T-Mobile’s First iPhone 5 Marketing Spot Is Live As Stores Gear Up For Friday Morning

Well, what can I say about this other than to hit on the notion that T-Mobile’s marketing team is truly getting aggressive. This is perhaps one of the most aggressive ads I’ve seen T-Mobile run in recent memory and while it may be about the iPhone in particular, it’s sending a message regardless of the device. I’ll admit to being skeptical that T-Mobile would really drop a bombshell ad tonight that showed them in a new light, but they did and I’m glad. T-Mobile truly is a whole new carrier and they are absolutely not going to play the fourth place underdog any longer. In fact, let’s just call this ad what it truly is…gusty, for lack of more appropriate wording at least.

While the ad itself may be capturing my attention, I won’t ignore that T-Mobile stores are gearing up for what is expected to be a major day of sales. Store displays for the iPhone 5 are going live, accessory displays are rolling out and demo handsets are activating. T-Mobile has built it, now we’ll have to see if the customers will come.

Ok Magenta, you’ve definitely got my attention with this marketing spot, now let’s see what you can do with it.

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