T-Mobile’s New Marketing Spot Trades Carly For Frankenstein, Simple Choice And AT&T

T-Mobile’s newest Simple Choice marketing spot will air during the NBA playoffs tonight and it’s a far cry from the days of Carly. In fact, we’re trading Carly in for Frankenstein, Simple Choice and pot shots at AT&T. It’s clear that T-Mobile’s primary focus is convincing AT&T customers the grass is much greener on this side of the SIM card fence. As Dr. Frankenstein works to explain that T-Mobile’s service is faster, Frankenstein picks the T-Mobile box. I’d love to see T-Mobile spend time specifically nipping at Sprint’s heels and at Verizon’s pricing but I digress.

“T-Mobile is less likely to slow down because you get 50% more bandwidth” seems to be the biggest dig at AT&T’s network considering years past as AT&T struggled to balance their data network.

The advertisement, directed by Phil Morrison who is best known for his iconic Mac vs. PC ads for Apple will air tonight during the NBA Playoffs, ABC’s reality show “Splash” and on cable networks A&E, BBC, Discovery, Lifetime, MTV, TLC, Travel and VH1 throughout the week.


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