T-Mobile’s iPhone Marketing Campaign Blitz Kicks Off Thursday As Store Reps Finalize Training

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 11.57.37 AM

As T-Mobile employees wind down their training for the iPhone 5 launch hour nears, we’re ready to see T-Mobile unveil it’s reportedly “massive” iPhone advertising campaign. Expect to see the words “screaming fast” play a major part as the ads begin Thursday night. We’re even going way, way out on a limb as there’s a rumor swirling around that T-Mobile made a major ad buy between 835 and 840 local time tomorrow evening. I’d definitely take that last part with a grain of salt, but if it’s true it represents a very aggressive marketing move for T-Mobile. Regardless of the what and when, there is no question tomorrow night marks the start of the iPhone campaign on the Magenta network as noted in the April calendar image below.

So what other goodies are contained within this gallery? Nothing to jump up and down for, but there’s a look at the tickets employees will use for customers showing up early to hold devices while in line, along with another breakdown of the differences between the existing iPhone 5 and the T-Mobile iPhone 5 releasing this Friday. But wait, that’s not an all as the carriers distribution strategy is shown with more than 240k T-Mobile iPhone 5 units being dispersed to company owned-retail stores for Friday morning.

As for availability overall, existing customers can buy one iPhone device per phone number in a 14 day period, regardless of full price or with EIP. Non T-Mobile customers can buy iPhones at the “Phone Only price” and are limited to two iPhone 5 devices per transaction.

With the MetroPCs vote moved back to April 24th, Friday now belongs solely to the iPhone launch for T-Mobile and I know I’m eager to see how first-day sales go.  The release of the iPhone as part of a trio of flagship smartphones (Galaxy S 4, HTC One) will likely go a long way to impacting T-Mobile’s second quarter numbers alongside the launch of the company’s UNcarrier plans. Let’s hope the first of the three releases start offs with a bang.


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