T-Mobile’s First iPhone 5 Marketing Spot Is Live As Stores Gear Up For Friday Morning

Well, what can I say about this other than to hit on the notion that T-Mobile’s marketing team is truly getting aggressive. This is perhaps one of the most aggressive ads I’ve seen T-Mobile run in recent memory and while it may be about the iPhone in particular, it’s sending a message regardless of the device. I’ll admit to being skeptical that T-Mobile would really drop a bombshell ad tonight that showed them in a new light, but they did and I’m glad. T-Mobile truly is a whole new carrier and they are absolutely not going to play the fourth place underdog any longer. In fact, let’s just call this ad what it truly is…gusty, for lack of more appropriate wording at least.

While the ad itself may be capturing my attention, I won’t ignore that T-Mobile stores are gearing up for what is expected to be a major day of sales. Store displays for the iPhone 5 are going live, accessory displays are rolling out and demo handsets are activating. T-Mobile has built it, now we’ll have to see if the customers will come.

Ok Magenta, you’ve definitely got my attention with this marketing spot, now let’s see what you can do with it.

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  • a Long time coming… – )

  • ghulamsameer

    This is exactly what T-Mobile needs right now, and I’m glad they’re being aggressive.

  • graywolf323

    it really needs to go live on the Apple Store site already

  • UMA_Fan

    Sprint and At&t have been wrongfully advertising they are the only networks that let the iPhone have unlimited data and talk/surf at the same time respectively. Now that T-Mobile actually sells the device T-Mobile marketing should really let people know these things are possible on T-Mobile as well.

    • Trevnerdio

      AT&T has been saying that forever. It’s so funny, we’ve had that capability for 5 years now.

      • 21stNow

        The wording of AT&T’s ads made it true. They said that they were the only network where you could “get” the iPhone and use voice and data at the same time. Until today, you could not get an iPhone from T-Mobile, though you could use one on T-Mobile.

        • Trevnerdio

          But didn’t they say that as recently as the release of the 5? The 5 was available on Sprint and Verizon, both of which can do so via LTE

        • UMA_Fan

          It can’t actually because of how Apple made the antenna. Simultaneous voice/text is only on gsm iPhones.

        • Trevnerdio

          Hahaha Apple…

    • LC

      I always said the same thing. It will be interesting to see how Sprint and AT&T will modify their advertising now that the iPhone has launched with T-Mobile.

      • bleeew

        Yea. I remember when AT&T had to compete with VZW on ads. Later it was AT&T and VZW against Sprint. Now its all 3 against T-Mobile.

  • John

    On word…Awesome!!

    • Guest

      I meant one..

  • Antdog


  • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

    I just went to youtube on my laptop and there was T-Mobile Advertising as well I clicked for sound and I gotta say im finally feeling this Marketing from our beloved Magenta carrier changing the game in wireless … im proud and I also made 2 of my friends switch from Sprint to T-Mobile last week and they are very satisfied … T-Mobile FTW!

    • T-Mobile is doing what htc isn’t…. Marketing!! (Yes, finally)

      • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

        I here ya HTC needs to be aggressive …. as for T-Mobile I heard advertising on the radio, Amazon … and I just went to you tube and wow T-Mobile is taking over !

      • corona10

        After the launch of the Iphone, hopefully TMo starts to promote the One as aggressively.

        • unfair

          HTC needs to start promoting it…they skunk tmobile on the one-s and only did the one x from att

        • ant

          tmobile only going to market or put money in what they going to get money from htc is not something thats making money like that

        • ant

          tmobile only going to market or put money in what they going to get money from htc is not something thats making money like that

  • Donthate

    I really hope their stupid ringtone is not on the iPhone, I can’t stand it!

  • guest

    6.1.2 i hope they come all like that

    • Faust

      Actually This is not the case! The Demo models had come with an immediate software update notification upon first activation. While I am not 100% sure that these are only restricted to the demo phones its more than likely that everyone who will get the first release of TMO iPhone 5’s will more than likely have to update upon powering on the first time.

      • If it ships with a lower firmware version I highly doubt it will ask you to update.

  • don’thate

    Deleting comments again? lol!

    • Nope…can’t say that I am!

  • guest

    it comes with 6.1.2?


  • JustSaying

    I love this advertising! :) Kinda sad T-Mobile hasn’t promoted the Z10 as much. I think that cowboy commercial has played enough on the air. Time for this one to replace it!!

  • mdosu

    Needs more aggressiveness

  • R they going to open early tomorrow?

    • John

      Call your local T-Mobile and ask them. I called my local T-Mobile and they said that their particular store is opening an hour early. However, it could be different at your local T-Mobile store.

      • gummybear

        opening early to sell a phone that’s been sold elsewhere for several months … the idiots who come early don’t know the next iPhone is coming in a few months .. T-mobile was suckered into taking the breadcrumbs from Apple after all the big boys ate to their hearts content.

