to T-Mobile and pop in a SIM card with their AT&T phone. Can’t do that with Sprint or Verizon.

    • Fraydog

      Such lies for you to bring up. When are you going to stop?

    • Druff

      Do the math for a 5 line plan for ATT and T-mobile with 5 new phones. T-mobile is cheaper. Coverage is a legit concern but not cost.

  • frigadroid

    hmm, let’s see now T Mobile’s demographics include people that live in shoes? Really, no wonder they’re in last place. They need to get over the stigma of little to no coverage or their marketing will never get anywhere. :(