        • John

          Verizon got the iPhone 4 released on February 10, 2011. 8 months after At&t released the iPhone 4 on Jun 24, 2010. So I guess at the time Verizon took the bread crumbs too. Stop being so negative people are happy that the latest iPhone has come to T-Mobile. Sure the new iPhone is coming out in 3-6 months. But who cares the changes will most likely be very minor. Like the differences between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s was a better camera, better processor, better antenna, and siri. Everything else was the same including screen size and form factor. Stop being so negative. If you don’t want it than don’t get it, but don’t come here and rain on other people’s parade.

  • sidekicker89

    Have any of the reps seen the new coverage map yet with LTE?

    • Faust

      As a fellow “Informant” for the site I had access to the maps during the iPhone training course (the link was in the document and I went to check it out) I ended up doing that most of the time rather than finishing up my course.

      It might drop publicly on the 17th. Its quite informative and neat! Something everyone should have access to!

  • tmorep

    I work at a tmo store and we are opening one hour early compared to our normal business hours. I would assume this choice would be company wide but it might depend on market.

    • sidekicker89

      what time are you opening?

      • tmorep

        At 9 am and the plan is to hand out enough tickets at 8:30 based on stock received to whoever is standing in line and that guarantee you an iPhone.

  • tmorep

    I personally haven’t seen an LTE map and I work in a store. I’m guessing we might see something further down the line once Metro deal is approved. There’s still modernization going on in my area.

  • rog27

    why can’t i share that video….what kind of format is this.

  • kev2684

    i paused my adblock for chrome and i got 4 t-mobile ads on this same page lol!

  • tommy

    Do you guys really expect there to be big crowds tomorrow? The phone has been out like 6 months. Many ppl with poor credit won’t have the $250 plus tax required to buy it. And isn’t there a new one coming in July? What normal person would want this outdated phone with almost no LTE support?


      All the idiots on this website, that’s who.

    • bleeew

      Most people don’t even know a new one is coming in July. They are idiots.

    • tmorep

      It’s just the nature of the game when transitioning to different networks. I can remember how pissed people got when we switched from 3G to 4G.

    • graywolf323

      analyst rumors != fact

    • John

      What normal person wants this outdated phone? You are ignorant Tommy.
      Some people want the phone like myself because they have an At&t unlocked iPhone 5 with no HSPA +42 support, barely get HSPA +21 in refarmed area and then fall back to slow edge in many areas that aren’t refarmed. Thus, I Pre-ordered my T-Mobile iPhone 5. Once I get my T-Mobile iPhone 5, I will sell my At&t unlocked iPhone 5 on Craigslist. With the T-Mobile iPhone 5, I will get HSPA+42 support and LTE once it comes to my area in Torrance, CA.

      I know and most people know that a new iPhone will come out either late summer or early fall. No one but Apple knows for sure whether the new iPhone will come out in July. The latest the new iPhone will come out is late fall. Nevertheless, for right now the iPhone 5 is the latest phone from Apple.

      T-Mobile’s LTE will cover more than 100 million by July of this year. LTE has launched in 7 cities so far. So why be so damn negative. Meanwhile T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42 is almost as fast as LTE in most areas.

      As far as the people with poor credit there’s always a way those people could get the $250 for the down payment. They could trade in their old smartphone and dip into their savings, take it from their paycheck, or borrow from a friend/family.

      I have excellent credit so that is not a problem for me. I can get it for $99 down. But since I am selling my unlocked At&t iPhone 5 for atleast 520 dollars. I figure that I’ll just pay it off all at once.

      Many T-Mobile customers are excited about the IPHONE 5 and look forward to buying it during Launch week. According to a T-Mobile Rep I spoke to back on Monday 4/8, they got over 200,000 pre-orders for the device and probably the number is much higher now Thursday 4/11

      • tommy

        If you are such an apple fan and think this phone is so awesome compared to the HTC One or Galaxy S4 (or even S3), why haven’t you taken advantage of your good credit/finances and signed up for Verizon or AT&T previously?

        If I was so in love with a phone I would already have that phone on a network that supported all it could do. You’ve been torturing yourself on EDGE all this time when you could have easily gone to AT&T on September 21, 2012.

        • John

          I have been with T-Mobile since January 2005. I get a $35 dollar a month loyalty discount per month. I pay $56 dollars per month after my discount for 3 lines. 2 lines unlimited talk+ text on the first 2 lines. Unlimited data on the 1st line. 3rd line 500 minutes and unlimited text.

          I am not going to spend $250 a month for 3 lines on AT&t or Verizon. Plus AT&T and Verizon throttle your high speed data after 5GB. I have fast WiFi at my house that I could use on my iPhone. In addition, the area where I live and surrounding areas near Torrance, CA were refarmed 9 months ago.

        • bleeew

          Actually Verizon and AT&T do not throttle. They make you pay overages if you exceed a data cap. They throttle only Unlimited data(has been gone since 2011)

        • John

          Well I stand corrected on the throttle data part. I don’t want to pay high overage charges for going over 5GB. I have been using 12-14GB of data monthly and get HSPA+21 in the refarmed areas that I use my iPhone 5 in.

          How much do they charge for going over?

        • LC

          $10 for every GB you go over…ouch

        • John


        • Jose Hernandez

          You really are ignorant.

        • mingkee

          shut up and get out

      • LC

        Isn’t it amazing how people just love to assume…clearly he’s one of those people who can’t just appreciate the fact that people are excited to have another choice on their favorite carrier. I’m not a huge iPhone fan myself, but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for T-Mobile and all of the people who have been waiting :) I hope you enjoy your new phone!!

        • John

          thanks for the kind words

    • CRT24

      News flash for ya there, Tommy. …not all customers that choose t-mobile have poor credit but as it happens, the credit classes that are approve for the $99 down payment have been expanded for this weekend so most wont have ro come up with $250 up front

    • E Tutto Bene

      I have perfect credit. My score is over 810. Not sure what you mean by T Mobile customers having bad credit…..I paid for my 64gb in white in full. 870.00….

      • ditto, some people such as @786a3d110796bb8de766c29ad957e8f7:disqus are quite ignorant.

    • E Tutto Bene

      I also wanted this phone because its updated for all networks including Europa. I travel to Europe and need this updated phone for business….

    • Yeah because Apple has announced a new one is coming in July. They haven’t even revealed iOS 7 yet so there’s almost no chance of the next iPhone coming that soon without the new iOS being ready for devs at least 3-4 months in advance.

    • mingkee

      Are you a troll or something?
      LTE is close at the door in NYC (I can detect in many places with Sony Xperia Ion). In addition, LTE is already there in the middle of VA-DC-MD with decent performance.

  • Jays_on

    I don’t like seeing the Wi-Fi symbol on those iPhones!

    • bleeew

      All carriers do that. I turned of the Wi-Fi on an AT&T store phone to see if they have data caps.

  • JB


    I mean I loved Carly and all, but this is what they should’ve been doing. It definitely got my attention! Hopefully Magenta keeps along this path. This is for sure a new T-Mo and I’m excited to be a part of it.

  • Has anyone noticed how they have revised their logo to a softer fuchsia and the T-Mobile jingle is much softer in this video?

  • Fraydog

    Wow, that’s brass balled.

  • CommonSense

    Has this actually run anywhere? All I saw earlier tonight was a longer version of the cowboy ad (60 seconds instead of 30).

  • gummybear

    6 years after launch T-mobile gets the iPhone .. whoppee!! The only people who will buy it are the pre-order folks, so its like 50k new customers for a 30 million user network.

    • seeya

      50K has been hit a long time ago :) watch and learn

  • galaxymaniac

    for all the talk about the Jesus Phone that arrived a few years late, if it only leads to 50k
    additional customers for a network with around 30M customers, its a drop
    in the ocean. When it was launched at AT&T and VzW, millions were
    sold in a week or so. Well, a 0.15% increase might be reason for T-mo
    execs to get a hard-on, with 11 quarters of continual loss in subscribers.

    • Guest911

      Every Android phone addition led to a loss of customers so maybe this works.

  • adeedew

    Apple site has it now. Weird but its there w/ little details on plans/pricing

    • no, the plans are on there. You can even compare them to Verizon/Att/Sprint prices with them, very handy.

      • adeedew

        Must have updated this morning cool

  • Drewmann

    So I just looked at the Apple online store and they have the tmobile iPhone 5, but they only have it available for $649, $749, $849. So can we not buy it on contract from the apple store? Because I was planning on going to the apple store later today and buying the 32gb iPhone 5. Does anyone know what’s going on? That would be stupid if apple didn’t let you buy it with a 24 month contract. Maybe I should have just preorders from apple. If anyone know anything that might be going on with the apple store pricing, let me know! Thanks

    • LC

      You won’t be able to purchase the phone at a discount, if that’s what you’re asking. David had an earlier post about how Apple would be teaming up with Barclay to bring a financing option and would offer a $70 discount to match T-Mobile pricing.

  • carbuff

    wow that video loaded as slow as T-mobile’s network around here……lol

  • Guest911

    Saw this last night during the Daily Show.

  • Mickey

    If I go to the Apple store and pay all up front, will it be 579 or 649?

    • it’ll be $649 at the Apple store .. $579 if you go to a TMO store.

  • thepanttherlady

    Never did see this commercial last night. Saw the cowboy one though.

  • NYCTheBronx

    Lol, remember when wall street ournal ssaid that T-Mobile would disappear? Who’s laughing now huh? T-Mobile is ahead of the game!

  • TechBell

    I’m wondering if the new iPhone 5/LTE connectivity will impact T-Mobile’s frequency re-farming and expansion of 3G service in areas currently served only by Edge/2G service?

  • landmarkcm

    I never did become an I sheep haha. Sold mine when the 4s launched on Sprint, when I had them. Gotta give Tmobile props though. Great commercial!

  • steveb944

    They should have thrown in there some stuff about the $99 up front cost that no one else does